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5 Must-Try Restaurants Near Juhu Beach, Mumbai

When in the city of Mumbai, a walk by the Juhu beach is an ultimate bliss.

The city of Mumbai P.C.: https://goo.gl/w7sjB3

The city of Mumbai
P.C.: https://goo.gl/w7sjB3

It might be your first time, honeymoon or every weekend plan, but a walk along the Juhu beach in Mumbai is indeed one of the best feelings.

After the sultry noon soothes, how about being by the shore with your favorite set of people. In fact, many are found to sit or roam around the Juhu beach alone, for a walk or just to admire the gorgeous Arabian Sea.

Sunset at Juhu Beach P.C.:  https://goo.gl/dbzJO6

Sunset at Juhu Beach
P.C.: https://goo.gl/dbzJO6

Some young couples with photographers, some kids with their balls and balloons, aunties with their gossip doses, the local vendor’s altogether weaves an engaging affair at all time of the year.

Added to this, if lucky you may greet a Bollywood celebrity here. Many of them are spotted here especially during late evenings and early mornings for their jogging session.

A snapshot of Juhu beach P.C.: https://goo.gl/yfPqM2

A snapshot of Juhu beach
P.C.: https://goo.gl/yfPqM2

Now, once in Juhu beach you cannot miss the food fair that exhibits right opposite to it. From tiny eateries to lavish hotels, the area has every kind of restaurant to serve your mood. The variety is sure to confuse you, but again a good guide can land you to a culinary paradise.

Thus BYT, your sincere culinary guide lists the best choices you can pick from among the eateries around Juhu Beach.


Inside Chaayos, Juhu P.C.: https://goo.gl/LkWqMC

Inside Chaayos, Juhu
P.C.: https://goo.gl/LkWqMC

Keeping it simple, it’s a café known for the tea and Indian snacks they serve. They open quite early and closes pretty late, and thus can be your choice for breakfast, quick grab or dinner. The main course many are varied which gives you vast varieties to pick from. Also, spacious place decked with all Indian goodies makes it an ideal choice when you are in a big group at the Juhu Beach.

The Spare Kitchen

Inside the Spare Kitchen P.C.: https://goo.gl/VGX4Is

Inside the Spare Kitchen
P.C.: https://goo.gl/VGX4Is

Recognized as a popular pub in town, this has earned fame for its late night servings. Also, their ladies night is a big hype. The place is located inside Hotel King’s International Compound and from outside, you might not feel the fun and frolic inside. But walk in, to explore their posh ambiance, colorful menu and loud music. The place is an apt pick for party poppers and nocturnal of Mumbai.

Fat Man’s Café and Grill

A Continental food spread P.C.: https://goo.gl/VSQ6QT

A Continental food spread
P.C.: https://goo.gl/VSQ6QT

If in mood for some Italian or Continental food, then this is the place to be. As the name says, the menu is equally fat. The ambiance is merry composed of people and music that you are sure to love at any point of the day. Pizza, pasta, pancakes, omelette – the menu is long and thus, you need to combine the right dishes to make a memorable meal.

Jantar Mantar

Meat preparation at Jantar Mantar P.C.: https://goo.gl/ZztPOZ

Meat preparation at Jantar Mantar
P.C.: https://goo.gl/ZztPOZ

Well, the Delhi monument has not shifted. This one is an exclusive North Indian and Awadhi restaurant very close to the Juhu Church where you can head to relish some Indian dishes. kebab, biriyani, rotis and rice are served sizzling hot with chilled deserts to end with. If you have less time in hand, you can always pick their rich roti rolls for a refreshing taste.

Facing East

A look of East P.C.: https://goo.gl/63kth0

A look of Facing East
P.C.: https://goo.gl/63kth0

Waiting for you with an Asian culinary spread, this place is meant for the fish lovers. They have Chinese, Asian and Sea food items – each very distinct in its own style. The place has two seating segments, yet it often remains over crowded especially in weekend. Prior table booking is recommended if you want to finger lick their delicious delights.

Luxury Dining at Hyatt, Ahmedabad

City of Ahmadabad P.C.: https://goo.gl/rjMk7V

City of Ahmedabad
P.C.: https://goo.gl/rjMk7V

If you count Ahmedabad from the long history it beholds, then you must also make a note of its fabulous night life it offers composed of colourful markets, crowded streets and of course, luxury eateries for a memorable dinner and also rejuvenation after a tiring day or before your night walk.

