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Brunch Restaurants In Kolkata

We know food in Kolkata is a much hyped center of attraction across the globe. Almost all food lovers have an idea about the Phuchka, mach-er jhol, churmur, jhalmuri, chicken roll or aloor chop that Bengalis love. It’s not that all food lovers travel to Kolkata to try out the dishes every year. It’s just that these dishes are so scrumptious and luscious in real times that they are now available almost everywhere across the country.

Roll, A Popular Snack of Kolkata P.C.: https://goo.gl/P7GjMY

Roll, A Popular Snack of Kolkata
P.C.: https://goo.gl/P7GjMY

However, on the other side the foodies of Bengal are also quite acquainted towards the western food culture. Thanks to the mushrooming of various sorts of restaurants in the City of Joy. Restaurant owners are making Kolkata the hub as they know that the Bengalis will respond positive to their business.

From customer side, Bengalis consider food as the base of their living. So irrespective of budget or circumstances, they keep on experimenting over the diverse cuisines that are recently available in Kolkata.

Kolkata, The City P.C.: http://goo.gl/bSOQxi

Kolkata, The City
P.C.: http://goo.gl/bSOQxi

If you are yet not in the list where you have tried these recent brunch restaurants in Kolkata, then take this aid and go forward. The experience will be worth a tale.

Barbeque Nation
The Barbeque Nation chain of restaurants are now growing gross across the nation and definitely did n’t miss to spread it’s aura of kababs and grills in Kolkata. With options over an extensive menu of American, Mediterranean, Oriental and Indian, the restaurant beholds its fame for out class grills and kababs. In fact, many share their experience that on their visit they got so full with the starters that they could n’t reach the main course. Don’t end in such when you take your turn at the Salt Lake Barbeque Nation in Kolkata. Remember, in dessert you got to try their kulfi.

Grills At Barbeque Nation P.C.: http://goo.gl/VIBAbk

Grills At Barbeque Nation
P.C.: http://goo.gl/VIBAbk

In 2010, Sarson took its frst breath at the second floor of Kolkata’s South City Mall after fatigued attempts by Amitabh Rai. Known for their Punjabi spread, the ambiance at Sarson also echoes the same effect in their warm lighting and jhula setting. Sarson started getting a huge crowd once they unveiled their buffet option that has a menu where the start and the end is not visible at the same time. Another feature of the restaurant is their unlimited welcome drinks make you try so many flavors at a go. Do try their Zombie Pineapple Mint. You also get Bengali cuisine at Sarson.

Interiors of Sarson, Kolkata P.C.: https://goo.gl/R4Brw5

Interiors of Sarson, Kolkata
P.C.: https://goo.gl/R4Brw5

A new addition for Kolkata’s restaurant lovers is this food paradise that offers All-white decor, sink-in sofas, quiet corners, open decks, wraparound bar, a happening DJ churning out foot-tapping music along with a  mix of Mediterranean, Szechwan, Italian, Japanese & Indian dishes. Your romantic encounter reaches a height as the eyes capture a view of the elite city along with your loved ones.


Afraa, Kolkata
P.C.: https://goo.gl/14ebQh


We have more in the list. To be continued!

Bengali and fish-2

The Bengali culture is typically encompassed with fish when it comes to cuisine. In Bengal, fish is the symbol of prosperity, fertility and pleasure.

Bengali Fish Curry P.C.: http://goo.gl/w0btBv

Bengali Fish Curry
P.C.: http://goo.gl/w0btBv

The truly behold their culture. Hence, you ask anyone on earth about Bengali food style, all spell out fish and rice. Geography is highly responsible for this choice of the Bengalis. The criss cross rivers of the the Ganges, the Padma, and the Brahmaputra along with the salty Bay of Bengal all around made fish available and a popular choice too.

Typical Fish Market in Bengal P.C.: http://goo.gl/ABGpnX

Typical Fish Market in Bengal
P.C.: http://goo.gl/ABGpnX

Fish is a fond for Bengalis irrespective of size, texture, or density of flesh and bone. This has made the fish choices of Bengalis variant. Among this diverse fall for fish, few dishes that are very common to any Bengali house hold and favorite to any Bengali across the globe are listed here. They are part of their regular plates as well as available in restaurants nowadays.

First and foremost, Macher Jhol.
This can be somewhat called a fish stew. Bengalis can prepare this with almost any type of fish you give. Additional to fishes, lots of vegetables like cauliflower or potatoes are added to bring in taste as per season. It’s simple, fast to cook and is a beautiful combination when served with hot rice. A lime and a chilli adds to the meal.

