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For many who don’t have a clue about this festival- St. Patrick’s Day is a festival of Irish culture. St. Patrick is believed to have introduced Christianity in Ireland and on March 17, his death anniversary, is celebrated across the world indulging into the Irish culture. The catalogue of festivals in India is already huge and after Halloween, this Irish festival has also made its way from the west. No wonder, we Indians need a reason to celebrate.

St. Patrick's Day in India P.C.: http://goo.gl/EnLlLp

St. Patrick’s Day in India
P.C.: http://goo.gl/EnLlLp

Here are the 4 places where one can experience a glimpse of Irish culture on St. Patrick’s in India.

The Irish Village, Pune

Enjoy the Irish culture P.C.:http://goo.gl/HFCCDX

Enjoy the Irish culture

Acclaimed as one of the best breweries in Pune, The Irish Village serves amazing craft beer. Their freshly brewed Irish beer is one of the oblivious orders. The restro-bar is designed with a touch of a traditional Irish culture offering a unique ambiance to its guests.

Dublin, Bangalore

Dublin, Bangalore P.C.:http://goo.gl/kjyfj0

Dublin, Bangalore

This exotic pub is a part of the renowned ITC Windsor. The Irish themed property of the ITC is a happening place to enjoy St. Patrick’s Day with great, groovy music, chic crowd and yes, sumptuous food. So if you are not in Ireland, then this is the place to get hold of the best beer in the city.

The Irish House, Mumbai

No better place to enjoy the green day than here! P.C.:http://goo.gl/7eknTn

No better place to enjoy the green day than here!

A weekend can’t be better or more heavenly with a delectable fish platter coupled with chilled beer. This place is too awesome to resist the temptation of beer and good food. The taste of music adds on more to the Irish themed ambiance here.

Shamrock The Irish Bar, Hyderabad

A Classic Experience! P.C.: http://goo.gl/0rTKXv

A Classic Experience!
P.C.: http://goo.gl/0rTKXv

Reflecting the rich culture of Ireland, this pub is the best place to experience the true taste of this place. All your draught Irish favorites are available here under one roof. Unwind the stress and worries; the pleasing ambiance of this place is what you are looking for a perfect weekend!

7 Late Night Food Spots in Kolkata

The people of Kolkata have good food to tuck in at any point of the day. If ‘luchi’ makes a kind size breakfast, their ‘maacher jhol’ is a luscious lunch followed by ‘jhalmuri’ in snacks and may be some wholesome ‘biriyani’ for dinner. Rasogolla, payesh or sandesh are always there to offer a sweet tooth.

The foodies of Kolkata P.C.: http://goo.gl/7ApFSe

The foodies of Kolkata
P.C.: http://goo.gl/7ApFSe

Yet the foodies of Kolkata wanted more to this. Hunger pangs hit them in the middle of the night and thus, the city now hosts some eateries that are open late night to serve you food.

Night life in Kolkata P.C.: https://goo.gl/KPRkQG

Night life in Kolkata
P.C.: https://goo.gl/KPRkQG

During your city hopping across Kolkata, do check-in these restaurants to tuck in some excellent dishes.

Someplace Else

Inside Someplace Else P.C.: http://goo.gl/bjlw7h

Inside Someplace Else
P.C.: http://goo.gl/bjlw7h

One of the pioneer in the pub culture of Kolkata, Someplace Else has is a renowned choice among the nocturnal citizens of Kolkata. Other than unusual drinks and food, the live performances of top notch musicians drive crowds to the place. The British architecture and the European cuisine is sure to add memory to your gastronomic ventures in the city.

Alfresco – The Lalit Great Eastern

Seating arrangement in Alfresco P.C.: http://goo.gl/4tMYIY

Seating arrangement in Alfresco
P.C.: http://goo.gl/4tMYIY

One of the best choices you can make when it comes to 24X7 restaurants in Kolkata. Availability of both Indian and international cuisine adds reason for you to be here. A sandwich, a plate of noodles or a chilled ice cream – they serve you every mood at any point of the day. Also, they have a wide range of drinks which adds zing the place.


Dishes at Codfather P.C.: http://goo.gl/DT5GZK

Dishes at Codfather
P.C.: http://goo.gl/DT5GZK

Kolkata and its affair with fish is an age old love story. Contributing to the duo, this new restaurant serves seafood in Italian and Continental style. If that’s a new dish for you, then the place has more.

Entrance of Codfather P.C.: http://goo.gl/Snu4jG

Entrance of Codfather
P.C.: http://goo.gl/Snu4jG

Soup, burger, chicken, prawns – altogether awaits a versatile food fair you can’t afford to miss.


Party at Nocturne P.C.: https://goo.gl/hLS8Gi

Party at Nocturne
P.C.: https://goo.gl/hLS8Gi

As the name gives, this place is open till late night to stimulate your buds with scrumptious delicacies. To stir your senses, their chilled drinks are an added attraction. For an electrifying experience you can be at their dance floor or check-in the cosy café for a cosmic conversation. The place has ample in option for you. You got to make the right choice for an unforgettable venture.


Tantra, the biggest bar in Kolkata P.C.:http://goo.gl/XbTkBR

Tantra, the biggest bar in Kolkata

Better known as Kolkata’s largest bar, this pulsates with an irresistible magic created with food, booze, music and fun. Host a private party and groove with your favorite bunch of people. Or you can check-in late at night to rejuvenate your mind and soul, after a tiring day at work.