When it’s about luxury hospitality across India, Hyatt Regency is a sound name and so it resonates at Ahmedabad as well. Contemporary additions are attributed in the hotel’s services throughout the year to keep it an interesting affair for their clients. The city along the Sabarmati River might seem to be belonging to the historical era, but the Hyatt outlets has wrapped a robe of modern lifestyle that you can start exploring once in Ahmedabad.

Hyatt, Ahmadabad P.C.: https://goo.gl/ovxN79

Hyatt, Ahmedabad
P.C.: https://goo.gl/ovxN79

If a resident of the city and you still haven’t checked into Hyatt, then that is one of the first to-do in your priority list, for a memorable experience.


Noyna, Hyatt P.C.: https://goo.gl/49je24

Nonya, Hyatt
P.C.: https://goo.gl/49je24

Hyatt, the American International Company has captured the hospitality industry of all leading Indian cities and no far does it stand when it comes to Ahmedabad. Nonya, is their Asian food galore where from quick grab to food spreads they have it all in queue for you. You need to pick from their long menu or opt for the buffet to have an awesome food voyage. The place is ideal for dinner dates, business meets and even solo foodies can hangout here for a culinary delight.


Collage, Ahmadabad P.C.: https://goo.gl/7eugdN

Collage, Ahmedabad
P.C.: https://goo.gl/7eugdN

Another Hyatt initiative, Collage serves Mughlai, North Indian and Continental food. Their hall of fame are the buffets they spread for foodies, that allows one to relish sweet, sour or spice – all in a go. Check in for a Sunday brunch and this place is sure to be one of your best experience in the city of Ahmedabad.


Tinello, Hyatt P.C.: https://goo.gl/vQfV4H

Tinello, Hyatt
P.C.: https://goo.gl/vQfV4H

Since still bound amidst the archetypal Indian culture, you may worry if you get any foreign delicacies in the city of Ahmedabad. Well, of course you do get when in this restaurant of Hyatt regency who specialize in tantalizing your buds with intense Italian flavours. From pasta to pizza, you just name it and they get it for you on the table.

Top 3 Brunch Restaurants in Bangalore

Bangalore is a place for foodies with the amount of variety and options available at every nook and corner. Bt what are the top places to visit when you want to enjoy a proper, wide range brunch on a lazy Sunday?

Here’s where you can go:

High Ultra Lounge, Bangalore

High Ultra Lounge, Bangalore

1. High Ultra Lounge – Dr. Rajkumar Road, World Trade Centre, Brigade Gateway Campus, Malleshwaram, Bangalore.

The High Ultra Lounge is a venue of pride and awe. It is located at a height of 430 feet from the ground and thrilling and magnificent view of the city. The night lights shimmer like diamonds in obscurity and makes you feel mysterious and all excited! The restaurant is a classy, elegant, fine dining venue that serves Japanese, Thai, Chinese and Korean cuisines, alongside the choice of your favourite alcohol or soft beverage. The Sunday Brunch also has live counters where you can enjoy watching your food being prepared! Spicy Jumbo Prawns and The Banoffee Pie are worth all your bucks among a couple of other such enticing dishes that High Ultra Lounge serves.

Shiro, Bangalore

Shiro, Bangalore

2. Shiro - UB City, Vittal Mallya Road, Off Lavelle Road, Bangalore

Shiro is one of the prime places where you can go to if you wish to taste authentic Japanese and Asian food. The restaurant is mostly known for the great Japanese food that they dish out. The interior decor of the establishment is very impressive with larger than life motifs of Buddha and temple maids pouring water into running pools from their ‘matka’ and dewdrop-shaped mirrors hang in clusters, suspended from the ceiling, adding a different level of animation to the setting with their soft movements in the air. You will love the ambiance. The Sunda Brunch is lavish, festive and diverse!

My Place - Mövenpick Hotel & Spa Bangalore P.C.: https://goo.gl/Ryaco7

My Place – Mövenpick Hotel & Spa Bangalore
P.C.: https://goo.gl/Ryaco7

3. My Place - Mövenpick Hotel & Spa Bangalore, Gokula Extension, HMT Road (near BEL circle), New BEL Road, Bangalore

My Place is a 24 Hours Open All-Day Diner in the grand Mövenpick Hotel & Spa Bangalore and is known for the ambiance and food, the right combination of two most important aspects of a successful restaurant! My Place serves Continental, North Indian, South Indian and Asian cuisines and you are always welcomed with a lot of options to eat from on a bright and happy Sunday Brunch. A plate of fresh, steaming Stir-fried Prawns is something you shouldn’t miss!