Macher Jhol P.C.: http://goo.gl/ABGpnX

Macher Jhol
P.C.: http://goo.gl/ABGpnX

Second in list is Macher Kaliya.
This famous Bengali delicacy made out of Katla or Rohu fish can be served with daily meals and also in special occasions. For the latter, the spices and oil added are stronger making the dish delicious in taste. The main twist to add taste to this recipe lies in the size of the fish. Fishes weighing more than 3kgs are considered more apt.


Macher Kalia P.C.: http://goo.gl/ABGpnX

Macher Kalia
P.C.: http://goo.gl/ABGpnX

Third, in the bouquet is Tel Koi.
Tel Koi has a very seasonal note to it. It’s mostly a winter dish due to the availability of Koi in winter. Also, it has a lot of oil which might not be digested in the sultry summers of Bengal. This wonderful preparation can be made in the shortest of time using Koi fish, mustard oil, kalonji and few more spices. The chef needs to be little careful while dealing Koi fish as it lives long after being made out of water.

Tel Koi P.C.: http://goo.gl/bHnfYE

Tel Koi
P.C.: http://goo.gl/bHnfYE

Fourth, in the bunch is Doi Mach.
Made with Rohu or Katla fish, this can serve both way-daily dose or delicate delicacy. The preparation is almost like Macher Kaliya though curd dominates the gravy here. The weight of the fish also matters here. The curry is distinctive, spicy and sour with a soft and tender fish.

Doi Mach P.C.: http://goo.gl/T43XB1

Doi Mach
P.C.: http://goo.gl/T43XB1

Last in the queue is Chingri Macher Malaikari.
One of my favorite being a by birth Bengali, this sweet coconut based preparation can be made with shrimps or jumbo prawns. When its prawn at home, most Bengalis prefer this gravy dish. That does not mean, there is nomore to Bengali prawn preparation. Other popular prawn dishes in Bengal are Lau Chingri, Chingri Paturi, Badhakopir Ghonto Chingri Mach Diye, Posto Chingri and more.

Chingri Malaikari P.C.: http://goo.gl/jtB1de

Chingri Malaikari
P.C.: http://goo.gl/jtB1de

Bengal and fish-1


A Typical Bengali Thali
P.C. : http://goo.gl/2OeN67

Bengali cuisine has received fantastic appreciation across the globe for its perfect blend of sweet and sour along with bitter and spice. It’s unpretencious flavours made out of, ‘panchforon’ adding aroma and ‘shorshey’ making it unforgettable. Even today, ladies in Bengal spend hours in the kitchen experimenting over food and fish.

It’s the location of Bengal in East India and by the shores that made fish be the staple food for them. A typical non vegetarian Bengali needs fish by the plate for a complete satisfactory meal.Bengal’s endless streams, lakes and ponds abound with multitudinous mixed bags of fishes. Hence, fish is regular, fish is celebration in Bengal. Fish forms their character and personality.

The fishy affair of the Bengalis is long, extensive and dates back to ages. From fry, gravy to bake, Bengalis have been making outstanding fish preparations since ages. Most Bengalis learn the art of cooking fish from their family that is, it’s in their genes. It’s the historic connect of fishes to centuries ago, that today some authentic fish preparations are a part of all Bengali households.

If a tourist visits a typical Bengali home, it’s natural that he will come across these authentic fishy preparations in a day or few. Undoubtedly, the taste of fishes makes you fall in love with them. Then, you also fall for fishes and the Bengalis try their best to serve you the maximum from their fishy palates.

One among these classic Bengali fish palates that takes the first position in the list is SHORSHEY ILISH.

Shorshe Ilish has all the trademarks of an authentic Bengali cuisine. Most Bengalis consider Shorshe Ilish to be a very difficult recipe. Also ilish or hilsa is getting expensive.  So, they usually reserve the dish for special occasions. This mustard based spicy fish preparation is loved for the strong aroma of the fish and it’s light weight.Shorshe_Ilish

Second in the row is BHETKI PATURI.


Bhetki Paturi
P.C. : http://goo.gl/5BX41B

This banana leaf wrapped all time Bengali favorite is not a regular dish. It’s rich and spicy and mostly served in weddings and celebrations. This baked dish needs slow cooking and is made of Bhetki fillets. Hence, it is completely boneless. Many fish lovers relish this advantage of Bhetki Paturi.

Third in the fish list of East India comes CHITOL MACHER MUTHIYA.

This legendary dish originates from an unknown time in history but will definitely linger as a delicacy for all forth coming generations in Bengal. To sum it up, it is fish balls or chitol dumplings in ginger-garlic onion based gravy. The dish needs long preparation hours but less time to lick your fingers.

