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Luxury Dining at Hyatt, Ahmedabad

City of Ahmadabad P.C.: https://goo.gl/rjMk7V

City of Ahmedabad
P.C.: https://goo.gl/rjMk7V

If you count Ahmedabad from the long history it beholds, then you must also make a note of its fabulous night life it offers composed of colourful markets, crowded streets and of course, luxury eateries for a memorable dinner and also rejuvenation after a tiring day or before your night walk.

When it’s about luxury hospitality across India, Hyatt Regency is a sound name and so it resonates at Ahmedabad as well. Contemporary additions are attributed in the hotel’s services throughout the year to keep it an interesting affair for their clients. The city along the Sabarmati River might seem to be belonging to the historical era, but the Hyatt outlets has wrapped a robe of modern lifestyle that you can start exploring once in Ahmedabad.

Hyatt, Ahmadabad P.C.: https://goo.gl/ovxN79

Hyatt, Ahmedabad
P.C.: https://goo.gl/ovxN79

If a resident of the city and you still haven’t checked into Hyatt, then that is one of the first to-do in your priority list, for a memorable experience.


Noyna, Hyatt P.C.: https://goo.gl/49je24

Nonya, Hyatt
P.C.: https://goo.gl/49je24

Hyatt, the American International Company has captured the hospitality industry of all leading Indian cities and no far does it stand when it comes to Ahmedabad. Nonya, is their Asian food galore where from quick grab to food spreads they have it all in queue for you. You need to pick from their long menu or opt for the buffet to have an awesome food voyage. The place is ideal for dinner dates, business meets and even solo foodies can hangout here for a culinary delight.


Collage, Ahmadabad P.C.: https://goo.gl/7eugdN

Collage, Ahmedabad
P.C.: https://goo.gl/7eugdN

Another Hyatt initiative, Collage serves Mughlai, North Indian and Continental food. Their hall of fame are the buffets they spread for foodies, that allows one to relish sweet, sour or spice – all in a go. Check in for a Sunday brunch and this place is sure to be one of your best experience in the city of Ahmedabad.


Tinello, Hyatt P.C.: https://goo.gl/vQfV4H

Tinello, Hyatt
P.C.: https://goo.gl/vQfV4H

Since still bound amidst the archetypal Indian culture, you may worry if you get any foreign delicacies in the city of Ahmedabad. Well, of course you do get when in this restaurant of Hyatt regency who specialize in tantalizing your buds with intense Italian flavours. From pasta to pizza, you just name it and they get it for you on the table.

7 Late Night Food Spots in Kolkata

The people of Kolkata have good food to tuck in at any point of the day. If ‘luchi’ makes a kind size breakfast, their ‘maacher jhol’ is a luscious lunch followed by ‘jhalmuri’ in snacks and may be some wholesome ‘biriyani’ for dinner. Rasogolla, payesh or sandesh are always there to offer a sweet tooth.

The foodies of Kolkata P.C.: http://goo.gl/7ApFSe

The foodies of Kolkata
P.C.: http://goo.gl/7ApFSe

Yet the foodies of Kolkata wanted more to this. Hunger pangs hit them in the middle of the night and thus, the city now hosts some eateries that are open late night to serve you food.

Night life in Kolkata P.C.: https://goo.gl/KPRkQG

Night life in Kolkata
P.C.: https://goo.gl/KPRkQG

During your city hopping across Kolkata, do check-in these restaurants to tuck in some excellent dishes.

Someplace Else

Inside Someplace Else P.C.: http://goo.gl/bjlw7h

Inside Someplace Else
P.C.: http://goo.gl/bjlw7h

One of the pioneer in the pub culture of Kolkata, Someplace Else has is a renowned choice among the nocturnal citizens of Kolkata. Other than unusual drinks and food, the live performances of top notch musicians drive crowds to the place. The British architecture and the European cuisine is sure to add memory to your gastronomic ventures in the city.

Alfresco – The Lalit Great Eastern

Seating arrangement in Alfresco P.C.: http://goo.gl/4tMYIY

Seating arrangement in Alfresco
P.C.: http://goo.gl/4tMYIY

One of the best choices you can make when it comes to 24X7 restaurants in Kolkata. Availability of both Indian and international cuisine adds reason for you to be here. A sandwich, a plate of noodles or a chilled ice cream – they serve you every mood at any point of the day. Also, they have a wide range of drinks which adds zing the place.


Dishes at Codfather P.C.: http://goo.gl/DT5GZK

Dishes at Codfather
P.C.: http://goo.gl/DT5GZK

Kolkata and its affair with fish is an age old love story. Contributing to the duo, this new restaurant serves seafood in Italian and Continental style. If that’s a new dish for you, then the place has more.

Entrance of Codfather P.C.: http://goo.gl/Snu4jG

Entrance of Codfather
P.C.: http://goo.gl/Snu4jG

Soup, burger, chicken, prawns – altogether awaits a versatile food fair you can’t afford to miss.


Party at Nocturne P.C.: https://goo.gl/hLS8Gi

Party at Nocturne
P.C.: https://goo.gl/hLS8Gi

As the name gives, this place is open till late night to stimulate your buds with scrumptious delicacies. To stir your senses, their chilled drinks are an added attraction. For an electrifying experience you can be at their dance floor or check-in the cosy café for a cosmic conversation. The place has ample in option for you. You got to make the right choice for an unforgettable venture.


Tantra, the biggest bar in Kolkata P.C.:http://goo.gl/XbTkBR

Tantra, the biggest bar in Kolkata

Better known as Kolkata’s largest bar, this pulsates with an irresistible magic created with food, booze, music and fun. Host a private party and groove with your favorite bunch of people. Or you can check-in late at night to rejuvenate your mind and soul, after a tiring day at work.

Azad Hind Dhaba

Entrance of Azad Hind Dhaba P.C.: http://goo.gl/AOb9gS

Entrance of Azad Hind Dhaba
P.C.: http://goo.gl/AOb9gS

Don’t let your insomnia waste at home. Drive to any of the nearest branch of this popular dhaba, and you are sure to be served great Punjabi food. From tadkas to tikkas, they are all set to serve you from noon to 2AM at night. The dhaba has been counted among top ten in the country many a times.

