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5 Must-Try Restaurants Near Juhu Beach, Mumbai

When in the city of Mumbai, a walk by the Juhu beach is an ultimate bliss.

The city of Mumbai P.C.: https://goo.gl/w7sjB3

The city of Mumbai
P.C.: https://goo.gl/w7sjB3

It might be your first time, honeymoon or every weekend plan, but a walk along the Juhu beach in Mumbai is indeed one of the best feelings.

After the sultry noon soothes, how about being by the shore with your favorite set of people. In fact, many are found to sit or roam around the Juhu beach alone, for a walk or just to admire the gorgeous Arabian Sea.

Sunset at Juhu Beach P.C.:  https://goo.gl/dbzJO6

Sunset at Juhu Beach
P.C.: https://goo.gl/dbzJO6

Some young couples with photographers, some kids with their balls and balloons, aunties with their gossip doses, the local vendor’s altogether weaves an engaging affair at all time of the year.

Added to this, if lucky you may greet a Bollywood celebrity here. Many of them are spotted here especially during late evenings and early mornings for their jogging session.

A snapshot of Juhu beach P.C.: https://goo.gl/yfPqM2

A snapshot of Juhu beach
P.C.: https://goo.gl/yfPqM2

Now, once in Juhu beach you cannot miss the food fair that exhibits right opposite to it. From tiny eateries to lavish hotels, the area has every kind of restaurant to serve your mood. The variety is sure to confuse you, but again a good guide can land you to a culinary paradise.

Thus BYT, your sincere culinary guide lists the best choices you can pick from among the eateries around Juhu Beach.


Inside Chaayos, Juhu P.C.: https://goo.gl/LkWqMC

Inside Chaayos, Juhu
P.C.: https://goo.gl/LkWqMC

Keeping it simple, it’s a café known for the tea and Indian snacks they serve. They open quite early and closes pretty late, and thus can be your choice for breakfast, quick grab or dinner. The main course many are varied which gives you vast varieties to pick from. Also, spacious place decked with all Indian goodies makes it an ideal choice when you are in a big group at the Juhu Beach.

The Spare Kitchen

Inside the Spare Kitchen P.C.: https://goo.gl/VGX4Is

Inside the Spare Kitchen
P.C.: https://goo.gl/VGX4Is

Recognized as a popular pub in town, this has earned fame for its late night servings. Also, their ladies night is a big hype. The place is located inside Hotel King’s International Compound and from outside, you might not feel the fun and frolic inside. But walk in, to explore their posh ambiance, colorful menu and loud music. The place is an apt pick for party poppers and nocturnal of Mumbai.

Fat Man’s Café and Grill

A Continental food spread P.C.: https://goo.gl/VSQ6QT

A Continental food spread
P.C.: https://goo.gl/VSQ6QT

If in mood for some Italian or Continental food, then this is the place to be. As the name says, the menu is equally fat. The ambiance is merry composed of people and music that you are sure to love at any point of the day. Pizza, pasta, pancakes, omelette – the menu is long and thus, you need to combine the right dishes to make a memorable meal.

Jantar Mantar

Meat preparation at Jantar Mantar P.C.: https://goo.gl/ZztPOZ

Meat preparation at Jantar Mantar
P.C.: https://goo.gl/ZztPOZ

Well, the Delhi monument has not shifted. This one is an exclusive North Indian and Awadhi restaurant very close to the Juhu Church where you can head to relish some Indian dishes. kebab, biriyani, rotis and rice are served sizzling hot with chilled deserts to end with. If you have less time in hand, you can always pick their rich roti rolls for a refreshing taste.

Facing East

A look of East P.C.: https://goo.gl/63kth0

A look of Facing East
P.C.: https://goo.gl/63kth0

Waiting for you with an Asian culinary spread, this place is meant for the fish lovers. They have Chinese, Asian and Sea food items – each very distinct in its own style. The place has two seating segments, yet it often remains over crowded especially in weekend. Prior table booking is recommended if you want to finger lick their delicious delights.

Luxury Dining at Hyatt, Ahmedabad

City of Ahmadabad P.C.: https://goo.gl/rjMk7V

City of Ahmedabad
P.C.: https://goo.gl/rjMk7V

If you count Ahmedabad from the long history it beholds, then you must also make a note of its fabulous night life it offers composed of colourful markets, crowded streets and of course, luxury eateries for a memorable dinner and also rejuvenation after a tiring day or before your night walk.

When it’s about luxury hospitality across India, Hyatt Regency is a sound name and so it resonates at Ahmedabad as well. Contemporary additions are attributed in the hotel’s services throughout the year to keep it an interesting affair for their clients. The city along the Sabarmati River might seem to be belonging to the historical era, but the Hyatt outlets has wrapped a robe of modern lifestyle that you can start exploring once in Ahmedabad.

Hyatt, Ahmadabad P.C.: https://goo.gl/ovxN79

Hyatt, Ahmedabad
P.C.: https://goo.gl/ovxN79

If a resident of the city and you still haven’t checked into Hyatt, then that is one of the first to-do in your priority list, for a memorable experience.


Noyna, Hyatt P.C.: https://goo.gl/49je24

Nonya, Hyatt
P.C.: https://goo.gl/49je24

Hyatt, the American International Company has captured the hospitality industry of all leading Indian cities and no far does it stand when it comes to Ahmedabad. Nonya, is their Asian food galore where from quick grab to food spreads they have it all in queue for you. You need to pick from their long menu or opt for the buffet to have an awesome food voyage. The place is ideal for dinner dates, business meets and even solo foodies can hangout here for a culinary delight.


Collage, Ahmadabad P.C.: https://goo.gl/7eugdN

Collage, Ahmedabad
P.C.: https://goo.gl/7eugdN

Another Hyatt initiative, Collage serves Mughlai, North Indian and Continental food. Their hall of fame are the buffets they spread for foodies, that allows one to relish sweet, sour or spice – all in a go. Check in for a Sunday brunch and this place is sure to be one of your best experience in the city of Ahmedabad.


