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3 Sikh Restaurateurs of Amritsar

Roads of Amritsar, the culinary capital of India flood with street vendors serving the best of food experiences. As the city homes to the Sikh community, most of these roadside foodpreneurs are also Sikh by origin. It’s indeed wonderful to see how the Sikhs are making money through food business in Amritsar. Most of their establishments, are tiny dhabas, devoid of geographical space yet the plates are sure to tempt your for a culinary drive.

A Sikh in front of the Golden Temple, Amritsar P.C.: https://goo.gl/MXpL7g

A Sikh in front of the Golden Temple, Amritsar
P.C.: https://goo.gl/MXpL7g

Thus, BYT food experts lists few of the Sikh restaurateurs of Amritsar, whom you got to bid a ‘hi’and taste their culinary experiments when you reach here.

Sikhs are great foodies P.C.: https://goo.gl/a8xLRU

Sikhs are great foodies
P.C.: https://goo.gl/a8xLRU

Giani Tea Stall

Gurmit Singh has monopolized the tea business of Amritsar with the hot creamy glass of chai he serves. Don’t utter a mug or cup here, as glass is the standard term for ordering in this tea stall at Cooper Road. His breakfast menu has received appreciation from Bollywood celebrities like Ranbir Kapoor for the steaming hot kachoris or English style butter toasts he starts offering from 5 in the morning.

S. Surjan Singh Milk Bhandar

Lassi making P.C.: https://goo.gl/m3bkU5

Lassi making
P.C.: https://goo.gl/m3bkU5

Drop in for a fresh glass of yoghurt lassi here and that is sure to make one of your meals. Located near Chowk Regent Cinema, here one gets the frothiest and one of the best lassi in Amritsar. This is counted as the ideal example of Punjabi Lassi. Flocks of tourists keep visiting the place not alone for the lassi, but to get a feel of his other milk products like curd, white butter, cream, milk cake or peda.

Surjit Food Plaza 

Entrance of Surjit Fodd Plaza P.C.: https://goo.gl/WV8KCP

Entrance of Surjit Food Plaza
P.C.: https://goo.gl/WV8KCP

Another well-known Sikh food entrepreneur in the city is Surjit Singh, with his food outlet Surjit Food Plaza specializing in both vegetarian and non vegetarian grills and kebab. He serves it hot on the table, making it a lip smacking affair with salads and sauces. The red color tantalize your sight while the robust grill aroma is sure to make you fall in love with the Surjit restaurant.

Drool! 5 Non-Veg Dhabas in Amritsar

After a sneak peek over the vegetarian dhabas in the city of Amritsar, it’s time to check the non-veg ones.

The city of Amritsar P.C.: ttps://goo.gl/wfPC02

The city of Amritsar
P.C.: ttps://goo.gl/wfPC02

Choices and options of non veg eateries is varied in the city of Amritsar, bur heading to these dhabas will give you a  feel and touch of their local cuisine, aroma and delicacies added with the meat or fish of your choice.

Dhabas of Amritsar P.C.: https://goo.gl/Odzjbb

Dhabas of Amritsar
P.C.: https://goo.gl/Odzjbb

BYT lists the best non-veg dhabas you cannot miss when in the city of Amritsar:

Chawlas 2

This national food chain has almost 80 outlets across the country though it started its journey from Amritsar. Thus, even if you have been to their eatery before, being in the Amritsar one has an added heritage to grab your attention. The place is renowned for ‘Cream Chicken’, a dish started by Late S. Attar Singh Chawla, who first used milk, cream and spices to prepare a meat based dish. If not a fan of chicken, then their Amritsari Fish is another highlight of the menu. The restaurant recently became news with its business ventures travelling overseas to South Africa, New Zealand, UK and so on.

Cream Chicken at Chawlas 2 P.C.: https://goo.gl/1AuiNJ

Cream Chicken at Chawlas 2
P.C.: https://goo.gl/1AuiNJ

Parkash Dhaba

An indeed tiny shabby restaurant where you might think twice before stepping in. But believe the BYT food experts and do drop in for their mutton curry. Prepared with minimal ingredients like onion and garam masala, this is a light meat preparation that makes a gaga combo with a plate of hot steam rice or plain kulchas you get here. The restaurant has a branch at Maqool Road and if you end there, the curry can be supplemented with tikka, grills and kebab.

Mutton Curry P.C.: https://goo.gl/6Grky8

Mutton Curry
P.C.: https://goo.gl/6Grky8


Tandoor from the typical Punjabi kitchen has always been an irresistible affair and to experience that at the best, Beera is the ultimate destination. Their hall of fame is Chicken Tandoori. Foodies also appreciate their serve of Fish Fry with Keema Naan. Balbir Singh Bheera, the owner hand picks every chicken served in the eatery and marinates it himself before the grill sessions. The restaurant receives heavy crowd at all times of the day and thus, you got to spare sometime in waiting queue before fetching yourself a seat.

Tandoori Chicken at Beera P.C.: https://goo.gl/62PFrn

Tandoori Chicken at Beera
P.C.: https://goo.gl/62PFrn

Makhan Dhaba

This one is a paradise for fish lovers and is most popular for the Amritsari Fish they serve. Added to their fish bouquet, Chilly Fish and Fish Fry are also favorite for many. For fish, their standout factor is that every plate is prepared in mustard oil which adds to the flavor and aroma. Along with fish, they have abundant chicken recipes that you can pick from. The list includes Butter Chicken, Kadhai Chicken, Chicken Curry, Masala Chicken and Lemon chicken all prepared in authentic Indian or Punjabi style.

Entrance of Makhan Da Dhaba P.C.: https://goo.gl/r9y2RH

Entrance of Makhan Da Dhaba
P.C.: https://goo.gl/r9y2RH

Pal da Dhaba

Located near Hathi gate, this one is the ultimate place for a bowl of hot ‘paya’ soup. This is an Indian stew prepared with mutton, chilli, lentil and garam masala. Crowds gather and wait till they get their turn for a bowl of paya soup. If you find the paya soup too simple and bland, you can combine it with a plate of hot Keema parathas making it a heavy combination.

Buddhist Cuisine: Features and Facts

An authentic Buddhist spread P.C.: https://goo.gl/y9EsWQ

An authentic Buddhist spread
P.C.: https://goo.gl/y9EsWQ

Standing very parallel to Hindu beliefs and customs, Buddhism is an absolutely independent religion that has its own set of rituals and regulations followed by 300 million people of this world. While standing out from the rest, the Buddhists even sketched their style of diet, popularly known as Buddhist cuisine.

BYT lists 8 highlights of the Buddhist cuisine that you may try with a fellow Buddhist and have idea about a completely new kind of culinary spread:

Meat – Yes or No?