Azad Hind Dhaba

Entrance of Azad Hind Dhaba P.C.: http://goo.gl/AOb9gS

Entrance of Azad Hind Dhaba
P.C.: http://goo.gl/AOb9gS

Don’t let your insomnia waste at home. Drive to any of the nearest branch of this popular dhaba, and you are sure to be served great Punjabi food. From tadkas to tikkas, they are all set to serve you from noon to 2AM at night. The dhaba has been counted among top ten in the country many a times.

Don Giovanni’s
To pamper your food cravings, this 24X7 eatery is always an option. From Chinese to Indian, the menu is wide varied which leaves you with many choices to decide from. Their efficient delivery crew drops in your order at the earliest for you end with a happy experience.

Top Fine Dining Restaurants in Delhi – Part 1

India’s national capital is officially known as the National Capital Territory of Delhi. Naturally, Delhi is one of the most important metropolises in the country. It ranks as the second most populated city and is a hub of cultural and historical influxes that glorifies India’s rich past. There are quite a number of important classical reminescents of India’s history and long reigns of various foreign kings and withstanding so many invasions, Delhi is a living relic of diversity and affluence.

India Gate, Delhi P.C.: http://goo.gl/jj75KS

India Gate, Delhi
P.C.: http://goo.gl/jj75KS

As a result of the city’s important position, business and trade is abundant. The hospitality industry is doing pretty well and is budding. There are quite a few notable dining out restaurants here. This blog aims to elucidate on a couple of them.

Food in Indian Accent, Delhi

Food in Indian Accent, Delhi

The restaurant, Indian Accent, is one of the top romantic, gourmet restaurants in the city. Indian Accent is a pretty spacious eatery which is adorned in shades of brown, black, ebony, beige, golden and yellow. All the colours compliment each other very well. There is an open space that lets you look at the landscaped gardens and if you wish, you can sit out as well. Located in Friends Colony, this is a welcome respite that offers European, North Indian and Mughlai cuisines along with a fantastic Cocktail Bar! A fusion dish called Chicken Tikka Quesadilas and an North Indian twist of taste called Butter Chicken Kulcha are quite popular.

Warehouse Cafe

Warehouse Cafe

The second most awesome place to go eat is Warehouse Cafe. The way this place is lighted, it looks as if everything is coated with molten gold! The walls are open bricks and imitates the look of a perfect warehouse only that the inside is rather striking! The establishment serves American, North Indian, Italian and Asian cuisines and is popular among the party people who like relaxing in a lounge. The Chilli Chicken they make has, somehow crossed all expectations with flying colours and is one of the most popular dishes.

The California Boulevard

The California Boulevard

The third resaurant to show up in this blog will be The California Boulevard in Rajouri Garden. It sports a mix of royal blue, beige, orange, grey, deep red, indigo and brilliant. There are monochrome portraits that hang on the walls and chandeliers keep the lights up! The restaurant is spread across two floors. The restaurant celebrates birthdays and anniversaries of American stars. A handsome Harley adds to the glory! It has a rooftop section as well.

To enjoy a good time in any of these restaurants, call 076767 76767 for reservation and visit our BYT website.

Coffee Story

The importance of ‘Coffee’ dates back to almost the 13th century when, on the Ethiopian landscape of Kaffa, coffee plants flourished in abundance. It was discovered by a shepherd when by eating certain berries of a certain tree, his flock of sheep would not sleep and be very active even through the night. The shepherd informed the Abbot of the local monastery who endeavoured to make a drink with the berries that made him stay awake and alert for long hours!

The shepherd Kaldi and his sheep! P.C.: http://goo.gl/FbE4xF

The shepherd Kaldi and his sheep!
P.C.: http://goo.gl/FbE4xF

Gradually the word spread east and by the 15th century, the Arabian kingdoms were introduced to it through one of the greatest ports of the time, Mocha. Within a 100 years more, Egypt, Persia, Syria and Turkey were all in the habit of drinking coffee. Many public houses opened as coffee parlours and this became a trend. These public houses gained importance among the intellectuals and soon were regarded as centres for erudite interactions! The Dutch were proactive in cultivating coffee in the coasts of Malabar, India and some even reached Java, Indonesia.

Coffee!! P.C.: http://goo.gl/wzTN4m

Coffee & Macarons
P.C.: http://goo.gl/wzTN4m

By the 17th century, coffee reached the realms of Europe with the European explorers and got into the veins of the continent, regardless of the geographical or political boundaries. In Europe, the metropolitans of England, Netherlands, France, Germany and some other countries, already flourished in business and practice of consuming coffee. Many coffee houses were termed as ‘penny university’ because one could buy a cup of coffe for a penny!

Coffee P.C.: http://goo.gl/b0KExr

P.C.: http://goo.gl/b0KExr

The revolt against the increased taxes levied on tea, by King George, with the growing popularity of tea led to the ‘Boston Tea Party’ that marked a milestone in the American history. Coffee reached Latin America when the Brazilian emperor commissioned a visit of a particular official to France, who, although unsuccessful in finding any trade on the same, found enough coffee beans hidden in the bouquet from his lover there, that he could start what is a billion dollar industry in the present day.

