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4 Restaurants to Excite Your Diwali in Bangalore

Festive season is incomplete unless you relish the true taste of the rich traditional food and dig deep into sweets. Diwali celebrations are no fun without these. Nothing can match a sumptuous spread of buffet or irresistible a la carte at your favorite restaurant in the festive season. Bangalore is home to some very refined places to dine-in, however, when it comes to festivity and celebrations you take pleasure by treating yourself with the best food in the city. A plethora of restaurants display the best of cuisine and offer dining packages to lure the guests to their places.

Diwali is synonymous to good food! P.C.:http://goo.gl/nWJu2M

Diwali is synonymous to good food!

Here, cutting down the clutter I recommend the following are the places to enjoy your Diwali in Bangalore. Lazeez 

Biryani P.C.:https://goo.gl/ALDSU1


If you love biryani and chicken preparations then this is the place to be at that promises to make your festival even more special. The exotic food and lively festive ambiance makes up your day here. Mastering in the art of preparing great biryani, Lazeez has now earned quite fame in the city. Make your Diwali delightful with a rich spicy biryani here! Sultans of Spice

Royal dinig at Sultans of Spice P.C.:http://goo.gl/tnb396

Royal dinig at Sultans of Spice

The place is a royal feast to your taste buds. Featuring North Indian and Afghani cuisine, Sultans of Spice takes you back to your roots with its exotic traditional preparations. The best part of the place is that it is quite light on the pocket. What else can make you happier when you get to enjoy royal treatment at pocket pleasing prices and that too in the festive season! Chianti

Italian pleasure P.C.:https://goo.gl/OAjS9A

Italian pleasure

One of best places in Bangalore that serves authentic Italian food in affable ambiance along with warm service.  Inspired from the traditional Italian cuisine, the creative menu is a sheer delight and can titillate your palate with subtle flavors and mouth-watering preparations. This Diwali be different and dig into exotic international cuisine. Smoked out Barbeque

Grilled chicken P.C.:http://goo.gl/xYkS1Q

Grilled chicken

Nothing beats the grilled and barbeque preparations of chicken. This festive season I recommend your to meet your crave for grilled chicken preparations at Smoked out Barbeque where the robust flavors of the finely cooked chicken promise to take you to a gastronomical ride. The juicy chicken and beef steak would keep bringing you back to this place, I bet! Make your Diwali special in Bangalore with the cuisine you prefer. 

To know more about these restaurants and to reserve – please click on link below


Top 2 Brunch Restaurants in Bangalore – Part 2

An Apple Cider...? Kava - Fairfield by Marriott, Bangalore

An Apple Cider…?
Kava – Fairfield by Marriott, Bangalore

1. Kava - Fairfield by Marriott, Rajajinagar, Bangalore

In the beautiful property of Fairfield by Marriott, Kava is a really special eatery that is one of the most popular restaurants in Bangalore known especially for the food more than anything else. The word ‘Kava’ means a kind of narcotic sedative drink made from the crushed roots of a pepper plant in the Polynesian lands (Hawaii, New Zealand and Easter Island). This restaurant serves addictive food. The Sunday Brunch is a rather special affair where North Indian, South Indian and Continental cuisines are dished out together – the best of each is featured on the tables. You are bound to love your experience. Kava is such a restaurant that enjoys the loyalty of its customers who often happen to plan to celebrate their special occasions here.

Via Milano, Bangalore

Via Milano, Bangalore

2. Via Milano - 613, Basil Moneta, 80 Feet Peripheral Road, 4th Block, Koramangala, Bangalore

Via Milano has some celebrated dishes like Tiramisu with Rum, Mixed Mediterranean Vegetables, Fried Calamari with Wasabi Mayonnaise, Caesar Salad with Chicken, Bacon and Roasted Shrimp, Khalua Coffee, Baked Salmon with Mediterranean Herbs and more. The food served is known for the taste, quality and freshness. Milan is the second most populous city in Italy and one of the top five most important cities in EU with a deep and lengthy historical background. Via Milano suggest ‘on the way’ to Milan… And aptly, the restaurant captures, reproduces and showcases dishes of the amazing Italian cuisine. Customers and foodies who have been here once, have gone back for more. Sunday brunch is made a lot more special in this enterprise, in the Italian way!

For a better experience, please make a prior reservation by calling 076767 76767 or by clicking on the links above. Let us be a part of your decision and let us make your moments even more special.

Corporate Special in Baluchi – Jaipur, Bangalore, Mumbai

Bangalore and Mumbai are two of the busiest metropolises in India and Jaipur is one of the most prominent Indian tourist spots. There is a bloom of the hopital industry in these areas and five star properties like Hyatt, The Lalit and more have come into light.

Baluchi - The Lalit Mumbai P.C.: http://goo.gl/eTbr7I

Baluchi – The Lalit Mumbai
P.C.: http://goo.gl/eTbr7I

Baluchi is a five star, fine dining restaurant in The Lalit, across all the properties around the country. Baluchi specializez in North Indian, Kashmiri and Mughlai cuisines. All that Baluchi kitchen produce, no matter the city, are hot favourites with The Lalit’s customers. The Lalit brings in the most skilled and knowledgeable chefs to cook the fantastic dishes for the guests.

Baluchi - The Lalit Ashok, Bangalore P.C.: http://goo.gl/B82x81

Baluchi – The Lalit Ashok, Bangalore
P.C.: http://goo.gl/B82x81

Baluchi is dressed in ethnic style, deeply intuned with royal architechtures of the Mughals. All Baluchi restaurants have the most striking notes of elegance, imperialism and grandeur. Yet somewhere, all this is beautifully juxtaposed with modernism. You will not feel like you’ve entered into a resonance of a lost era but feel the well preserved taste of magnifencence even when seated amidst state-of-the-art amenities. The ambiance of Baluchi is commendable.