Tinello, Hyatt P.C.: https://goo.gl/vQfV4H

Tinello, Hyatt
P.C.: https://goo.gl/vQfV4H

Since still bound amidst the archetypal Indian culture, you may worry if you get any foreign delicacies in the city of Ahmedabad. Well, of course you do get when in this restaurant of Hyatt regency who specialize in tantalizing your buds with intense Italian flavours. From pasta to pizza, you just name it and they get it for you on the table.

6 Italian Foods for This Venice Carnival

Popular as the most delicious festival, Venice Carnival dates back to 1162, to celebrate the victory of Serenissima Repubblica against the Patriarch of Aquileia, Ulrico di Treven.

A snapshot of Venice Carnival P.C.: http://goo.gl/Qs4I0n

A snapshot of Venice Carnival
P.C.: http://goo.gl/Qs4I0n

People from across the globe gather at the San Marco Square, the principal public square of Venice.  Though the festival was outlawed during late eighteenth century, but is now celebrated with huge pomp and show.

San Marco Square, Venice P.C.: http://goo.gl/E1YxSp

San Marco Square, Venice
P.C.: http://goo.gl/E1YxSp

The attraction of this annual fair is use of colorful masks, which allows people to disappear from their original appearance and participate in the carnival.

Masks in display, Venice P.C.: http://goo.gl/UieoBx

Masks in display, Venice
P.C.: http://goo.gl/UieoBx

Masks not only signify an artistic creation but have held a special significance throughout Venetian culture. Scholars consider masks as a unique Venetian craftsmanship and mask makers till now hold a top notch position in European hierarchy.

A Venetian couple P.C.: http://goo.gl/uXJEml

A Venetian couple
P.C.: http://goo.gl/uXJEml

Like many other festivals, the Venice Carnival definitely leaves a big scope for foodies. Each day ends with gala dinners held by different family, community or restaurants. Food is believed to give a universal appeal to any celebration.

Dinner during Venice Carnival P.C.: http://goo.gl/HGVMJp

Dinner during Venice Carnival
P.C.: http://goo.gl/HGVMJp

Italian cuisine offers many relishing palates. So that your list does not limit to pizzas or pastas alone and you land in a memorable culinary voyage here are the dishes you should surely try. If not in Venice, now every nook and crevice of the country has lavish Italian restaurants. Check in to try these irresistible Italian dishes.

Italian Cuisine P.C.: http://goo.gl/HGVMJp

An Italian Spread
P.C.: http://goo.gl/HGVMJp


Types of Bruschetta P.C.: http://goo.gl/nwd6Td

Types of Bruschetta
P.C.: http://goo.gl/nwd6Td

Always begin your Italian food exploration with this one. It’s an appetizer prepared with basil, tomato, garlic and onion. It’s usually served with a topping of thick mozzarella cheese. If meat and pork is added then the bruschetta becomes non-veg in kind. Usually it’s consumed right after grill and is hot. Sip some cold wine to make it enchanting.


Lasagna P.C.: http://goo.gl/lbZZLd

P.C.: http://goo.gl/lbZZLd

Counted as the oldest form of pasta, lasagna is wide and flat usually comprising layers of cheese, meat and several other kinds of feeling. Sauces, cheese, pork, mozzarella, parmesan, chicken, meat, prawn are added with veggies making lasagna a wholesome portion of any Italian spread. Lasagna can be vegetarian as well. Though lasagna forms a main course, but if ingredients like chocolate and peanut butter are used to fill it, then it becomes a dessert.


Sphagetti with bolognese P.C.: http://goo.gl/9jmg3r

Sphagetti with bolognese
P.C.: http://goo.gl/9jmg3r

Originating from Bologna, the largest Italian city, this is a meat based sauce usually added in pasta, penne, spaghetti or rigatoni for a classic aroma. When using Bolognese sauce, the method is slow cooking that adds aroma and flavor to the dish. Experiments of Italian and American chefs have now developed kinds of Bolognese sauce which makes it difficult to get the traditional ones. Tomato also dominates this red sauce.

 Tortellini en Brodo

Tortellini en Brodo, the Italian Soup P.C.: Tortellini en Brodo

Tortellini en Brodo, the Italian Soup
P.C.: Tortellini en Brodo

It’s an Italian soup that is called a staple dish in Italian spreads. Families especially northern Italy prepares this during vacations in order to add warmth to their togetherness. Pasta, spaghetti and parmesan cheese is added to the soup to make it more scrumptious.


A plate of bigoli P.C.: http://goo.gl/nYWgdh

A plate of bigoli
P.C.: http://goo.gl/nYWgdh

Bigoli is a long form of pasta that can also be categorized as noodles. Bigoli dominates kitchens of Veneto region, modern Italy. Traditionally, duck eggs or duck sauce were the main ingredients to prepare bigoli. Now even meat or fish is used prepare a delectable dish of bigoli. Bigoli has varieties like dry, dark or white depending on the kind of wheat used during production. It’s worth a try amidst an authentic Italian spread.


Gelato, the Italian dessert P.C.: http://goo.gl/QA4tfV

Gelato, the Italian dessert
P.C.: http://goo.gl/QA4tfV

Gelato might now be considered as an universal dessert but roots in Italy. Hence during the Venice carnival or any authentic Italian spread, you get to taste the best of it. It has several flavors to pick from. Combine many such flavors to make gelato an interesting dessert to try.






Terrace Restaurants in Bangalore – 1

In the software of capital of India, Bangalore the current population exceeds more than 10million. With literacy rate exceeding 89pct today the economy of the city presents a modern face. As the nation’s leading IT-capital witnesses a tremendous growth in trade, commerce and industry, the fast pace life style is also boosting up. The evidence to this contemporary life style prevailing among Bangaloreans is the innumerable food joints coming up on both sides of broad streets and narrow lanes.

Bangalore P.C.: https://goo.gl/jVxEhP

P.C.: https://goo.gl/jVxEhP

Definitely all Bangalore based restaurants cannot be called food joints or vice versa. The huge number of restaurants can be categorised under various sub genres like area based, type of food served, size of the restaurant, kind of the restaurant, timing of the place and more.