Now it cannot be that Bengalis actually wait for a distant wedding or anniversary celebration t relish these days. Modern Bengalis live a fast life where making up these dishes is time consuming.

So how to relieve your taste buds?

Bookyourtable definitely has  the solution. Venture in these recommended restaurants in Kolkata or outside and indulge in a fishy meal.

Named after a popular Bengali song, this retaturant specializes in serving authentic Bengali food. Hence, signature fish preparations are a definite in the menu. To keep it fresh and new for the guests, everyday the menu is handwritten, for you to venture in the best. It has many branches in Kolkata, Bangalore, Mumbai and more.



Bhajohari Manna, Kolkata
P.C. : http://goo.gl/eJ2JEH


Located in South Kolkata, this restaurant will arouse your gastronomic urges even when you pass by it. The huge banners of fish along with the orthodox Bengali house set up calls you with a promising experience. If you visit this 2003 establishment, do try their 6BP Thali. It’s awesome.


Browse in Bookyourtable for more!!


BYT Experiences in Kolkata

Durga Ma, during Durga Puja P.C.: http://goo.gl/VjJwkf

Durga Ma, during Durga Puja
P.C.: http://goo.gl/VjJwkf

Kolkata is regarded as a city of love because of the people and the warmth that is in the air! The city has a dominant pulse that resonates through all her people and this City of Joy is a place to visit because of the fantastic historical legacy, majestic monuments, museums and of course one of the largest festivals across the globe, Durga Puja!

Bengali Daab Chingri & Rice P.C.: http://goo.gl/XWqjbO

Bengali Daab Chingri & Rice
P.C.: http://goo.gl/XWqjbO

Food, in Kolkata and actually all of Bengal, is synonymous to ‘Love’! Everyone is a foodie! There is so much variety, so much diversity, in the culinary scene of Kolkata that it proves quite mind-boggling when one tries to narrow down on choices! There are equal amount of choices in both, vegetarian and non-vegetarian sections. Unique blend of the Bengali 5 spices give the staple curries a wonderful taste. But Kolkata is a place where you find every taste, every cuisine, all of the world, when it comes to the palate!

A Glimpse of Beautiful Kolkata! P.C.: http://goo.gl/pifKXX

A Glimpse of Beautiful Kolkata!
P.C.: http://goo.gl/pifKXX

In this wonderful city, BYT has brought to you some amazing romantic experiences, deals and coupons that will enrich the dream experience you’ve been planning on. Be it your most special date, one of the most special occasions like anniversary or birthday, BYT has it all sorted out for you. Some of the finest brands have paired with BYT to provide you with the best value for money offers!

Check out some of them from the links given below or visit Experiences or Deals & Coupons sections to find them all!

The ‘Lovely Meal‘ package from Village restaurant on 68, Jessore Road, Near Aditya Birla Hospital, Satgachi, Kolkata, packs in complimentary welcome drinks, lunch or dinner, wonderful Garba dance and a live puppet show at just INR 1150 for two! The restaurant is beautiful, themed after a colourful village setup! Now, why would you want to miss this?

For reservations, you can call on 076767 76767 or book online!!

Indian Cuisines

With diversity in language, geography, ethnicity and climate, the Indian cuisine has also set a variation in the choice of food. This has led to the emergence of various types of cuisines within the geography of Indian sub continent. The popular cuisines of India are- Kashmiri, Punjabi, Gujarati, Goan, Bengali and Andhra.

India P.C.: http://goo.gl/7NawLi

P.C.: http://goo.gl/7NawLi

Through the use of similar spices, vegetables and ingredients India creates a combination of aromatic, captivating fragrances and intriguing flavors leading to multiple gastronomic choices within the range of Indian cuisine.

Indian Thali P.C. : http://goo.gl/iRHYo1

Indian Thali
P.C. : http://goo.gl/iRHYo1

The food style of Kashmir in extreme north India is referred to as Wazwaan. Wazwan delicacies include rogan joshdaniwal korma (lamb roasted with yoghurt) and Gushtaba (meatballs cooked in a spicy yoghurt gravy).

Mutton Rogan Josh P.C. : http://goo.gl/a4pWYa

Mutton Rogan Josh
P.C. : http://goo.gl/a4pWYa

Kahwa’ or green tea serves the desert to wash down the food.

Kahwa P.C. : http://goo.gl/JHxSzp

P.C. : http://goo.gl/JHxSzp

Tandoor or grill dominates Punjabi cuisine. Ghee, butter, curd and milk are prominent ingredients of Punjabi cooking.The favourites of Punjabis include Butter Chicken, Naan, Paratha, Makki de roti and Sarson ka Saag. ‘Lassi’ serves a popular drink among Punjabis.