Dum Nalli Ka Gosht P.C.: http://goo.gl/ssTGVt

Dum Nalli Ka Gosht
P.C.: http://goo.gl/ssTGVt

Not only awesome food, Baluchi is also known for the service and attentive catering by the staff. The staff is well informed about the menu and can guide you well for your choices. Their hospitality makes your experience be even more wonderful than you expected!

Some of the most prominent dishes from Baluchi are Kharbooze Ke Potli Mein Mast Zaika (Cold kebabs of melon packed with cottage cheese and veggies), Dal Baluchi (Black lentils cooked with spices, overnight), Dum Nalli Ka Gosht (Baby lamb shanks prepared in tantalizing yogurt gravy) and Ghoomta Ja (a rope shaped intriguing milk dessert). There are obviously other stunning dishes as well. Some are left for you to explore!!

Vegetarian Express Thali (non-vegetarian is also featured) P.C.: http://goo.gl/DSUXjn

Vegetarian Express Thali (non-vegetarian is also featured)
P.C.: http://goo.gl/DSUXjn

In Jaipur, Bangalore and Mumbai, BYT has come up with amazing Corporate Experiences for you to celebrate with, at Baluchi:

Call 076767 76767 to make a reservation!!

Lido – Hyatt Bangalore MG Road

Bangalore is a city of oppurtunities. It is one of India’s leading industrial cities and ranks among the top few it terms of standard of living and commercial developments. Thus Bangalore is a city of choices, fun places and blooming hospitality ventures. The five star property of Hyatt is obviously one of the prime brands in the Indian paraphernalia of five star, seven star properties making it big.

Enjoy ourselves... Hyatt Bangalore MG Road...

Enjoy ourselves…
Hyatt Bangalore MG Road…

Of course, we all like to have our money well spent and ourselves, satisfied. The Hyatt is one such destination that wraps up everything within its perimeter. Be it relaxation, staying, pampering, shopping or dining, the Hyatt has it all. Located on 1/1, Swami Vivekananda Road, in Bangalore, the Hyatt Bangalore MG Road, has acquired a very resonant brand image through services, spaces and scopes for guests.

Overlooking the pool... Hyatt Bangalore MG Road

Overlooking the pool…
Hyatt Bangalore MG Road

This ‘contemporary lifestyle’ property of Hyatt flourishes over 1.6 acres of greenery and articulate infrastructural developments. Every nook and corner is embellished in exquisite and expensive artistic taste. The five star hotel is known for effecient services, extraordinary measures taken for satiating the palate and a long list of happy customers.

Lido - Hyatt Bangalore MG Road

Lido – Hyatt Bangalore MG Road

The restaurant called Lido, in Hyatt Bangalore MG Road, is a rather famous one, well known for Sunday Brunch, Late Night Eats and Poolside Dining. ‘Channa Bhatura’ is particularly a favourite dish among the regulars. Lido offers a soothing ambiance, wrapped in shades of warm brown and off white that opens into the serene blue waters of the pool, surrounded by lush greenery of sculpted gardens. It serves European and North Indian cuisines and also has a fluent bar ready for you.

Lido - Hyatt Bangalore MG Road

Lido – Hyatt Bangalore MG Road

Lido - Hyatt Bangalore MG Road

Lido – Hyatt Bangalore MG Road

In this beautiful, romantic restaurant, BYT brings you two unbelieveable experiences. The Romantic Journey gets you a poolside table or two with a four course meal, a cake and two glasses of wine or soft beverages. Gourmet Gastronomical Safari lets you enjoy starters at the poolside restaurant of “Lido”, 2 glasses of wine or soft drinks/mocktails in Alfresco, the “Liquid lounge & bar” and main course and desserts in “The Pink Poppadom”!! You wouldn’t want to miss them, would you?

Click on the hyperlinks to buy the offers soon! You can also call 076767 76767 for reservations.

The Barking Deer Offers…

In the busy city of Mumbai, Maharashtra, the nightlife is rather rich and peppy. Afterall, it is the city of one of the largest film industries in the world, Bollywood, and home to so many famous people and celebrities that the plush and glitter of Mumbai is rather permanent! Mumbai has the beauty of the sea since it is a coastal city, facing the Arabian Sea and also has the buzz and din of a 24×7 active metropolis.

Marine Drive, Mumbai P.C.: http://goo.gl/WyzzRL

Marine Drive, Mumbai
P.C.: http://goo.gl/WyzzRL

As a result of being one of the largest ports and busiest industrial spots in the country, the hospitality industry of Mumbai is in a bloom… Many fantastic restaurant, five star properties, Michelin star eateries and a variety of cuisine based places have cropped up in the due time. One of the most popular names that quickly come to the mind are Lagerbay, Ming Yang, Aer, The Blue Frog, Alibii, Firangi Paani, Skky, Hard Rock Cafe, Yauatcha and of course, The Barking Deer Brewpub amoung others!

Unique Beers! P.C.: http://goo.gl/xFKeIK

Unique Beers!
P.C.: http://goo.gl/xFKeIK

Shepherd's Pie P.C.: http://goo.gl/R0ipGp

Shepherd’s Pie
P.C.: http://goo.gl/R0ipGp

The Barking Deer Brewpub made their mark for being Mumbai’s first microbrewery and they came up with an impressive collection of beers that won the hearts of many very fast. The pub offers some set menus that it guarantees to be the best for the palate like a ‘Barking Deer Indian Pale Ale should ideally be enjoyed with an Irish Lamb Stew’ or, a ‘Bombay Blonde goes best with a Shepherd’s Pie’ or a ‘Flying Pig Belgian Wit enhances the ecstasy when is devoured with a Yorker Beef Eater’! The food is presented to you in great style and the taste, quality and texture is uncompromised. The ambiance of the pub is rather lively and is replete with cheerful people.

Corporate Lunch P.C.: http://goo.gl/oHYAh3

Corporate Lunch
P.C.: http://goo.gl/oHYAh3

BYT brings you an attractive ‘Corporate Lunch Offer’, exclusive for BYT customers, where you get to enjoy a wide variety of dishes at such a nominal pocket pinch! What’s the wait for? Call 076767 76767 for reservations!