Vanilla Raspberry Iced Coffee P.C.: http://goo.gl/w5ziXM

Vanilla Raspberry Iced Coffee
P.C.: http://goo.gl/w5ziXM

Coffee production is more dominant today in the southern parts of India and the tradition of its consumption has taken over new faces over time. The modern coffee parlours, bakeries and confectionery stores have made great innovations and alterations and now, it is a common thing all over the world.

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Experiences at The Lalit, Mumbai

One of the most superior five star properties in Mumbai is The Lalit. It is a beautiful hotel that has mesmerising interiors, landscaped gardens, soothing pools and amazing food. World-class Chefs prepare delicious food and there are multi-cuisine options. The restaurants are simply superb. The Lalit is a welcome retreat always for all travellers, be it on business or leisure. There are six fabulous restaurants in the hotel, all dedicated to fine dining and luxurious experiences.

A peek inside The Lalit, Mumbai P.C.: http://goo.gl/HxfIYu

A peek inside The Lalit, Mumbai
P.C.: http://goo.gl/HxfIYu

Beluga is a snug lounge bar that boasts of a wide range of selected labels from across the world. There are exclusive and rare brands that you can enjoy here. Trendz is a wonderful restaurant with a grand wine cellar to choose from alongside their pioneering venture into world cuisine food with a new age touch of molecular gastronomy!! Baluchi is The Lalit’s Pan-Asian tribute to the amazing world of Indian spices and tastes. The kebabs, tandooris, biryani, curries and Indian breads are unparalleled! Sutra is the hub of mixing music, nightlife, drinks and fun. This is the right place to party. Delicantessen is the spot o’ cheer for all the sweet-lovers!

Trendz - The Lalit, Mumbai P.C.: http://goo.gl/OPMi40

Trendz – The Lalit, Mumbai
P.C.: http://goo.gl/OPMi40

Coming to the all day diner of The Lalit, 24/7, it is one of the most popular choices of its patrons. There are buffets, a la carte options, cafe food and much more to explore. There is an impressive wine collection available. The restaurant is a beautiful one, very well decorated and nicely laid out.

24/7 - The Lalit, Mumbai P.C.: http://goo.gl/BF243t

24/7 – The Lalit, Mumbai
P.C.: http://goo.gl/BF243t

Bookyourtable brings to you four surprisingly exciting deals of The Lalit’s 24/7 eatery.

Champagne Buffet: This exclusive BYT offer at just INR 2999+tax includes 2 glasses of champagne and unlimited alcohol along with a scrumptious multi-cuisine buffet fare that has live counters that serve you fresh and hot! The staff are specially attentive to your needs and you are sure to enjoy a great time with our special offer.

Sunday Special: The exclusive BYT Offer gives you an awesome brunching experience at INR 2499+tax, inclusive of alcohol and at INR 1799+tax, without alcohol. 24/7 is known for their buffets and are acknowledged by many to be one of the best in the city. You wouldn’t want to miss this!

Kids Special: At just INR 851+tax, 24/7 offers you an amazing, multi-cuisine buffet spread with enticing desserts, specially suitable for your kids. While you enjoy the adult ways, let your kid be wooed a little by our efforts and The Lalit’s endeavours, too!

All Day Buffet: This experience packs in an absolute BYT Offer that gives you the fantabulous 24/7 breakfast buffet at INR 775+tax, lunch at INR 1499+tax and dinner at INR 1599+tax!! How aawesome is that?

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Top Notch Restaurants in Bhuwaneshwar

Bhuwaneshwar, the busiest city in and state capital of Odisha (formerly known as Orissa) is also a foodie’s hub with budding restaurants, cafes and eateries. With the steady flourish in trade and commerce, the businesses are looking high and well. There are a numver of five star properties and quite a few notable restaurants for you to unwind in or celebrate or simply dine out, inviting a change of taste. In this blog, three famous restaurants have been highlited, namely, Tangerine 9, Breeze in Pal Heights and The Restaurant in Trident Bhuwaneshwar. Three are of different ambiance, moods and effects but the only common thread that connect them might elate the North Indian cuisine lover… Yes, they all serve North Indian food alongside other cuisines.

Tandoori Chicken P.C.: mygola.com

Tandoori Chicken
P.C.: mygola.com

Tangerine 9 is a place where ambiance and the pleasure of good food wins a 50-50 tie. The restaurant is beautifully decorated and has a pretty mos outlook. Neon colous, mixed type of furniture from couches to cushioned chairs at a table, Tangerine 9 sports it all. It is a class apart when it comes to their dishes. The food is a delight for all! It is good for all occasions, be it family, friends or a date with your special someone.

Breese P.C.: palheights.com

P.C.: palheights.com

The Breese in Pal Heights might seem a little pricey but what is amazing is the variety and awesome taste of the food offered. The outdoos seating morphs into a very romantic place after sundown and is perfect to unwind over drinks and fresh, succulent and tasty food. Breeze is patronised by many for brilliant service and the live grills actually take into consideration your preference of taste and choices. It is an absolutely lovbely place for dinner or evening relaxation.

Trident Bhuwaneshwar P.C.: kayak.co.in

Trident Bhuwaneshwar
P.C.: kayak.co.in

The Restaurant is Trident Bhuwaneshwar is definitely one of the most classy and sophisticated fine dining restaurants in town. The restaurant is beautifully done, showcasing intrinsic interior designing, woodwork and motifs of ancient Indian temple art. The food served is obviously gourmet and will come to you in style. Service is very good and verything about this place simply suggests a bouyancy of thrill, ecstasy and amazement.