Consumption of meat in Buddhism P.C.: https://goo.gl/4IioxA

Consumption of meat in Buddhism
P.C.: https://goo.gl/4IioxA

Buddhists are predominantly meat lovers except the priests, monks, nuns or those abiding the Bodhisattva path. So, when in Buddhism, it depends on your wish whether you will be a meat eater or not. However, Buddha himself is believed to have died for over consumption of tainted pork.

Vegetarian Buddhists use gluten, tofu, agar and other plant products instead of meat in their meals.

Redefining the Food Habits

A Buddhist meal P.C.: https://goo.gl/sUyt3x

A Buddhist meal
P.C.: https://goo.gl/sUyt3x

Buddhists do not prefer much of poultry products. Those who are strictly vegetarians prefer lentils, beans, soups, salads, and vegetable dishes in menu. In case of meat, a broth or stew based preparation is preferred. A sect of Buddhists is known for abstaining from meat and yet keeping fish as a major constituent of their meals.

Limitation in Snacks

Fruit bowl, the preferable snack P.C.: https://goo.gl/gZFFqk

Fruit bowl, the preferable snack
P.C.: https://goo.gl/gZFFqk

Buddhists are not very fond of snacks. Between meals, they drink a lot of tea or opt for fresh bowls of fruits as snacks. This is mainly to aim for a healthy living and abstaining from junk food.

Dessert is Special

Dessert among Buddhists P.C.: https://goo.gl/OHlV8C

Dessert among Buddhists
P.C.: https://goo.gl/OHlV8C

For Buddhists, dessert is indeed a special affair that can be consumed only during happy occasions and feasts. Rice pudding and oatsbar are common Buddhist desserts that are seen on table only during festivals. This is mainly to balance the carbohydrate consumption of the body.

Post Meditation Dining

Meditation is important P.C.: https://goo.gl/OHlV8C

Meditation is important
P.C.: https://goo.gl/iRWHkE

Buddhists emphasize on meditation to a great extent. This is mainly to keep the body and lifestyle at calm and composed state. Thus they prefer taking each meal after a short span of meditation so that the calm body helps for faster metabolism and digestion.

Breakfast Menu

Porridge, the healthy breakfast P.C.:  https://goo.gl/PVG92c

Porridge, the healthy breakfast
P.C.: https://goo.gl/PVG92c

In case of breakfast, the Buddhists do not have much variety and prefer hot bowls of porridge usually topped with cinnamon, pumpkin seeds, raisins, muesli. Though this may sound a subtle start for a day, but it’s definitely healthy!

6 Foods To Start the Chinese New Year

If scrumptious sweets unveil a New Year in India, China too has a rich culture that boasts eating some particular food during New Year. These foods that the Chinese try to keep in the menu during the beginning of the year are believed to bestow luck and prosperity. If wine is in case of the West, for China its good food that denotes the beginning of a new year.

This year, the Chinese New year dates on 8th February. Head to any luxury Chinese eatery like Yauatcha or Ginseng around you and the charm and color of their celebration to welcome the New Year will surely touch you.

When participating in the Chinese New Year, here are the food items that will make it an improved beginning.

Tangerines & Oranges

Oranges P.C.: http://goo.gl/6bSdb3

P.C.: http://goo.gl/6bSdb3

The Chinese terms for orange and gold are rhythmic. Thus, during New Year celebrations consumption of oranges is considered a symbol of prospective year ahead. Many also eat tangerine during this time as it’s the Chinese work for good luck. So start the Chinese New Year with these fruits for an eventful year ahead.

Tray of Togetherness

Tray of togetherness P.C.: https://goo.gl/GR1vOI

Tray of togetherness, a gift in Chinese custom
P.C.: https://goo.gl/GR1vOI

Relatives and friends exchange this tray full of candies, dry fruits, sweetmeats and tucks during Chinese New Year. This is a way of showing love for the dear ones and sharing the goodies of the tray adds warmth to relationships. Usually Chinese trays have eight compartments i.e., eight kinds of tucks are added mainly because eight symbolizes good luck in Chinese custom.

Long Noodles

Long noodles in display P.C.: https://goo.gl/GR1vOI

Long noodles in display
P.C.: https://goo.gl/GR1vOI

No Chinese meal is complete without a portion of delicious noodles. During New Year, long noodles are served in the meal as it signifies long life for the person. Recipes of preparing these noodles differ from one another.

Nian Gao

Nian Gao in making P.C.: http://goo.gl/y2hnr4

Nian Gao in making
P.C.: http://goo.gl/y2hnr4

The Chinese term ‘Nian Gao’ literally means higher year. It’s a New Year sweet dessert that marks the promise of a good year. This is offered in religious ceremonies and is now an important item in the Chinese Spring Festival food.


Jai, the Chinese veg preparation P.C.: http://goo.gl/KIRZ4R

Jai, the Chinese veg preparation
P.C.: http://goo.gl/KIRZ4R

Jai is a vegetarian main course that Chinese usually include in their New Year feast. The belief according to Buddhist culture is, Jai cleanses your body for a new start. The ingredients used to prepare Jai have individual significances like sea moss for prosperity, lotus seeds for birth of sons in the dynasty, noodles for longevity and so on.

Whole Fish

Whole fish in serve P.C.: http://goo.gl/tfrNWC

Whole fish in serve
P.C.: http://goo.gl/tfrNWC

On the occasion of New Year, Chinese also keep a whole fish as part of their meal. The fish is served with the head and tail in one piece and this marks abundance in life. The Chinese word for fish sounds like abundance in their language.

8 Trends Indian Foodies Will Embrace In 2016

2016 is here finally. The year 2015 saw a hell lot of openings of restaurants and without a shadow of doubt the year was remarkably great for the food industry. While we ate excellent food and sipped amazing drinks last year, we look forward to a brighter new year in the same perspective.

What's Trending in Food space P.C.:http://goo.gl/PP5jGF

What’s Trending in Food space

The year gave us plenty of memorable eating experiences and as the year wrapped up many made resolutions and follow the latest healthy trends in food and drinks. This also brings to our notice that 2015 had also been a personal-health conscious year where many healthy foods were in vogue and are likely to continue in 2016 as well.

Here take a look at what the New Year has in store for the Indian foodies.

Keeping up a Simple Menu

Simplicity in Food P.C.:http://goo.gl/J4Mpcc

Simplicity in Food

Sophistication can be best defined in terms of simplicity as they say. The year 2015 saw cooking reverting to simple basics and the trend seems to continue this year too. As molecular gastronomy is increasingly becoming popular in India, foodies are also turning towards preparation with the simplest recipes and less of ingredients.

Food is Going Local

Hyer-local services trending P.C.:http://goo.gl/lbiXWN

Hyer-local services trending

The emergence of hyper-local food startups in India has changed the way people here order food and groceries. The local souring has become the new trend amongst the foodies where they prefer consuming locally produced vegetable and much more.

