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Gudi Padwa: The Maharashtrian New Year

Wishes for Gudi Padwa P.C.: https://goo.gl/A9hxi2

Wishes for Gudi Padwa
P.C.: https://goo.gl/A9hxi2

In the hindu lunar calendar, Chaitra is the first month and the first day of it marks the beginning of a New Year for many Indian states. The month begins with a new moon day around March or April, which turns new year for many hindu households. States like Tamil Nadu call this New Year as Chaitrai Vishu or Puthandu while the same is Ugadi in Karnataka or Sansar Padwa in Goa. In case of the state of Maharashtra, this New Year that marks the beginning of spring is referred to as Gudi Padwa.

Gudi Padwa celebrations P.C.: https://goo.gl/ODp3Id

Gudi Padwa celebrations
P.C.: https://goo.gl/ODp3Id

An important and significant day of celebration for Maharashtrians, this day involves certain set of rituals and ceremonies that Maharashtrians perform as part of their culture.

Abhyangasnan, or the holy bath

Ingredients of  P.C.: https://goo.gl/vSVcmx

Ingredients of Abhyangasnan
P.C.: https://goo.gl/vSVcmx

The Gudi Padwa day usually starts with an extensive oil bath followed by a dip in a nearby river. Though now, the bath happens at home only but necessarily ends with a distinct dress code for both men and women. Men on this day, stick to traditional attire like kurta, pajama and turban. Maharshtrian women wear a nine yard saree tucked to their back, more popular as kastha or nauvari.

Rangoli, or decorating the house

A Gudi Padwa Rangoli P.C.: https://goo.gl/9Dwjzl

A Gudi Padwa Rangoli
P.C.: https://goo.gl/9Dwjzl

Cleaning the house is important in Gudi Padwa. Cow dung is use to sweep the courtyard, followed by colorful floral decorations by the doorstep. This is called rangoli, and the same is also done in many other hindu festivals. Vermillion, rice powder and turmeric are mandatorily used in this rangoli. In modern times, some add flowers and candles to the same to highlight the decoration.

The Gudi, or the flag hoisting

Women decorating the 'gudi' P.C.: https://goo.gl/9Dwjzl

Women decorating the ‘gudi’
P.C.: https://goo.gl/9Dwjzl

On Gudi Padwa, every Maharashtrian household hoists an upside down new kalash made of silver, copper or bronze covered in a red, yellow or saffron cloth. The same contains a gathi (a type of sweet), neem leaves, coconuts, mango leaves and marigold flowers that signify a rich harvest. After hoisting it’s positioned to the right side of main entrance of the house so that passerby or neighbours can see it from a distance. Many call this as ‘the flag of Brahma’ (Brahmadhvaj) as on the same day, Lord Brahma is believed to have created the universe. Those who hoist the saffron flag, is believed to commemorate the victories of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.

Puja, or spiritual worship

Yagna being performed P.C.: https://goo.gl/0u3tbF

Yagna being performed
P.C.: https://goo.gl/0u3tbF

While offering to Lord Brahma on the day of Gudi Padwa, one necessarily needs to offer davna (a fragrant plant). This is followed by a sacrificial fire called as ‘hom’, ‘havan’ or ‘yagna’. This fire ritual is common in many other hindu celebrations and denotes welcome of wealth, health and perish of evil from the family.

Neem, a part of the prasadam

The neem prasadam P.C.: https://goo.gl/6woD93

The neem prasadam
P.C.: https://goo.gl/6woD93

No hindu festival is complete without a delicious food chart. In Gudi Padwa, the finger licking dishes are pooran poli, soonth panak, chana and shrikhand. Also, neem is a mandatory in this day’s menu. Tender leaves and flowers of neem is mixed with soaked split gram lentil (dal) or soaked gram, honey, cummin seeds, jaggery and asafoetida to make it a tasty item in the menu.

Rooftop Restaurants in Bangalore – Part 2

Bangalore is one of the distinguished cities in India when it comes to sitting out, post sundown, and enjoying a drink, food and time with friends, family and special someone! The weather is so awesome, the cooling breeze, the starry sky, the pulse of the city, simply seeps into your veins. Bangalore is full of industrial opportunities and thus there is a bloom in the hospitality industry as well and many amazing restaurants have come about where you can enjoy your time.

Thai Chili Basil Chicken P.C.: http://goo.gl/F7BrlT

Thai Chili Basil Chicken
P.C.: http://goo.gl/F7BrlT

The chic restaurant called ‘The Humming Tree‘ is a very nice place to chill out, off 100 Feet Road, Indiranagar. The interior is a blend of posh and rustic, bright and dark and Indo-Western tastes. The live band shows is the main attraction. Food is quite good and the bar is an impressive one! Pizza, Chilli Basil Chicken and Sangrias are popular picks.