Call 076767 76767 for reservation via BYT.

Aqua – The Lounge Bar, Delhi NCR

The address of Aqua – The Lounge Bar reads as GN 1, Shivaji Enclave, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi. Bookyourtable(.com) has come up with a grand offer of 40% off on Food Bill on Lunch and here’s why you shouldn’t let it go:


Aqua – The Lounge Bar

Many bars and lounges have the name Aqua which immediately hints at blue and purple lights, special effects in the interiors and a psychedelic layout for you to enjoy your pegs and cocktails and then the happy trips with friends and family! What makes it even more amazing are the drinks concocted by trained bartenders to woo your money to the best of its effects! Aqua – The Lounge Bar is no different but what is the added attraction is the delectable food! Most bars fall short of delicious grub but this one is bang on!


Kebabs and Drinks
Aqua – The Lounge Bar

Aqua – The Lounge Bar serves Indian and Chinese cuisines. Therefore it gives you options between perfectly made dumplings/momos or chilli chicken type of starters and juicy, delicious kebabs and tandoors, all at the same time. It is a common observation that Indian starters jam well with whiskeys and vodkas, or, if put simply, they pair best with undiluted tastes of alcohol while the Chinese dishes compliment cocktails better.


Chicken Tandoori
Aqua – The Lounge Bar

Absolutely any age and taste would find a serene satisfaction in Aqua – The Lounge Bar because of their state-of-the-art facilities—be it interiors, music, variety of food and beverages, comfort, ambience or other additional services. The overall experience is bound to make you take leave with a promise to return!


Aqua – The Lounge Bar

The fantastic offer from BYT makes it even more desirable to spend a long day here! At lunch, when Aqua – The Lounge Bar is a top class multi-cuisine restaurant, you are seated in the most agreeable eatery which has loads to present. With the sunset, the same beauty transforms itself into one of the most happening places of joy and fun!

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Savannah Bar – Radisson Blu Plaza, Delhi

The Savannah Bar is one of Radisson Blu Plaza’s best lounges, located in the hotel at Mahipalpur, near IGI Airport, on the NH-8, New Delhi.

Savannah Bar

Savannah Bar

The Northern Australian tropical grassland is called the Savannah and brown is the most common colour that comes to view since a savannah is between a forest and a desert. Here in Radisson Blu Plaza, the lounge, Savannah Bar, uses much brown for its interiors. It is a modern, warm lounge with cozy sofas set with tables for you to have the perfect formal or informal têt-e-têt. The strong bar table is not just a necessity but adds a certain sense of character to the whole decor and the bar chairs with the occur yellow cushions imbue a little splash of colour.



The Savannah Bar serves from a fine collection of red and white wines, liquors and spirits. It has both, domestic and international labels of whisky, vodka, cognac, martini, rum gin, single malt, scotch and other aperitifs like Bailey’s Irish Cream, Amarula, etc.



The Savannah Bar is quite well known for the awesome blends of cocktails like Bloody Mary, Black Russian, Hawaiian Punch and more. The finger-food that they serve is also worth a mention—murgh tikka, shammi kebab, chicken satay, chilli garlic prawns, gosht seekh kebab, schezwan lamb, aloo achari tikka, assorted cheese platter and paneer tikka are popular grubs here. The food is fresh and with the great drinks, the whole buy is simply divine!



The absolutely amazing food, soothing music, natural light, qualitative and quantitative food and the fact that Savannah Bar belongs to Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel, completes its identity and encourages vivacity! To enjoy your heart out and make your experience worth remembering, please visit BookyourTable.com and help us add to your comfort with our value added services, reservations, discount coupons and more!

Island Bar – Shangri-La’s Eros Hotel, New Delhi

Shangri La’s Eros Hotel located at the Connaught Place in Delhi is one of the most luxurious hotels in the city. Frequented by celebrities and many popular personalities, this luxury five-star hotel is splendid and magnificent. As you step into the hotel you are treated royally; a blend of Indian hospitality and service of International stature. Island Bar – Shangri-La’s Eros Hotel, New Delhi is a haven for the wine connoisseurs.

Island Bar - Shangri-La's Eros Hotel, New Delhi

Island Bar – Shangri-La’s Eros Hotel, New Delhi

Located at the lobby level of the hotel, Island Bar is chic and sophisticated with a smart decor. State of the art lighting and comfortable setting, Island Bar is one of the most preferred five-star bars around Connaught Place. The ambience is dim with flickering candles on each table … looks very dreamy! A huge HD screen telecasting live sports entertains guests.

Island Bar - Shangri-La's Eros Hotel, New Delhi

PC: liquor.com

Island Bar - Shangri-La's Eros Hotel, New Delhi

Single Malt

The dominant feature of Island Bar is the interesting bar structure. It is circular with bar stools all round that makes it easy to hold a conversation with the bartender as he mixes your cocktail or get a ringside view of all the action. So what can you taste here? An authentic Bellini or their signature drink Shangtini can be good choices. Shangtini is a heady and unexpected concoction of vodka, chocolate liqueur and vermouth. The liquor collection at Island Bar is good. It is a perfect place to taste a hard-to-find vintage Single Malt while puffing away a Cuban cigar.