Wholesome Food is in

Wholesome food P.C.:http://goo.gl/t2s5XT

Wholesome food

Unprocessed for is no more the cup of tea for Indian foodies. There is also an increasing aversion for the sugar and people look forward to a healthier lifestyle. People are happy to pay more for wholesome food that is fresh and unprocessed.

Go Green

Turn Vegan P.C.:http://goo.gl/Mxgvje

Turn Vegan

Although there isn’t a significant change, many meat eaters turned vegetarian in the last year and the trend seems to see a new high in 2016. In the view to avoid diet-driven health crisis, people are following the west to accept herbivorism. Yet regardless, chicken, meat and fish is what drives most of the food culture in India. Match or the green tea powder is expected to the show stealer this year.

Going Global

Indian Street Food reaching Big Restaurants P.C.:http://goo.gl/fNcXhR

Indian Street Food reaching Big Restaurants

When a section of the population is turning to a healthy lifestyle, meanwhile the chaats and the irresistible street food of India is going global. These mouth-watering delights have made way to the fine dining restaurants considering that an Indian foodie possibly cannot resist the street food. Thus the New Year would see a lot of fusion food in the restaurants.

Pop-Up Party

Pop-Up Party Food Stall P.C.:http://goo.gl/TLlcsi

Pop-Up Party Food Stall

2015 didnt see enough of this and thus it would make way to the New Year. Food stalls set up in big hotels presenting the guests with specialized cuisines is what getting hotter in the food space. They are bringing up lesser known preparations from various parts of the nation taking them back to the roots.

Welcome More Global Food

2016 would see more from the world cuisine P.C.:http://goo.gl/fd4k6V

2016 would see more from the world cuisine

Food curious people are sure to experience an even better year as new trends and world cuisines would reflect everywhere in the food space. More specialized cuisines will enter the Indian food market. Along with home delivery trend reaching its peak in 2016, European and Japanese food will also uptrend. Presentations and international ingredients will also take the foodies by storm.

Theme Based Restaurants

Theme based restaurants is the next big thing P.C.:http://goo.gl/P2n1bc

Theme based restaurants is the next big thing

India would embrace more of concept based restaurant this year. Foodies will focus on getting access to concept-driven experiences. Theme based restaurants will bring in a better repertoire of international and national cuisine, thereby elevating the tastes and comforts.

Desi Restaurants To Try Out This Festive Season In Delhi

Delhi is traditional hub of the country. The capital city represents the true flavour of Indian food at Desi Reastaurants. Be it the street food, chaats or exotic cuisine being served at luxurious restaurants, the food here is a sheer reflection of traditions and rich culture of India. In the times where modern and contemporary food is on the rise among foodies, native Indian food still thrives in the heart of the nation. The food here has bagged worldwide recognition and takes back every Indian back to his roots.

Desi Food P.C.:https://goo.gl/yNDKoS

Desi Food

On that note let us check out some popular restaurants in Delhi that serve authentic and traditional Indian cuisine.


Zaffran Delicacy P.C.:https://goo.gl/ZhNRbC

Zaffran Delicacy

Experience fine dining in the plush contemporary environment of Zaffran. Zaffran has earned the distinction of serving great traditional food especially from North Indian cuisine. Their yummy Mughlai dishes have reserved its special place in every foodie’s heart in Delhi. Their mouth watering Butter Chicken preparations are just too irresistible to try out this Diwali.

Dum Pukht

Dum Pukht Preparation P.C.:http://goo.gl/99R0qo

Dum Pukht Preparation

Dum Pukht, a part of the ITC chain, has well added to the grandeur of the brand with it refined yet sublime fine dining experience. The infinite luxury doesn’t cease to imbibe in. The traditional cuisine of India is served here in grand way and the taste of the exotic food takes you to a regal ride. The infusion of flavours and the right proportion of spices in the food is exactly what you are waiting for this Diwali.

Indian Accent

Indian Accent P.C.:https://goo.gl/N7RXn4

Indian Accent

This place has earned many praises and accolades for serving the most selective yet traditionally delightful cuisine of India. The cookery at Indian Accent goes well down with its name and truly reflects the taste of India. One must definitely try out their cuisine to surprise their taste buds with a gush of tradition.


Gulati  P.C.:http://goo.gl/QizN16


This is the place to be at during navaratri and Diwali. Gulati offers the guests an array of dishes to choose from the menu featuring rich North Indian cuisine. Delight for both vegetarian and non-vegetarians, Gulati has earned a distinction of serving the great food adding to your experience with its unmatched pleasant ambience.

Punjab Grill

Exotic Punjabi Food P.C.:http://goo.gl/Uj846x

Exotic Punjabi Food

Festive season feels so dull if there aren’t any spices to fill it up with liveliness. Food exactly of this type that soothes your senses and titillates your taste buds is served right at Punjab Grill. One more reason to be here is the irresistible fetish we all possess for Punjabi food. Head with your family or friends here to have a spicy Diwali.

Desi Roots

Desi Roots fusion food P.C.:https://goo.gl/3QtA2z

Desi Roots fusion food

Fusion food is the trending in India and this place is religiously following the latest trend. It is a different experience dining here in the contemporary modern set up where food takes you back to your roots. The desi factor is met with the food and the very creative theme of the place. One of the best places in Delhi where fusion is reflected at its best.

To know more about these restaurants and to reserve – please click on link below


10 Must Try Food Of Durga Puja

Not even a month left for Durga Puja, but the spree is on. Those who believe Bengal as the only state to celebrate this Goddess of Power are mistaking.

Durga Puja Celebration P.C.: http://goo.gl/L4i1Je

Durga Puja Celebration
P.C.: http://goo.gl/L4i1Je

Durga Puja is now a worldwide affair where communities of Bengalis or Hindus cluster to re-live the five days of happiness and joy. Though Bengal in India is known to be the best, others are also stepping forward to make their pujas grandeur and grace.

What are the attractions in a Durga Puja?

The goddess, the dhak(drum), the styling crowd, the dhunuchi(incense stick) – yes, these are severe attractions in this much awaited festival of the year.

A glimpse Of Dhunuchi Naach P.C.: http://goo.gl/QaScJU

A glimpse Of Dhunuchi Naach
P.C.: http://goo.gl/QaScJU

But above everything stands the attraction of food.

Communities or families celebrating Durga Puja generally limit to vegetarian food choice during these five days. But the food they relish are symbols of luxury and ecstasy. They are scrumptious and superb. Non Bengalis or distant people take part in the puja considering food as a major appeal.

Durga Puja Prasad P.C.: http://goo.gl/SMNOZJ

Durga Puja Prasad
P.C.: http://goo.gl/SMNOZJ

So, if you are also in plan to participate in this religious conglomerate then do not miss the following culinary delights for an extensive gastronomic plunge. They are completely vegetarian and thus, any foodie can take the trial.


