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6 Creative Egg Decorating Ideas for Easter

Gone are the days when we used to dunk an Easter egg in the dye. As time flew, we came across new decorative ways of decking up the egg. However, the real art is to design and decorate them with an easy and inexpensive process. Taking the tradition of colored eggs beyond convention with creativity, we present you amazing ways to decorate your Easter egg.  So let your imagination spark creation and decorate the Easter egg the best way.

Here’s a list of ideas we have for you.

Smiley Egg

Expressive Easter Eggs P.C.:https://goo.gl/KHVrlc

Expressive Easter Eggs

What better way than expressing yourself with an egg! This easy idea just needs the egg to be painted yellow and then drawing faces and expressions of your choice. Try this unconventional idea to make your Easter more fun!

Crochet Egg

Creative Crochet covers P.C.:https://goo.gl/MnKXb7

Creative Crochet covers

The most creative idea of the lot, this involve weaving or buying a crochet cover for the egg. You might try your hand for easy patterns or can go the easy way and buy some online. The designs are limitless and too good to adorn your Easter festivity.

Dyed Egg

Dying in Style P.C.:http://goo.gl/rRZ2m

Dying in Style

I am sure even kids would love breaking the shell of these colorful eggs on Easter. The egg needs to boiled hard followed by rolling them on a towel to create cracks on its surface. Drop it then in a bowl containing food color solution. Soak them overnight to see wonderful results in the morning.

Sparkling Egg

Doll-up the egg with sparkles P.C.:http://goo.gl/NPGlFg

Doll-up the egg with sparkles

This idea never goes out of fashion for it is the easiest of all and makes the egg look gorgeous. Dip the eggs in the colour of your choice. Let it dry. Apply adhesive on one end and roll it over glitters. There you go, a sparkling Easter egg shines out already!

Patch Work Egg

Patch work with tissue P.C.:http://goo.gl/7ShJn7

Patch work with tissue

This one looks the most interesting decorative idea. Surprisingly, it is also the most economic idea on the list. This decoration needs tissue papers cut into small and random shapes followed by dipping into different colors and placing them on the egg. After drying the tissue paper stick to the egg resulting in attractive patterns.

Painted Egg

Paint your imagination P.C.:https://goo.gl/UCoqcF

Paint your imagination

The simplest idea on the list, this involves splashing the egg with your creativity. Draw any patterns of your choice on the egg to make it appear beautiful. Put in your imagination and let your paintbrush color up the Easter egg.

Shiro —Chanakyapuri, New Delhi

Shiro is one of the most unique restaurants in India, found in the metropolises of Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru (Bangalore)… The one in New Delhi is located in Hotel Samrat, Kautilya Marg, Chanakyapuri. Shiro, as I personally see it, is firstly about interiors, decoration and exuberance and then about everything else like food, service and so on. In this blog, I will try to elucidate on why I say so.

Shiro, Delhi P.C.: http://goo.gl/eAEj5I

Shiro, Delhi
P.C.: http://goo.gl/eAEj5I

Delhi has been the city where Shiro made its debut and has become one of the most exotic restaurants ever since. It can be said that Shiro is a theme-based eatery since it follows the Buddhist elements of Zen very closely. It is an altar of peace and prosperity. The larger than life Buddha motifs, huge sculpted busts and statues of Buddhist disciples and Buddha induce a sense of serenity right when you enter the restaurant. The lights are arranged in such a way that they reflect the right sense your mood and show you what you will definitely like to set your eyes on. The soft flowing water and the background music echo your senses to perfection. It offers one of the most desirable experiences of fine dining be it romantic or formal.

Amazing Japanese Food!! P.C.: http://goo.gl/iGd1ub

Amazing Japanese Food!!
P.C.: http://goo.gl/iGd1ub

Shiro has been able to combine the finest of all Oriental delights, fantabulous cocktails and other beverages and a juxtaposition of ancient and modern cultural taste in the ambiance most perfectly. Your experience here is bound to be one of the most exquisite and grand.

Shiro, Delhi P.C.: http://goo.gl/4RriKK

Shiro, Delhi
P.C.: http://goo.gl/4RriKK

Shiro Delhi sprawls over the length and breadth of 6.500 sq-ft-area carefully crafted into ancient palatial bass-reliefs and architecture. Your fine dining evening here will leave a mark of superiority and premium ecstasy forever in you.

Call 076767 76767 or click here for a reservation via www.bookyourtable.com in Shiro, New Delhi.

Saffron – Trident, Gurgaon

Located inside the grand and beautiful Trident, Gurgaon, the Indian cuisine specialty restaurant, Saffron, is one of the most romantic, quiet little eateries where you may breathe a few special minutes of your busy business life with your friends and family over some great lunch or dinner fares, coupled with nice beverages.


Saffron-Indian Speciality Restaurant, Trident Gurgaon

Named after such an evergreen spice, the restaurant, Saffron, is quite unique! It offers live ghazal performances and an extremely classy and romantic time-out within its walls. It serves North Indian cuisine with recipes from across the whole north Indian belt, inclusive of Punjabi, Awadhi/Lucknowi, Kashmiri, Pakistani (Sindhi) and more.


Saffron kebab platter

Saffron also prepares Mughlai dishes and various delectable tandoors.  The popular dishes include Magaj Masala, Gosht Chapli Kebab, Murgh Mussallam, Chettinad Crab Kebab, Rajasthani Lal Boti Kebab, Tamatar Dhana Shorba, Saffron Lassi, Tandoori Jhinga, Murgh Methi Malai Kebab, Shrimp pepper fry, Goan fish curry, Malabar fish curry, Tandoori Raan, Kaju Mutter Makhane, Masaledar choley aur Amritsari kulchey, Awadhi biryani, Hyderabadi dum biryani, Dal Amritsari and finish it off with delicacies like kheer and rasmalai! Saffron has also won The Times Food and Nightlife Awards 2014 for ‘Best North Indian’!