If looked at the web searches Bangaloreans take up to shoot the best restaurant in their plans, one of the popular one is – roof top or terrace restaurants. Today, we report some of the popular and all time favorite roof top restaurants where the new citizens or all time Bangaloreans can cluster into:

The belief is roof top restaurants are meant for hand on hand, eye to eye conversation with a candle in between. Hello? Does that mean families cannot enjoy the open air and distant panoramic arrests to the eyes?
The master minds of Barleyz appreciates to whichever category you belong.
Irrespective of company, you can be a part of the Barleyz, the happening brewery at the heart of Kormangala.
To make it a chill out catching up with friends, right under the sky the Microbrewery around the pool with music set as per the mood of the day is a perfect option to rejuvenate your body, soul and mind.

With family the closed zone right below the terrace with a play area especially for children can serve the mood of all.

To pair your companions or drinks, an extensive menu is of course there. Explore the rest!

Open air seating at Barleyz P.C.: http://goo.gl/JKWymE

Open air seating at Barleyz
P.C.: http://goo.gl/JKWymE

Many claim theys serve the best premium beer in town. Well, before ordering they offer you all sorts of available beer for tasting. What can be more electrifying than tantilising your buds with series of handcrafted beer. While trying, do not miss the beer trails and Special Flavors of the month.We say, starters like chicken lollipop, beef chilly, prawn chilly, kakori kabab beside the beer tumblers are exotic and delicious. Your reason of choosing Vapour is not limited to the cabana seating in the roof top restaurant. Vapour continues to host too many programs and activities in order to engage you in your experience. Music in Vapour spans over Lounge, Rock, Retro and Electronica on different nights. So to check how visiting a restaurant can be an out of the box and memorising experience, Vapour can be your next hit list.

Beer at Vapour P.C.: https://goo.gl/zXRhLR

Beer at Vapour
P.C.: https://goo.gl/zXRhLR

Big Pitcher:
Big Pitcher can be your pick at many occasions than the roof top. At the ground floor the huge television can be your preference for hep concerts or interesting matches. To groove to some desi-beats the third floor is your destination. The second floor has cowboy southern american theme for your professional dates or low moods. Lastly, let’s keep the fourth floor under the sky a hush hush. Give it a try. You will have to fall in love with the chicken salad, pasta in white sauce and pizzas. And if nothing, the czetch beer pitcher would set sail your mood for the eve.

Big Pitcher, Bangalore P.C.: https://goo.gl/JdTPC7

Big Pitcher, Bangalore
P.C.: https://goo.gl/JdTPC7

Christmas Cakes & Pune

Christmas is all about cakes, pastries, sweets, candies, chocolates and love… The whole world celebrates the birth anniversary of Jesus Christ this way, along with prayers, Mass and goodwill. This time is usually the year end and is blessed with lots of holidays, vacations and happiness all around.

Le Plaisir Patisserie & Bistro is one of the most popular bakeries in town. The restaurant has nothing great to show off really that will speak volumes abut decor and ambiance but the one thing a restaurant is usually noted for, the food, is what matters the most here… It is simply heavenly. Le Plaisir Patisserie & Bistro serves European food alongside amazing bakes. The people who visit actually boost the ambiance into being a cheerful one because all are happy customers, spending time over some great food!Christmas cakes are bound to be awesome here. Don’t miss it!

The Flour Works welcomes you to begin your day with them. They are an enterprise known for European, American cuisines and Desserts. These ‘Desserts’ pack in all sorts of wonderful sweet-tooth pampers that you may be looking for! The ‘warm chicken salad’ and ‘mushroom cappuccino’ are quite popular. Chocolate fondant, Chocolate terrine, Custard quartet and more from the ‘Desserts’ section are ather tempting!

Cafe PeterDonuts is a dinky, beautiful, petite restaurant that welcomes you with colours of love! Yes, much of it is red, the sofa, the chairs and the cushions are all red and creates a romantic ambiance. It is also celebrated and frequented for the food. Amazing smoothies, cold coffees, dessert coffees, teas, sandwich and premium ramen are pretty popular here. And the booty is wi-fi is free!

Call 076767 76767 for reservation via BYT and enjoy your Christmas sweet poisons in any of these, in Pune.

Must try Restaurants in Ooty

Ooty has a lot to offer the average foodie, there may not be a lot of variety in cuisine but they make up for this with the quality and taste of the food offered. Here are our pick for the must try Restaurants in Ooty.

Shinkows restaurant is one that has been in Ooty for a long long time, more than 60 years to be exact. Started in 1954 by a Chinese couple it is well known for it’s delicious, authentic and pocket friendly Chinese food in the city. It has been around for so long that many people have very fond memories of the place, from a first date to a first meal for many honeymooning couples. The interiors are a bright cheery yellow with simple tables and chairs that lend an old world charm to the place. It is a small place but it is one that is packed with memories and the scent of yummy Chinese food.

Shinkows Picture Courtesy-http://www.shinkows.com

Picture Courtesy-http://www.shinkows.com

Nahar’s Restaurant Sidewalk cafe is one of the most popular spots to have a lovely relaxed meal. It is not easy to find good Italian restaurants but here among rolling hills lies a great one. From fresh wood fired pizza to pasta and pies the food here is simply delightful to say the least. The interiors are a mix of American dinner and Italian Bistro but the food is good wholesome Italian without a doubt. The bright light streaming in through the large windows make for a great cheerful restaurant during the day and the mood lighting at night make it a great place to enjoy a romantic meal at night. Their homemade chocolate and the chocolate brownie deserves a special mention and any chocoholic should try it out.

If you are looking for more place to try out in Ooty do visit www.bookyourtable.com or call us on 07676776767 and we will be happy to help you with restaurant information, restaurant reservations as well as deals and offers in your city!

Connie’s Restaurant & Café, Bangalore

Connie’s Restaurant & Café at 17, Kammanahalli Main Road, Venkateshappa Layout, Bangalore, is fit to be tagged as ‘Simplicity, redefined!’. There is nothing catchy in the moderately decorated, humble cafeteria and there is nothing exclusive to really vouch for either. But what is worth everything is the fantastic food! They specialize in European/Continental cuisine. Connie’s Restaurant & Café is one of the best in the locality!