Don Giovanni’s
To pamper your food cravings, this 24X7 eatery is always an option. From Chinese to Indian, the menu is wide varied which leaves you with many choices to decide from. Their efficient delivery crew drops in your order at the earliest for you end with a happy experience.

French Cuisine

Like all cuisines of the world, French cuisine dates back into ancient centuries and boasts of a long, eventful history of evoution. It is one of the prime, broad spectrum cuisines of Europe that has had considerable influence on many other cuisines across the world and within the European continent. The French culinary trends may be traced back to the dominant culinary culture of the Italians.

Seafood Gazpacho P.C.: http://goo.gl/vXmJDD

Seafood Gazpacho
P.C.: http://goo.gl/vXmJDD

French meal, like most other common European meals, consisted of meats, cooked in different sauces, vegetables and pastries, accompanied by alcoholic beverages like beer, more than wine. However, what were distinctly different were the style of eating and ingredients for cooking and that pretty much made the whole cuisine develop a unique identity of its own.

French cuisine is one of the modern day Haute cuisines in the world P.C.: http://goo.gl/goCD9a

French cuisine is one of the modern day Haute cuisines in the world
P.C.: http://goo.gl/goCD9a

French cuisine is one of the modern day ‘Haute’ cuisines which refers to those styles of gastronomic fares that demand a ‘high level’ or gourmet stanblishments to suffice the required presentability of the dishes in the cuisine. France is home to some of the world’s best fine dining, gourmet restaurants that are highy acclaimed for superiority in cuisine exploration and perfection.

French crepes P.C.: http://goo.gl/TERg2z

French crepes
P.C.: http://goo.gl/TERg2z

The French are known for innovation and utilising the best of seasonal harvests. There are many prominent French dishes that travel around the globe, enjoyed for their delicate flavour and presentation. Baguette, among breads, has made it big in the market today. A couple of desserts and pastries like Croissant, Souffle, Crepes, Creme Brulee, Macarons and Mousse glorify almost every confectionery store in town, almost anywhere in the world. Some dishes that are variants of tarts, potee, quiche, pate and certain preparations that have a main ingredient and ‘a la creme’ are found in any fine dining Continental cuisine restaurant.

French Croissant for Breakfast P.C.: http://goo.gl/nB5wy8

French Croissant for Breakfast
P.C.: http://goo.gl/nB5wy8

The French cuisine has a lot many delicacies to showcase in just one blog. But there are amazing restaurants that will give you an authentic taste of some. If you’re in India and on the look out for French restaurants, check out BYT and make your reservations online or call 076767 76767 to make a reservation soon!

Bon Appetit!

Dining Restaurants @ Phoenix Market City Mall, Bangalore

Phoenix Market City Mall, Whitefield, Bangalore P.C.: http://goo.gl/pBPdtU

Phoenix Market City Mall, Whitefield, Bangalore
P.C.: http://goo.gl/pBPdtU

One of the most impressive, largest malls in Bangalore is the Phoenix Market City Mall, in Whitefield. There are almost 30 options to choose from when it comes to food… Quite a few fine dining stand alone brands are here as well – perfect options to celebrate your reason! This BYT blogs will highlight some of the most prominent restaurants here.

Some of the most outstanding restaurants in the Phoenix Market City Mall, Bangalore are as follows:

Pho Ga P.C.: http://goo.gl/674ISz

Pho Ga
P.C.: http://goo.gl/674ISz

Hanoi – Vietnamese Cuisine

After the amazing Blue Ginger restaurant, in The Taj West End hotel, that specialises in Vietnamese cuisine, the beautiful restaurant of Hanoi, tops the charts. The interiors is chic and is pretty impressive. Although it is done in a more or less minimalistic look, the overall outcome is quite eyecatching. Food is cooked and served following very traditional Vietnamese ingredients, recipes and styles. It is a pleasure dining here and tasting the wonders of Vietnam. It is named after Vietnam’s capital city, Hanoi, that is on the banks of the great Red River (Hồng Hà – Mother River). The Pho and My Xao are must haves!

Prawns Wrapped In Bacon P.C.: http://goo.gl/sy6jWV

Prawns Wrapped In Bacon
P.C.: http://goo.gl/sy6jWV

Cafe Noir – French Cuisine

Elegantly dressed, the Cafe Noir is a signature eatery for French food lovers. Cafe Noir caters to its guests with the most perfected tastes of French cuisine specials. It is known for the amazing breakfast palate and desserts. No French meal is complete without a sweet bite! Dishes like Crepe with Maple Syrup, Crepe with Nutella and Banana, Crumb Fried Mushrooms, Prawns Wrapped in Bacon, Caesar and Atlantic Smoked Salmon Salads, Quiche Lorraine, Le Moulin Rouge (Grilled Bacon), Beef T-Bone, BBQ Spicy lamb sizzler, Cafe Viennois, Cafe Creme Brulee, Sangria, Choco Mousse Verrine and Creme Brulee are among the popular orders.

Noodle Bar!! P.C.: http://goo.gl/9hq9Ue

Noodle Bar!!
P.C.: http://goo.gl/9hq9Ue

Noodle Bar – Pan Asian Cuisine

Noodle Bar is a rather classic restaurant that serves aunthentic Pan Asian food. Be it Chinese, Thai, Indonesian, Malaysian or tastes from other countries of Oriental Asia, Noodle Bar features at least one, if not more, of its native recipes for your plate. The rich red and black interiors, doted by hanging lanterns and dimmed spot lights create quite a romantic ambiance. Though sometimes, when the restaurant is full, you may feel a bit crammed up, but that is rare. The food served is wonderfully fresh and aromatic. The deft chefs replicate the traditional recipes as closely as possible, leaving you no chance for a frown!

Italian Chicken Sliders P.C.: http://goo.gl/iOy500

Italian Chicken Sliders
P.C.: http://goo.gl/iOy500

The Big Kahuna – American, Italian, Continental and Asian Cuisine

The Big Kahuna is a classy restauant that sports native American (Red Indian) obelisks at the entrance and the red-black interiors are adored with many tribal masks. The spot lights highlight them perfectly. Bamboo crafted tables with glass tops court bamboo woven chairs. Dishes like Italian Chicken Sliders, Spaghetti Meatballs with Spicy Bolognaise, Big Kahuna Burger are quite popular. Spicy Chilly Fish is also another of the top favourite dishes here.