Island Bar - Shangri-La's Eros Hotel, New Delhi

Tandoori Chicken
PC: www.peppergarlickitchen.com

Island Bar - Shangri-La's Eros Hotel, New Delhi


To munch on along with your sips, Island Bar has a good range of Indian and International choice. From the simplest of the pakoras to street favourites kathi rolls to Tandoori chicken, you get all favourite Indian selections here. The International favourites include canapés, bruschettas, pizzas to even sushi platter.

Island Bar remains opens from 3 pm to 1 am. Avail of happy hours from 3 pm to 7 pm. It is a perfect place where you can hold a business meeting or even visit for a romantic evening with your wife. For reservations, visit bookyourtable or call 076767 76767.


Squisito – Koregaon Park, Pune

Squisito or delicious (in Italian) is one of the best restaurants located in Koregaon Park, Pune. The ambience of the restaurant is excellent. A smart two storey place with wooden floor, warm, cosy and pleasant decor makes it a perfect place to bring your loved one on a romantic dinner, and is also a good place to spend time with family and friend on dinner or lunch. The restaurant’s signature cuisines are Mexican, Turkish and Italian, and serves Arabian and Lebanese cuisines too. The restaurant can also be called as a heaven for vegetarians as it has an all vegetarian menu.

Lebanese Falafel

Lebanese Falafel
P.C. – www.nailthedeal.com

Squisito Restaurant always surprises its visitors with new twist on menu, and among its astonishing dishes Lebanese Falafel is the best starters.  Falafel is a deep-fried ball or patty made from ground chickpeas, fava beans or both. Falafel is a traditional Middle Eastern staple food. Lebanese Falafel refers “Falafel from Lebanon”.  The crispy fried balls served with the tangy sauce are good starter. The crisp of curst and the softness of inside makes it the recommended food.


Pasta Barbaresca

Pasta Barbaresca
P.C. – www.latimes.com

Pasta Barbaresca served at Squisito Restaurant is very well prepared with fresh broccoli, garlic, parsley, sun-dried tomatoes, cream Parmesan cheese and chilli pepper which taste luscious.

Pasta Gorgonzola

Pasta Gorgonzola
P.C. – www.groupon.es.com

Another dish Pasta Alla Goronzola is absolutely divine Italian cuisine served at the restaurant. It is creamy, rich and comforting, with a nice little bite from the gorgonzola. Gorgonzola is a veined Italian blue cheese, made from unskimmed cow’s milk.

In salads, Squisito Restaurant offers Insalata di Mista, which has the boom of fresh tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce, oregano, Mozarella cheese, olives, extra-virgin oil and imported balsamic vinegar. And the list does not end here, as said before the menu here has a lot to offer you.


Apart from food the restaurant serves drinks too. The restaurant houses a bar area which is well-stocked with variety of liquor and cocktails, makes it a perfect stop for one who loves to have drinks with food.

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Firangi Paani – Andheri (W), Mumbai

After a long and tough day at work, you need to unwind and relax at a rocking place with good music, a couple of drinks, some food and you friends to give you company. Firangi Paani – Andheri (W), Mumbai is just the right place that helps you unwind after a long day or over the weekend. This is one of the most happening pubs in Mumbai attracting the young crowd.

Firangi Paani – Andheri (W), Mumbai

Firangi Paani – Andheri (W), Mumbai

Firangi Paani has been designed to look like an English pub with wood work and Victorian era paintings on walls. Guess what the tables are made of? Old wooden kegs are upturned to give them the look of tables. The couches are have rich leather upholsters that make seating warm and comfy. Carpeted floor, lots of polishes wood, etched glass and antiques imported from England complete the rest of the look. At the centre of the pub has been created a huge bar counters. Gleaming cocktail and wine glasses hanging from the rack and shelves are well-stocked with liquors from all around the globe.

Firangi Paani – Andheri (W), Mumbai

Bar Counter at Firangi paani

Firangi Paani – Andheri (W), Mumbai

Tom Collins cocktail

The bartenders at Firangi Paani are the best in concocting Polynesian cocktails. They are the signatures of this pub. Sit around the bar counter and watch them in action as they shake or stir up a perfect cocktail for you. Caipiroska, Tom Collins and Bloody Mary are some other drinks they mix up really well.

Firangi Paani – Andheri (W), Mumbai

Falafel with hummus

The food available is as good as the drinks. Fish n chips, pizzas, platters, hummus and pita bread, falafel, kathi rolls, you get it all here. Just order your pick and enjoy them with your drinks.

All said and done, Firangi Paani has been certified by its patrons as the coolest club in town where you can relax and chill in an English ambience. DJ music plays and Karaoke Nights are also hosted at times. And yes, the bar stocks cigars too. You just got the right weekend getaway. Visit bookyourtable for reservations.



Mocha Arthouse – Delhi

Mocha Arthouse is present at five great locations across Delhi—Vasant Kunj, Civil Lines, Defence Colony Market, Greater Kailash (GK)1 and DLF Place Mall (Saket).

Mocha Arthouse

Wow… Mocha Arthouse archive…

The Mocha Arthouse is basically an art gallery where all the art works that are put up are for sale. The interiors are pretty simple, normal café-like look but what make a difference are the artistic displays. You are free to come in, pick up a piece of art of your choice or just scan through and leave but who would like to miss out on the delectable café food that they serve?

Mocha Arthouse

The restaurant-cum-art gallery

The Mocha Arthouse dishes out European, Chinese and other multi-cuisines food along with snacks and drinks. They serve everything, from a variety of coffee to a huge variety in alcoholic beverages.