Connie’s Restaurant & Cafe
Kammanahalli, Bangalore

The inside is clean, decent and unpretentious. The chairs and tables are properly kept, the restaurant is well maintained. There is nothing spectacular about Connie’s other than what follows…



Bangalore is a very vast expanse of busy metropolitan life but people from far away axes do find time to enjoy some heavenly food here in the dinky abode of Connie’s! Apart from an appreciable variety of soothing mocktails and other beverages, Connie’s menu begins amazing you right from their insalata/salads category… Grilled Chicken with Gazpacho dressing, Chicken with lemon, thyme and roasted carrot salad are among the top favourites.


Veg Pasta

Following this, Garlic Bread, Grilled Shrimp in Garlic Sauce, Fish in Garlic Sauce and any starter platter one or two are really great choices. If you are a pasta lover, Penne Alfredo, which is pasta cooked in the classic cheesy sauce; Spaghetti Parmesan, pasta tossed with fresh vegetables, Basil, Oregano and Cheese; Spaghetti Aglio Olio, pasta tossed with minced pressed Garlic, Chili flakes, Parsley and Cheese and Lasgna, Gnocchi and Arrabbiata are among the best options for non-vegetarians. For vegetarians or vegan eaters, they have some impressive options too, like Crepe Florentine and Melanzane Parmigiana!


Spaghetti Bolognese

The Chicken Steaks and Sizzlers form an interesting section full of options like Roulades, Paprika, Oriental Spice, Pepper Couli and more. Then comes the Tenderloin Steaks & Sizzlers which features ecstatic dishes liked Griller Tenderloin, Devil Steak, Pepper Roast and a smashing Jack Daniel Steak! There are also equally scrumptious options for Seafood lovers like Spicy Grilled Prawns, Grilled Fish and the best of all being their Mixed Seafood Sizzler!! There are many more sections and pages in their menu-book that follows hence but some should be left untold for you to discover!



What is presently even more attractive at Connie’s is what BYT has come up with, for you… FLAT 58% OFF! You need to pay only INR 555 for a 3 course meal for 2 worth INR 1300! How inviting is that?? This is not something to let go! Call 076767 76767 to make a reservation or click here to make it online. To view the offer, click here.


Pomodoro – Hilton Hotel, Janakpuri, Delhi-NCR

The Pomodoro in the Hilton Hotel in Janakpuri, Delhi, is a nonpareil Italian fine dining restaurant perfect for your private occasion!



Pomodoro is an Italian necessity, rather, a kind of tomato sauce, often eaten with spaghetti. However, Hilton’s Pomodoro really lives up to its Italian name by its food. The fares served are scrumptious and pretty authentic. Popular grubs include Trancio Di Salmone, Costolette Di Agnello, Pizza Pomodoro, Prosciutta di parma, Mortadella e salame sotta aceti e grissini (Parma ham with Mortadella, marinated vegetables, diced parmesan and grissini), Velutata di funghi porcini (Creamed Porcini mushroom soup with a herbed mushroom parcel), Pollo e Zuppa di Cipolle (Hearty chicken and onion soup), Lasagne al forno (Layered pasta sheets with vegetable ragout or chicken, cream sauce and mozerella cheese, baked in over) and Risotto alla marinara (Traditionally prepared seafood risotto scented with white wine). You cannot possibly overlook their list of beautiful desserts out of which the Zabaglione, Chocolate tartufo, Dolce della mamma and Tiramisu have quite a distinguished recognition.

Pollo e Zuppa di Cipolle PC - www.tablespoon.com

Pollo e Zuppa di Cipolle
PC – www.tablespoon.com

Pomodoro, otherwise, does not sport anything extraordinary about its looks and get up. Rather, it is pretty plain for a five star’s fine dining status. The wall which holds many wines—both, international and domestic, red and white, vintage and mature and young, flavoured and plain, is quite special. It is one of the attractions for the connoisseurs.

Chocolate Tartufo PC -http://imgur.com/gallery/pLCRO

Chocolate Tartufo
PC -http://imgur.com/gallery/pLCRO

The staffs are well groomed and ambience is serene and calm. It offers a certain warmth and is stalwart for enjoying perfectly made Italian food.



The absolutely amazing, qualitative and quantitative food, soothing music, great lighting and the fact that it belongs to the Hilton Hotel, completes Pomodoro ’s identity and encourages cheerfulness! To enjoy your heart out with the awesome grills and drinks and make your experience worth remembering, please visit BookyourTable.com and help us add to your comfort with our value added services, reservations, discount coupons and more!

Mezzaluna, Movenpick Hotel and Spa – New BEL Road, Bangalore

There is no better description for Italy than a glass of Wine and flavourful Cheese.  But what if you get to dine pure Italian food in the city?  Deliciously Italian isn’t!  Mezzaluna restaurant which is housed in Movenpick Hotel and Spa at New BEL Road, Bangalore serves the best authentic Italian cuisine in the city.

Inside view of Mezzaluna Restaurant

Inside view of Mezzaluna Restaurant

The restaurant has clam and classy ambience with checker-board flooring and the tables and chairs set spaciously about, allowing privacy which makes it a perfect place for romantic dinner, meeting or gathering with friends.

Signature dishes of the restaurant are Faltin Boca, Mezza and Cheese Platter. Mezzaluna serves varieties of authentic Pizza, Pasta, Salads, Gnocchi and Risotti cooked with secret spices of Italy.

Fritto Misto

Fritto Misto
P.C. – urbanspoon.com

Fritto Misto which refers “mixed fry” is one of the best dish from the menu. Fritti Misto compasses all sorts of fried food such as sea food, vegetables which are served with Tartar – a creamy mayonnaise based sauce, gives the dish an authentic taste.

Calzone Careltili Pizza

Calzone Careltili Pizza

Calzone Careltili Pizza is one of the best Pizza offered at the Mezzaluna. If you want to taste the Italian flavours then you must try this out. The delectable pizza is stuffed with mozzarella and ricotta, frilled chicken ham, delicious Italian chicken sausages, lamb pepperoni, mushrooms, caramelised onions and black olives.