BluO P.C.: http://goo.gl/5MCMcp

P.C.: http://goo.gl/5MCMcp

BluO – Continental & North Indian Cuisines

Bowling seems fun and spicy when you’re in BluO. This is a cafe- restaurant with wide and jazzy bowling alleys! Caesar Salad, BluO Special Nachos, Chicken Peri-Peri and Fish and Chips are quite well known here. The ambiance is jolly and playful. It is one of the best places to go with your group of friends.

Rajdhani Thali Restaurant P.C.: http://goo.gl/6Ln24P

Rajdhani Thali Restaurant
P.C.: http://goo.gl/6Ln24P

Rajdhani Thali Restaurant – North Indian (Veg) Cuisine

Rajdhani is a famous restaurant chain, known for their amazing vegetarian fare and variety. This restaurant is an eye-opener for those hardcore meat lovers who do not believe that a meal can be complete without non-vegetarian items! On an average, each thali has over 10 options of curries and sides, along with over 6 options of staples like rice, puri, fulkas! A sweet bite in the end and seasonal fruits are always there. This is actually a very enjoyable treat!

California Pizza Kitchen's Pesto Pizza P.C.: http://goo.gl/URHPzf

California Pizza Kitchen’s Pesto Pizza
P.C.: http://goo.gl/URHPzf

There are many more eateries in the Phoenix Market City Mall, including California Pizza Kitchen, Chili’s, United Sports Bar & Grill, Ibaco, KFC, Mad Over Donuts, L’inoui and more! Kids go crazy over the choices and so do adults!

To make a reservation through BYT, please call 076767 76767 in any of the restaurants mentioned!

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is usually celebrated on the 14th of February, every year, all around the world. It is commonly observed as a day of honouring one’s love for a special someone. But looking back into the pages of history, it was not so…

St. Valentine's remains & memory P.C.: http://goo.gl/7FR9gl

St. Valentine’s remains & memory
P.C.: http://goo.gl/7FR9gl

Common belief states that Valentine’s Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine came into existence to commemorate the chivalrious act of secretly performing weddings of soldiers who were forbidden to get married, by Saint Valentine of Rome for which he was imprisoned. The lore also tells that before his execution, the Saint wrote a letter to the jailer’s daughter, whom he healed during his prison sentence where he signed “Your Valentine”!! In the Anglican and Lutheran Churches, Valentine’s Day is an official feast day and there are different dates for the celebration of the same among the different schools of Christianity.

Roses for your beloved! P.C.: http://goo.gl/GAF5cs

Roses for your beloved!
P.C.: http://goo.gl/GAF5cs

In the present world, Valentine’s Day is more of a dedication to lovers. It is not celebrated in just a day but the whole week has something special, each day.

  • Feb 7 – Rose Day
  • Feb 8 – Propose Day
  • Feb 9 – Chocolate Day
  • Feb 10 – Teddy Day
  • Feb 11 – Promise Day
  • Feb 12 – Hug Day
  • Feb 13 – Kiss Day
  • Feb 14 – Valentine’s Day

Lovers, all around the world, seem to follow this practice pretty closely, enjoying each moment with the love in their eyes! The girls are the luckier ones, generally on the receiving side, and are showered with chocolates, teddies, flowers, cards, love-letters, outings and romantic dinners! It is also taken as an apt oppurtunity by many to take their love to the next level where they propose marriage over a date. Some go to elaborate arrangements to surprise their partners and rejoice on the feeling of being accepted!

Romantic Dinner on the Poolside P.C.: http://goo.gl/WDL0pY

Romantic Dinner on the Poolside
P.C.: http://goo.gl/WDL0pY

Valentine’s Day is special and you can make it even more exceptional with BYT‘s special Romantic Experiences. There packages are made with more emphasis on the experience as a whole than zooming in on any one particular thing! They are ready-made paths to your transforming your boyfriend or girlfriend status to engaged!

Check them out and book now, in your city, according to your pocket!!

Call BYT on 076767 76767 and make your reservations.

Lido – Hyatt Bangalore MG Road

Bangalore is a city of oppurtunities. It is one of India’s leading industrial cities and ranks among the top few it terms of standard of living and commercial developments. Thus Bangalore is a city of choices, fun places and blooming hospitality ventures. The five star property of Hyatt is obviously one of the prime brands in the Indian paraphernalia of five star, seven star properties making it big.

Enjoy ourselves... Hyatt Bangalore MG Road...

Enjoy ourselves…
Hyatt Bangalore MG Road…

Of course, we all like to have our money well spent and ourselves, satisfied. The Hyatt is one such destination that wraps up everything within its perimeter. Be it relaxation, staying, pampering, shopping or dining, the Hyatt has it all. Located on 1/1, Swami Vivekananda Road, in Bangalore, the Hyatt Bangalore MG Road, has acquired a very resonant brand image through services, spaces and scopes for guests.

Overlooking the pool... Hyatt Bangalore MG Road

Overlooking the pool…
Hyatt Bangalore MG Road

This ‘contemporary lifestyle’ property of Hyatt flourishes over 1.6 acres of greenery and articulate infrastructural developments. Every nook and corner is embellished in exquisite and expensive artistic taste. The five star hotel is known for effecient services, extraordinary measures taken for satiating the palate and a long list of happy customers.

Lido - Hyatt Bangalore MG Road

Lido – Hyatt Bangalore MG Road

The restaurant called Lido, in Hyatt Bangalore MG Road, is a rather famous one, well known for Sunday Brunch, Late Night Eats and Poolside Dining. ‘Channa Bhatura’ is particularly a favourite dish among the regulars. Lido offers a soothing ambiance, wrapped in shades of warm brown and off white that opens into the serene blue waters of the pool, surrounded by lush greenery of sculpted gardens. It serves European and North Indian cuisines and also has a fluent bar ready for you.

Lido - Hyatt Bangalore MG Road

Lido – Hyatt Bangalore MG Road

Lido - Hyatt Bangalore MG Road

Lido – Hyatt Bangalore MG Road

In this beautiful, romantic restaurant, BYT brings you two unbelieveable experiences. The Romantic Journey gets you a poolside table or two with a four course meal, a cake and two glasses of wine or soft beverages. Gourmet Gastronomical Safari lets you enjoy starters at the poolside restaurant of “Lido”, 2 glasses of wine or soft drinks/mocktails in Alfresco, the “Liquid lounge & bar” and main course and desserts in “The Pink Poppadom”!! You wouldn’t want to miss them, would you?