Hot Luchi  P.C.: http://goo.gl/CKzWXu

Hot Luchi
P.C.: http://goo.gl/CKzWXu

Luchi, is a deep fried Indian bread known that can be consumed in breakfast, lunch or dinner that is, at any point of the day. Usually after fast for anjali or worshipping the Goddess, people break their fast with Luchi. A curry spicy or sweet is usually served with this to tantalize your buds. The same is offered to the Goddess as ‘prasad’.

Cholar Dal

A bowl of Cholar Dal P.C.: http://goo.gl/Xh7QzO

A bowl of Cholar Dal
P.C.: http://goo.gl/Xh7QzO

As told earlier, Luchi needs a curry with it. A yellow based curry is preferred and Cholar dal is the most common serving with it. It’s a kind of pulse that tastes sweet and dry fruits or coconuts are added to enhance its taste. Served hot, you can have bowls of it without any side dishes.


Yumm LAbra Curry P.C.: http://goo.gl/MYedej

Yumm LAbra Curry
P.C.: http://goo.gl/MYedej

Labra is a vegetarian dry curry composed of different vegetables that is served in main course. Labra tastes spicy and necessarily needs a rice dish to accompany it. Culinary professionals or experts can only prepare this dish as it needs slow cooking and advanced culinary skills.


A Plate OF Khichudi P.C.: http://goo.gl/WiOeo6

A Plate OF Khichudi
P.C.: http://goo.gl/WiOeo6

This is a rice combination completely yellow in color made of veggies and spices. It’s healthy and can be gulped by children and senior citizens too. It’s soft and delectable which is offered to almost all deities worshipped in the span of Durga Puja. Community puja or associations distribute this as prasad among large crowds.

Aam’er Chutney

Aam'er Chutney P.C.: https://goo.gl/bsFhWo

Aam’er Chutney
P.C.: https://goo.gl/bsFhWo

Chutney is a kind of sauce served right before dessert in the course of an Indian meal. The specialty here is the use of ‘aam’ or mango. Green mangoes are used to make this giving it a tangy taste. It rejuvenates the tongue and sets it for the delicious desserts in queue.


Different kinds of Sandesh P.C.: https://goo.gl/jd6wti

Different kinds of Sandesh
P.C.: https://goo.gl/jd6wti

nolengur-sondeshNo celebration in India is complete without sweets. Similarly, no Durga Puja can be over without ‘sandesh’. It’s a dry sweet that has a long history and originated from confectionaries of Bengal. The sweet has variety and is a popular choice on the last day of celebration, right after immersion of the idol.


Payesh, The Dessert P.C.: https://goo.gl/fejgZE

Payesh, The Dessert
P.C.: https://goo.gl/fejgZE

The meals of Durga Puja usually end with ‘payesh’ on each of the five days. This milk based preparation is made varied by adding rice, carrots, gourd and different ingredients to it. Its sweet and soft and is directly offered as Prasad to the deity.


Polao P.C.: http://goo.gl/JErsuY

P.C.: http://goo.gl/JErsuY

A sweet rice that is served usually in lunch. Cashews, raisins and more are added to the rice in order to make you crave for more. Lots of ghee and less of spices makes this everyone’s favorite. Addition of kesar makes this more out of the box from regular food.

Phulkopir Torkari

Phoolkopir Torkari P.C.: http://goo.gl/ybIAef

Phoolkopir Torkari
P.C.: http://goo.gl/ybIAef

A simple cauliflower curry that will keep you drooling once you taste. You can have this with rice or any sort of Indian bread. It’s indeed spicy and at times potatoes are included to raise the taste of it. Its oily and rich, thus be careful about the portion.

Potoler Dorma

Potoler Dorma P.C.: http://goo.gl/vsgG8y

Potoler Dorma
P.C.: http://goo.gl/vsgG8y

Potol is a green vegetable that is called ‘parval’ in hindi and pointed gourd in English. On a daily basis when this veggie is prepared its dull and boring. When it’s in the ‘dorma’ form, with a filling inside it tastes flavorsome. Fillings of paneer or vegetables are added to the simple green gourd to make it an extra ordinary affair.

Hope that adds lots to your list and Happy Puja, in advance.

Animal vs Plant Protein

Before even beginning to talk about which protein is better suited for the human body, let us re-run the old concepts about Protein, just once more…

Proteins! P.C.: http://goo.gl/hBrgIZ

P.C.: http://goo.gl/hBrgIZ

What is ‘protein’?

The term ‘Protein’ refers to a molecular constitution in the food that we consume that can be broken down to form amino acids. The human body requires about twenty different types of amino acids, out of which only 9 the body is incapable of producing and needs to extract from the food eaten.

Hair to Nails... P.C.: http://goo.gl/1UY3xB

Hair to Nails…
P.C.: http://goo.gl/1UY3xB

But why is ‘protein’ important?

Proteins are the body’s basic building blocks and everything in our body are made up of proteins, right from our hair, skin to our nails. Thus the body requires a basic amount of daily protein intake to meet up the maintainance of the body. But the production of amino acids are require the influence of other elements like vitamins and mineral salts. Together, they pump up our system to function to the best of the physical abilities.

Plant protein - Legumes and Cereals P.C.: http://goo.gl/JUVe3e

Plant protein – Legumes and Cereals
P.C.: http://goo.gl/JUVe3e

Now comes the question on food and how to maintain the intake of protein and which one is better, animal protein (non-vegetarian food) or plant protein (vegan food)?

It is a proven fact that animal protein comes with additions like saturated fat and cholesterol that contribute relentlessly to heart-diseases where as in plants, almost all plants have proteins which come with the gifts of antioxidants, fibers, mineral salts, vitamins and ‘photochemicals’. Needless to say, there are absolutely no side-effects for not consuming animal protein but for every ounce of animal protein you’d eat, there have to be a variety of vegetables to ‘balance’ out the effects!

Quinoa Summer Salad P.C.: http://goo.gl/DF1YyI

Quinoa Summer Salad
P.C.: http://goo.gl/DF1YyI

Foods like lentils, quinoa, buckwheat, kale, peans, beans, all sorts of nuts, soy, chick peas and many such foods are more than sufficient for the human body to thrive and live healthy. Plant protein is known and acknowledged to have almost no side-effects at all!

For some healthy lavish fine dining plan, check out BYT and enjoy your time!

Dining Restaurants @ Phoenix Market City Mall, Bangalore

Phoenix Market City Mall, Whitefield, Bangalore P.C.: http://goo.gl/pBPdtU

Phoenix Market City Mall, Whitefield, Bangalore
P.C.: http://goo.gl/pBPdtU

One of the most impressive, largest malls in Bangalore is the Phoenix Market City Mall, in Whitefield. There are almost 30 options to choose from when it comes to food… Quite a few fine dining stand alone brands are here as well – perfect options to celebrate your reason! This BYT blogs will highlight some of the most prominent restaurants here.