Christmas & New Year Celebrations in Ahmedabad

Merry Christmas and New Year... :) P.C>: http://goo.gl/fkBNGW

Merry Christmas and New Year… :)
P.C>: http://goo.gl/fkBNGW

The year end is always a time of happiness and celebrations! Generally, the whole world has many consecutives holidays during this time, educational institutes remain close and parents can afford to spend some quality time with their kids, friends get some free time to catch up with each other and it proposes time to go out for dinners and have gettogethers!!

This BYT blog lists out three top notch restaurants where you can go for fine dining and enjoy fantastic bakery products / desserts… Afterall, it is a ‘sweet’ (pun intended) time!

The Eatery - Four Points By Sheraton, Ahmedabad P.C: http://goo.gl/8DGiuR

The Eatery – Four Points By Sheraton, Ahmedabad
P.C: http://goo.gl/8DGiuR

The Eatery – Four Points by Sheraton comes first because of the amazing prices of the multi-cuisine buffets, the amazing menu selection and the five star experience this restaurant guarantees. It is very beautiful, undoubtedly. The Eatery serves Asian, Italian, Chinese, South Indian, North Indian cuisines and Desserts and there are live counters. There is quite some variety and loads of choices. It is a great choice for all – business meets, family time, friends gettogether and a date! Prior reservation recommended.

Ice Cream Pudding P.C.: http://goo.gl/aATDa6

Ice Cream Pudding
P.C.: http://goo.gl/aATDa6

Havmor Restaurant asks you to have more even when you pronunce the name! The restaurant is rather interesting and dishes out yummies from North Indian, Chinese, Continental and Fast Food cuisines. Ice Creams and Desserts are also available in plenty! How about a khatta meetha aam dolly or a bazinga or havmor’s ras mataz or pudding ice cream?? Hot fudge nut sundae is a must have… Toasties and jumbo sandwiches, ice cream cakes, multicuisine full fare, tummy filling choices await you! The ambiance is rather casual but full of happy customers!

Thai Chicken Pizza P.C.: http://goo.gl/Uv1vqC

Thai Chicken Pizza
P.C.: http://goo.gl/Uv1vqC

Dangee Dums restaurant has people to dance and beat drums in praise of the food and fantastic options they dish out…  Mexican, Italian, North Indian, and Desserts are featured with other regular cafe menu and lots of bakery products. You can’t miss either Chocolate Fondue or Tiramisu… Ohh, they’re so good. TexMex Nachos, Burger combo and Thai Pizza are also pretty unique items that you should try.

Call 076767 76767 and make reservations via BYT and enhance your experience!!

Bacardi Music CDs Hangout App – How is it useful?

General Information:

The all new Bacardi Music CDs Hangout App is now out in the Android market! It is an app with multi-faceted utility. Hangout App displays latest trending restaurants across 6 Indian metropolises under reference tags like Appetizing Restaurants, Spirited Offers, Super Chillouts, Best Offers, Coupons, Buffet Locations, Sunday brunch & Romantic Restaurants.

User Access Level:

By accessing this app, you are confirming that you are above the legal drinking age in India.

Bacardi Hangout App

Bacardi Hangout App

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Bacardi Hangout App

Bacardi Hangout App


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The Hangout App has been created, keeping in mind, all you beautiful people out there who love to enjoy themselves with food, beverages and music. The app gives you focused results depending on your mood and choices. The interface is really user friendly and the coupons are easy to redeem.

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Choose your poison, we will make it taste better!

Fantastic Buffet Restaurants in Bhuwaneshwar

Bhuwaneshwar, the capital city of Odisha (formerly known as Orissa) has a history of over 3000 years beginning with the Mahamegha-bahana Chedi dynasty around the second century BC. Today, Bhuwaneshwar is one of the prime centres of culture and trade and commerce in Eastern India. As a result, the hospitality industry is also in a bloom. This blog lists out three fantastic buffet restaurants to go to and relish the tastes!

Golden Bird, Bhuwaneshwar Courtesy: tripadvisior.in

Golden Bird, Bhuwaneshwar
Courtesy: tripadvisior.in

The Golden Bird is definitely one of the best choices to visit when you have buffet in mind. There are over 20 choices, keeping in mind the tastes of both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. The buffet food is undoubtedly fresh, well made and very tasty. They begin with breakfast and stop with dinner. The prices are amazingly affordable compared to the fare offered and variety. The food quality is very well maintanined always. Golden Bird is surely a great choice.

Tea Pot Courtesy: mayfairhotels.com

Tea Pot
Courtesy: mayfairhotels.com

Tea Pot in the Mayfair Hotels is yet a grand option for a lavish fine dining experience and when you have buffet on your mind. It serves Continental and Asian cuisines along with a wide array of different beverages and bakes like cakes and pastries. The ambiance is great for a family time-out or even a romantic venture. It is the one place you’d surely like to celebrate your special occasion in. The buffet food is a celebration by itself no matter the cuisine you opt for. The breakfast buffet is very popular and known to one of the best in the city. The service is commendable and your experience is guaranteed to be great!

Panorama, Bhuwaneshwar P.C.: swostihotels.com

Panorama, Bhuwaneshwar
P.C.: swostihotels.com

Panorama in Swosti Premium hotel is the last buffet restaurant to be elaborated on in this blog. This is a very popular multi-cuisine restaurant with unending refills and an impressive variety on their buffet table for all tastes. The vegetarians and non-vegetarians, both, leave happy and satisfied and of course, with a promise to return! Panorama serves North Indian, Chinese, Continental and Bengali cuisines. The buffets are priced within an economical slab.

call 076767 76767 for reservations via BYT.

Brunch in Goa

When you are on holiday or otherwise it is pretty tough to wake up in time on the weekends. It’s even more tough to make it for a scrumptious breakfast in time so the next best thing is a Brunch. Here are my picks for a delicious Brunch in Goa.

