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Momo, Dimsums and More

Momo, the north eastern delicacy is available all across the seven sister state in the roadside stalls to luxurious hotel. The motherland to this filling food is Nepal. Also referred to as dimdums, in India these are found ethnic for the Ladakis and Sikkimese as well.

To let your momo exploration go easy, the BookYourTable team enlists the popular varieties of this dish, which usually we are unaware of:

Steamed Momos:
These are the common and usual variant mostly we know. Well, a plate of hot just made steamed dimsums is definitely a yummilicious healthy affair. Fillings can be seasonal veggies, meat or paneer. Though it’s known to be accompanied with sauce but mint chutney is a nice Indian touch to this foreign dish.

Steamed Momo P.C.: http://goo.gl/zLjoPv

Steamed Momo
P.C.: http://goo.gl/zLjoPv

Fried Momos:
Many finds the white color and boiled factor unattractive. Well, then you must try the fried ones. Momo, with any sort of filling can be fried. They are crispy and crunchy giving it a different taste over the simple ones. To get the complete essence, do try these with mayonnaise or chilli garlic sauce.

Fried Momos P.C.: http://goo.gl/tldvOu

Fried Momos
P.C.: http://goo.gl/tldvOu

 Tandoori Momos:
Definitely, Indians have created and contributed to the momo family. Tandoori dimsums are a delightful try as the scrumptious outing and the warm filling inside together combines to a lip smacking plate. Alike all other, fillings can be anything in this genre and are served with sauces or chutneys.

Wheat Momos:
Experimentation has led to modification in the ingredients of momos. So for the health conscious foodies in the troop, now these are made with wheat. The wheat base make it differ in color and are not completely milk white. But there’s hardly any compromise on the taste.

Soup Momos:
For many one plate of dimsums does not make a complete meal. To solve the issue, experts have introduced the new catgory – Shomey Mothuk or Soup Momo. Many small pieces of momos are dipped in spicy and tangy soup. The soup generally consist a strong veggie base or is simple meat broths. The extra spices and flavors of the soup, in this, take over the subtle taste.

Soup Momo P.C.: http://goo.gl/Gqt8kJ

Soup Momo
P.C.: http://goo.gl/Gqt8kJ

Kothe Momos:
Derived from Tibetan cuisine, these are pan fried ones.With pork, chicken, meat or veggies – any filling these momos contain a portion of sauce or gravy along with it. Fried ginger is a key ingredient in this momo making process.

Cheese Momos:
Various ingredients are included in the momo fillings to offer variety to the food world. Among them one of the most successful attempts was adding cheese to the momos. Irrespective of the kind of filling a good portion of cheese is added in the dumplings. To garish plates, cheese flakes are added to the top of the momo.

Chocolate Momos:
In the attempt to add new flavors, chocolate played its role. Chocolate completely fuses the taste of the salty momos making it a sweet food. Chocolate sauces are added on top to visually attack the hungry tummies.

Chocolate Momo P.C.: http://goo.gl/FwtupU

Chocolate Momo
P.C.: http://goo.gl/FwtupU

Momo hubs in the popular cities-

DELHI: Yeti, Bamboo Shoots, Momos Point, Momos Express,Momo Cafe

KOLKATA: Hamro Momo, Momo Hut, Wow Momo

MUMBAI: Momo Cafe, Momo 2 Go, 5 Spice, China Bistro, Asian Street Kitchen

Ming Yang – Taj Lands End, Mumbai

If you would like to savour some authentic Chinese cuisine, Ming Yang – Taj Lands End, Mumbai is the perfect destination. A favourite fine-dine restaurant among Chinese food lovers,  Ming Yang also stands for a landmark where Bollywood gathers to relish delicious Chinese cuisine crafted by the speciality chefs.

Ming Yang – Taj Lands End, Mumbai

Chinese style steamed pomfret
PC: http://dentistvschef.files.wordpress.com/

When Bollywood eats out of its palms, Ming Yang has got to have a real special menu. With seafood, duck, chicken, beef, lamb and pork, the choice is plenty. Today let us take a look at their seafood menu. Chinese cuisine has a number of seafood dishes on offer. With the traditional ones combined with new creations by the speciality Masterchef David, Ming yang will literally get you eating out of your palms. You wouldn’t have the heart of leaving a morsel of crabmeat or a drop of the gravy on the plate! The dishes are lip-smacking delicious!

Ming Yang – Taj Lands End, Mumbai

Crispy soft shell crab
PC: andrewzimmern.com

Ming Yang – Taj Lands End, Mumbai

Schezwan chilli prawns
PC: http://www.hotellotussukhumvit.com/

The signature seafood dishes of the restaurant include Singapore style crab, Lobster in chilli butter garlic sauce, Steamed Pomfret in Pickled Chilli Sauce, Drunken Pomfret and Crispy soft shell crab. Some other seafood dishes include varieties in prawns, squids, sea fish and scallops. Schezwan style squids, King prawns with lemongrass, Scallops in oyster sauce, Sesame prawns and Schezwan chilli prawns.

Enjoy these and many more delicious seafood dishes only at the visually delightful restaurant Ming Yang. Large glass walls besides letting the sunlight stream in also lend a picture perfect view of the Arabian Sea and the Portuguese Fort. Ming Yang also accommodates small groups to an exclusive dining experience in their private dining rooms.

Enjoy an exclusive Chinese dining at Ming Yang – Taj Lands End, Mumbai. Bookyourtable soon or call 076767 76767 for reservations.