Sarson Ka Saag, Makki de Roti P.C. : http://goo.gl/H3aBVR

Sarson Ka Saag, Makki de Roti
P.C. : http://goo.gl/H3aBVR

Gujarat is mostly a vegetarian state.  A typical Gujarati Thali consists of RotliDal or Kadhi(a savory curry made of yoghurt)rice, and Shaak/Sabzi .Gujaratis have a variety of breads. The popular ones are Bajra no rotli, Juvar no Rotli, Puran pohli, Makai no Rotli, Phulka Rotli and Phulka.Gujarati food is usually served with sweets. Their popular sweets include Khaman dhokla, Shrikhand and Doodhpak.

Gujarati Dessert - Shrikhand P.C. : http://goo.gl/2NYv1w

Gujarati Dessert – Shrikhand
P.C. : http://goo.gl/2NYv1w

The affinity to beach geographically makes Goa to have more of sea food.Of all spices, the use coconut and kokum dominate the taste of Goa. Goan cuisine is considered incomplete without prawns, crabs, shellfish, lobsters, squid and mussels.

Goanese Prawn P.C. : http://goo.gl/BZ8gp2

Goanese Prawn
P.C. : http://goo.gl/BZ8gp2

Coming to east India, the culinary scene of Bengal has rice and fish as the staple food. Fresh water fishes like rohu, katla, hilsa and pabda make this cuisine unique. Bengalis have a love for milk products. Their deserts like sandesh, rasogolla, rashamalai and payesh is prepared out of milk and sweet. Luchi, shukto, aloo posto form delicacies of Bengali food.

Begali Hilsa Fish Curry P.C.: http://goo.gl/2UQs79

Begali Hilsa Fish Curry
P.C.: http://goo.gl/2UQs79

In the extreme south, Andhra style food stands away and unique. Andhra food has dominance in the use of tamarind, coconut oil, red chilies and curry leaves. Rice and sambhar forms the staple food of entire South India. In South India, food is traditionally served on banana leaf. This practice is still continued in case of feasts and celebrations.

South Indian Meal P.C. : http://goo.gl/lGNVRj

South Indian Meal
P.C. : http://goo.gl/lGNVRj

Modern Indian food lovers are continuing their experiments with these traditional cuisines to broaden the concept of fusion food within Indian cuisine.

Fantastic Buffet Restaurants in Bhuwaneshwar

Bhuwaneshwar, the capital city of Odisha (formerly known as Orissa) has a history of over 3000 years beginning with the Mahamegha-bahana Chedi dynasty around the second century BC. Today, Bhuwaneshwar is one of the prime centres of culture and trade and commerce in Eastern India. As a result, the hospitality industry is also in a bloom. This blog lists out three fantastic buffet restaurants to go to and relish the tastes!

Golden Bird, Bhuwaneshwar Courtesy: tripadvisior.in

Golden Bird, Bhuwaneshwar
Courtesy: tripadvisior.in

The Golden Bird is definitely one of the best choices to visit when you have buffet in mind. There are over 20 choices, keeping in mind the tastes of both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. The buffet food is undoubtedly fresh, well made and very tasty. They begin with breakfast and stop with dinner. The prices are amazingly affordable compared to the fare offered and variety. The food quality is very well maintanined always. Golden Bird is surely a great choice.

Tea Pot Courtesy: mayfairhotels.com

Tea Pot
Courtesy: mayfairhotels.com

Tea Pot in the Mayfair Hotels is yet a grand option for a lavish fine dining experience and when you have buffet on your mind. It serves Continental and Asian cuisines along with a wide array of different beverages and bakes like cakes and pastries. The ambiance is great for a family time-out or even a romantic venture. It is the one place you’d surely like to celebrate your special occasion in. The buffet food is a celebration by itself no matter the cuisine you opt for. The breakfast buffet is very popular and known to one of the best in the city. The service is commendable and your experience is guaranteed to be great!

Panorama, Bhuwaneshwar P.C.: swostihotels.com

Panorama, Bhuwaneshwar
P.C.: swostihotels.com

Panorama in Swosti Premium hotel is the last buffet restaurant to be elaborated on in this blog. This is a very popular multi-cuisine restaurant with unending refills and an impressive variety on their buffet table for all tastes. The vegetarians and non-vegetarians, both, leave happy and satisfied and of course, with a promise to return! Panorama serves North Indian, Chinese, Continental and Bengali cuisines. The buffets are priced within an economical slab.

call 076767 76767 for reservations via BYT.

