Three Sixty One Degrees – The Oberoi!

Three Sixty One Degrees

Three Sixty One Degrees restaurant – The Oberoi

Three Sixty One Degrees, the rather unusual name of this restaurant originated from its old counterpart, Three Sixty Degrees at The Oberoi, New Delhi. When they decided to take the level of the restaurant a notch higher, they opened a restaurant Three Sixty One Degrees at The Oberoi, Gurgaon.

Three Sixty One Degrees

Dim sum

The restaurant is huge literally sprawling over a massive area with high ceilings and a light-hearted ambience. Three Sixty One Degrees has all-glass walls overlooking the cobalt blue pool.The cheerful and bright ambience is backed by several open kitchens at the restaurant. The Chinese kitchen has two chefs, one cooking Sichuan food and a dim sum chef. There is a Japanese sushi master rolling out sushis with utmost care and skill and a few people keep the pizza oven busy baking aromatic pizzas. There is also a small Indian section and a Teppanyaki section. In addition, there is a wine library with a sommelier (wine steward).

Three Sixty One Degrees

A chef showing his stint at the Teppanyaki counter – Three Sixty One Degrees

Three Sixty One Degrees

Maki Sushi

Three Sixty One Degrees - The Oberoi, is one of the best Oriental cuisine speciality restaurant  in Gurgaon with an impressive Chinese repertoire. The usual Chinese fare is complimented by some dangerously experimental dishes like boiled sliced lamb in chilli bean sauce, garlic and hot oil. The dish is fiery hot and is one of the most ordered dishes. However if you wish, you might ask the chef to reduce the spiciness to suit your palate. Another dish that is a speciality of the chef is Chongqing lazi ji (a traditional dish from Chongqing, a Sichuan province). It is a chicken preparation with Chopped red chillies and Sichuan peppercorns. The sushi platter has choices like nigiri, maki and futomaki.

The restaurant also serves some Italian and Mediterranean dishes like Braised Turkish lamb with yogurt, onions and tomatoes, thyme roast chicken with carrot and ginger sorbet and Guinness sauce. Pizzas are served fresh hot from the oven and breads being baked continuously always come to your table fresh and warm. Cajun Martini and Ginger Mojito are some cocktails you might pair your food with.

Three Sixty One Degrees

Ginger Mojito

Three Sixty One Degrees  hosts a lavish Sunday Brunch spread that includes dishes from Chinese and Japanese cuisine like sushi, dimsums, teppenyaki grills, Peking Duck and more. Pizzas and pastas are also served. Choose desserts from the dessert bar at the end to finish your meal.

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