Wasabi Chicken P.C.: http://goo.gl/jSgkn8

Wasabi Chicken
P.C.: http://goo.gl/jSgkn8

Over The Top Terrace Lounge is a wonderful, well-lit and mod restaurant where the open sky adds to the decor and ambience and Bangalore’s awesome weather is a part of the totality that this lounge has to offer! This place becomes even more lively when there’s a game on, cricket or football, because they have live screening. The Sunday Brunch buffet is always a hit! People throng the place for the delicious food they offer. Mozzerella Wantons, Wild Mushrooms and Smoked Chicken / Prawns Pasta, Satay and Garlic-Wasabi Chicken are popular picks.

Ham and Cheese Panini

Ham and Cheese Panini
P.C.: http://goo.gl/UIQsNu

Indigo Live Music Bar & Terrace is all about the liveliness of music, happy customers and great food, pumped up with loads of alcohol! The hanging lights really look well and give this place the sense of warmth and comfort that the guests would look for. Indigo is basically a bar, with lipsmacking fingerfood. Chicken Chipolatas, Avocado and Shrimp Slammers and Ham and Cheese Panini are quite well known.

To enjoy your time in any of the above favoured rooftop restaurants, kindly call 076767 76767 or click on the links in their names.

Shiro —Chanakyapuri, New Delhi

Shiro is one of the most unique restaurants in India, found in the metropolises of Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru (Bangalore)… The one in New Delhi is located in Hotel Samrat, Kautilya Marg, Chanakyapuri. Shiro, as I personally see it, is firstly about interiors, decoration and exuberance and then about everything else like food, service and so on. In this blog, I will try to elucidate on why I say so.

Shiro, Delhi P.C.: http://goo.gl/eAEj5I

Shiro, Delhi
P.C.: http://goo.gl/eAEj5I

Delhi has been the city where Shiro made its debut and has become one of the most exotic restaurants ever since. It can be said that Shiro is a theme-based eatery since it follows the Buddhist elements of Zen very closely. It is an altar of peace and prosperity. The larger than life Buddha motifs, huge sculpted busts and statues of Buddhist disciples and Buddha induce a sense of serenity right when you enter the restaurant. The lights are arranged in such a way that they reflect the right sense your mood and show you what you will definitely like to set your eyes on. The soft flowing water and the background music echo your senses to perfection. It offers one of the most desirable experiences of fine dining be it romantic or formal.

Amazing Japanese Food!! P.C.: http://goo.gl/iGd1ub

Amazing Japanese Food!!
P.C.: http://goo.gl/iGd1ub

Shiro has been able to combine the finest of all Oriental delights, fantabulous cocktails and other beverages and a juxtaposition of ancient and modern cultural taste in the ambiance most perfectly. Your experience here is bound to be one of the most exquisite and grand.

Shiro, Delhi P.C.: http://goo.gl/4RriKK

Shiro, Delhi
P.C.: http://goo.gl/4RriKK

Shiro Delhi sprawls over the length and breadth of 6.500 sq-ft-area carefully crafted into ancient palatial bass-reliefs and architecture. Your fine dining evening here will leave a mark of superiority and premium ecstasy forever in you.

Call 076767 76767 or click here for a reservation via www.bookyourtable.com in Shiro, New Delhi.

Terracotta – Vivanta by Taj, Whitefield

The North West Frontier cuisine based Terracotta of Vivanta by Taj, Bangalore, is a real urban dazzle when it comes to the escape it provides right in the heart of this busy city. The chief Chef Arzooman Irani is an expert of performing magic with twists of tastes and it is his divine creations that will find their way onto your plates.

Terracotta - Vivanta by Taj, Whitefield, Bangalore

Terracotta – Vivanta by Taj, Whitefield, Bangalore

This marvellous Indian specialty restaurant, Terracotta, is very beautiful with a huge glass wall partitioning the indoor and outdoor setting yet maintaining an illusion of being a continuous, flowing space. The ceiling is a mix and match set of dark and light brown tiles, set at random, while the floor also reflects its design but only in the shapes and not colour or positions of them. The ceiling and the floor together make a great effect of illusion. The outside seating area is set with candles, potted plants and low set tables and chairs and is very romantic in the evenings and dinners.