For a comfortable experience, kindly make a reservation online (by clicking on the links already given) or calling on 076767 76767!!

Top Fine Dining Restaurants in Delhi – Part 1

India’s national capital is officially known as the National Capital Territory of Delhi. Naturally, Delhi is one of the most important metropolises in the country. It ranks as the second most populated city and is a hub of cultural and historical influxes that glorifies India’s rich past. There are quite a number of important classical reminescents of India’s history and long reigns of various foreign kings and withstanding so many invasions, Delhi is a living relic of diversity and affluence.

India Gate, Delhi P.C.: http://goo.gl/jj75KS

India Gate, Delhi
P.C.: http://goo.gl/jj75KS

As a result of the city’s important position, business and trade is abundant. The hospitality industry is doing pretty well and is budding. There are quite a few notable dining out restaurants here. This blog aims to elucidate on a couple of them.

Food in Indian Accent, Delhi

Food in Indian Accent, Delhi

The restaurant, Indian Accent, is one of the top romantic, gourmet restaurants in the city. Indian Accent is a pretty spacious eatery which is adorned in shades of brown, black, ebony, beige, golden and yellow. All the colours compliment each other very well. There is an open space that lets you look at the landscaped gardens and if you wish, you can sit out as well. Located in Friends Colony, this is a welcome respite that offers European, North Indian and Mughlai cuisines along with a fantastic Cocktail Bar! A fusion dish called Chicken Tikka Quesadilas and an North Indian twist of taste called Butter Chicken Kulcha are quite popular.

Warehouse Cafe

Warehouse Cafe

The second most awesome place to go eat is Warehouse Cafe. The way this place is lighted, it looks as if everything is coated with molten gold! The walls are open bricks and imitates the look of a perfect warehouse only that the inside is rather striking! The establishment serves American, North Indian, Italian and Asian cuisines and is popular among the party people who like relaxing in a lounge. The Chilli Chicken they make has, somehow crossed all expectations with flying colours and is one of the most popular dishes.

The California Boulevard

The California Boulevard

The third resaurant to show up in this blog will be The California Boulevard in Rajouri Garden. It sports a mix of royal blue, beige, orange, grey, deep red, indigo and brilliant. There are monochrome portraits that hang on the walls and chandeliers keep the lights up! The restaurant is spread across two floors. The restaurant celebrates birthdays and anniversaries of American stars. A handsome Harley adds to the glory! It has a rooftop section as well.

To enjoy a good time in any of these restaurants, call 076767 76767 for reservation and visit our BYT website.

Rooftop Restaurants in Bangalore – Part 2

Bangalore is one of the distinguished cities in India when it comes to sitting out, post sundown, and enjoying a drink, food and time with friends, family and special someone! The weather is so awesome, the cooling breeze, the starry sky, the pulse of the city, simply seeps into your veins. Bangalore is full of industrial opportunities and thus there is a bloom in the hospitality industry as well and many amazing restaurants have come about where you can enjoy your time.

Thai Chili Basil Chicken P.C.: http://goo.gl/F7BrlT

Thai Chili Basil Chicken
P.C.: http://goo.gl/F7BrlT

The chic restaurant called ‘The Humming Tree‘ is a very nice place to chill out, off 100 Feet Road, Indiranagar. The interior is a blend of posh and rustic, bright and dark and Indo-Western tastes. The live band shows is the main attraction. Food is quite good and the bar is an impressive one! Pizza, Chilli Basil Chicken and Sangrias are popular picks.

Wasabi Chicken P.C.: http://goo.gl/jSgkn8

Wasabi Chicken
P.C.: http://goo.gl/jSgkn8

Over The Top Terrace Lounge is a wonderful, well-lit and mod restaurant where the open sky adds to the decor and ambience and Bangalore’s awesome weather is a part of the totality that this lounge has to offer! This place becomes even more lively when there’s a game on, cricket or football, because they have live screening. The Sunday Brunch buffet is always a hit! People throng the place for the delicious food they offer. Mozzerella Wantons, Wild Mushrooms and Smoked Chicken / Prawns Pasta, Satay and Garlic-Wasabi Chicken are popular picks.