Da Luigi in the Park Hyatt is an authentic Italian Fine Dining restaurant like no other.  It is a relaxed neighbourhood-style Italian trattoria that has some amazing food and a warm welcoming ambiance. Executive Chef Saulo Bacchilega has a keen eye for detail and his perfectionist attitude is seen in every dish that leaves the kitchen. The quality of the food is so good that Da Luigi was awarded the 100% Italian Award, a recognition for the most authentic Italian restaurant in India by The Indo-Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IICCI) in 2013. Through the show kitchen you can watch the talented chefs make you some delicious pizza, pasta and more. This month from the 2nd to the 30th you can enjoy a lovely Italian Sunday brunch so catch it before you are too late. 

Da Luigi in Park hyatt Picture Courtesy-http://goa.park.hyatt.com/

Da Luigi in Park hyatt
Picture Courtesy-http://goa.park.hyatt.com/

My personal favourite is Infantaria at the Calangute-Baga Junction, this place is very old and I have been going there ever since I can remember. Their food is full of heart and every bite is delicious, they do not have a very large or fancy brunch spread but the few items they put up are well made and over in seconds. They have a typical english breakfast spread but with a lot of Goan specials added along side. For me no visit to Goa is complete without the chocolate pancakes here! Simple yet so yummy! Be warned it’s a pretty small establishment always buzzing with activity and hence may be tough to get a table and tough to get quick service. And if you are looking for a quiet place, this is not it. If you do go later in the day try their Grilled Lobster and other Goan specials.

Infantaria Picture Courtesy- http://goo.gl/m6yucP

Picture Courtesy- http://goo.gl/m6yucP

Last we have Waterfalls Cafe in Zuri, this is an all day restaurant with buffet and À la carte options for dining. They have a very comfortable indoor section and a bright and colourful outdoor section as well not to forget a few of the waterfall and the pool. The food here is multi cuisine so you know there is something for everyone. Be it Indian, continental or Oriental they do a very good job of the food that they serve. Their Sunday Brunches are not to be missed as they have a live band playing to keep you in joyous spirits and they also have many live counters to help you customize your food just the way you like. 

Waterfalls cafe in Zuri Picture Courtesy- www.thezurihotels.com

Waterfalls cafe in Zuri
Picture Courtesy- www.thezurihotels.com

There are plenty more options to choose from, just log onto www.bookyourtable.com or call 07676776767 and we will be happy to help.

A Foodie’s Favourites in Guwahati

This blog elaborates on two restaurants that are a foodie’s favourites in Guwahati, the state capital of Assam.

Mainland China - 4th Floor Dona Planet, Guwahati-Shillong Road, Ananda Nagar, Guwahati.

Mainland China, Guwahati P.C: www.pbase.com

Mainland China, Guwahati
P.C: www.pbase.com

Mainland China is one of India’s most prominent names for a Chinese cuisine restaurant chain. The restaurant has both buffet and a la carte menu available and is celebrated for serving fresh, well-made and very tasty food. This is a trustable place for having seafood and also trying out new dishes! The interiors more or less have a similarity with one another across the country… Usually has heavy wood work, hidden lighting and also lots of spot lights, Chinese motifs and paintings on the walls and furniture, heavy wooden tables and chairs, staff dressed in Chinese costumes, mainly black and red in colour. The staffs are usually well informed about the menu. If you want to try some new dish or want to be sure about some dish, you can be absolutely certain that they will deliver you with potent information and suggestions. This is good for all types of occasions, be it a casual family dining, a date or a big group for some personal/professional special occasion. However, reservations are recommended.

Red Hot Chilli Pepper - Ganeshguri, Zoo Road, Guwahati.

Shredded Pork Schezwan P.C: justanewbiefoodie.blogspot.com

Shredded Pork Schezwan
P.C: justanewbiefoodie.blogspot.com

The restaurant of Red Hot Chilli Pepper is actually an awesome place to wat Oriental food. Garlic Pepper Por / Crispy Prawn, Chicken Tom yum Soup, Stir Fried Chicken Kung Pao Style, Shredded Pork Schezwan and Woodear Fried Rice will simply make your day! The ambiance is warm and cozy. Service is improving, might seem a little slow!! Definitely a place to go to for the food lover.

Call 076767 76767 for reservation via BYT.

North Indian Restaurants – Gachibowli, Hyderabad

Hyderabad has many North Indian restaurants strewn all over and the food served is really good and authentic. Gachibowli has quite a few good restaurants serving North Indian and regional specialities. BYT has picked some North Indian Restaurants – Gachibowli, Hyderabad. Get reservations done through BookyourTable and enjoy a great North Indian meal.


Deori  (North Indian Restaurants – Gachibowli, Hyderabad):

North Indian Restaurants – Gachibowli, Hyderabad

Deori restaurant

Deori at Hyatt Hyderabad is a North Indian restaurant that focuses on delicacies from the North West frontier and the spicy flavours of the Nizami kitchen. The restaurant has a very soothing ambience with wooden floors, and ceilings with works of silver leaf. The kalamkari ‘tree of life’ panels at the entrance add to the subtlety.

North Indian Restaurants – Gachibowli, Hyderabad

Kebab platter at Deori

The kitchen is handled by a panel of expert chefs who plate out dishes like Multani Tikki (paneer tikka type), Sohan De kebab, Moti Phool ke Seekh, Karivepakku Royallu, Tandoori Mahi Sarson Tikka, Murgh Resham Patti , Royalla Iguru, Murgh Khaas-E-Deori, Singhada Mutter, Gutti Vankaya Koora, Kofteh Kebab Khatai, Haleem Tarkari; the menu has many such dishes to please your taste buds. You may accompany onion and chilli kulchas, Missi rotis or Laccha Parathas with these curries. For desserts, have Gulab Jamuns.

Gosht Haleem Kebab is a dish you must try out at Deori . You’ll want more!