Mocha Arthouse

Mocha Arthouse

Mocha Arthouse

Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee

Italian cuisine has quite a bold definition here with popular pizzas and pastas. Speciality and signature coffees include the Jamaican Blue Mountain, Sumatra Mandheling, Choco-Latte, Varlhona White Chocolate laced with Citron and French Vanilla Hot Chocolate among others. Their Paninis, Bagels, Noodles and all items have a certain authenticity about them that make the dishes stand apart from other regular joints. Don’t forget Mezze Platter, Nacho Grande and Satay Chicken!!

Mocha Arthouse

Panini (Chicken)

Mocha Arthouse

Chicken Satay

The Philadelphia Cheese cake with blueberries is one of the must try-s here. You simply cannot let go of the melt-in-the-mouth flood of flavours and texture that this cake can offer! Another very interesting option that you shouldn’t miss out on is the Yin & Yanf fondue which is but ‘a balanced bowl of dark and white chocolate’, served to you with many bites for dipping like seasonal fruits, marshmallows, custard filled profiteroles, pound cake, butter cookies and whipped cream!

Mocha Arthouse

Blueberry Cheese Cake

Mocha Arthouse

A guitar quartet session at Mocha Arthouse

The venues regularly host shows of different cultural kinds and live performances are there on almost every day!

Mocha Arthouse

Mocha Arthouse

Mocha Arthouse

Mocha Arthouse (Saket)

For making the best out of your experience in here and enjoying your heart out at the stunning world of artistic perceptions, well equipped with state of the art interiors and top class food and beverages, please visit bookyourtable.com for reservations, discount coupons and other value deals.

The Eau Bar – The Oberoi, Mumbai

The Oberoi property boasts of one of the most beautiful architectural hotels in the country – a design that facilitates you of all the modern amenities while the services have a traditional touch and hospitality. With many fine-dine restaurants and lounges, The Oberoi is hands down one of the most preferred hotels for enjoying food and drinks. The Eau Bar – The Oberoi, Mumbai is a sophisticated watering hole.

The Eau Bar – The Oberoi, Mumbai

Eau The Bar – The Oberoi, Mumbai

The Oberoi overlooks the Arabian sea and The Eau Bar is placed in such a way that you can watch the waters of the sea lashing against the Marine Drive lending an awesome view. You walk through the door onto elegant marble floor offset by charcoal carpets. The under-lit Greek Thassos marble tables lend an charming view to the place and trio playing wonderful music at the bar sets the mood for a romantic evening. Also notice the chandeliers that line the ceiling. Hundreds of glass tubes are clustered together to form an enchanting chandelier.

The Eau Bar – The Oberoi, Mumbai

Champagne cocktail … French 75!

The Eau BarEau The Bar at The Oberoi is certified as one of the best five-star lounges in the city. The drinks menu is impressive. Focus is on Champagne cocktails and other innovative cocktails served in hand-crafted glassware. Extensive wine lists with single malts are stocked too at The Eau Bar. The signature cocktail Eau Martini (raspberry, vodka and pineapple) and Saffron martini (saffron-infused gin with martini bianco flavoured with smoky single malt) are popular.

The Eau Bar – The Oberoi, Mumbai

Saffron Martini

The Eau Bar – The Oberoi, Mumbai

Sushi – Perfect light bites cocktails and drinks

What can you munch on while sipping and enjoying the music? Rice bites, mixed nuts and sushi are served as small bites on your table.

The Eau Bar is a great place to enjoy a quiet evening enjoying the serenity of the Arabian Sea or spend a romantic evening sipping on drinks and indulging in a long conversation. Either way, The Eau Bar is a perfect place. For reservations, visit bookyourtable.

Henri’s Bar – Le Meridian, Delhi NCR

Le Meridian, the multi-storied five star property at Windsor Place, Delhi NCR is a popular hotel with a towering 20-storied glass building. The art and conversation happening behind those sparkling glasses in unknown to many.  However, we at Bookyourtable have got news of how beautiful and gracious the hotel looks from inside with its fine-dine restaurants of International stature and luxury rooms that speak stories of style and elegance. Le Meridian is undoubtedly one of the best in the list of luxurious hotels in Delhi NCR.

Henri’s Bar - Le Meridian

Henri’s Bar – Le Meridian

The hotel has a bar called Henri’s Bar on its 20th floor besides the roof top restaurant, Le Belvedere. The bar gives a breathtaking view of the sparkling night of Delhi and the commercial centres located around the hotel. Henri’s Bar is spacious and trendy done in soothing colours, dim lights and looks comfortable with sink-in lounge sofas. It is such a place where you can relax with a glass of drink while taking a break from the outside world.

Henri’s Bar - Le Meridian

Spicy Bloody Mary

Henri’s Bar - Le Meridian


The bar is well-stocked with an international range of scotch and wines; Indian varieties are available too. Spicy Bloody Mary and Bellini are some good options with other classics like Martini, Mojito, Cosmopolitan, LIIT, and other premium spirits, single malts, wines and cigars.

Henri’s Bar - Le Meridian

Chinese style pork ribs

The Chinese speciality fine-dine restaurant Le Belvedere adjoins Henri’s Bar. Any appetizers to go with drinks are ordered from the menu of Le Belvedere. Assorted Dim sums, Pork ribs, Vegetable Sui Mai, Prawn Salt and Pepper are some options you can try if you opt for a light meal with your drinks.