Crespelle Ripiene Di Funghi

Crespelle Ripiene Di Funghi

For vegetarians Mezzaluna offers the most authentic food such as Crespelle Ripiene Di Funghi Misti . Crespelle Ripiene Di Funghi Misti is a delicious Italian dish stuffed with delish ingredients such as Mushroom and Mascarpone which is a soft, mild Italian cream cheese  and Castelmagno Cheese, a special Italian Cheese.

Rigatoni All’ Arabbiatta

Rigatoni All’ Arabbiatta

Rigatoni All’ Arabbiatta a palatable pasta served at the Mezzaluna is a must-try dish. The pasta has a tangy flavour of tomatoes and a spicy touch of chili flakes which makes it the most delicious pasta from the land of Italy.

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Chao Bella – Crowne Plaza, Okhla, New Delhi

Crowne Plaza has another address in New Delhi: Community Centre Phase – Okhla, New Delhi. It is a sleek and smart looking hotel with world-class services and comfortable stay backed by a group of efficient staff. The hotel has a couple of restaurant for the in-house guests; however they welcome guests from outside too. One of their restaurants is called Chao Bella – Crowne Plaza.This fine-dine restaurant serves cuisines from two different corners of the world. China and Italy! What an amalgamation! Right? Chao Bella is hands down one of the best restaurants in the city that makes noodles in the most authentic way.

Chao Bella - Crowne Plaza

Chao Bella dining area – Crowne Plaza

Chao Bella - Crowne Plaza

Chef Sam Wong and his basket of carefully crafted delectable dim sums

The ambience at Chao Bella has been revamped like a lounge with sink-in lounge sofas, cosy settings and corners that offer a semi-private dining option. Keeping up with the trend Chao Bella has an open kitchen where you see chefs and their art to preparing food. The kitchen is headed by two chefs from China, Sam Wong from Singapore and Zhang Fu Gui who is from Gansu Province of China.

Chao Bella - Crowne Plaza

Chef Zhang Fu Gui! The only noodle pull chef in town flaunts his art

Chao Bella - Crowne Plaza

Hand-pulled super-fine noodles with Shrimp … A Chao Bella speciality!

Why should you visit Chao Bella? If not for anything else, you should taste the noodles at Chao Bella. From the slimmest to flat to the thickest, with the rough cut “shaved” noodles being the most unusual, just pick your choice along with the sauce and pass on to the chef. Chef Wong will present before you a plate of delicious strings like you have tasted never before. The portions served are large and filling! Some noodle varieties you must try at Chao Bella are Tenderloin in black bean sauce with shaved noodles; hand-kneaded noodles with seafood gravy; Spicy dandan noodles Sichuan style; Shandong style noodles with orange peel in oyster sauce; hand-pulled super fine noodles with shrimps. You must also try the dimsums, thin-crust pizza, pasta, peking duck, and roasted crispy duck.

Chao Bella - Crowne Plaza

Classic Tiramisu

Make you Sunday super special at Chao Bella with a choice between exclusive Chinese and Italian delicacies along with live seafood and pasta counters. The add-ons are unlimited wine and a mouth-watering dessert bar featuring tiramisu, Italian ricotta cheesecake, Chinese steamed spongecake, date pancake and Honey crispy noodles. Liven up your lazy Sunday as you enjoy a special Sunday Brunch at Chao Bella. Visit BookyourTable for reservations.

Click-clack your chopsticks or twirl spaghetti forks … the choice is yours!

Vetro – The Oberoi, Mumbai

Reasons to dine at The Oberoi Mumbai are many. First for its stylish interiors and the beautiful view of the Arabian Sea it offers and second, the restaurants have carved a niche for their fine quality food and gorgeous ambience. In this blog, let’s talk about their Italian speciality restaurant Vetro - The Oberoi, Mumbai.

Vetro - The Oberoi, Mumbai

Vetro – The Oberoi, Mumbai

‘Vetro’ – in Italian, this word means glass. How rightfully the restaurant has been named! Vetro is an elegant looking Italian fine-dine restaurant with glass hued in different colours adorning the wall giving the restaurant a distinct look. With a classy look, the restaurant bespeaks elegance and style. Impeccable service and a sophisticated ambience makes Vetro a suitable restaurant to dine at any special occasion.

Vetro - The Oberoi, Mumbai

Enotica … the wine library at Vetro – The Oberoi, Mumbai

Vetro is a tad different from many five-star Italian restaurants. They have a wine library called Enoteca and a wine-tasting table that allows you to sample wines of your choice and cheese. This, in fact, helps you to select the wine you would like to pair your food with. The moment you enter you are escorted to this huge wine library by a knowledgeable sommelier helping you choose the perfect label.

Vetro - The Oberoi, Mumbai

Beef Carpaccio

Vetro - The Oberoi, Mumbai

New Zealand Rack of lamb

Now coming to food, it is of top-notch quality as expected from a five-star hotel. If you are a healthy eater and love salads, the choice is plenty. Beef Carpaccio, Insalata Caprese, Prosciutto and Melon or Warm bean salad are some among the many options. If you would prefer some home-style Italian food, try, Veal Milainese, Eggplant Parmigiana, Proseco Risotto and Duck Ragout. The other signature dishes include Lasagne of Blue Crab; Osso Bucco; Veal Shank with saffron risotto; and Poached and roasted Atlantic salmon, served over a bed of campari and orange-glazed radish; New Zealand Lamb Rack; Spinach ricotta crepes; Balsamic Glazed Pork Belly and Smoked fillet of pork.

Vetro - The Oberoi, Mumbai


For some of the best Italian desserts in Mumbai, there is no better place than Vetro . Tiramisu, Raspberry-Blueberry Sorbet, Hazelnut Chocolate Pave, Panna Cotta and gelatos make a prominent appearance in the menu.

It is a great experience having authentic Italian food with Italian wines at Vetro . For reservations, visit BookyourTable.


The One – Le Meridian, Delhi

The One – Le Meridian, Delhi is a popular all day coffee shop in Delhi NCR. The restaurant is smart looking and stylish and is spread over quite a large area.