Cascade (North Indian Restaurants – Gachibowli, Hyderabad):

North Indian Restaurants – Gachibowli, Hyderabad

Cascade restaurant

Cascade at Aditya Sarovar Premier is an all-day restaurant with a bright and informal setting. Bright green and red furniture have been used against the pristine white background. Spacious and well=lit Cascade has a relaxed ambience.

North Indian Restaurants – Gachibowli, Hyderabad

Hyderabadi Lamb Biryani
Pic courtesy: Manuela Zangara

The menu is multi-cuisine with a mix of Asian, North Indian, Regional and Continental specialities. The North Indian dishes are their house specialities like Dal makhani, Bhindi Bhurji, Paneer shahi korma, Veg./Non-veg. kebab platter, chicken tikka masala, Nalli Korma, and their special Hyderabadi Lamb Biryani. Finish off with Double ka meetha and baked Gulab Jamun with rabdi.

Cascade also hosts a daily Lunch and Dinner buffet spread.

Seasonal Tastes – The Westin Gurgaon

A brunch is almost anybody and everybody’s favourite choice when it comes to beginning your Sunday. It is a much desired lazy start to the one universal holiday of the week! If you’re in Delhi NCR, there can be few choices to contest the brunch spread at Seasonal Tastes in The Westin Gurgaon.


Seasonal Tastes – The Westin Gurgaon (Delhi NCR)

Right from the first step you take to enter the beautiful Seasonal Tastes, you feel transported into the world of healthy food and artistry clubbed together to ensure you of the best experience. The glass bottles of greenish yellow olive oil lines up atop the salad counter, backlit to add effect, emphasises on the good food that they serve. Opposite that, the colourful fruits kept in big baskets for you invite you to plenteous choices!


Seasonal Tastes – The Westin Gurgaon (Delhi NCR)

The pale brown and wooden finish of the restaurant really brightens up the contrasting colours of fruits and salads on the display. There are three or four different counters which sports an exhibition to the options available. The cozy seating arrangements guarantee your privacy to be enjoyed with your company.


Arabic Mezze Platter
P.C. – www.womansday.com

Seasonal Tastes is a multi-cuisine restaurant that serves from the culinary worlds of Continental, Asian and North Indian cuisines along with treats of the world’s fast food culture! Superb and unique dishes like ‘warm smoked salmon’ (smoked salmon, sesame soba noodle, shallots, pickled cucumber & sour cream), ‘honey and ginger prawn’ (prawns tossed with honey, ginger, sweet and spicy sauce), ‘mezze platter’ (Arabic dips, hummus, babaganoush, tabouleh, labneh, pickled Arabic vegetables & pita bread), ‘caesar salad’ (romaine lettuce, pesto croutons, cashew nuts and parmesan or romaine lettuce, pesto croutons, cashew nuts, parmesan, poached egg, anchovies, chicken and bacon), ‘suan la tang (hot and sour vegetable chilli coup with vegetables or chicken), ‘tamater dhaniye ka shorba’ (tomato, black pepper, cardamom and coriander), ‘chicken burger’ (served with onion, relish, pickles and steak fries), ‘tenderloin burger’ (grilled onion, lettuce, tomato, cornichons and steak fries), ‘fruit salad (diced seasonal fruits) and ‘melting manjari mousse cake’ (serves with hot chocolate fudge) are available along with over 100 other selections!


Seasonal Tastes – The Westin Gurgaon

You can well imagine that given so many choices for a regular meal, how magnificent might be the brunch fare! The lavish brunch meal includes a range of soups, salads, eggs, pizzas, pastas and a variety of Indian, Asian, Continental and European delicacies to choose from. Save room to indulge in their decadent array of homemade desserts. Come with friends and family and have an eventful Sunday. What are you waiting for, go for the energetic vibe of the place, to lift your spirits before you face another week in the grind.


P.C. – www.valrhonaprofessionals.com

One patron, Manitasha, reviwed Seasonal Tastes on Zomato(.com) and exclaimed, “The beautiful interiors, the ever attentive staff and the huge buffet menu” – Hmm! Call 076767 76767 or click here to make a reservation via BYT, for a phenomenal fine dining experience here at Seasonal Tastes in the coming weekend! www.bookyourtable.com also has great offers, deals and coupons that you may find to be a suitable tip to your appetite!!

Citrus at The Leela Palace Bangalore offers buffet

One of the most excellent restaurants in Bangalore, Citrus at The Leela Palace Bangalore offers buffet in its finest avatar. Standing out among most of the five-star restaurants in Bangalore, Citrus not just offers pleasure to your taste buds but your other senses as well. Besides offering a delicious selection of dishes to enjoy, the atmosphere of Citrus attracts you too. Let us take a closer look at Citrus, the multi-cuisine brassiere of The Leela Palace Bangalore.

Citrus at The Leela Palace Bangalore offers buffet

Citrus at The Leela Palace Bangalore

Citrus has a lovely interior with an airy and spacious outdoor seating arrangement. Allowing bright natural light to stream in through the glass windows, who wouldn’t want to dine in such a fine setting! The fresh whiff of cooked food coming from the live kitchen appeals your taste buds even more. Besides the fresh design of the interiors, what attracts you more is the buffet section.

Citrus at The Leela Palace Bangalore offers buffet

Salad Bar
pc: http://cdn.sheknows.com/

Citrus at The Leela Palace Bangalore offers buffet

Wood fire oven pizza
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It is difficult to resist your hunger when you take a look at the freshly prepared food and the salad bar with colourful fruit, vegetable and non-veg. salads. Just the mere look of these attractive dishes in the buffet section doubles your hunger. The freshest salads, perfect pastas, risottos and freshly-made pizzas in Citrus’s own wood-fired oven are some awesome varieties you get to choose from at the all day buffet sections. Besides International and Continental delicacies, you also get to relish Indian dishes like biryani or mutton rogan josh.

Enjoy a wide range of delicacies at the buffet of Citrus at The Leela Palace Bangalore. Lunch or dinner, enjoy buffet at any time and relish your taste buds. Bookyourtable  soon or call 076767 76767 for reservations.