Click on the hyperlinks to buy the offers soon! You can also call 076767 76767 for reservations.

Blue Ginger, Bangalore

We are health conscious. We run on the treadmill, go for jogging and also prefer to visit restaurants that serve healthy food.

An Amazing Dessert P.C.: abcd

An Amazing Dessert
P.C.: abcd

Yet health should not take over the taste of food. So, to refresh your taste buds with both healthy and delicious food, one of the cuisines that are turning a hit is Vietnamese cuisine.

Located at the heart of Bangalore, Blue Ginger is the first Vietnamese restaurant in India. Once you step in the restaurant you will forget the hecatombs of the IT city.

Blue Ginger is now synonymous with authentic Vietnamese cuisine all over the world. By bringing the concept of Vietnamese food through Blue ginger in Bangalore, The Taj is once again successful in imposing a new food concept in India.

Along with food, Blue Ginger has a complete ultra fresh touch in its interiors and designs. Its Keralite architecture, lush greenery and rain forest like setting, dimly blue lights are highlighted with water hyacinth pool and cascading natural stone waterfall which ideally makes it one of the best Taj outlets in Bangalore.

Blue Ginger keeps the scope of exotic food choices for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. As appetizers, while veggies can start with Fried vegetable spring rolls, non veggies can inaugurate with Chicken cake or calamari.

Due to limited number of seats it is always better to book your table in advance at Blue Ginger. While reserving the table you can order the chef’s 7-course meal. This is both filling and fantastic. This meal starts with a Zucchini roll with cream cheese and ends in the Fig and Almond ice cream. The ice cream is a recommendation for all. Eat in such a way from the start so that you have space left for this ice cream.

If you visit Blue Ginger, Blue bar forms its neighbor. Blue bar is one of the happening pub in Bangalore now. It plays very good music which complements the setting of the restaurant as well.

Being in the first restaurant to serve Vietnamese food, the crew of Blue Ginger has a promise in their eyes to provide a satisfactory and happy time to their customers. They really help one to figure out the preparations and order without glitch or confusions.

So from ambience to food to originality to bar.. Blue Ginger offers you so much. Do you need more reasons to visit this happening food joint of Bangalore ?

Christmas & New Year Celebrations in Ahmedabad

Merry Christmas and New Year... :) P.C>: http://goo.gl/fkBNGW

Merry Christmas and New Year… :)
P.C>: http://goo.gl/fkBNGW

The year end is always a time of happiness and celebrations! Generally, the whole world has many consecutives holidays during this time, educational institutes remain close and parents can afford to spend some quality time with their kids, friends get some free time to catch up with each other and it proposes time to go out for dinners and have gettogethers!!

This BYT blog lists out three top notch restaurants where you can go for fine dining and enjoy fantastic bakery products / desserts… Afterall, it is a ‘sweet’ (pun intended) time!

The Eatery - Four Points By Sheraton, Ahmedabad P.C: http://goo.gl/8DGiuR

The Eatery – Four Points By Sheraton, Ahmedabad
P.C: http://goo.gl/8DGiuR

The Eatery – Four Points by Sheraton comes first because of the amazing prices of the multi-cuisine buffets, the amazing menu selection and the five star experience this restaurant guarantees. It is very beautiful, undoubtedly. The Eatery serves Asian, Italian, Chinese, South Indian, North Indian cuisines and Desserts and there are live counters. There is quite some variety and loads of choices. It is a great choice for all – business meets, family time, friends gettogether and a date! Prior reservation recommended.

Ice Cream Pudding P.C.: http://goo.gl/aATDa6

Ice Cream Pudding
P.C.: http://goo.gl/aATDa6

Havmor Restaurant asks you to have more even when you pronunce the name! The restaurant is rather interesting and dishes out yummies from North Indian, Chinese, Continental and Fast Food cuisines. Ice Creams and Desserts are also available in plenty! How about a khatta meetha aam dolly or a bazinga or havmor’s ras mataz or pudding ice cream?? Hot fudge nut sundae is a must have… Toasties and jumbo sandwiches, ice cream cakes, multicuisine full fare, tummy filling choices await you! The ambiance is rather casual but full of happy customers!

Thai Chicken Pizza P.C.: http://goo.gl/Uv1vqC

Thai Chicken Pizza
P.C.: http://goo.gl/Uv1vqC

Dangee Dums restaurant has people to dance and beat drums in praise of the food and fantastic options they dish out…  Mexican, Italian, North Indian, and Desserts are featured with other regular cafe menu and lots of bakery products. You can’t miss either Chocolate Fondue or Tiramisu… Ohh, they’re so good. TexMex Nachos, Burger combo and Thai Pizza are also pretty unique items that you should try.

Call 076767 76767 and make reservations via BYT and enhance your experience!!

Top Notch Restaurants in Bhuwaneshwar

Bhuwaneshwar, the busiest city in and state capital of Odisha (formerly known as Orissa) is also a foodie’s hub with budding restaurants, cafes and eateries. With the steady flourish in trade and commerce, the businesses are looking high and well. There are a numver of five star properties and quite a few notable restaurants for you to unwind in or celebrate or simply dine out, inviting a change of taste. In this blog, three famous restaurants have been highlited, namely, Tangerine 9, Breeze in Pal Heights and The Restaurant in Trident Bhuwaneshwar. Three are of different ambiance, moods and effects but the only common thread that connect them might elate the North Indian cuisine lover… Yes, they all serve North Indian food alongside other cuisines.

Tandoori Chicken P.C.: mygola.com

Tandoori Chicken
P.C.: mygola.com

Tangerine 9 is a place where ambiance and the pleasure of good food wins a 50-50 tie. The restaurant is beautifully decorated and has a pretty mos outlook. Neon colous, mixed type of furniture from couches to cushioned chairs at a table, Tangerine 9 sports it all. It is a class apart when it comes to their dishes. The food is a delight for all! It is good for all occasions, be it family, friends or a date with your special someone.