Chocolate Opera – Saffron

The Saffron restaurant is complete with an open space, a terrace and the charm of aristocracy. The absolutely amazing, qualitative and quantitative food, soothing music, great lighting and the fact that it belongs to the majestic Trident, Gurgaon completes the identity of Saffron and encourages cheerfulness! This is one of the most agreeable options for a classy romantic date or celebrating your anniversary or a family dinner.  To enjoy your heart out with the awesome, succulent, delicious kebabs, tandoors, sheekhs and drinks and make your experience worth remembering, please visit BookyourTable.com or call 076767 76767 and help us add to your comfort with our value added services, reservations, discount coupons and more!

Terracotta – Vivanta by Taj, Whitefield, Bangalore

Looking for the best North Indian cuisine restaurant in Bangalore? Come to Terracotta, an in-house restaurant of Vivana by Taj, in Whitefield (Bangalore)!

Terracotta in Vivanta by Taj, Whitefield, Bangalore

Terracotta in Vivanta by Taj,
Whitefield, Bangalore

In Terracotta, you’ll find the best of everything that you may look for to have a complete fine dining experience. Terracotta has the perfect ambience, impeccable beauty and splendid food. You are bound to be pleased by what your spoon shall bring to your mouth and your eyes shall imprint into your mind!

A distant view of Terracotta in Vivanta by Taj

A distant view of Terracotta in Vivanta by Taj

The Indian cuisine specialty restaurant, Terracotta, takes pride in its authenticity of the dishes served and the unquestionably greatest dish from all of Lucknowi region, the Galouti Kebab, is one of the most prized plates on their offers. Its spices are in proportionate blends and the kebab literally melts on your taste-buds! The Chicken made in Lahori style with desiccated coconut and spices is yet another wonder that is highly recommended. But they also have some great dishes for Seafood lovers like spicy steaks of salmon marinated with mustard oil and grilled. However, the Australian rack of lamb coated with perfect Indian spices has quite a big fan following. The taste of biryanis needs no introduction since all are more than the best on the scale! Lastly, the odd Garlic Kheer is yet another little option to pamper yourself before you end your Nawabi meal.

Grilled salmon with Indian spices marination P.C. - www.tablespoon.com

Grilled salmon with Indian spices marination
P.C. – www.tablespoon.com

Terracotta is all about exuberance and beauty. The plush interior décor and wonderful indoor-outdoor setting says it all. The earthen colours in shades of brown and the random checker-box patterns both in the ceiling and on the floor bring about a soothing harmony. The glass wall on one side lets in the nature outside fill up your senses if you are sitting inside. While dining, if you choose to spend the time out in the pleasing Bangalore weather, a flickering little candle set on your table shall bring in the poetry your senses were longing for.

Kheer P.C. - http://forthereluctantchef.blogspot.in

P.C. – http://forthereluctantchef.blogspot.in

Call 076767 76767 or click here to help bookyourtable make a reservation for you at Terracotta and wish you a happy meal!

Shiro – UB City, Bangalore



Intense inspiration from Oriental culture and heritage is the lifeline of Shiro, a posh, fine dining restaurant in UB City, Bangalore. The huge Buddha face with a tranquil gaze, the perfect larger than life Tari Jaipong dancers of Heaven calmly pouring water, the many smaller sculptures of Buddha and water droplet shaped items suspended from the ceiling that add the effect of rain… It is a truly amazing setting indoors while the outdoor setting offers to view the Green City’s spaces, the wonderful breeze and a completely delighting experience.

Japanese Food P.C. - www.bubblews.com

Japanese Food
P.C. – www.bubblews.com

The menu at Shiro keeps changing every week but it always comes out even better than before! Sunday Brunch is one of the main attractions for the ardent Japanese and Asian cuisine lovers. There are Japanese, Korean and Thai cuisines to be served in a great buffet spread of sushi, maki rolls, dimsums, soups and desserts. A live counter will make the chosen sushi right in front of you! The mains are not showcased in buffet bowls but brought to the table, fresh and warm. They have 3 vegetarian and 3 non-vegetarian options and have sub-categories with a minimum of four choices in each and include Chicken, Prawns, Beef, Fish and vegetables. The shrimp dimsums and mushroom dimsums are among the hot picks here. Certain types of seafood cakes (made of shrimps or fish), seafood or chicken in Chinese sauces are also there among the options for appetizers. Tiramisu and Hot Choco-lava Cake with Vanilla Ice-cream are the primes of the dessert table! Shots of vodka with fruits like kiwi, lemon or orange, some Indian sparkling wine (Sula Seco), Martinis, Daiquiri, Mimosa (mostly IMFL choices) are complimentary to the buffet.

A Mimosa Cocktail P.C. - www.wearychef.com

A Mimosa Cocktail
P.C. – www.wearychef.com

The bartender, Joseph, is really deft at mixing the right ingredients and the right portions with the right drinks to give you a mind-blowing concoction in the glass. The service is excellent. The Shiro staff is very well-trained. Hygiene is highly maintained. The DJ is good and spreads contemporary beats in the air while you eat.



Choco-Lava cake with ice-cream P.C. www.kickasschef.com

Choco-Lava cake with ice-cream
P.C. www.kickasschef.com


The Sunday Brunch is rather sensational and reservation is a must. Call 076767 76767 and book your table beforehand. The extended time from 1230-430p.m. is quite good and you can eat at a lazy pace, enjoying the flavourful food by the morsels along with the charm of Bangalore’s weather!!