Galouti Kebab P.C. - www.tajboston.files.wordpress.com

Galouti Kebab
P.C. – www.tajboston.files.wordpress.com

Food in Terracotta is a synonym of variety. There is so much on offer that it’s easy to feel confused! The managers and staff are well informed about the menu and can guide you well. The Galouti Kebab is one of their signature specialties that you simply cannot afford to miss! Kashmiri spiced chicken, Amritsari style white fish, Dumplings of fresh cottage cheese, Khumb methi malai matar, Salmon grill, lamb grill, red snapper mustard tikka and choose from a section of diverse options for Biryanis. Do not forget to order for the chef’s special ‘Lucknowi Garlic Kheer’ before end it!!

Murgh Malai Kebab P.C. - www.blog.timesdeal.com

Murgh Malai Kebab
P.C. – www.blog.timesdeal.com

Terracotta is a fantabulous eating house which is very well known for both, food and service. This will definitely give you a complete experience. Call 076767 76767 or click here to bookyourtable for enjoying one of the most delectable North Indian cuisines.

Blue Ginger – Taj West End, Bangalore

Blue Ginger Taj West End, Bangalore

Blue Ginger Taj West End, Bangalore

India’s tribute to Vietnamese food spells out the name, Blue Ginger, an in-house specialty restaurant of the Taj West End hotel, in Bangalore. Vietnamese cuisine has so much in it that is quite unknown to most of the world but Blue Ginger packs it all into your plates when you visit and take a look at the menu here and eat one of the most satisfying meals of your life!

Ha Long Bay, Vietnam P.C. - www.huonghaisealifecuise.com

Ha Long Bay, Vietnam
P.C. – www.huonghaisealifecuise.com

Each Vietnamese dish is unique in its flavour and ingredients and reflects one or more of its ingredients. The tastes are quite delicate and quite different from the usual Thai and Chinese flavours that Indians are mostly used to. However, this cuisine will never cease to surprise you with is delights and Blue Ginger is the perfect place to begin without having set your foot onto the Vietnamese soil. For those who have been to Hanoi, Ho Chi Min, or have toured across Ha Long Bay, Cu Chi tunnels, Hoan Kiem Lake, Nha Trang, Mekong River and other such delightful places, you must have tasted some of their casual food like Fo Ga and Fo Bo or have snacked with a Bahn Mi! Well, Blue Ginger has maestros of this culinary discipline, reproducing the delicacies of this historical country in the heart of Bangalore for you. The whole place is a posh version of a sub-urban Vietnamese village, completed with exclusive mood lighting, colour and life, complimenting the celebration that your presence brings to Blue Ginger’s threshold!

A part of the waterfall and gardens around Blue Ginger... P.C. - www.bangalorerestaurants.com

A part of the waterfall and gardens around Blue Ginger…
P.C. – www.bangalorerestaurants.com

The restaurant is set next to a hyacinth pool, natural stone waterfall and South-East Asian gardens and flourishes under a tiled pavilion that lets you enjoy the setting full on with your meal. It is truly amazing to be able to enjoy Sangrias, Beers, signature cocktails or single malts from the Blue Bar and the unique spread of Vietnamese food, on a sultry afternoon or a breezy evening with your family and friends.

Grilled prawns with lemon grass and chilli

Grilled prawns with lemon grass and chilli

Blue Ginger offers some set meals (apart from a la carte) which are no doubt the best combinations to go with. Some flavours, very particular to Vietnam like ‘Wok tossed Chicken with ginger and cashew nut’, ‘Stir fried greens and sprouts with garlic’, ‘Prawns in lemongrass an chilli lime soup’, ‘Asparagus soup with crab meat, Scallions and cilantro’, ‘Spicy Seafood salad’, ‘Butter garlic calamari’, ‘Wok tossed lobster chunck and cashew nut with crushed pepper’, ‘Fresh rice paper rolls with shrimp and chicken’, ‘Grilled Chicken with Basil and Five Spice’, ‘Wok tossed prawn with shitake mushrooms, dry shrimp and celery’ and the same is also served with tenderloin instead, Vietnamese style sauté tenderloin with garlic and sweet onion, ‘Wok tossed soft noodles with vegetables/seafood/mixed meat’ are all there in the menu, and some ‘Jelly and Fruits with Coconut Cream’ or some ice creams wouldn’t do much harm to your calorie count to end it with! Do not forget to ask after the ‘Chef’s Special’!!

Salad of Grilled Chicken

Salad of Grilled Chicken

Do visit and try the world of exotic Vietnamese specialities made with the expert hands at Blue Ginger, while sitting in one of the most beautiful restaurants in town, with soothing music and sounds of Nature, excellent service and ambience. Call 076767 76767 or visit our website by clicking here to make a reservation. Bookyoutable.com – Your Food Advisor will never let you regret a choice!!