Breese P.C.: palheights.com

P.C.: palheights.com

The Breese in Pal Heights might seem a little pricey but what is amazing is the variety and awesome taste of the food offered. The outdoos seating morphs into a very romantic place after sundown and is perfect to unwind over drinks and fresh, succulent and tasty food. Breeze is patronised by many for brilliant service and the live grills actually take into consideration your preference of taste and choices. It is an absolutely lovbely place for dinner or evening relaxation.

Trident Bhuwaneshwar P.C.: kayak.co.in

Trident Bhuwaneshwar
P.C.: kayak.co.in

The Restaurant is Trident Bhuwaneshwar is definitely one of the most classy and sophisticated fine dining restaurants in town. The restaurant is beautifully done, showcasing intrinsic interior designing, woodwork and motifs of ancient Indian temple art. The food served is obviously gourmet and will come to you in style. Service is very good and verything about this place simply suggests a bouyancy of thrill, ecstasy and amazement.

Call 076767 76767 for reservation via BYT.

Pan Asian – ITC Sonar, Science City Area, Kolkata

Japanese food is always associated with exotic items, unique presentation and exciting flavours and calls for a special occasion to go enjoy a Japanese cuisine meal for Indians! In Kolkata, the fine dine restaurant of Pan Asian, nestled in ITC Sonar, Science City Area, on JBS Haldane Avenue, is the most perfect venue for you to begin both—your first taste of Japanese food with your first date! Sounds like a great combo, really!

Interior of Pan Asian P.C.: timescity (http://goo.gl/R40mky)

Interior of Pan Asian
P.C.: timescity (http://goo.gl/R40mky)

Since Pan Asian is a five star enterprise, everything about it is exclusive and extraordinary. It is known for the special dishes it plates out from Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Singaporean, Burmese, Malaysian, Thai and Asian cuisines. Pan Asian has a special Japanese – Yakitori & Teppan Grill which features yakitori and teppanyaki styles of preparing food. The variations available are yakimono (grilled and pan-fried dishes), nimono (stewed/boiled/steamed dishes), itamemono (stir-fried dishes), mushimono (steamed dishes), agemono (deep fried dishes), sashimi (sliced raw fish), suimono and shirumono (soups), tsukemono (pickled/salted vegetables), aemono (dishes dressed with various kinds of sauce) su-no-mono (vinegared dishes) and chinmi (delicacies, food of delicate flavour). Pan Asian also has a Sushi and Sashimi Bar which allows the customers witness the magical show of Chefs at work!

Shirumono P.C.: http://goo.gl/zEPc47

P.C.: http://goo.gl/zEPc47

The restaurant is absolutely beautiful, decked in the Asian influences, completed with Oriental colours, structured with suitable architecture on walls and pillars. The restaurant flashes with Chinese paper lamps, urns and bamboo structures. Pan Asian has an in-house wine cellar which has an impressive collection of famous labels from around the world. The place is perfect for a complete romantic or exclusive experience and a celebration of food!

Malaysian Prawn Mee P.C.: http://goo.gl/bNVbIp

Malaysian Prawn Mee
P.C.: http://goo.gl/bNVbIp

Call 076767 76767 at BYT for reservation and enhance your pleasure of being at Pan Asian, ITC Sonar, Kolkata.

Mango Cider – 3 Monkeys, Bangalore

The 3 Monkeys has been bang-on successful right from day 1! They are one of the few pioneering brewpubs in India and they are doing a great job! People love their buffets, their grubs from different cuisines, their events and most importantly, their beers! The address to this foodie’s heaven reads as Gopalan Signature Mall, 4th Floor, Old Madras Road, Bangalore.


3 Monkeys, Bangalore

3 Monkeys is well known and celebrated for their superb beers. The Signature Wheat IPA (Alcohol volume: 6%), Red Ale (Alcohol volume: 5.3%), Pale Lager (Alcohol volume: 5%) and Wheat Beer (Alcohol volume: 4.75%) are the dominating magnets that keep 3 Monkeys amazingly filled up!


3 Monkeys, bangalore
P.C. : http://2.bp.blogspot.com/

The Signature Wheat IPA is a blend of secret hops and caramel that has an incredible flavour of bitterness with a light hint of sweetness! Low in carbonation, this ale is high in aroma, has a medium body and a wholesome flavour. It goes very well with Indian food, fried grubs, grilled meat and chocolate desserts. The Red Ale is inspired by the malty rich ales popular in America. It balances a mixture of toasted malt flavours with light caramel sweetness and a soft, fruity aroma. All this is nicely balanced by a range of floral and honey hop notes complimented by a clean bitterness. Red Ale goes great with grilled meats from any cuisine!  Pale Lager is one of the most prominent orders! It is characteristically “smooth, elegant, crisp, fruity and clean” and deeply inspired by Mexican Lager. It has a low hop-profile and is dry, clear-tasting and crisp, infused with subtle flavours. It goes best with Lebanese platters and even Italian delicacies. Lastly, the Wheat Beer is a thirst-quenching, easy drinking, medium bodied beer that is spritzy and refreshing! It has a unique creamy texture and a slight grainy wheat taste. All of these marvels are worth trying! This is a very versatile option and to limit the choices possible for fantastic pairing, pizzas and Indian tandoor items are suggested. Thus you see, 3 Monkeys is all about variety and good food!


MANGO CIDER @ 3 Monkeys, Bangalore

However, this is not all! Do you know about ciders? A Mango Cider, for a change? It’s officially ‘mango unchained’ at 3 Monkeys… They have proudly introduced India’s first Mango Cider (ALCOHOL  VOLUME : 5.6%) in their exclusive Signature collection. Mango is described as the food of Gods in ‘Vedas’. Now 3 Monkeys says that this cider is the drink of Gods! Using 100% natural, export quality ‘Nuzvid’ mangos which are famous for their incredible flavour, 3 Monkeys brewers have developed an easy drinking cider with amazing mango aromas balanced out with creamy tangy dryness. This thirst quencher has just a hint of residual sugar sweetness backed up with a punch of tropical fruity tanginess bursting through the back palate. It goes best with Cheddar Stuffed Mushrooms, Grilled Sausage, Fish Fillet Florentine, Beer Battered Prawns and more!