Some of the most outstanding restaurants in the Phoenix Market City Mall, Bangalore are as follows:

Pho Ga P.C.: http://goo.gl/674ISz

Pho Ga
P.C.: http://goo.gl/674ISz

Hanoi – Vietnamese Cuisine

After the amazing Blue Ginger restaurant, in The Taj West End hotel, that specialises in Vietnamese cuisine, the beautiful restaurant of Hanoi, tops the charts. The interiors is chic and is pretty impressive. Although it is done in a more or less minimalistic look, the overall outcome is quite eyecatching. Food is cooked and served following very traditional Vietnamese ingredients, recipes and styles. It is a pleasure dining here and tasting the wonders of Vietnam. It is named after Vietnam’s capital city, Hanoi, that is on the banks of the great Red River (Hồng Hà – Mother River). The Pho and My Xao are must haves!

Prawns Wrapped In Bacon P.C.: http://goo.gl/sy6jWV

Prawns Wrapped In Bacon
P.C.: http://goo.gl/sy6jWV

Cafe Noir – French Cuisine

Elegantly dressed, the Cafe Noir is a signature eatery for French food lovers. Cafe Noir caters to its guests with the most perfected tastes of French cuisine specials. It is known for the amazing breakfast palate and desserts. No French meal is complete without a sweet bite! Dishes like Crepe with Maple Syrup, Crepe with Nutella and Banana, Crumb Fried Mushrooms, Prawns Wrapped in Bacon, Caesar and Atlantic Smoked Salmon Salads, Quiche Lorraine, Le Moulin Rouge (Grilled Bacon), Beef T-Bone, BBQ Spicy lamb sizzler, Cafe Viennois, Cafe Creme Brulee, Sangria, Choco Mousse Verrine and Creme Brulee are among the popular orders.

Noodle Bar!! P.C.: http://goo.gl/9hq9Ue

Noodle Bar!!
P.C.: http://goo.gl/9hq9Ue

Noodle Bar – Pan Asian Cuisine

Noodle Bar is a rather classic restaurant that serves aunthentic Pan Asian food. Be it Chinese, Thai, Indonesian, Malaysian or tastes from other countries of Oriental Asia, Noodle Bar features at least one, if not more, of its native recipes for your plate. The rich red and black interiors, doted by hanging lanterns and dimmed spot lights create quite a romantic ambiance. Though sometimes, when the restaurant is full, you may feel a bit crammed up, but that is rare. The food served is wonderfully fresh and aromatic. The deft chefs replicate the traditional recipes as closely as possible, leaving you no chance for a frown!

Italian Chicken Sliders P.C.: http://goo.gl/iOy500

Italian Chicken Sliders
P.C.: http://goo.gl/iOy500

The Big Kahuna – American, Italian, Continental and Asian Cuisine

The Big Kahuna is a classy restauant that sports native American (Red Indian) obelisks at the entrance and the red-black interiors are adored with many tribal masks. The spot lights highlight them perfectly. Bamboo crafted tables with glass tops court bamboo woven chairs. Dishes like Italian Chicken Sliders, Spaghetti Meatballs with Spicy Bolognaise, Big Kahuna Burger are quite popular. Spicy Chilly Fish is also another of the top favourite dishes here.

BluO P.C.: http://goo.gl/5MCMcp

P.C.: http://goo.gl/5MCMcp

BluO – Continental & North Indian Cuisines

Bowling seems fun and spicy when you’re in BluO. This is a cafe- restaurant with wide and jazzy bowling alleys! Caesar Salad, BluO Special Nachos, Chicken Peri-Peri and Fish and Chips are quite well known here. The ambiance is jolly and playful. It is one of the best places to go with your group of friends.

Rajdhani Thali Restaurant P.C.: http://goo.gl/6Ln24P

Rajdhani Thali Restaurant
P.C.: http://goo.gl/6Ln24P

Rajdhani Thali Restaurant – North Indian (Veg) Cuisine

Rajdhani is a famous restaurant chain, known for their amazing vegetarian fare and variety. This restaurant is an eye-opener for those hardcore meat lovers who do not believe that a meal can be complete without non-vegetarian items! On an average, each thali has over 10 options of curries and sides, along with over 6 options of staples like rice, puri, fulkas! A sweet bite in the end and seasonal fruits are always there. This is actually a very enjoyable treat!

California Pizza Kitchen's Pesto Pizza P.C.: http://goo.gl/URHPzf

California Pizza Kitchen’s Pesto Pizza
P.C.: http://goo.gl/URHPzf

There are many more eateries in the Phoenix Market City Mall, including California Pizza Kitchen, Chili’s, United Sports Bar & Grill, Ibaco, KFC, Mad Over Donuts, L’inoui and more! Kids go crazy over the choices and so do adults!

To make a reservation through BYT, please call 076767 76767 in any of the restaurants mentioned!

Dine-Out Venues in Vishakhapatnam

Vishakhapatnam, or commonly known as Vizag, is a great destination to unwind and relax. It has the bliss of long, unperturbed beaches and lush greenery. It has natural wonders like waterfalls and caves and also many religious places, temples and monuments to visit. The city is an emerging metropolis with lots of new hotels, restaurants and pubs/lounges cropping up as newer indsutries are flooding in. This blog lists out three top fine dining venues in this city for you to easily choose from:

Classic Minestrone Soup (Zuppa) P.C.: http://goo.gl/RA33ew

Classic Minestrone Soup (Zuppa)
P.C.: http://goo.gl/RA33ew

Little Italy in Harbour Park Road, Siripuram, Vishakhapatnam, is our first suggestion for a dining venue. The food is purely vegetarian and yet entraps the essence and taste of true Italian cuisine in every fold of their pasta, every layer of their lasagne or every piece of their pizza! The cheesy bites found here are really enticing and does not have a parallel. This is a chain restaurant that is there in Delhi and other cities as well. The standard and quality of food served is commendable. Little Italy is known for their ‘at-home’ style, comfortable ambiance and the service is good. You will surely enjoy the food here, given the variety of choices even when only vegetarian base is found!

Chicken Satay with Peanut Butter Sauce P.C.: http://goo.gl/NlUqY6

Chicken Satay with Peanut Butter Sauce
P.C.: http://goo.gl/NlUqY6

GAD, in The Gateway Hotel on Beach Road, Maharani Peta, Vishakhapatnam, is one of the most apt venues when it comes to your celebrating something special, say, a special occasion like anniversary, birthday or even a date… It is very romantic in its ambiance and has a beautiful view all around. The beach or the poolside, both manage to animate what you see though those large glass windows. You can also sit out in the terrace and enjoy the wild sea wind in your hair while you sip into your drink and munch on the bites! The ambiance is what makes it simply awesome. The food is notable as well. This is a multicuisine venture and thus has impressive choices. Enjoy your dine-out here and feel the difference, revel in the romance!