Cilantro – Trident, Gurgaon

I am one of you… I have a great deal of guilt after I devour a magnificent Tiramisu or a delectable Bolognese Pizza with some chilled beer while cheering a game on the big screen in front of me! During moments of better self-control, I’m conscious of what I eat , which is code for “can’t eat in a restaurant”!

My best friend on the other hand works out religiously, yet is never able to fully enjoy a tasty, wholesome meal in a restaurant only because she knows the meal will be filled with unhealthy calories. She instead chooses to stick to salads and juices and soups! The two of us are quite contrasting in our eating habits but the point where we both agree is our dedication to being calorie-conscious! When does this stop?


Cilantro, in Trident, Gurgaon has come up with a special event for people like us! It is totally (Pardon the pun) Calorific


Carrots, Orange & Ginger Soup
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I’ll tell you what Cilantro is up to, this time! Imagine enjoying a full four course meal with appetizers, soups, main courses and desserts while you know exactly how healthy it is and how many calories are you eating in total!

This special meal has been designed by the highly trained Chefs at Cilantro – Trident, Gurgaon in a scientific method that is delicious, high on proteins, nutritious and best of all filling!


Raw Papaya with Chicken Salad
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This is such a relief! My recent dinner meant that I didn’t feel the guilt later and my friend did not have to run on the treadmill the next day!

Just imagine the enticing tastes of

Slow roasted beets, wild rocket, Florida orange and pine nuts

Steamed okra with edamame beans and ponzu

Thai raw papaya salad with chicken

Carrot, orange, light yogurt and ginger soup

Chicken and lemon grass broth

Bok choy normai farang fai daeng

Organic garden spinach braised with cumin and tomatoes served with whole wheat bran roti

Grilled salmon with steamed vegetables and orange

Sous vide chicken with rosemary, vegetable pearl barley stew and asparagus

Mango baked yogurt among more such wonderful choices…


Grilled salmon with steamed vegetables and orange
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After we finished this wonderful meal, the Chef provided us with a school like “report card” of our calorie consumption. And guess what! We passed with flying colours. A four course meal within acceptable calories!

How great is that!


Mango baked Yogurt
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What are you waiting? Call 076767 76767 and bookyourtable asap! I just returned from a great dinner! And, my fellow bloggers do let me know about your experience. I have a complementary dinner voucher from a fine dining restaurant to give away… The best opinion of this healthy dining experience at Cilantro – Trident, Gurgaon, will be the lucky winner of an amazing dinner! Remember, you heard it first on BYT blog by Amrita Kar Roy!

Chor Bizarre – Lavasa, Pune

Pune has many great food joints around but Chor Bizarre has come into being rather unique! India’s ‘Thieves’ Market’ has always been quite well-known and Chor Bizarre rekindles the essence of the ‘Chor Bazaar’ in the core of Lavasa, Pune, for you!


Chor Bizarre, Pune

Chor Bizarre is made to reflect the charm and fascinating world of Aladdin’s cave of antiques and shining gold with a redefined interior design and subtly added modernistic touches. The restaurant is a gallery displaying India’s regalia, consequentiality and gaiety!


Mutton curry – Chor Bizarre

Chor Bizarre serves authentic Indian dishes that varies from the northern tip of India, Jammu and Kashmir and travels all the way, across the length and breadth of the country! India is so diverse that it is said that you need not repeat the same dish during any meal for over years! Chor Bizarre has handpicked recipes that are famous and popular from all the different parts of the country of assorted cultures, India. Chor Bizarre is celebrated for the Kashmiri cuisine it serves and is the only restaurant outside of Kashmir valley that has access to the royal secrets of ‘Wazwan’ – the ceremonial feast of 36 courses!!  Chor Bizarre is thus able to offer traditional ‘Tarami’ in addition to other ‘Thalis’ – a sampling of dishes from various parts of India, to make your eating experience, a journey to remember.


Phirni – Chor Bizarre

Chor Bizarre also serves ‘Tak-a-Tak’ platters, a range of ‘Chaats’ and prides itself on a large vegetarian repertoire. The vintage car that serves as a unique salad and chaat mobile supplementing the lavish buffet is worth seeing in person!


Chor Bizarre 7 Course Meal Menu

Now, Chor Bizarre has an exclusive offer live for you… A grand scale, 7 course meal, both vegetarian and Non-vegetarian, at an attractively affordable price, only for you! The menu features two types of Appetizers to choose from in each case, two types of soups, four types of salads, four types of sorbets, six types of main courses for vegetarians and four types for non-vegetarians, four types of staples in each section to eat the main courses with, four types of Indian breads and four types of desserts in each division to end the splendid meal with!

What are you waiting for?

Call 076767 76767 or click here to make a reservation and enjoy one of the best spreads of scintillating Indian cuisine food at Chor Bizarre, Pune!!

Blue Ginger – Taj West End, Bangalore

Blue Ginger Taj West End, Bangalore

Blue Ginger Taj West End, Bangalore

India’s tribute to Vietnamese food spells out the name, Blue Ginger, an in-house specialty restaurant of the Taj West End hotel, in Bangalore. Vietnamese cuisine has so much in it that is quite unknown to most of the world but Blue Ginger packs it all into your plates when you visit and take a look at the menu here and eat one of the most satisfying meals of your life!

Ha Long Bay, Vietnam P.C. - www.huonghaisealifecuise.com

Ha Long Bay, Vietnam
P.C. – www.huonghaisealifecuise.com

Each Vietnamese dish is unique in its flavour and ingredients and reflects one or more of its ingredients. The tastes are quite delicate and quite different from the usual Thai and Chinese flavours that Indians are mostly used to. However, this cuisine will never cease to surprise you with is delights and Blue Ginger is the perfect place to begin without having set your foot onto the Vietnamese soil. For those who have been to Hanoi, Ho Chi Min, or have toured across Ha Long Bay, Cu Chi tunnels, Hoan Kiem Lake, Nha Trang, Mekong River and other such delightful places, you must have tasted some of their casual food like Fo Ga and Fo Bo or have snacked with a Bahn Mi! Well, Blue Ginger has maestros of this culinary discipline, reproducing the delicacies of this historical country in the heart of Bangalore for you. The whole place is a posh version of a sub-urban Vietnamese village, completed with exclusive mood lighting, colour and life, complimenting the celebration that your presence brings to Blue Ginger’s threshold!