If you would like tranquil and peace, elevate to the 20th floor of the hotel and enter Henri’s Bar. For reservations, visit BookyourTable.

Oro The Bar – Radisson Blu, Delhi

Oro The Bar is a tapas bar located in the Radisson Blu hotel, on Outer Ring Road, Paschim Vihar, Delhi NCR.

Oro The bar

Oro The bar

If it is golden that you love and if it is alcohol that beguiles you, there is no other place more perfect in the world than Oro The Bar, of Radisson Blu! Glazed in shades of golden, the rich, plush bar sports a royal look. The sofas let you laze about comfortably and the lighting is soft and soothing. The rosewood colour of the floor adds accent to the overall effect. Walls have geometric but irregular patterns of quadrilaterals, some of which are luminous, allowing the design to come alive all the more.

Oro The bar

P.C. PaleoLeap

Oro The Bar provides free snacks with the drinks!! And they’re not mere peanuts but karkare peanuts and chana zor garam. It is a tapas bar, which means it serves finger-food along with the drinks. Oro The Bar has both, international and domestic labels of whiskey, beer, vodka, gin, cognacs, martinis and more. You name it and they’ll get it for you in your glass. Their finger food ranges between Western, Oriental and Indian options. Cheese platter, Garlic Shrimps, Frittatas, Honey Chilli Lamb, Nashela Jheenga, Sheekh Kebab and Bhatti da Murgh are the most popular picks here.

Oro The bar

Flaming Shots

Oro The Bar

Garlic Shrimps
P.C. PhamFatale.com

Flaming Cocktail and Blue Drink have quite made a mark. There are many other fresh cocktails that the bartender can brew for you. The flaming cocktails contain flammable, high-proof alcohol that is set on fire just before consumption. While for some cocktails and other mixed drinks, the taste may remain unaltered, for some, there may be a toasted flavor imbued.

Oro The Bar

A drink and finger-food…!!

To enjoy your heart out and make your experience worth remembering at Oro The Bar, please visit BookyourTable.com and help us add to your comfort with our value added services, reservations, discount coupons and more!

Nero – Le Meridian, Delhi NCR

Le Meridian is a Paris born five-star hotel brand that has branches all over the world and serves millions of guests year round. Le Meridian in Delhi is situated at Windsor Place, Janpath, Delhi NCR. The hotel has two world-class lounges serving cocktails and a selection of International liquors. One is Nero and the other is Henri’s Bar.

Nero - Le Meridian

Nero – Le Meridian … Look at the shiny leather armchairs… Don’t they look royal?

Nero - Le Meridian

The Bar area at Nero – Le Meridian

Nero , the lounge bar located at the lobby level of the hotel is a classy and elegant bar with a princely look. Black leather sofas, ornate chandeliers, lush walls, stone floor and a warm golden hue give Nero a royal and opulent look. There is seating at the bar too that boasts of the longest cocktail list in town. Nero gives a perfect setting for a fun party or an informal business meeting over drinks.

The bar has a selection of high end Blended Malts, rare fine spirits, prestigious single malts, wine selection from Italy, Chile, Austria, Germany, Argentina, Portugal, Spain and the U.S.A. They also stock Japanese Sake and concoct custom-made cocktails.

Nero - Le Meridian

Tom Collins – A classic cocktail!

Cocktails like Tom Collins, Whiskhus (a Whisky cocktail), Paan mojito, daiquiri, martini, LIIT, and other classics are perfectly stirred and shaken to create a perfect cocktail. Nero is a great place to sip on drinks while listening to music and having an endless conversation. The lounge serves appetizers like Shish Taouk and Crispy Mozzarella rolls that are a perfect match with the perfectly shaken cocktails.

Nero - Le Meridian

Sakerinha – A Caipirinha variation with Sake

The bartender suggests Sakerinha – a variation of Caipirinha where the base is changed to Sake for white rum. The staff is knowledgeable and pleasant enough to walk you through the menu and help you make the right choice.

You must visit Nero for the royal experience of drinking in an International status bar. Visit BookyourTable for reservations.

Megu – The Leela Palace, Delhi NCR

The Leela Palace in the Diplomatic Enclave of Chanakyapuri, Delhi NCR is a landmark in itself with the building that looks no less than a palace and service that you can expect out of any seven-star hotel. No wonder, it is one of the favourite residential destinations for overseas’ guests. We have spoken about the French-Italian restaurant Le Cirque and the Indian restaurant Jamavar, now let’s take a flight to the Oriental lands and perch on Japan. Megu – The Leela Palace! This is a high-profile Japanese resto-bar that is a jewel in the crown of Japanese restaurants in the city.

Megu – The Leela Palace

Megu – The Leela Palace! A celebrated Japanese restaurant

Megu – The Leela Palace

The famous Crystal Buddha at Megu – The Leela Palace…

As you walk through the doors of Megu, you wonder how many millions have been spent to create what you are astounded by. In one word, it’s gorgeous! You feel yourself transported to a different world. The first thing you notice as you enter is the gigantic sculpture of a crystal Buddha. It is placed in the middle and the dining area surrounds it. This is just one part of the restaurant. There are four more – a large private dining room, a sushi bar, an informal room and an alfresco seating in the porch and lawn. Going by the looks of it, Megu is by far the best looking East Asian Restaurant in India.