Egg Biryani P.C.: http://goo.gl/NIVwMW

Egg Biryani
P.C.: http://goo.gl/NIVwMW

Lastly, in this blog, we will talk about Tulips, nestled in The Green Park hotel on Waltair Main Road, Ramnagar, Vishakhapatnam. Tulips serves North Indian, Chinese, South Indian and Continental cuisines and is sought after by foodies for the sheer excellence of the food. There is much variety available and every palate has some interesting options! Service is good. The North Indian fare is rather popular here. You might want to dig into the biryani-s they offer!

Call 076767 76767 for reservations via BYT.

Three Favourite Restaurants in Kanpur

Often believed to have derived its name from Karnapur (meaning the ‘Town of Karna’, one of the heroes in the Hindu mythological epic, Mahabharata), present day Kanpur, located by the banks of Ganges, in Uttar Pradesh, is a blooming city with famous educational institutes and industries. Three really popular restaurants have been enlisted here for you to choose from when you plan to have a good meal but well within budget.

Shahi Paneer P.C.: chefinyou.com

Shahi Paneer
P.C.: chefinyou.com

Antarang is one of the most frequented restaurants and is celebrated for th food they serve. The interior is mostly a mix of occur yellow and classic style furniture with well lit corners and flooding natural light during day time. The food is North Indian cuisine specialities and includes Mughlai dishes like shahi paneer are available. Be it vegetarian or non-vegetarian dishes you order, the food is absolutely finger-licking-good and you will surely leave with a promise to return.

Sea Salt Prawns, Dhuaan, Guwahati

Sea Salt Prawns, Dhuaan, Guwahati

Dhuaan – Sheesha & Kitchen is a very agreeable joint, since it is one of the most beautiful and casual joints that has great food, great ambiance and great sheesha! The Mediterranean style resto gives the feel of a posh beach shack with bright turquoise chushions set with off-white cosy seats and lighted with soft hanging bulbs! This is one place which might seem expensive but lets you beat your heat well with great food, amazing sheesha and warm ambiance. Thin crust pizzas and prawns shouldn’t be missed.

Hot Chocolate Fudge Sundae P.C.: http://goo.gl/Gva0ed

Hot Chocolate Fudge Sundae
P.C.: http://goo.gl/Gva0ed

The third restaurant to pop up in this list is Little Chef Restaurant. It is a rather casual dining venue that dishes out North Indian and Fast Food items and people simply love them for the food. Keema Naan, Pizza, Hot Chocolate Fudge, Burgers and Cold Coffees are must-haves here.

Call 076767 76767 for reservation via BYT.

Fantastic Buffet Restaurants in Bhuwaneshwar

Bhuwaneshwar, the capital city of Odisha (formerly known as Orissa) has a history of over 3000 years beginning with the Mahamegha-bahana Chedi dynasty around the second century BC. Today, Bhuwaneshwar is one of the prime centres of culture and trade and commerce in Eastern India. As a result, the hospitality industry is also in a bloom. This blog lists out three fantastic buffet restaurants to go to and relish the tastes!

Golden Bird, Bhuwaneshwar Courtesy: tripadvisior.in

Golden Bird, Bhuwaneshwar
Courtesy: tripadvisior.in

The Golden Bird is definitely one of the best choices to visit when you have buffet in mind. There are over 20 choices, keeping in mind the tastes of both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. The buffet food is undoubtedly fresh, well made and very tasty. They begin with breakfast and stop with dinner. The prices are amazingly affordable compared to the fare offered and variety. The food quality is very well maintanined always. Golden Bird is surely a great choice.

Tea Pot Courtesy: mayfairhotels.com

Tea Pot
Courtesy: mayfairhotels.com

Tea Pot in the Mayfair Hotels is yet a grand option for a lavish fine dining experience and when you have buffet on your mind. It serves Continental and Asian cuisines along with a wide array of different beverages and bakes like cakes and pastries. The ambiance is great for a family time-out or even a romantic venture. It is the one place you’d surely like to celebrate your special occasion in. The buffet food is a celebration by itself no matter the cuisine you opt for. The breakfast buffet is very popular and known to one of the best in the city. The service is commendable and your experience is guaranteed to be great!

Panorama, Bhuwaneshwar P.C.: swostihotels.com

Panorama, Bhuwaneshwar
P.C.: swostihotels.com

Panorama in Swosti Premium hotel is the last buffet restaurant to be elaborated on in this blog. This is a very popular multi-cuisine restaurant with unending refills and an impressive variety on their buffet table for all tastes. The vegetarians and non-vegetarians, both, leave happy and satisfied and of course, with a promise to return! Panorama serves North Indian, Chinese, Continental and Bengali cuisines. The buffets are priced within an economical slab.

call 076767 76767 for reservations via BYT.

Two Great Gourmet Restaurants in Kolkata

I have a fascination for gourmet restaurants that I could never understand why. The way simple culinary preparations are presented in an appetizing way, with special effects, artwork and effects, all created with food and edible ingredients amazes me! I simply love undoing the presentation, taking care to look carefully and enjoy every moment of my experience. Here I list out two of my most favourite, tried and tested (tasted) restaurants in Kolkata that are really great and on the level of perfection!!

Lamb in Black Pepper Sauce P.C.: http://goo.gl/QYwftL

Lamb in Black Pepper Sauce
P.C.: http://goo.gl/QYwftL

My first and permanent preference is always The Hub, nestled in the Taj Bengal in Alipore, Kolkata. The Hub has always catered to my cravings with perfect artistry and taste. Be it in the lavish buffet they host every day or be it a la carte orders, The Hub has never ceased to beguile me! When you’re here on your special occasion, they make sure that your experience, your photographs and your memories are the best ones you’ll store. The cake they brought to our table was so unique, beautiful and tasty, that I lost myself in my bites! The food that we opted for came in so many delicately plated shapes and sized, colours and elements that took me quite by surprise! It was amazing!

Zafrani Malai Paneer Tikka P.C.: http://goo.gl/6P1cpc

Zafrani Malai Paneer Tikka
P.C.: http://goo.gl/6P1cpc

The second one is the sweet Guchhi – in the Hyatt Regency in Salt Lake, Kolkata. Zafrani Malai Paneer Tikka and Vegetarian & Non-Vegetarian Kebab Platter, Jheenga Nisha, Kandhari Murgh, Guchhi Dal, Lucknowi Nalli Nehari, Kesar Pista Kulfi and Rasmalai are among the most popular grubs. Since it is a five star property, the ambiance and décor needs no explanation! But yes, I’ll tell you one thing, the tree in the centre and glass walls that sort of join the outdoors and you inside, and such nice food, you really have a sitting near the Bodhi Tree type of feeling! Guchhi is the perfect restaurant for a romantic date or a quiet couple dinner, alone-time and also for business meetings! I love visiting there for some me-time, though!