Ham and Cheese Panini

Ham and Cheese Panini
P.C.: http://goo.gl/UIQsNu

Indigo Live Music Bar & Terrace is all about the liveliness of music, happy customers and great food, pumped up with loads of alcohol! The hanging lights really look well and give this place the sense of warmth and comfort that the guests would look for. Indigo is basically a bar, with lipsmacking fingerfood. Chicken Chipolatas, Avocado and Shrimp Slammers and Ham and Cheese Panini are quite well known.

To enjoy your time in any of the above favoured rooftop restaurants, kindly call 076767 76767 or click on the links in their names.

3 Rooftop Restaurants in Bangalore – Part 1

Rooftops always have a spot o’ romance in them, irrespective of who you visit it with. There is something in the air that fills the heart and mind when you take a sip of your drink and a little bite of your starter. Specially in Bangalore, where the weather is rather magical, it feels heavenly to settle at a table on a good rooftop restaurant and enjoy a nice, filling meal. This blog lists out three amazing rooftop restaurants that you can go to and spend one of your weekend evenings with your loved one, family and friends.

Fried Pomfret in Coringa, Bangalore

Fried Pomfret in Coringa, Bangalore

Coringa, in Yelahanka, is a fantastic Andhra cuisine based restaurant that has brought with it, a fresh fragrance of delicious foods, in the north Bangalore scene. There is no bar available but the restaurant will remind you of high-end beach shacks that serve amazing seafood and their simple get-up encapsulates a rustic charm. Some notable dishes are Crab Cheese Balls, Pomfret Fry and Ghee Roast Chicken among many other preparations!!

Bierre Republic P.C.: http://goo.gl/tqDYaH

Bierre Republic
P.C.: http://goo.gl/tqDYaH

Bierre Republic on Church Street, in Pavilion Mall, is yet another happening restaurant that is decked up and lively with lights, music, sound of beer bottles popping and cocktails shakers’ rhythms! The ambiance is quite animated since it attracts large, young crowds. The restaurant has various seating arrangements made with quite some innovatipn, like swing benches at tables, wooden pavilions, small, hut-like tents, apart from the regular set up. The food is celebrated here. You should try the Shrimp Republic Platter.

The Tao terraces, Bangalore P.C.: http://goo.gl/FwMg5M

The Tao terraces, Bangalore
P.C.: http://goo.gl/FwMg5M

Lastly, The Tao Terraces is a wonderful, romantic rooftop restaurant on 1 MG road that dishes out amazing Pan-Asian cuisine. They serve from the wonders of Japanese, Thai, Korean, Burmese and Chinese food. The decor is pretty unique and showcases some buddhist pagoda architecture. Golden lights, coupled with brown and black, do make the appearance chic and fit for a love-filled time of togetherness.

Call 076767 76767 for reservation or visit www.bookyourtable.com.

Romantic Rendezvous in The Leela Palace, Bangalore

The Leela Palace, Bangalore, is a place of relaxation and rejuvenation. It epitomises the qualities that best describe exquisite, amazing and perfection. The palace is undoubtedly magnanimous, has over 357 rooms that are carefully crafted with elegance and beauty. The hotel is complete with other amenities like luxurious spa and salon, fitness centre, elite shopping area, banquet halls and conference venues and four, exclusive fine dining restaurants, namely ZEN, JAMAVARLE CIRQUE SIGNATURE and THE LIBRARY BAR. There is a grand cake shop as well, for the sweet toothed guests!

Zen - The Leela Palace, Bangalore

Zen – The Leela Palace, Bangalore

Zen, in The Leela Palace, Bangalore, is undoutedly one of the best places to dine. Be it a 75th birthday, an anniversary or a private date, the restaurant of Zen is fantastic and perfect. Zen offers Thai, Japanese and Chinese cuisines. The ingredients used are fresh and of top quality from the market. The dishes are cooked to perfection. The juxtaposition of a classical English interior looks and Asian cuisines do bring about a different kind of experience. Here comes an exclusive BYT offer that hones you to plan the most perfect date! This offer lets you enjoy a Four course meal for two guests (starter, soup, main course & dessert) along with a glass of house wine (red/white) complimentary to each person. The Restaurant Manager greets you with a bouquet of flowers on arrival and a cake comes at the end of the meal. This offer also includes the Chef’s visit to the table at just INR 11940 (AI)!! Guests can also enjoy additional comfort clubbed alongside such as BMW pick up and drop OR Over night stay in the hotel OR Body massage in the evening at their luxurious spa (at additional costs).