Nachos Platter at 3 Monkeys, Bangalore

The owner, Phani Rama Krishna Reddy Kothwali reveals, the brewpub is all about the freshly-crafted beer. “We want people to experience beer as a complete sensory encounter. We want people to come here, share conversations, exchange stories and live life.” Inspired from his visits to Australia and keen to spread pub culture in India, Phani quit his IT job and started 3 Monkeys. (Quoted from: http://www.thehindu.com/)


Pale Lager…?
@ 3 Monkeys, Bangalore
P.C. : http://2.bp.blogspot.com/

To try this newly made ecstasy, call 076767 76767 and make a reservation!!

Ming Yang celebrates Dragon Boat Festival

Taj Lands End Mumbai boasts of Ming Yang, the celebrated Chinese restaurant that specializes in Schezwan and Cantonese cuisine. Characterized by the spiciness of the food, schezwan dishes are usually loved by all. Visit soon as Ming Yang celebrates Dragon Boat Festival from 30th May to 8th June, 2014.

Ming Yang celebrates Dragon Boat Festival

Ming Yang celebrates Dragon Boat Festival

The Dragon Boat festival is observed as a traditional and statutory holiday in China. The Dragon Boat Festival is celebrated by boat races in the shape of dragons. The boat races during the Dragon Boat Festival are traditional customs to attempt to rescue the patriotic poet Qu Yuan who drowned on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month in 277 B.C.

Let us take a closer look into the five star restaurant Ming Yang at Taj Lands End Mumbai and also what they have in store for us on the occasion of Dragon Boat festival. Well, the restaurant has a simple yet sophisticated interior loved by the high profile Mumbaikaars and patrons. Bright by daylight and glittering by evening candles, the restaurant is indeed a sight to be reckoned. No doubt, Ming Yang boasts of Bollywood and Mumbai socialites eating out of their palms.

Ming Yang celebrates Dragon Boat Festival

Zongzi … the traditional rice dumplings enjoyed during Dragon Boat Festival
PC: www.hivietnam.net

The menu that has been crafted at Ming Yang for Dragon Boat festival is a special one. Chef David Yui Kwong along with his team has included all the specialities that the Chinese craft out during this festivity; Zongzi being one. This is a traditional Chinese dish that is especially eaten during the Dragon Boat Festival. Making zongzi is an art. Sticky rice dumplings stuffed with fruits, meat, nuts or vegetables are carefully moulded and wrapped in bamboo leaves and are steamed. This delicacy is ought to be tried!

Ming Yang celebrates Dragon Boat Festival

PC: launchmantra.blogspot.com

Ming Yang celebrates Dragon Boat Festival

Steamed rice paper rolls
PC: http://talesofakitchen.com/

The other special dishes that are laid out during the Dragon Boat food Festival are a variety of dim sums and dumplings, steamed rice paper rolls, and other Sichuan specialties like Almond White Fungus Soup, Szechwan Chong sin Spicy Soup, Barbeque Lamb Chops, Pork Chop in Black pepper Sauce and Kung Pao Lobster.

Experience the rest for yourself! Bookyourtable soon at Ming Yang – Taj Lands End Mumbai and celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival as they do in China. Join in the sumptuous feast! You may also dial 076767 76767 for reservations.


Cilantro – Trident, Gurgaon

I am one of you… I have a great deal of guilt after I devour a magnificent Tiramisu or a delectable Bolognese Pizza with some chilled beer while cheering a game on the big screen in front of me! During moments of better self-control, I’m conscious of what I eat , which is code for “can’t eat in a restaurant”!

My best friend on the other hand works out religiously, yet is never able to fully enjoy a tasty, wholesome meal in a restaurant only because she knows the meal will be filled with unhealthy calories. She instead chooses to stick to salads and juices and soups! The two of us are quite contrasting in our eating habits but the point where we both agree is our dedication to being calorie-conscious! When does this stop?


Cilantro, in Trident, Gurgaon has come up with a special event for people like us! It is totally (Pardon the pun) Calorific


Carrots, Orange & Ginger Soup
P.C. – http://shewolfinthevalley.files.wordpress.com/

I’ll tell you what Cilantro is up to, this time! Imagine enjoying a full four course meal with appetizers, soups, main courses and desserts while you know exactly how healthy it is and how many calories are you eating in total!

This special meal has been designed by the highly trained Chefs at Cilantro – Trident, Gurgaon in a scientific method that is delicious, high on proteins, nutritious and best of all filling!


Raw Papaya with Chicken Salad
P.C. – http://katsandpipe.files.wordpress.com/

This is such a relief! My recent dinner meant that I didn’t feel the guilt later and my friend did not have to run on the treadmill the next day!

Just imagine the enticing tastes of

Slow roasted beets, wild rocket, Florida orange and pine nuts

Steamed okra with edamame beans and ponzu

Thai raw papaya salad with chicken

Carrot, orange, light yogurt and ginger soup

Chicken and lemon grass broth

Bok choy normai farang fai daeng

Organic garden spinach braised with cumin and tomatoes served with whole wheat bran roti

Grilled salmon with steamed vegetables and orange

Sous vide chicken with rosemary, vegetable pearl barley stew and asparagus

Mango baked yogurt among more such wonderful choices…


Grilled salmon with steamed vegetables and orange
P.C.- http://s3.amazonaws.com/

After we finished this wonderful meal, the Chef provided us with a school like “report card” of our calorie consumption. And guess what! We passed with flying colours. A four course meal within acceptable calories!

How great is that!


Mango baked Yogurt
P.C. – http://www.maameemoomoo.com/

What are you waiting? Call 076767 76767 and bookyourtable asap! I just returned from a great dinner! And, my fellow bloggers do let me know about your experience. I have a complementary dinner voucher from a fine dining restaurant to give away… The best opinion of this healthy dining experience at Cilantro – Trident, Gurgaon, will be the lucky winner of an amazing dinner! Remember, you heard it first on BYT blog by Amrita Kar Roy!

Saffron – Trident, Gurgaon

Saffron is a little, North Indian cuisine specialty restaurant, carefully maintained inside the walls of the awesome and magnificent Trident, Gurgaon property. Its address reads as 443, Phase 5, Udyog Vihar, Gurgaon, Delhi, a well-known destination for the food connoisseurs of Delhi NCR!!


Rajasthani laal maas – Saffron – Trident, Gurgaon

The top class services like private parties, large group friendliness, family dining, business dining, classy live music / live performances of classical genre, a luxurious ambience and a wonderfully broad spectrum cuisine are all a part and parcel of the Saffron’s identity. It has richly layered interiors, further classified by charmed lighting and ebony black furniture.  The floor-to-ceiling golden pillars add the necessary feel of royalism and exuberance.