Megu – The Leela Palace

Chef Yutaka Saito

Megu – The Leela Palace

Rock Shrimp Temupra

Now coming to the food, Chef Yutaka Saito has crafted some nouvelle Japanese dishes while retaining the traditional flavours. Some of the dishes that are a clear winner at Megu are Rock Shrimp tempura, crispy calamari, steamed sea bass in a light, ginger and mushroom-infused liquor, Grilled King Salmon Chan-Chan style, Wagyu beef on a hot stone, pan-seared lobster, sushi and sashimi platter, and a lot more. The dishes might be new for the ones experimenting with Japanese food for the first time; but the staff is knowledgeable to help you make the right choice.

Megu – The Leela Palace

Salmon Tartare with Ikura Sauce and Caviar at Megu

Megu – The Leela Palace

Satori … a popular Sake drink!

The bar menu flaunts 400 labels of wines and 10 varieties of sake. Some of the Japanese cocktails that you might try at Megu are Nature’s Glow, Haiku and Sansho + Shochu. Wagyu Croquettes, Spicy Salmon Belly and Creamy Rock Corn tempura are some choices that match well with the drinks.

Be it for lunch or dinner, Megu is a good place to visit for the best contemporary Japanese cuisine in town. Visit BookyourTable for reservations.

ConneXions – Crowne Plaza, Rohini, New Delhi

Crowne Plaza is the five-star hotel that has welcomes many celebrity guests and has housed a number of high profile foreign guests. Crowne Plaza is one of the best business and luxury hotels in Delhi NCR. Cozy and comfortable rooms, state of the art service, restaurants, spas and lounges are housed by this five-star hotel to enable a luxury stay to the guests. ConneXions – Crowne Plaza is the lounge that gets chirping with in-house guests and visitors from outside by evening.

ConneXions - Crowne Plaza

ConneXions bar – Crowne Plaza

ConneXions has a romantic ambience with purple and gold theme. Plush sofas with fine purple linen, carpeted floors, chandelier and a high ceiling give the lounge a very warm and cosy feel. ConneXions is a lobby bar during the day-time but turns into an intimate and sophisticated lounge as the lights turn on and the blinds roll down. There is a huge bar on one side that is well-stocked with wines from all corners of the world.

ConneXions - Crowne Plaza


ConneXions - Crowne Plaza

Singapore Sling

The DJ at the bar plays some foot-tapping music. Let your hair down and unwind over a couple drinks accompanied by complimentary munchies. Whiskies, Rum, Vodka-shots, beer and more…are waiting for you! The bartenders are expert in blending and stirring some great cocktails. Try the Singapore Sling, Caipirinha, Cosmopolitan, Champagne cocktail, Daiquiri, Mojito, Honeymoon, Cool Sensation, and a number of Martinis in various flavours and blends.

ConneXions - Crowne Plaza

Grilled Chicken skewers

The food menu has such foods like Grilled chicken skewers and Goan Chilli Prawns. Cigar anyone? They have a great collection. Pick and puff off!

ConneXions remains open till 1 am in the morning. It is one of the best places to party or celebrate your birthday with friends. However, it is recommended to get reservations done. Visit BookyourTable to reserve.

24 7 Bar and Restaurant – The Lalit, New Delhi

24 7, the 24hour multi-cuisine bar-cum-restaurant in the Lalit hotel is a hotspots for a classic experience of Delhi.

24 7

24 7 Bar

The eatery offers grand buffets and an exceptional Sunday brunch throughout the weeks. 24 7 dishes out delicacies from the Continental, Japanese, Pan-Asian and Indian fares. The guests are given endless choices in both, buffets and a la carte choices.

24 7

24 7 Restaurant

The 24 7 Bar is well known for its vast reserves of national and international brands of alcoholic beverages and a wide choice of exotic cocktails and snacks. The DJ makes the ambiance come alive by introducing newer tastes and styles of music to the thirsty and dancing crowds. DJ Nikhil Chinappa, DJ Akhtar and DJ Iggy etc are some of the famous disc jockeys who have made their magic here.

24 7

Peach schnapps, Cointreau and Grey Goose Vodka cocktail

The bar has a total of 42 covers and has a gigantic wine cellar which houses world’s finest of wines, both young and mature labels. The signature drink, The LaLiT Cocktail, a concoction of peach schnapps, cointreau and Grey Goose Vodka, is one of the paramount examples of Molecular Mixology, a concept that dominates the bar and its drinks.

24 7

A Continental Salad at 24 7 Restaurant

Back at the restaurant, the interesting development of ‘Buffet-a-la-minute’ is well observed here as guests can actually witness their food being cooked and any suggestions for customizing their food is welcome! The food  that comes in is incredibly good.

24 7

Brownie and Ice Cream at 24 7 Restaurant

24 7 ‘s large French windows and attractive Al Fresco-style seating brings in a mixed feeling of having the outside inside and vice-versa which ultimately culminates to a more enjoyable dining experience. The buffets offer the perfect opportunity of a formal and informal rendezvous.

24 7

The Lalit’s 24 7 Restaurant


The Lalit’s 24 7 Restaurant

A five star experience is completed only when you’re ready to shell out quite some chunk in cash! But to make your venture more memorable and to enjoy your heart out, please visit BookyourTable.com and help us add to your comfort with our value added services, reservations, discount coupons and more!