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Chinese restaurants – Begumpet, Hyderabad

It is not a task to find Chinese restaurants. They have grown up like mushrooms in every corner of the street. Big or small, they are found in every shapes and size, but rarely do they serve good food. Here are some Chinese restaurants – Begumpet, Hyderabad that serves great tasting Chinese fare.


Mainland China (Chinese restaurants – Begumpet, Hyderabad):

Mainland China has a few branches in Hyderabad, one being at Begumpet. Black and gold is the theme here, just like the other outlets across the country. Very popular and always buzzing, Mainland China is a favourite option when it comes to eating decent Chinese food.

Chinese restaurants – Begumpet, Hyderabad

Chicken in chilli oyster sauce

The menu has quite unique Chinese and Cantonese dishes to choose from. The dimsum platter includes Pangrilled Crab Cakes, Pan fried Spinach and Pak choy dumplings, and Steamed Chicken Rice Pearls. Have the claypot soups, Wok tossed Lamb with Garlic and Blackbean, Tofu with Dry Red Chillies, Chicken in chilli oyster sauce, Crackling Spinach, Hunan Prawns, Tsing Hoi Chicken, and noodles are the popular choices.


The Oriental Pavilion (Chinese restaurants – Begumpet, Hyderabad):

The Oriental Pavilion at Fortune Select Hotel, Begumpet is a Pan-Asian restaurant specializing in Chinese, Thai and Malaysian cuisines. The decor is classy with rich black and red, stained glass lamps and Thai figurines with ornate clothing. The restaurant has been beautifully designed.

Chinese restaurants – Begumpet, Hyderabad

Crab in Cantonese Sauce

The food available is authentic. Dim sums, Crackling spinach, prawn tempura, chicken satay, drums of heaven, Khao Suey, Crab in Cantonese sauce, Hunan prawns, Kung Pao Chicken, along with a variety of noodles and rice. Desserts like Date pancake and Darsaan are quite popular.


Bowl o’ China (Chinese restaurants – Begumpet, Hyderabad):

Bowl o’ China located at NTR Garden, near Begumpet is quite a lovely place to take your family out for a dinner. The decor is very Oriental with Chinese lanterns hanging and Chinese good luck charms strewn in many corners.

Chinese restaurants – Begumpet, Hyderabad

Fried Pomfret with Chilli Oyster Sauce

You have ample options to choose from the menu. Dim sum basket, Singapore Crab, Fried Pomfret with Chilli Oyster Sauce, Bhutan Chicken, Chilli Garlic Noodles, Sliced Chicken with Mushrooms and Bamboo Shoots, Chicken drumstick, mandarin fish, Tiger prawns sizzler and many more dishes that you can choose from.