A part of the waterfall and gardens around Blue Ginger... P.C. - www.bangalorerestaurants.com

A part of the waterfall and gardens around Blue Ginger…
P.C. – www.bangalorerestaurants.com

The restaurant is set next to a hyacinth pool, natural stone waterfall and South-East Asian gardens and flourishes under a tiled pavilion that lets you enjoy the setting full on with your meal. It is truly amazing to be able to enjoy Sangrias, Beers, signature cocktails or single malts from the Blue Bar and the unique spread of Vietnamese food, on a sultry afternoon or a breezy evening with your family and friends.

Grilled prawns with lemon grass and chilli

Grilled prawns with lemon grass and chilli

Blue Ginger offers some set meals (apart from a la carte) which are no doubt the best combinations to go with. Some flavours, very particular to Vietnam like ‘Wok tossed Chicken with ginger and cashew nut’, ‘Stir fried greens and sprouts with garlic’, ‘Prawns in lemongrass an chilli lime soup’, ‘Asparagus soup with crab meat, Scallions and cilantro’, ‘Spicy Seafood salad’, ‘Butter garlic calamari’, ‘Wok tossed lobster chunck and cashew nut with crushed pepper’, ‘Fresh rice paper rolls with shrimp and chicken’, ‘Grilled Chicken with Basil and Five Spice’, ‘Wok tossed prawn with shitake mushrooms, dry shrimp and celery’ and the same is also served with tenderloin instead, Vietnamese style sauté tenderloin with garlic and sweet onion, ‘Wok tossed soft noodles with vegetables/seafood/mixed meat’ are all there in the menu, and some ‘Jelly and Fruits with Coconut Cream’ or some ice creams wouldn’t do much harm to your calorie count to end it with! Do not forget to ask after the ‘Chef’s Special’!!

Salad of Grilled Chicken

Salad of Grilled Chicken

Do visit and try the world of exotic Vietnamese specialities made with the expert hands at Blue Ginger, while sitting in one of the most beautiful restaurants in town, with soothing music and sounds of Nature, excellent service and ambience. Call 076767 76767 or visit our website by clicking here to make a reservation. Bookyoutable.com – Your Food Advisor will never let you regret a choice!!

Shiro – UB City, Bangalore



Intense inspiration from Oriental culture and heritage is the lifeline of Shiro, a posh, fine dining restaurant in UB City, Bangalore. The huge Buddha face with a tranquil gaze, the perfect larger than life Tari Jaipong dancers of Heaven calmly pouring water, the many smaller sculptures of Buddha and water droplet shaped items suspended from the ceiling that add the effect of rain… It is a truly amazing setting indoors while the outdoor setting offers to view the Green City’s spaces, the wonderful breeze and a completely delighting experience.

Japanese Food P.C. - www.bubblews.com

Japanese Food
P.C. – www.bubblews.com

The menu at Shiro keeps changing every week but it always comes out even better than before! Sunday Brunch is one of the main attractions for the ardent Japanese and Asian cuisine lovers. There are Japanese, Korean and Thai cuisines to be served in a great buffet spread of sushi, maki rolls, dimsums, soups and desserts. A live counter will make the chosen sushi right in front of you! The mains are not showcased in buffet bowls but brought to the table, fresh and warm. They have 3 vegetarian and 3 non-vegetarian options and have sub-categories with a minimum of four choices in each and include Chicken, Prawns, Beef, Fish and vegetables. The shrimp dimsums and mushroom dimsums are among the hot picks here. Certain types of seafood cakes (made of shrimps or fish), seafood or chicken in Chinese sauces are also there among the options for appetizers. Tiramisu and Hot Choco-lava Cake with Vanilla Ice-cream are the primes of the dessert table! Shots of vodka with fruits like kiwi, lemon or orange, some Indian sparkling wine (Sula Seco), Martinis, Daiquiri, Mimosa (mostly IMFL choices) are complimentary to the buffet.

A Mimosa Cocktail P.C. - www.wearychef.com

A Mimosa Cocktail
P.C. – www.wearychef.com

The bartender, Joseph, is really deft at mixing the right ingredients and the right portions with the right drinks to give you a mind-blowing concoction in the glass. The service is excellent. The Shiro staff is very well-trained. Hygiene is highly maintained. The DJ is good and spreads contemporary beats in the air while you eat.



Choco-Lava cake with ice-cream P.C. www.kickasschef.com

Choco-Lava cake with ice-cream
P.C. www.kickasschef.com


The Sunday Brunch is rather sensational and reservation is a must. Call 076767 76767 and book your table beforehand. The extended time from 1230-430p.m. is quite good and you can eat at a lazy pace, enjoying the flavourful food by the morsels along with the charm of Bangalore’s weather!!

Café Prato and Bar at Four Seasons Hotel, Mumbai

Café Prato and Bar at Four Seasons Hotel, Mumbai is located at the lobby level of the hotel. It is the all-day dining restaurant of Four Seasons and has a lavish setting. High ceilings, floor-to-ceiling windows with natural light streaming in make Café Prato and Bar a perfect place for business meeting, a quiet family lunch or an intimate romantic dinner.

Café Prato and Bar at Four Seasons Hotel, Mumbai

Café Prato and Bar at Four Seasons Hotel, Mumbai

Indian, Italian and Mediterranean, Café Prato and Bar presents you the best offerings of these most-sought after cuisines of the world. Being an all-day dining restaurant, breakfast is served daily at Café Prato and Bar that features continental, International and regional specialities, even idlis and Japanese breakfast.

