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Shojin Ryori: A Food Style by Zen Buddhists of Japan

Culinary experts across the globe are quite enthusiastic when it comes to “Shojin Ryori”.

Shijon Ryori, a typical meal P.C.: https://goo.gl/B1cV1N

Shojin Ryori, a typical meal
P.C.: https://goo.gl/B1cV1N

Shojin Ryori, mostly implies their vegetarian cooking style. It’s the abundant availability of both wild and cultivated vegetables in Japan that led to the emergence of such a culinary style. It started during the 13th century, when Zen Buddhism, a kind of Buddhist practice started in Japan.

Zen Buddhist nuns P.C.: https://goo.gl/uDSUX5

Zen Buddhist nuns
P.C.: https://goo.gl/uDSUX5

A typical Shojin Ryori meal consists of a soup, and three dishes, together called as ichi ju san sai. Soy, tofu, kozu – are common ingredients in a Shojin Ryori meal, usually complimented with pickles of various kinds.

Ichi Ju San Sai, the soup P.C.: https://goo.gl/a1jpR6

Ichi Ju San Sai, the soup
P.C.: https://goo.gl/a1jpR6

During the training span of a Buddhist monk in Japan, experting in Shojin Ryori culinary form is important. Some of its dishes require elaborate preparation time with dedicated efforts. One example would be sesame paste, a popular dish that needs long hours of grinding in a pestle and mortar.

Seasame paste P.C.: https://goo.gl/gd8hvz

Seasame paste
P.C.: https://goo.gl/gd8hvz

Speciality of Shojin Ryori cuisine includes, there happens to be no waste during production of this food. Every spread necessarily has a balance of five flavours and colours that completes its composition.  Use of garlic, onion, meat, fish, insects and other pungent flavours is completely abstained in Shojin Ryori.

Shojin Ryori menu is also very much based on nature. Buddhists consider seasonal agricultural products as flow of nature and thus, incorporate them in their plates. During spring, emphasis is led on new sprouts that come up; in summer it’s the green leaves that are preferable; during autumn, it’s more of fruits and nuts while in winter, root veggies and fruits are the main ingredients.

Before the consumption of a Shojin Ryori spread in a Zen Temple, five principles or prayers are chanted which includes:  Reflect on the effort that brings us this food; Reflect on our imperfections as we receive the meal; Reflect on mindfulness to be free from attachment, anger and ignorance; Reflect on taking this food as a medicine to sustain good health and Reflect on the fulfilment of our practice as we accept the offerings.

Buddhists monks during feast P.C.: https://goo.gl/lEN6Qw

Buddhists monks during feast
P.C.: https://goo.gl/lEN6Qw

book P.C.: https://goo.gl/uMvnUh

Shojin Ryori: The Art of Japanese Vegetarian Cuisine
P.C.: https://goo.gl/uMvnUh

Authors and bloggers have already made ample research on this culinary style and produced elaborate thesis on it. Among them, “Shojin Ryori: The Art of Japanese Vegetarian Cuisine” by Danny Chu is one of the best work to know more about this special culinary style developed by Zen Buddhist monks of Japan.

New Hotdog Ideas

The inventors called it a summer dish.

But Indians love to grab a hotdog at any point of time. Its snack for some and meal for few. Certain restaurants across the country are now recognized for this dish. We also prepare it at home.

A Plate Of Hotdog P.C.: http://goo.gl/ZOw95f

A Plate Of Hotdog
P.C.: http://goo.gl/ZOw95f

When we make hotdogs at home, there’s hardly any difference of taste. Every time it’s a salad with a sausage between two sleek buns.

Cut the boredom and bring a change. It’s simple. Just change the filling or topping of the hotdog, it will become completely out of the box.You may wonder what else than sauce, onion, carrots, beans, capsicum, meat and egg . Here is the remedy.

We list some simple twists that you can add in your hotdog making next time and believe me, you will love them.

Tahini Dog
Only onion and tomatoes with the sauces make the hotdog soft and slippery. Bring a crunch in it. That will change the taste . Add some fresh cabbage strips in it. When you add cabbage, yoghurt sauce with it makes a contrasting combination.

Tahini Dog P.C.: https://goo.gl/EP3g2m

Tahini Dog
P.C.: https://goo.gl/EP3g2m

BLT Hot Dogs with Caraway Remoulade
Add lettuce and subtract onions from it. Only one sauce pulls in the taste of this hotdog – creamy caraway pickle mayonnaise. This sauce also makes it  easy to deal than a slippery treat. Make bacon the main ingredient in the filling. Your tongue will love to roll over the crispy bacons and softy mayonnaise.