Jamavar - The Leela Palace, Bangalore

Jamavar – The Leela Palace, Bangalore

Jamavar is the next restaurant that is equally awesome and sports a completely different kind of ambiance. It replicates the typically beautiful Indo-Mughal royal architecture and feel within the walls. It specialises in North Indian and South Indian cuisines. The ambiance is well maintained. The food is a celebration by itself. In this fantastic restaurant, BYT offers you a grand ‘Romantic Rendezvous’ package. Click here to learn more.

Le Cirque Signature - The Leela Palace, Bangalore

Le Cirque Signature – The Leela Palace, Bangalore

Le Cirque Signature is the third of the four amazing restaurants that are there in The Leela Palace. It is a restaurant that serves specifically Italian and French cuisines – two of the most delicious cuisines in the world of food. The restaurant is chic and has a laid back ambiance where you are most welcome to relax over a drink and delectable dish! BYT brings to you one more amazing offer here. Click here to find out!

Call 076767 76767 if you want to make a reservation via call or click your choices on the website itself!

Pan Asian – ITC Sonar, Science City Area, Kolkata

Japanese food is always associated with exotic items, unique presentation and exciting flavours and calls for a special occasion to go enjoy a Japanese cuisine meal for Indians! In Kolkata, the fine dine restaurant of Pan Asian, nestled in ITC Sonar, Science City Area, on JBS Haldane Avenue, is the most perfect venue for you to begin both—your first taste of Japanese food with your first date! Sounds like a great combo, really!

Interior of Pan Asian P.C.: timescity (http://goo.gl/R40mky)

Interior of Pan Asian
P.C.: timescity (http://goo.gl/R40mky)

Since Pan Asian is a five star enterprise, everything about it is exclusive and extraordinary. It is known for the special dishes it plates out from Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Singaporean, Burmese, Malaysian, Thai and Asian cuisines. Pan Asian has a special Japanese – Yakitori & Teppan Grill which features yakitori and teppanyaki styles of preparing food. The variations available are yakimono (grilled and pan-fried dishes), nimono (stewed/boiled/steamed dishes), itamemono (stir-fried dishes), mushimono (steamed dishes), agemono (deep fried dishes), sashimi (sliced raw fish), suimono and shirumono (soups), tsukemono (pickled/salted vegetables), aemono (dishes dressed with various kinds of sauce) su-no-mono (vinegared dishes) and chinmi (delicacies, food of delicate flavour). Pan Asian also has a Sushi and Sashimi Bar which allows the customers witness the magical show of Chefs at work!

Shirumono P.C.: http://goo.gl/zEPc47

P.C.: http://goo.gl/zEPc47

The restaurant is absolutely beautiful, decked in the Asian influences, completed with Oriental colours, structured with suitable architecture on walls and pillars. The restaurant flashes with Chinese paper lamps, urns and bamboo structures. Pan Asian has an in-house wine cellar which has an impressive collection of famous labels from around the world. The place is perfect for a complete romantic or exclusive experience and a celebration of food!

Malaysian Prawn Mee P.C.: http://goo.gl/bNVbIp

Malaysian Prawn Mee
P.C.: http://goo.gl/bNVbIp

Call 076767 76767 at BYT for reservation and enhance your pleasure of being at Pan Asian, ITC Sonar, Kolkata.

Seasonal Tastes – The Westin Gurgaon

A brunch is almost anybody and everybody’s favourite choice when it comes to beginning your Sunday. It is a much desired lazy start to the one universal holiday of the week! If you’re in Delhi NCR, there can be few choices to contest the brunch spread at Seasonal Tastes in The Westin Gurgaon.


Seasonal Tastes – The Westin Gurgaon (Delhi NCR)

Right from the first step you take to enter the beautiful Seasonal Tastes, you feel transported into the world of healthy food and artistry clubbed together to ensure you of the best experience. The glass bottles of greenish yellow olive oil lines up atop the salad counter, backlit to add effect, emphasises on the good food that they serve. Opposite that, the colourful fruits kept in big baskets for you invite you to plenteous choices!