Saffron – Trident, Gurgaon

The North Indian cuisine finds a good justice in Saffron because the menu cards are packed with options that feature recipes from all over the geographical North Indian culinary belt. The interesting point is that these dishes are prepared following the original recipes as closely as possible and thus welcomes you to an exclusive experience of fine dining!!


Railway Mutton Curry
P.C. – http://static.dnaindia.com/

The Chettinad Crab Kebab is one of the most unique dishes that is composed of pan fried crab meat patties flavoured with star anise and black pepper!! You can also opt for their famous Rajasthani lal boti kebab which is spiced boneless lamb in a yogurt and chilli marinade, cooked in tandoor. The Railway mutton curry is another of the most favoured choices which plates out spring lamb braised with coconut and curry leaves, a recipe that dates back to the British Raj era! There are many more such exclusive options in Saffron that you may enjoy and have an extraordinarily memorable meal.

Call 076767 76767 or click here to make a reservation via BYT for Saffron, in

Return of Hakuna Matata – Barbeque Nation!


Return of Hakuna Matata

You have your beaming chance of sampling some real deal African food until May 13, 2014 at the famous and fiercely dominant chain of restaurants called Barbeque Nation—the pioneering effort of Sayaji Hotels Ltd, that has redefined the culture of grilled and barbequed food all over India! The food festival has been titled as ‘Return of Hakuna Matata’ because it has been brought back by Barbeque Nation on popular demand!


Barbeque Nation

The CEO of Barbeque Nation, Prosenjit Roy Choudhury asserted that the focus of the festival is to offer from the wide varieties of barbeques relished all across the continent of Africa to the patrons of the restaurant chain. The African delights will be accompanied by unique sauces such as ‘Harissa’ and ‘Berbere’… Obviously, the ‘Piri-Piri will not go unnoticed! The assortment of sauces at Hakuna Matata also include Zulu Coriander to go with EMU Smoked Grilled Steak with Passion Fruit Vinegrette and EMU Sausages with mellow Garlic Dip, Orange and Pepper Fish Parcels. Begin your meal with Morraccan Harirra Soup. You must not miss the Chilli Roasted Corn with Harissa (a vegetarian starter) and Boko Boko Chicken  and Grilled Fish Calvados in the range of non-vegetarian starters. From the northern frontiers to the southern tips, this food festival wears the promising Cap(e) of Good Hope!


Variety at Barbeque Nation

Unique favourites like orange pepper fish parcel from southern provinces of Africa, the basil prawns al Zimbabwe which is a delight for sea food lovers and more are there for the tables in Barbeque Nation. But Return of Hakuna Matata is not only for the non-vegetarians but the vegetarians and vegans also have savoury dishes like veggies with ras el hannout – a popular Moroccan blend of spices, along with chilli roasted corn with harissa sauce and the luscious muamba nsusu — African peanut soup and peri peri drumstick! And needless to say, there’s more!

Pssst, Barbeque Nation’s customers!! This is not all! Do leave little space for the main courses that includes specials as Zimbabwean Spicy Meat Balls and Doro Wat (chicken with ras-el-hanout – a popular Moroccan blend of spice). To top it all,  a plate of Baked Ghana Bananas for dessert or the Coffee Fudge Frosting to digest the succulent African Yummy Gummies will complete your experience!


Barbeque Nation’s staff… Return of Hakuna Matata

To pep-up the festival mood, the staff will have painted faces and will greet guests by saying ‘Jumbo’ which means welcome! There will also be an African tribal dance performance by the team. Do look out for fire eaters and jugglers!!

Make a reservation and have fun people, at Barbeque Nation!

Hakuna Matata!

Saffron – Trident, Gurgaon

Saffron, in Trident, Gurgaon, is a beautiful, exclusive, Indian cuisine specialty restaurant that is acknowledged nationwide for great food and finesse of the whole experience! Trident, Gurgaon, is all about perfection and Saffron, although small, is one of the most prized restaurants of the five star entity, celebrated for the rich, balanced and fresh flavours it serves!


Mixed Meat Kebabs!
P.C. – http://www.maharajari.com/

Saffron is one of the costliest spices available in this world! Named after such an evergreen element, the restaurant Saffron is quite unique in its own ways! It offers live ghazal performances and an extremely classy and romantic time-out within its walls. Saffron serves recipes from across the whole north Indian belt, inclusive of Punjabi, Awadhi/Lucknowi, Kashmiri, Pakistani (Sindhi) and more styles of cooking.


Gosht Seekh Kebab
P.C. – know.burrp.com

Saffron also plates out Mughlai dishes and various delectable tandoors.  The popular dishes include Magaj Masala, Gosht Chapli Kebab, Murgh Mussallam, Chettinad Crab Kebab, Rajasthani Lal Boti Kebab, Tamatar Dhana Shorba, Saffron Lassi, Tandoori Jhinga, Murgh Methi Malai Kebab, Shrimp pepper fry, Goan fish curry, Malabar fish curry, Tandoori Raan, Kaju Mutter Makhane, Masaledar choley aur Amritsari kulchey, Awadhi biryani, Hyderabadi dum biryani, Dal Amritsari and finish it off with delicacies like kheer and rasmalai!


An Awadhi Cuisine Thali
P.C.- http://www.foodandnightlife.com/

Winner of The Times Food and Nightlife Awards 2014 for ‘Best North Indian’, Saffron is one of the most agreeable restaurants all food lovers must visit at some point of time!


P.C. – http://7saffronstreet.com/

Trident, Gurgaon’s Saffron restaurant is complete with an open space, a terrace and the charm of aristocracy. The absolutely amazing, qualitative and quantitative food, soothing music, great lighting and the fact that it belongs to the majestic Trident, Gurgaon completes the identity of Saffron and encourages cheerfulness! This is one of the most agreeable options for a classy romantic date or celebrating your anniversary or a family dinner.  To enjoy your heart out with the awesome, succulent, delicious kebabs, tandoors, sheekhs and drinks and make your experience worth remembering, please call 076767 76767 or click here and help us from BYT, add to your comfort with reservations, discount coupons and other value added services!

