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Speciality Group of restaurants – Sigree restaurant

From the Speciality Group of restaurants we have informed you about their Chinese Cuisine speciality restaurant – Mainland China and Bengali Cuisine speciality restaurant – Oh! Calcutta; now let us focus on the next Speciality Group of restaurants – Sigree restaurant. Sigree specializes in cuisines from the north-West frontier and the much forgotten dishes cooked in the royal durbar. Sigree has its outlets at Vashi, Navi Mumbai; and at Whitefield, Bangalore by the name Sigree Global Grill.

Sigree restaurant

Kebabs at Sigree

The word ‘Sigree’ comes from Devanagari, meaning iron vessel holding charcoal fire over which food is cooked slowly and to perfection. This is a good old technique for cooking food back in the centuries; those days food was cooked over slow fire while the guests and host enjoyed each other company over long conversations and a glass of home-made wine. The aroma that brewed deepened the bond of friendship… and then those days were lost … until now!

Sigree restaurant

Sigree restaurant ambience

The outlets of Sigree are well-lit with an elegant setting. Comfortable seats, broad tables and aromatic food – these are all that defines Sigree best. The outlet at Bangalore, Sigree Global Grill has the DIY grilling concept with a grill set at each table.

Sigree restaurant

Paneer Rawalpindi

Sigree restaurant

Shakurewali Malai Phirni

Sigree allows you to indulge your senses in the effervescent taste of authentic flavours. It tries to revive the lost art of slow cooking, using fresh and pure flavours and ingredients, keeping it simple and minimalistic; the true taste of Maharajas! Paneer Kurchan, Multani tikka, Chicken tikka, Tandoori Broccoli, Cheese chicken tikka, Tandoori Murgh, and many more. Try their house specialities – Dilliwali tikka, Paneer Rawalpindi, Cheese paneer tikka, Bhatti Murgh, Kakori Kebab, Raan-e-Sigree, Nariyal Mirch Jhinga, Methi Mahi tikka, Subz Dum Handi, Hing wale aloo, Dal Sigree, Dhaniya Murgh, kareli Rogan Josh, Olive chilli naan and Dum Cooked Biryani.Shakurewali Malai Phirni is their house-speciality dessert that should be tried.

Sigree restaurant

Kebabs at Sigree Global Grill, Bangalore

The buffet at Sigree Global Grill at Bangalore is something to look out for. With a range of Kebabs and aromatic dishes from the North-West frontier, it is a huge success. Sigree Global Grill at Bangalore hosts a weekend lunch buffet.

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