Rasmalai P.C.: http://goo.gl/q0Pp9d

P.C.: http://goo.gl/q0Pp9d

Come along! Call 076767 76767 for a reservation in case you will be going on days that are free for all folks, like weekends or public holidays… It is safer!

Cilantro – Trident, Gurgaon

I am one of you… I have a great deal of guilt after I devour a magnificent Tiramisu or a delectable Bolognese Pizza with some chilled beer while cheering a game on the big screen in front of me! During moments of better self-control, I’m conscious of what I eat , which is code for “can’t eat in a restaurant”!

My best friend on the other hand works out religiously, yet is never able to fully enjoy a tasty, wholesome meal in a restaurant only because she knows the meal will be filled with unhealthy calories. She instead chooses to stick to salads and juices and soups! The two of us are quite contrasting in our eating habits but the point where we both agree is our dedication to being calorie-conscious! When does this stop?


Cilantro, in Trident, Gurgaon has come up with a special event for people like us! It is totally (Pardon the pun) Calorific


Carrots, Orange & Ginger Soup
P.C. – http://shewolfinthevalley.files.wordpress.com/

I’ll tell you what Cilantro is up to, this time! Imagine enjoying a full four course meal with appetizers, soups, main courses and desserts while you know exactly how healthy it is and how many calories are you eating in total!

This special meal has been designed by the highly trained Chefs at Cilantro – Trident, Gurgaon in a scientific method that is delicious, high on proteins, nutritious and best of all filling!


Raw Papaya with Chicken Salad
P.C. – http://katsandpipe.files.wordpress.com/

This is such a relief! My recent dinner meant that I didn’t feel the guilt later and my friend did not have to run on the treadmill the next day!

Just imagine the enticing tastes of

Slow roasted beets, wild rocket, Florida orange and pine nuts

Steamed okra with edamame beans and ponzu

Thai raw papaya salad with chicken

Carrot, orange, light yogurt and ginger soup

Chicken and lemon grass broth

Bok choy normai farang fai daeng

Organic garden spinach braised with cumin and tomatoes served with whole wheat bran roti

Grilled salmon with steamed vegetables and orange

Sous vide chicken with rosemary, vegetable pearl barley stew and asparagus

Mango baked yogurt among more such wonderful choices…


Grilled salmon with steamed vegetables and orange
P.C.- http://s3.amazonaws.com/

After we finished this wonderful meal, the Chef provided us with a school like “report card” of our calorie consumption. And guess what! We passed with flying colours. A four course meal within acceptable calories!

How great is that!


Mango baked Yogurt
P.C. – http://www.maameemoomoo.com/

What are you waiting? Call 076767 76767 and bookyourtable asap! I just returned from a great dinner! And, my fellow bloggers do let me know about your experience. I have a complementary dinner voucher from a fine dining restaurant to give away… The best opinion of this healthy dining experience at Cilantro – Trident, Gurgaon, will be the lucky winner of an amazing dinner! Remember, you heard it first on BYT blog by Amrita Kar Roy!

Aqua – The Lounge Bar, Delhi NCR

The address of Aqua – The Lounge Bar reads as GN 1, Shivaji Enclave, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi. Bookyourtable(.com) has come up with a grand offer of 40% off on Food Bill on Lunch and here’s why you shouldn’t let it go:


Aqua – The Lounge Bar

Many bars and lounges have the name Aqua which immediately hints at blue and purple lights, special effects in the interiors and a psychedelic layout for you to enjoy your pegs and cocktails and then the happy trips with friends and family! What makes it even more amazing are the drinks concocted by trained bartenders to woo your money to the best of its effects! Aqua – The Lounge Bar is no different but what is the added attraction is the delectable food! Most bars fall short of delicious grub but this one is bang on!


Kebabs and Drinks
Aqua – The Lounge Bar

Aqua – The Lounge Bar serves Indian and Chinese cuisines. Therefore it gives you options between perfectly made dumplings/momos or chilli chicken type of starters and juicy, delicious kebabs and tandoors, all at the same time. It is a common observation that Indian starters jam well with whiskeys and vodkas, or, if put simply, they pair best with undiluted tastes of alcohol while the Chinese dishes compliment cocktails better.


Chicken Tandoori
Aqua – The Lounge Bar

Absolutely any age and taste would find a serene satisfaction in Aqua – The Lounge Bar because of their state-of-the-art facilities—be it interiors, music, variety of food and beverages, comfort, ambience or other additional services. The overall experience is bound to make you take leave with a promise to return!


Aqua – The Lounge Bar

The fantastic offer from BYT makes it even more desirable to spend a long day here! At lunch, when Aqua – The Lounge Bar is a top class multi-cuisine restaurant, you are seated in the most agreeable eatery which has loads to present. With the sunset, the same beauty transforms itself into one of the most happening places of joy and fun!

Call 076767 76767 to find out more or log on to www.bookyourtable.com to avail this offer. To directly view the offer, click here.

Chor Bizarre – Lavasa, Pune

Pune has many great food joints around but Chor Bizarre has come into being rather unique! India’s ‘Thieves’ Market’ has always been quite well-known and Chor Bizarre rekindles the essence of the ‘Chor Bazaar’ in the core of Lavasa, Pune, for you!


Chor Bizarre, Pune

Chor Bizarre is made to reflect the charm and fascinating world of Aladdin’s cave of antiques and shining gold with a redefined interior design and subtly added modernistic touches. The restaurant is a gallery displaying India’s regalia, consequentiality and gaiety!


Mutton curry – Chor Bizarre

Chor Bizarre serves authentic Indian dishes that varies from the northern tip of India, Jammu and Kashmir and travels all the way, across the length and breadth of the country! India is so diverse that it is said that you need not repeat the same dish during any meal for over years! Chor Bizarre has handpicked recipes that are famous and popular from all the different parts of the country of assorted cultures, India. Chor Bizarre is celebrated for the Kashmiri cuisine it serves and is the only restaurant outside of Kashmir valley that has access to the royal secrets of ‘Wazwan’ – the ceremonial feast of 36 courses!!  Chor Bizarre is thus able to offer traditional ‘Tarami’ in addition to other ‘Thalis’ – a sampling of dishes from various parts of India, to make your eating experience, a journey to remember.


Phirni – Chor Bizarre

Chor Bizarre also serves ‘Tak-a-Tak’ platters, a range of ‘Chaats’ and prides itself on a large vegetarian repertoire. The vintage car that serves as a unique salad and chaat mobile supplementing the lavish buffet is worth seeing in person!