The One - Le Meridian, Delhi

The One – Le Meridian, Delhi

The restaurant has the look of an international cafe with long tables and some private seating too. The cornice lighting and some metal chimes hanging from the ceiling gives a distinct character to The One. All set very beautifully, The One is a perfect place to meet up with friends and have a family dinner.

The One - Le Meridian, Delhi

Aglio-e-olio … Chef’s recommendation pasta

The One - Le Meridian, Delhi

Deconstructed Prawn cocktail – A speciality dish of The One

The a-la-carte menu is International with European and Continental dishes. Tenderloin steak, thin-crust pizza, pasta served with exotic veggies, Prawn cocktail, Chicken Breast with Almonds on Pea Mash, Mixed Mushrooms on Toast with Burnt Sage Butter, Salmon Carpaccio, Caesar Salad, Asian chicken skewers, burgers and sandwiches from part of their extensive menu. The burger menu has choices like Hamburger with Caramelized Onions, Tomato, Lettuce and Beetroot. All the dishes are presented beautifully and with excellent finesse.

The One - Le Meridian, Delhi

A cup of hot and creamy coffee … nothing better than this!

If you are longing for some hot brewed tea or coffee, their well-trained Baristas pour out one for you complete with crème and an elegant finish.

The One - Le Meridian, Delhi

Asian Chicken skewers

Sunday is that day of the week when you just feel like lazing around. The One at Le meridian allows you just that with their Sunday Brunch. The chefs cook exciting dishes and they are served hot on your table by a smiling staff. The service is prompt, tidy and commendable. With a display of soups, salads, kebabs, main course and desserts from the Indian and Continental cuisines, the guests have an extensive spread to choose from. Come to The One and celebrate a relaxing Sunday with your family and friends.

The Peshwa Pavilion – ITC Maratha, Mumbai

Andheri East, Mumbai has a reason to boast – ITC Maratha. It is one of the most grand and luxury hotel of Mumbai; be it in service, architecture, food, ambience or courtesy. ITC Maratha excels in everything that is necessary to be called a hotel of international stature. The hotel is the proud owner of 7 fine-dine restaurants and a five-star bakery.

Mumbai is said to be ‘a city that never sleeps’. True! Similarly, the fine-dine restaurant of ITC Maratha that never sleeps is The Peshwa Pavilion. It is the 24 hour coffee shop cum fine-dine restaurant that can offer you a delicious bite and coffee even in the wee hours of the night.

The Peshwa Pavilion – ITC Maratha

The Peshwa Pavilion – ITC Maratha

The restaurant is located in the central atrium of the hotel and is a sight with an impressive decor. The restaurant is designed such that it is connected to every floor of the hotel. High ceilings, elegant setting, bright lights, wooden chairs, marble table tops, tall faux palm trees and a glass dome … doesn’t the whole picture look beautiful and elegant.

The Peshwa Pavilion serves buffet and a-la-carte meals. Breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet are served daily with an array of Indian and International delicacies. Wednesday buffets are focussed on seafood specialities along with Indian dishes. The crowd gathers around the live kitchen counters and they also have a section serving home-style Maharashtrian delicacies.

The Peshwa Pavilion – ITC Maratha

Pepper crusted Tenderloin

The Peshwa Pavilion – ITC Maratha

Kadhai Jhinga

Layered Pudina Paratha, Chicken Frankie Hot Dogs, Cheesy Penne Bake, Artisan Pasta, fish n chips, pepper crusted tenderloin fillet, risotto, pizzas, simple Indian masala khichdi, salad, paneer tikka, Rogan josh, Kadhai jhinga, dal makhani, Murgh Bohri biryani and many other dishes form part of their a-la-carte menu.

The Peshwa Pavilion – ITC Maratha

Chocolate brownie with vanilla ice-cream

Desserts like Chocolate brownie with ice cream, Belgian dark chocolate truffle cake, Blueberry cheesecake, Cinnamon apple crumble are good choices to finish a meal on a sweet note.

So, now you know where to approach after party for a quick bite. For reservations at The Peshwa Pavilion, visit BookyourTable.

Spectra – The Leela Ambience Gurgaon

The Leela Ambience Gurgaon is a lavish five-star hotel located in a convenient location from all the major landmarks of the city. Luxury rooms and suites with service of International standards, The Leela Ambience has its share of three hotels and a lounge, all of which are popular and winner of many prestigious awards. The first restaurant in the list is Spectra – The Leela Ambience Gurgaon. It is a multi-cuisine restaurant serving cuisines from across the globe.

Spectra - The Leela Ambience Gurgaon

Chefs at work in their respective island kitchen at Spectra – The Leela Gurgaon

Spectra is spread over a 16000 sq.ft located in the lobby level of the hotel. Designed in the lines of a new-age fine-dine restaurant, Spectra can accommodate 225 guests. Every part of the restaurant is designed to admire for. Culinary islands with 7 live kitchens, private and semi-private seating arrangements, and two large private dining rooms is the speciality of Spectra. The kitchens are led by a brigade of accomplished and talented chefs. The island kitchens specialize in 7 popular cuisines like Italian, Indian, Japanese, Continental, Chinese, Malaysian, Thai. The food is cooked a la minute and served steaming on your table.

Spectra - The Leela Ambience Gurgaon


Spectra - The Leela Ambience Gurgaon

T bone steak … freshly grilled and juicy with a glass of wine is a great pairing!

Sushi, tempura, noodle soups, Fresh baked pizzas and pastas tossed in premium quality olive oil with your choice of exotic veggies, juicy steak, Omakase, Grilled Skate Wings, Smoked Eel, Angus T Bone Steak and many more dishes of your choice come sizzling hot on your table. Desserts like tiramisu, soufflés, truffles, macaroons and fresh fruits are most preferred by guests.

Spectra - The Leela Ambience Gurgaon

Macaroons – Colourful and delicious!

Spectra serve breakfast, lunch and dinner in buffet and a la carte options. They also have a weekend Brunch (Sat and Sunday). This is the largest in town and lazy Sunday luncheons prefer Spectra to try a variety of cuisines from the live kitchens.