Thai Pavilion – Vivanta by Taj, Mumbai

Thai cuisine! This national cuisine of Thailand is known for its spiciness. Blending elements of several Southeast Asian traditions, Thai cooking places emphasis on lightly prepared dishes with strong aromatic components. Sour, sweet, salty, and bitter; these are the four fundamental taste senses that are prevalent in every Thai dish served. A wide variety of herbs, spices and leaves that are rarely found in any part of the world are used while cooking a Thai  dish.

Thai Pavilion – Vivanta by Taj, Mumbai

Thai Spring Rolls
PC: www.irawaddy.nl

A certain chef had once said about Thai cooking, “Thai food ain’t about simplicity. It’s about the juggling of disparate elements to create a harmonious finish. … it’s a jumble of flavours, but to a Thai that’s important, it’s the complexity they delight in.” Wanna taste these deliciously jumbled flavours? Thai Pavilion – Vivanta by Taj, Mumbai is close. It is awarded as the best Thai restaurant in India. No points for guessing! You get the best and authentic Thai  dishes here.

Thai Pavilion – Vivanta by Taj, Mumbai

Som Tam …. Thai Papaya Salad!
PC: girlservesworld.wordpress.com

If you are not much of a person in love with spicy dishes that Thai  cuisine is infamous for, you might try the Som Tam (young papaya salad combined with sweet and spicy sauce) or the pan-grilled scallops with orange and rice wine reduction or even the Thai Spring rolls. However for the lovers of robust flavours, who can forget the Thai Red Curry! Served in variations of veggie, chicken and seafood, the Thai Curry is served with steamed rice. That makes a hot and spicy combo!

Thai Pavilion – Vivanta by Taj, Mumbai

Thai Red Curry (chicken)
PC: theculinarychronicles.com

Embark upon the flavours of Thai cuisine only at Thai Pavilion – Vivanta by Taj, Mumbai. Get your table reserved soon. Visit bookyourtable or call 076767 76767.

Saffron – Trident, Gurgaon

Located inside the grand and beautiful Trident, Gurgaon, the Indian cuisine specialty restaurant, Saffron, is one of the most romantic, quiet little eateries where you may breathe a few special minutes of your busy business life with your friends and family over some great lunch or dinner fares, coupled with nice beverages.


Saffron-Indian Speciality Restaurant, Trident Gurgaon

Named after such an evergreen spice, the restaurant, Saffron, is quite unique! It offers live ghazal performances and an extremely classy and romantic time-out within its walls. It serves North Indian cuisine with recipes from across the whole north Indian belt, inclusive of Punjabi, Awadhi/Lucknowi, Kashmiri, Pakistani (Sindhi) and more.


Saffron kebab platter

Saffron also prepares Mughlai dishes and various delectable tandoors.  The popular dishes include Magaj Masala, Gosht Chapli Kebab, Murgh Mussallam, Chettinad Crab Kebab, Rajasthani Lal Boti Kebab, Tamatar Dhana Shorba, Saffron Lassi, Tandoori Jhinga, Murgh Methi Malai Kebab, Shrimp pepper fry, Goan fish curry, Malabar fish curry, Tandoori Raan, Kaju Mutter Makhane, Masaledar choley aur Amritsari kulchey, Awadhi biryani, Hyderabadi dum biryani, Dal Amritsari and finish it off with delicacies like kheer and rasmalai! Saffron has also won The Times Food and Nightlife Awards 2014 for ‘Best North Indian’!


Chocolate Opera – Saffron

The Saffron restaurant is complete with an open space, a terrace and the charm of aristocracy. The absolutely amazing, qualitative and quantitative food, soothing music, great lighting and the fact that it belongs to the majestic Trident, Gurgaon completes the identity of Saffron and encourages cheerfulness! This is one of the most agreeable options for a classy romantic date or celebrating your anniversary or a family dinner.  To enjoy your heart out with the awesome, succulent, delicious kebabs, tandoors, sheekhs and drinks and make your experience worth remembering, please visit BookyourTable.com or call 076767 76767 and help us add to your comfort with our value added services, reservations, discount coupons and more!

Ming Yang of Taj Lands End, Mumbai

Ming Yang of Taj Lands End, Mumbai is known for the best Chinese dishes it serves. Though the menu is Chinese , but the focus is on food and techniques that are a speciality of the Sichuan province of South-Western China. The speciality of Schezwan or Sichuan dishes lie in its distinct bold flavours. Let us take a look at who has taken the responsibility to presenting such haute dishes at Ming Yang of Taj Lands End, Mumbai.

Ming Yang of Taj Lands End, Mumbai

Ming Yang of Taj Lands End, Mumbai

At the helm of the kitchen of Ming Yang is none other than the Chinese MasterChef David Yui Kwong, native of Guangzhou, a large city from Southern China. He started his career as a chef at the Taj Delhi and after some stints abroad returned to Taj and joined full time at Ming Yang of Taj Lands End, Mumbai. He has an experience of working with his expert team at Taj for more than 22 years now.

Ming Yang of Taj Lands End, Mumbai

Chef David Yui Kwong

The difference is that while the basis of Indian cooking is a blending of many spices, the characteristic base of Szechwan cuisine is a fine mixture of ground chillies and salty soyabean paste. This is used to flavour almost every dish from the region,” says Chef David.

Ming Yang of Taj Lands End, Mumbai

Crispy Garlic Prawns
PC: www.seasaltwithfood.com

Ming Yang of Taj Lands End, Mumbai

Devilled Chilean Sea Bass

Some of his signature dishes include Schezwan Koko soup, Crispy Garlic prawn, Konjee Shiitake, Barbecued Farm Lamb Chops, Homemade XO Fried Rice with Prawns and Devilled Chilean Sea Bass.

Ming Yang of Taj Lands End, Mumbai

Deep -fried milk
PC: gbtimes.com

How about some desserts? Well, Chef David creates a fantastic one called Deep-Fried Milk. The name sounds like an impossible creation. But the Masterchef has made this deliciously possible dessert and after your first bite, you wouldn’t want to leave a single drop on your plate.

Try out these haute dishes by Chef David only at Ming Yang. He crafts out the best of these. Get your table reserved soon at Ming Yang of Taj Lands End, Mumbai. Visit bookyourtable or call 076767 76767.