Café Prato and Bar at Four Seasons Hotel, Mumbai

Poached egg with toast
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However the popular ones include egg (in any form) and toast, birchermuesli, savory waffles and crab and tomato omelettes, poori bhaji, pancakes with maple syrup and fruits (chosen by the health freaks). You must try the blonde beer dosa with coconut chutney. It is such an unsual dish.

Café Prato and Bar at Four Seasons Hotel, Mumbai

Blonde beer dosa with coconut chutney

The a la carte menu at Café Prato and Bar includes thoughtfully crafted dishes including pizzas and pastas, contemporary main dishes, kathi rolls, home-style curries and kebabs. Authentic Italian-style risotto and cappuccino are lunch favourites.

Café Prato and Bar at Four Seasons Hotel, Mumbai

Mutton rogan josh
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Café Prato and Bar at Four Seasons Hotel, Mumbai

Roasted seabass
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Dinner at Café Prato and Bar turns into a more romantic and intimate affair as the chandeliers and candle light up to lend a warm ambience to the restaurant. The dinner speciality includes menus from  Chef Clinton Cooper like Beet, Sweet Tomato or Caesar Salads; Lobster Veloute; Grilled Yellow-fin Tuna; roasted Seabass; Roasted Lamb Rack (all new on the menu) in addition to the regular pizzas, pastas and Indian curries like Lamb rogan josh and saffron rice.

Café Prato and Bar at Four Seasons Hotel, Mumbai

Warm chocolate brownie

Dare not miss out on the desserts! It is a crazy blend of favourites like cheesecakes, Apple Pie, fruit platters and Warm chocolate brownie, classic tiramisu, roasted almond ice-cream, mixed berry compote and homemade ice-creams.

However it is the Sunday Brunch at Café Prato and Bar that is the talk of the town. This lavish multi-cuisine buffet is accompanied by drinks of your choice. Go ahead and choose from wines, French champagne, vodka and vodka-based cocktails. It is a sumptuous party with a separate kids’-friendly zone. An impeccable service ensures you have a great time at Café Prato and Bar.

Head to Café Prato and Bar right away! Make your reservations beforehand. Visit bookyourtable or call 076767 76767.

Sunday Brunch at Citrus – The Leela Palace, Bangalore

Bangalore has many fine-dine restaurants to its credit, not to forget the five-star ones … some of them are even certified as the best in India! Citrus at The Leela Palace Bangalore is one of them. The Leela Palace, Bangalore located at Old Airport Road, Bangalore is a five-star hotel that can easily attain a spot in the list of the best five-star hotels of the world. From its decor to its service, it is par excellence. With regal settings in the midst of nature, The Leela Palace, Bangalore offers its guests service if International stature. Today we’ll be talking about its all-day fine dine restaurant cum cafe, Citrus. The Sunday Brunch at Citrus – The Leela Palace, Bangalore is one of the most popular brunches in the city.

Sunday Brunch at Citrus – The Leela Palace, Bangalore

The setting at Citrus … Bright and colourful!

True to its name, Citrus at The Leela Palace, Bangalore is a vibrant restaurant cum cafe of this acclaimed five-star property. Open 24/7, Citrus entertains guests thronging the restaurant all through the day. The ambience of Citrus is very refreshing and energetic. Natural light travels in through the huge glass windows and the restaurant dazzles during the day. Also an outdoor patio offers a pleasant seating to the guests in the lap of Nature. Such a bright atmosphere is just perfect for a lazy Sunday Brunch.

Sunday Brunch at Citrus – The Leela Palace, Bangalore

Outdoor seating at Citrus

The Sunday Brunch at Citrus – The Leela Palace, Bangalore is the talk of the town. Families and friends crowd Citrus on lazy Sunday afternoons. Why not? The ambience, the food and the service … everything is THE BEST! It is the seating on the outside that people mainly choose for Sunday Brunch provided the weather is pleasant. The chimes of the waterfall accompany you. From big families to couples to hip group of friends, you find everyone having fun at the Sunday Brunch at Citrus.

Sunday Brunch at Citrus – The Leela Palace, Bangalore

A platter of exotic cheese
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Speaking about food, you find the best dishes of every cuisine from around the globe.  As per the Senior Sous Chef Ranjith Thomas, the Sunday Brunch at Leela is multi cuisine … they offer something for everyone! Indian, Asian, Lebanese, European, Continental, Tex-Mex; there are cuisines available for all palates! They also offer many European cold-cuts and probably the best and exotic cheese platter in town.

Sunday Brunch at Citrus – The Leela Palace, Bangalore

Pork Shank

Sunday Brunch at Citrus – The Leela Palace, Bangalore

Fish Tandoori … a must try dish at Citrus!
PC: flickr.com

Some of the International dishes you could try here are roast beef with tartar sauce, chicken pate, tender-cooked pork shank, rabbit stew, and stuffed suckling pig with red wine sauce, German sausage, smoked ham and salami.  From the Indian section, do try the Mutton biryani and Tandoori fish.

Sunday Brunch at Citrus – The Leela Palace, Bangalore

PC: whatsgabycooking.com

When you look at the dessert buffet, it is just so tempting! Cakes, pastries, mousse, brownies, ice-creams … there are as many as 20 desserts to choose from! Don’t resist your temptation, forget dieting and just dig into them. Cherry crumble; raspberry and white chocolate ganache; tiramisu; Citrus Grand Manier Parfait, served with orange marmalade and raspberry sorbet; and the Guayaqul Chocolate Ganache Tart, served with hazelnut biscuit and hazelnut ice cream are the best ones.

Don’t forget to pair your food from the many beverages available. They have sparkling wine too. Make your Sunday plans today. Reserve a table at Citrus– The Leela Palace, Bangalore for their Sunday Brunch. Call 076767 76767 or visit bookyourtable. And yes, do reserve a table outside. You’ll love it!