Reservation is recommended. Visit BookyourTable to reserve in advance and enjoy the largest buffet in town.




Zanotta – The Leela Ambience Gurgaon

Zanotta – The Leela Ambience Gurgaon presents before you the grandiose of Italian cuisine with a careful selection of the finest hand-picked wines from around the globe. This award-winning fine-dine Italian restaurant is situated in the 6th floor of the hotel and the well-stocked wine library spoils you for choice. 1500 wines from around the world including Italy, France, California, Chile, and Germany are stocked in the library. Pick what you like!

Zanotta – The Leela Ambience Gurgaon

Zanotta – The Leela Ambience Gurgaon … The award-winning Italian restaurant!

Zanotta is managed by a suave, well-mannered, professional staff whose diligent service and interactive behaviour have time and again earned them accolades. Be it the Indian or the Italian restaurant, the staff is trained to follow the philosophy of Indian hospitality that earns praises worldwide. The restaurant looks just beautiful with state of the art decor, contemporary lighting, and selection of wines in the rack and glass walls that offer a breathtaking view of the city at night. The open kitchen helps diners take a peek allowing you to steal a tip from the chefs to implement in your culinary art.

Zanotta – The Leela Ambience Gurgaon

Chef Emmanuel Guemon … The mastermind behind the nouvelle dishes at Zanotta

Zanotta – The Leela Ambience Gurgaon

Homemade ravioli stuffed with mushroom

Chef Emmanuel Guemon is in charge of the kitchen who creates nouvelle dishes that has won him praises and honours. Some dishes of Zanotta like Pan seared Foie Gras with Vanilla, Anis scented Pears, Scallops and zucchini salad, Sicilian sea food soup, Grilled Prawns with Black Risotto and Mascarpone, Homemade ravioli stuffed with wild mushrooms, saffron shrimp risotto, Salmon with arugula pesto are prepared with skill and presented in nouvelle plating.

Be it a formal dinner meeting, a friendly rendezvous or an intimate romantic dinner, Zanotta is an excellent restaurant to opt for.

Zanotta – The Leela Ambience Gurgaon

Sparkling wine

A glass of sparkling wine and a dish of Italian food… need anything else for a memorable romantic evening? Visit bookyourtable for reservations at Zanotta - The Leela Ambience Gurgaon.


The Qube – The Leela Palace, Delhi NCR

The Leela Palace has one restaurant after the other that is an icon in itself. The nest restaurant we’ll take you to is The Qube – The Leela Palace. Whenever we say ‘cube’, geometry comes to our mind. Well, this restaurant has been designed geometrically in the shape of a cubical glasshouse.

The Qube – The Leela Palace

The Qube – The Leela Palace

The Qube of The Leela Palace is a coffee shop that is placed just diametrically opposite to the rest of the palace hotel. With glass walls, the ambience of the coffee shop is just like to should be; light and airy overlooking the lush greenery outside. The Qube is a coffee shop-cum-restaurant that serves you delicious light bites at all times of the day. The restaurant also offers an outdoor seating in the lap of nature.

The Qube – The Leela Palace

Margarita Pizza … looks too delicious and cheesy!!!

The Qube showcases an eclectic menu from around the world and the show kitchen adds to the appeal of this coffee shop (or shall we call it a restaurant?). Thai, Seafood, European, Indian, Italian and Continental with a range of beverages are what the kitchen dish out. The chefs at The Qube put together one of the best burgers in town – Real chuck steak with tomato. They also serve the priciest pizza in the city.

The Qube – The Leela Palace

Malaysian Laksa

The Qube – The Leela Palace

Mustard crusted Rack of Lamb

Maryland crab cakes, goat’s cheese and arugula salad, Mexican Sarrandeado Chilli Glazed Red Snapper, Mustard crusted rack of lamb, gourmet pizzas, Chicken breast with thyme, Thai curries (red and green), Dumpling, Crisp black pepper lamb, Malaysian laksa, Asian noodle bowl, Kung pao Lobster. The menu also includes some Indian varieties like kebabs, Dal makhani, dum Biryani, stuffed kulcha, Butter chicken, Rogan josh and Jhinga Lazeez.

The Qube – The Leela Palace

Chocolate Marquise … tastes as yummy as it looks!

The Qube menu also serves some great innovative desserts – Araguani Chocolate pudding, Trio of Indian desserts (gulab jamun, kesari rasamalai and kesar pista kulfi), cheesecake, Chocolate marquise, Mango passion fruit parfait and home-made sorbets.

The Qube – The Leela Palace

Wednesday Barbeque at The Qube

For breakfast and lunch, they lay down a buffet spread while dinner is a-la-carte; and Sundays are special with the Sunday Brunch. And Wednesdays will be a favourite for all the BBQ lovers. The Leela Palace hosts Barbecue Lunch Wednesdays with live barbecue grill. Hot dogs and mini burgers, Smoked BBQ pork spare ribs, Half-roasted BBQ chicken, Chicken frankfurter, Char-grilled lamb chops, Grilled vegetables, Cottage cheese steaks, Herb roasted potato wedges, Mac and cheese and Garlic bread are some choices to relish for your Wednesday lunch.

Visit BookyourTable for reservations at The Qube – The Leela. Happy gorging!

Le Cirque – The Leela Palace, Delhi NCR

The Leela Palace is the epitome of grandeur and beauty among the grand landmarks of Delhi’s Diplomatic Enclave. The hotel is truly an icon in terms of its palatial architecture and intent. Every corner of the hotel speaks words of art and opulence. With luxury rooms and suites, fine-dine restaurants, bars, spa and conference halls, The Leela Palace is royal world in itself. Every restaurant in this grand hotel is worth a visit, only to return again. As we take a stroll through the hotel, let’s knock the doors of Le Cirque – The Leela Palace. It is the legendary restaurant of New York dishing out contemporary French-Italian novelties.

Le Cirque - The Leela Palace

Le Cirque Dining area – The Leela Palace

Le Cirque - The Leela Palace

Cozy and comfy lounge area of Le Cirque

Le Cirque is spread over several rooms… and you heard that right! They have a dining room, a lounge, a walk-in wine library, a VIP dining-cum-conference room, semi-private dining areas and a romantic terrace seating.