Chor Bizarre 7 Course Meal Menu

Now, Chor Bizarre has an exclusive offer live for you… A grand scale, 7 course meal, both vegetarian and Non-vegetarian, at an attractively affordable price, only for you! The menu features two types of Appetizers to choose from in each case, two types of soups, four types of salads, four types of sorbets, six types of main courses for vegetarians and four types for non-vegetarians, four types of staples in each section to eat the main courses with, four types of Indian breads and four types of desserts in each division to end the splendid meal with!

What are you waiting for?

Call 076767 76767 or click here to make a reservation and enjoy one of the best spreads of scintillating Indian cuisine food at Chor Bizarre, Pune!!

Jamavar – The Leela Palace of Bangalore

Do you plan to dine North Indian style this weekend? Internet, friends, family; nothing or nobody seems to be of proper help, right? Well then, that is exactly the time when bookyourtable has the perfect solution for you! And bookyourtable has picked Jamavar – The Leela Palace of Bangalore for your weekend dinner!

Jamavar – The Leela Palace of Bangalore

Jamavar – The Leela Palace of Bangalore

Replete with Jamavar shawls and gold plated framed wall painting, Jamavar – The Leela Palace of Bangalore looks just like an Indian princess – gorgeous and regal! An outdoor patio, a private dining room and a common dining hall are all that makes up for a total of 110 seating accommodation. If you are visiting with your family, you might opt for the private dining area while getting a glimpse of the open kitchen where the chefs are in full action cooking delicacies. The outdoor patio is romantic enough for the couples; breezy and cosy.

Jamavar – The Leela Palace of Bangalore

Bhindi Do Pyaza
PC: www.ecurry.com

The menu of Jamavar is Indian with North Indian and South Indian specialities in the menu. Today let us take a look at the North Indian dishes that Jamavar – The Leela Palace of Bangalore has to offer us. From the simplest home-made bhindi do pyaza to the restaurant signature speciality dish Dal Jamavar, every dish is made with authenticity and the Indian flavours are kept intact.

Jamavar – The Leela Palace of Bangalore

Lucknowi Chop
PC: maharajaoshawa.ca

Jamavar – The Leela Palace of Bangalore

Paneer Makhani with Naan
PC: www.ecurry.com

Some more dishes that are a favourite of the patrons are Gosht ki Nihari, Lucknowi Chop, Paneer Makhani, Jheenga Sultani and Murgh Reshmi Kebab. The accompaniments include Tarkari  Biryani, assorted breads and steamed rice. Round off with a few desserts like Kulfis or cut fruits.

Jamavar – The Leela Palace of Bangalore

Fresh Cut Fruits for dessert
PC: www.sheknows.com

Jamavar – The Leela Palace of Bangalore is one of the perfect places that lend a perfect ambience for dining. Bookyourtable soon or call 076767 76767 for reservations.



Angeethi, BJN Group- Museum Road, Bangalore

An Angeethi refers to a traditional cooking stove common in North India, giving warmth to your feet while cooking. Like its name suggests, Angeethi restaurant seeks to bring the warmth and flavours of authentic North Indian cuisine to Bangalore’s ardent diners.

Angeethi restaurant

Angeethi restaurant

Angeethi is located on the terrace of the Museum Inn which is a flagship brand of BJN Group. The interior of the restaurant portraits the theme of rural architecture of North India. The mashaals (traditional torches) along the staircase, brass antiques and brass base plates combine to create an unforgettable ambience. The spacious seating arrangement provides privacy to diners. At Angeethi you can request a seat at the Chef’s Table, giving you a window seat into the culinary wonders being concocted in the kitchens.

Mutton-seekh Kabab P.C.-  www.palmleafrestaurant.com

Mutton-seekh Kabab
P.C.- www.palmleafrestaurant.com

Angeethi serves the delectable buffet offering ever-popular vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes from Punjab and Rajasthan, and the rich, meaty delights of Avadh. There is no match for the succulent Kebab served at Angeethi. The palatable kebab served straight from the tandoor retaining its tenderness to give it a good start for a pleasurable dinning. Apart from North Indian cuisines the restaurant serves the delectable varieties of Sea Food to make your dinning memorable.

Mughlai Chicken Briyani P.C.- www.youtube.com

Mughlai Chicken Briyani
P.C.- www.youtube.com

The Chicken Mughlai Briyani served at the restaurant is a one of the palatable dishes one must-try. The Briyani  combines ingredients typical to the Mughlai style of cooking. The tender juicy chicken with the softness of rice mixed with peppery spices make it a perfect dish to have in Angeethi.

Kulfi Faluda P.C. - www.shermansfood.com

Kulfi Faluda
P.C. – www.shermansfood.com

After the pleasurable eating how can we forget the scrumptious dessert fare that Angeethi features.  From the sweet menu comes the most delicious secret of the restaurant- Kulfi Faluda. The delicious Kulfi served with the soft vermicielli, crispy basil seeds and dry-fruits makes the desserts more luscious.

After a brief introduction of the restaurant now it time to plan a lunch or dinner with your loved ones in Angeethi. And to make your dinning memorable bookyourtable is ready to help you, call 076767 76767 or click here for reservations and other value added services.

Carrots N Celery, Sun N Sand Hotel – Pune

After a tough working week it is so relaxing to enjoy with your friends and family on Sunday Brunch in a restaurant where you are not only served delicious appetizer but also enjoy the pleasure of sitting beside a pool. What else we need than this? Sun N Sand Hotel offers all these luxuries experiences at its restaurant Carrots N Celery in Bund Garden Road, Pune.


The restaurant has an elegant decor, wood-work on the walls and floor which give it elite look. The seating arrangement is very classy and has two option for dinning; either you can sit around the wooden table with metal chairs or can be comfy on soft and cosy sofas.  The restaurant serves the buffet with various cuisines like Continental, North India, Chinese and Thai. They have so much to offer that on every visit the menu comes to be a big surprise because you never know what will be served on your plate and the food is always flavoursome.

Tom Yum Soup

Tom Yum Soup
P.C. – www.fansshare.com

It is always better to start food with luscious soup, and at Carrot N Celery the chef has a lot to offer. But the Tom Yum stands out in the list of soups. It is an aromatic spicy soup with lemon grass, galangal and kafir lime, which is a Thai dish. The words “tom yum” are derived from Thai dictionary; where “Tom” refers to boiling process, while “yam” stands for a kind of Lao and Thai spicy and sour salad.

Chiang Mai Goong

Chiang Mai Goong
P.C. – www.touchchaingmai.com

If you are a big sea food lover and never got to try it with veggies, than you should taste Chiang Mai Goong, a Thai dish which comes with stir-fried prawns with vegetables in chiang mai sauce, and can be ordered with vegetable fried rice or vegetables Hakka noodles. The dish is named after the city Chiang Mai of northern Thailand.

For prior booking visit www.bookyoourtable.com, and share your experience with us.