BLT Hot Dogs with Caraway Remoulade P.C.: https://goo.gl/RgDQKB

BLT Hot Dogs with Caraway Remoulade
P.C.: https://goo.gl/RgDQKB

The French Onion Hotdog
We always put fresh veggies in the hotdogs. How about putting some cooked ones? Simply caramelize the onion you put. You can caramelize by stirring it in oil and sugar. Once done, use this to top your hotdog. On this add lots of cheese and bunk sauce for this kind of hotdog. The hot melted cheese over the crispy sweet onions is a new add to the hotdog family.

French onion Hotdog P.C.: https://goo.gl/NCpnaV

French onion Hotdog
P.C.: https://goo.gl/NCpnaV

The Monte Cristo Dog
If sandwich can have both egg and meat – why not in hotdogs? Along with the meat, you can put an omelet. Boiled eggs can be added though this may subtle the taste of the hotdog. In this 200pct non veg hotdog, add some maple syrup and cheese. The salty cheese, the sweet maple, the fried egg with the grilled meat will surely be making a permanent space in your daily menu.

The Monte Cristo DogP.C.: https://goo.gl/jAl00G

The Monte Cristo Dog
P.C.: https://goo.gl/jAl00G

Ban Mi Hotdog
If all hotdogs are made with meat, then what about our veggie friends? The solution is here. You can put as many types of veggies you want. But be cautious about the portions of each, as all of them will make the taste of the hotdog. Your veggie list can include carrots, onions, tomatoes, cucumber, beans, beet, cilantro, potatoes and coriander. About sauce, do add some tangy or spicy one, so that it enhances the taste of the hotdog.

Salsa Hotdog
Tomato sauce, mustard and mayonnaise might be your sauce for all hotdogs, sandwich or pizza. Skip it and put just one big spoon of salsa sauce. When using salsa sauce, try to add jalapenos. Jalapenos are add ons to the hotdog that can alter the taste of the dish.

Salsa Hotdog P.C.: https://goo.gl/3uOjzI

Salsa Hotdog
P.C.: https://goo.gl/3uOjzI

The Onion Dip Dog
How about putting only onions to a hotdog? You think that will be boring? Well, it will be very interesting if there are onions of different kinds – caramelized onion and green onion. Crush some chips to garnish this, the taste will also change. Among sauces, you can go for tangy pickle dip.

Hot Dog Salad
Many does not like the concept of hotdog for the buns it has. For them you can chuck the buns and do the filling on a plate with lots of ingredients. Add some yum sauces and cheese- the hotdog changed into salad can make your next meal.

HotDog Salad P.C.: https://goo.gl/lgpPYn

HotDog Salad
P.C.: https://goo.gl/lgpPYn

Pav Bhaji

Almost all home makers speak the same. It’s easy to plan a main course but to think of snacks that can be both mouth watering and healthy is like a challenge to them. Certain snacks can be ideal break fast as well.

To lesson the pressure of the lovely ladies, here’s a new add on to their catalog – Pav Bhaji.

Pav Bhaji P.C.: http://goo.gl/7jJS5w

Pav Bhaji
P.C.: http://goo.gl/7jJS5w

Oh! I know you might wander only the food vendors along the streets of Mumbai can prepare a platter of the luscious plate. But that’s a myth.

The bread and curry combo of Pav Bhaji can be made at home without much fuss and less waste of time.

And guess what? The red thick gravy has in store a varied set of veggies. Hence it’s healthy and heavy.

The secret to this gravy is its well mashed and well spiced.

So, that you don’t crib to your Mumbai friend that you miss the Pav Bhaji and at the same time, add this new dish to your daily menu, here’s presenting its simple menu:


Pav Bhalji Ingredients P.C.: https://goo.gl/g6PMbt

Pav Bhalji Ingredients
P.C.: https://goo.gl/g6PMbt

Green capsicum 1

Tomato 4

Boiled Potatao small 8

Frozen Peas (1/2 cup)

Onion 1

Ginger Garlic Paste 2tbl spoon

Pav Bhaji Masala 6tsp

Chilli Powder 6tsp

Kasturi Methi 2tsp

Tumeric 1/2tsp

Hing (a pinch)

Coriander leaves

Lime Juice

Butter 4tsp

Oil 1tbl sp

Salt & Water


Peel, cut, clean and chop all vegetables.