Le Cirque - The Leela Palace

Executive Chef Mickey Bhoite and his secret tip of cooking premium quality French & Italian … Olive Oil!

Le Cirque - The Leela Palace

Mi-Cuit Tuna … A Speciality dish of Chef Mickey Bhoite

Le Cirque kitchen is looked after by Executive Chef Mickey Bhoite. It is his art of plating food that has won him awards and recognitions. What can you try from his kitty? Mi-Cuit Tuna, Spaghetti Primavera, Caesar Salad, Risotto Bollinger, Mushroom and goat cheese Gnocchi, Beef Steak, Bollinger Champagne Tartar, Potato Gnocchi, Wagyu Rossini and poached lobster and scallop in olive oil are some masterpieces of Le Cirque.

Le Cirque - The Leela Palace

Crème Brûlée – Signature dessert of Le Cirque

Crème Brûlée, Tiramisu, fruit platter, Floating island, Cherry chocolate soufflé, Blueberry and Orange cheesecake and a selection of French and Italian cheese are some choices from the menu you can end your meal with.

The restaurant has a comfortable lounge where you can treat yourself to a couple of drinks before you walk into the dining area to be spoiled to a gourmet dining experience by Chef Mickey Bhoite.

Le Cirque - The Leela Palace

Some selected wines from the wine library of Le Cirque

For an out-of-the-world dining experience, visit BookyourTable for reservations at Le Cirque – The Leela Palace.


Mosaic – Crowne Plaza Hotel, New Delhi Rohini

Crowne Plaza, a five-star hotel of the upscale brand IHG is a luxury hotel catering to visitors for business or leisure. A stone’s throw away from the major shopping complexes and local attractions, Crowne Plaza provides comfortable stay with a contemporary design, modern amenities, five-star restaurants catering to every palate and more. Mosiac is one of the fine-dine restaurants at Crowne Plaza located at the lobby level of the hotel and serving pure vegetarian food.

Mosaic – Crowne Plaza Hotel

Aerial view of Mosaic restaurant – Crowne Plaza Hotel

Mosiac is an all-day dining restaurant serving sumptuous spread of breakfast, lunch and dinner in both buffet and a-la-carte varieties. The restaurant spread over a huge area is quite attractive and colourful. High ceilings, state-of-the-art light fittings, wooden flooring, open kitchen and a colourful spread of a variety of vegetables and salad items form part of their decor. The restaurant welcomes expats from the western world and the vegetarian locals. Be it for a formal business meeting or a fun family lunch, Mosiac serves all.

Mosaic – Crowne Plaza Hotel

Paneer Tikka … Soft and Delicious!

Mosaic – Crowne Plaza Hotel

Dessert buffet spread at Mosaic

Let us take a look at the food menu. As it is already mentioned that the restaurant focuses on a vegetarian menu, the cuisines served here are Indian, Oriental, Italian and Continental. Soups , Salad, Minestrone, Grilled vegetables, veg. dumplings, Rocket Latter With Peanut, paneer Tikka, Cigar Rolls. The buffet also has live counter that tosses some healthy colourful pastas and serves wood-fire oven pizzas. Strawberry Soufflé, Berry Baked Yoghurt (Egg Less), Crème Bruléé, Dark Chocolate Profiteroles and Strawberry Gateaux are some desserts prepared at Mosaic.

Mosaic – Crowne Plaza Hotel

Colourful salad counter at Mosaic – Crowne Plaza Hotel

The most attractive of the entire buffet is the salad counter – very colourful and tempting. Greek Salad, Asparagus with Palm Heart Salad, Haricot Beans with Feta, Marinated Zucchini with Prunes, Spicy Chickpeas and Tomato Salad, Nutty Beetroot Salad are some varieties available. You can also get your own custom-made salads. Create a colourful plate – choose veggies, drizzle dressing and there… your DIY salad is ready!

Get treated to a healthy buffet each day of the week at Mosiac , Crowne Plaza! Visit BookyourTable for reservations.

Fres Co – Delhi NCR

Fres Co, a Lite Bite Foods enterprise was born in Barcelona and is Mediterranean at heart. It is one of the best places to savour a Mediterranean fiesta. A lively cafeteria style ambience with Mediterranean colours like sky-blue and turquoise gives you the feel of sitting in some restaurant in Spain. With an elegant ambience, it is a great place to hang out with your family and friends or just enjoy a quite dinner with your spouse. The ambience is serene and peaceful.

Fres Co

Fres Co restaurant ambience

Fres Co

Thin crust Pizza at Fres Co

Fres Co offers you the best and the freshest of the Mediterranean cuisine. Whether you visit here for lunch or for dinner, this restaurant is always a very welcoming place to hang out very relaxing ambience. The menu offers a wide array of fresh salads, soups, pasta, pizza and grills.

Fres Co

Cherry tomato bruschetta

Fres Co

Prawn n Chips

This fine-dine restaurant is a perfect place for the vegetarians, although there are some non-vegetarian options too. Chat Patata, Mezze Platter, Shish taouk, Loaded potatoes, almond crusted chicken, Prawn n chips, Greek/Caesar salad, Falafel roll-ups, Chicken shawarma roll, Burgers, thin-crust pizza with a variety of toppings, Chickpea pilaf, Gourmet pasta, grilled chicken breast; the list is long. With a delectable variety to choose from, it is a Mediterranean feast carnival at Fres Co.

Fres Co

Chocolate mousse

Fres Co hosts a heart-warming Sunday Brunch with a range of delicious and filling dishes. Soups, salads, starters, grill counters, live pastas and egg stations, thin crust pizzas and healthy options in the main course leave you rejuvenating and fresh for a new week ahead. A choice of delectable desserts like tiramisu, cheesecake, chocolate mousse, Créme caramel and choice of assorted fruits awaits you at the Brunch!

Fres Co is found in many locations at Delhi NCR – Vasant Kunj, IGI Airport, Janpath and Ambience Mall, Gurgaon. Which is your nearest location?

For reservations, visit Bookyourtable and enjoy a healthy meal!