Baluchi – The Lalit, New Delhi

Baluchi serves from the tastes of undivided India on its plethora of choices and can be found nestled in The LaLiT, New Delhi.


Baluchi – The LaLiT


Gulab Sherbet

Baluchi specializes in North Indian, South Indian and Pan-Asian cuisines with a good name for drinks, snacks and Desserts. The popular dishes include Mushroom Galouti, Mutton Chapli, Paan Biryani, Indian Bread Basket and Hindustani Roti. Parts of their menu card showcase the Mughlai, Kashmiri, Keralite, Rajasthani and Bengal cuisines. What is even more innovative is that there’s an avant-garde bread-and-wine bar! The food is universally agreed upon by its connoisseurs as being one of the best in town. The Chef’s recommendations include Chapli Kebab (Pomegranate, Coriander and Black Pepper Corn flavoured Minced Mutton Kebabs, cooked on a Griddle – Speciality of Peshawar), Murgh Pushtoon (Morsels of Chicken cooked and served in its own Juices with Blend of special Spices in a Clay Pot) and Dal Baluchi (Over Night simmered Black Lentil cooked with Rich Cream and Butter – A House Specialty).


Mutton Kofta Kabab


The Bread-and-Wine section in Baluchi

The décor is a bit understated as compared to other five star abodes but yet has a classy and aristocratic touch. The restaurant is quite spacious and has a patterned tiled finish on the floor and a wooden false ceiling glows with spotlights atop. The picture windows on both sides make up for the walls and make the restaurant amply well-lit in day time and extremely romantic at dinner. The simple arrangements do have a salient statement nonetheless. The live kitchen adds to the animation and liveliness of the place.


Aam (Mango) Cake



The absolutely amazing, qualitative and quantitative food, soothing music, natural light and the fact that Baluchi belongs to The LaLiT, completes Baluchi’s identity and encourages vivacity! To enjoy your heart out with the awesome ‘Gol-Gappas Trolley’ and make your experience worth remembering, please visit BookyourTable.com and help us add to your comfort with our value added services, reservations, discount coupons and more!

North Indian restaurants-Koregaon Park, Pune

At Koregaon Park, Pune, all sorts of restaurants are found. And every restaurant has something to suit everyone’s palate and pocket. Here are some North Indian restaurants-Koregaon Park, Pune.

BookyourTable helps you to get reservations for each of these restaurants.


Mystic Masala (North Indian restaurants-Koregaon Park, Pune):

Mystic Masala at Vivanta by Taj-Blue Diamond is one such restaurant that aims at serving you the best of North Indian, Maharashtrian and Bengali specialities.

North Indian restaurants-Koregaon Park, Pune

Mystic Masala-Vivanta by Taj

Mystic Masala has a very contemporary decor and smart ambience that serves for a fine-dine option. Opening for lunch and dinner, this restaurant is a good place if you want to savour some authentic regional flavours. The wine collection of Mystic Masala is also significant.

North Indian restaurants-Koregaon Park, Pune

Mutton Biryani

The North Indian varieties include Paneer Tikka, Murgh Tikka topped with cheese, Shorba, Nizami Handi, Dal Makhni and biryanis. Some Bengali staples like Chingri Malai Curry, Shorshe Maachh and Kosha Mangsho are featured in their menu. You also get to taste some authentic Maharashtrian and Konkani flavours here.

North Indian restaurants-Koregaon Park, Pune

Tambda Rassa

Bharleli Vangi, Sukkha Mutton, Kombdi Cha, Gawran Rassa, Tamda Rassa, Vangya Chi Chutney, Gawar Chi Bhaji and Tondli Bhaat are the spot-on Maharashtrian delicacies available.


The Great Punjab (North Indian restaurants-Koregaon Park, Pune):

The Great Punjab at Koregaon Park is a place where you can expect the sort of sinful Punjabi taste rich in cream and butter oozing out the authentic flavours of Punjab.  The restaurant has a simple decoration but every visitor’s concern is the awesome tasting food from the kitchen. A bar with domestic and imported wines is available too.

North Indian restaurants-Koregaon Park, Pune

Chicken makhani

North Indian restaurants-Koregaon Park, Pune

Tandoori Pomfret

Bhindi Fry Masala, Dal Makhani, Kadai Paneer, Chicken Peshawari, Mutton Rogan Josh, Chicken makhani are those sinful collection of true Punjabi flavours. However if you are weight-conscious then you might try out Seekh Kebab, Paneer Tikka and Fish Tandoori Pomfret.

The Great Punjab is a restaurant worth every penny spent.