Boil the potato, cauliflower, carrots and peas.

Heat the oil and 1 tbsp butter in a pan.

Add onion, garlic paste and chili powder.

Once the raw smell of garlic disappears, mix tomatoes and salt.

Start mashing and making it thick.

Add chopped capsicum and pav bhaji masala.

Stir and mix the vegetables well till cooked.

For the bread, do note, you have to use bread. Toss the bread on ample butter but do not burn.

Pav Bhaji P.C.: http://goo.gl/0uURFa

Pav Bhaji
P.C.: http://goo.gl/0uURFa

When you serve the hot Bombay snack, sprinkle some chopped onion on the red curry.

Pav Bhaji can be breakfast, snacks and even in the lunch box of your little ones.

Bengal and fish-1


A Typical Bengali Thali
P.C. : http://goo.gl/2OeN67

Bengali cuisine has received fantastic appreciation across the globe for its perfect blend of sweet and sour along with bitter and spice. It’s unpretencious flavours made out of, ‘panchforon’ adding aroma and ‘shorshey’ making it unforgettable. Even today, ladies in Bengal spend hours in the kitchen experimenting over food and fish.

It’s the location of Bengal in East India and by the shores that made fish be the staple food for them. A typical non vegetarian Bengali needs fish by the plate for a complete satisfactory meal.Bengal’s endless streams, lakes and ponds abound with multitudinous mixed bags of fishes. Hence, fish is regular, fish is celebration in Bengal. Fish forms their character and personality.

The fishy affair of the Bengalis is long, extensive and dates back to ages. From fry, gravy to bake, Bengalis have been making outstanding fish preparations since ages. Most Bengalis learn the art of cooking fish from their family that is, it’s in their genes. It’s the historic connect of fishes to centuries ago, that today some authentic fish preparations are a part of all Bengali households.

If a tourist visits a typical Bengali home, it’s natural that he will come across these authentic fishy preparations in a day or few. Undoubtedly, the taste of fishes makes you fall in love with them. Then, you also fall for fishes and the Bengalis try their best to serve you the maximum from their fishy palates.

One among these classic Bengali fish palates that takes the first position in the list is SHORSHEY ILISH.

Shorshe Ilish has all the trademarks of an authentic Bengali cuisine. Most Bengalis consider Shorshe Ilish to be a very difficult recipe. Also ilish or hilsa is getting expensive.  So, they usually reserve the dish for special occasions. This mustard based spicy fish preparation is loved for the strong aroma of the fish and it’s light weight.Shorshe_Ilish

Second in the row is BHETKI PATURI.


Bhetki Paturi
P.C. : http://goo.gl/5BX41B

This banana leaf wrapped all time Bengali favorite is not a regular dish. It’s rich and spicy and mostly served in weddings and celebrations. This baked dish needs slow cooking and is made of Bhetki fillets. Hence, it is completely boneless. Many fish lovers relish this advantage of Bhetki Paturi.

Third in the fish list of East India comes CHITOL MACHER MUTHIYA.

This legendary dish originates from an unknown time in history but will definitely linger as a delicacy for all forth coming generations in Bengal. To sum it up, it is fish balls or chitol dumplings in ginger-garlic onion based gravy. The dish needs long preparation hours but less time to lick your fingers.

Now it cannot be that Bengalis actually wait for a distant wedding or anniversary celebration t relish these days. Modern Bengalis live a fast life where making up these dishes is time consuming.

So how to relieve your taste buds?

Bookyourtable definitely has  the solution. Venture in these recommended restaurants in Kolkata or outside and indulge in a fishy meal.

Named after a popular Bengali song, this retaturant specializes in serving authentic Bengali food. Hence, signature fish preparations are a definite in the menu. To keep it fresh and new for the guests, everyday the menu is handwritten, for you to venture in the best. It has many branches in Kolkata, Bangalore, Mumbai and more.



Bhajohari Manna, Kolkata
P.C. : http://goo.gl/eJ2JEH


Located in South Kolkata, this restaurant will arouse your gastronomic urges even when you pass by it. The huge banners of fish along with the orthodox Bengali house set up calls you with a promising experience. If you visit this 2003 establishment, do try their 6BP Thali. It’s awesome.


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