Seasonal Tastes – The Westin Gurgaon (Delhi NCR)

The pale brown and wooden finish of the restaurant really brightens up the contrasting colours of fruits and salads on the display. There are three or four different counters which sports an exhibition to the options available. The cozy seating arrangements guarantee your privacy to be enjoyed with your company.


Arabic Mezze Platter
P.C. – www.womansday.com

Seasonal Tastes is a multi-cuisine restaurant that serves from the culinary worlds of Continental, Asian and North Indian cuisines along with treats of the world’s fast food culture! Superb and unique dishes like ‘warm smoked salmon’ (smoked salmon, sesame soba noodle, shallots, pickled cucumber & sour cream), ‘honey and ginger prawn’ (prawns tossed with honey, ginger, sweet and spicy sauce), ‘mezze platter’ (Arabic dips, hummus, babaganoush, tabouleh, labneh, pickled Arabic vegetables & pita bread), ‘caesar salad’ (romaine lettuce, pesto croutons, cashew nuts and parmesan or romaine lettuce, pesto croutons, cashew nuts, parmesan, poached egg, anchovies, chicken and bacon), ‘suan la tang (hot and sour vegetable chilli coup with vegetables or chicken), ‘tamater dhaniye ka shorba’ (tomato, black pepper, cardamom and coriander), ‘chicken burger’ (served with onion, relish, pickles and steak fries), ‘tenderloin burger’ (grilled onion, lettuce, tomato, cornichons and steak fries), ‘fruit salad (diced seasonal fruits) and ‘melting manjari mousse cake’ (serves with hot chocolate fudge) are available along with over 100 other selections!


Seasonal Tastes – The Westin Gurgaon

You can well imagine that given so many choices for a regular meal, how magnificent might be the brunch fare! The lavish brunch meal includes a range of soups, salads, eggs, pizzas, pastas and a variety of Indian, Asian, Continental and European delicacies to choose from. Save room to indulge in their decadent array of homemade desserts. Come with friends and family and have an eventful Sunday. What are you waiting for, go for the energetic vibe of the place, to lift your spirits before you face another week in the grind.


P.C. – www.valrhonaprofessionals.com

One patron, Manitasha, reviwed Seasonal Tastes on Zomato(.com) and exclaimed, “The beautiful interiors, the ever attentive staff and the huge buffet menu” – Hmm! Call 076767 76767 or click here to make a reservation via BYT, for a phenomenal fine dining experience here at Seasonal Tastes in the coming weekend! www.bookyourtable.com also has great offers, deals and coupons that you may find to be a suitable tip to your appetite!!

Zen – The Leela Palace, Bangalore


The Leela Palace… a glimpse into imperial beauty!
P.C. – http://www.andrewharper.com/

Sombre and composed are the two best terms that describes the addictive ambience of Zen, the Pan-Asian specialty restaurant, housed in the Leela Palace, Bangalore. The word Zen refers to ‘a Japanese school of Mahayana Buddhism emphasizing the value of meditation and intuition rather than ritual worship or study of scriptures’ (quoted from Google’s definition). Thus Zen means and points at a sense of calm and revelation. The restaurant of Zen, in the Leela Palace, closely follows this sagacity of spiritual ecstasy in maintaining their ambience and environment. When you’re here, you are bound to feel transported far and away from the hustle and bustle of regular metropolitan life and enjoy an exquisite meal with a mystical sensory elevation… Sounds different and interesting, doesn’t it? Here, in this narrative, Bookyourtable(.com) brings to you a glimpse of the transcendental escape.


Zen – The Leela Palace, Bangalore

The Zen is done in the contrasting colours of white and black. The mezzanine floor is continuous that seems to flow from one corner to another, with specks of black put at regular intervals to break the monotony. The huge jalousie windows offer big escapes into the greenery outdoor while the golden chandeliers add more effect indoor! There are big mirrors mounted high on the walls which seem like mute spectators to all that goes on in the restaurant—somebody’s special day, when her boyfriend asks for her hand in marriage, someone’s grandfather turns 95 years, somebody celebrates his 25th anniversary, some businessman bites into a dumpling with a smile of success on closing his big deal, and much more… In short, Zen is unique and very special for what it is and where it belongs.


Teppanyaki Prawns
P.C. – http://cdn2.hauteliving.com/

Zen sprawls over a large space and can accommodate 140 covers (referred to by http://indiatoday.intoday.in/) and is a gourmet restaurant where quality and variety are of highest values. Zen employs specialised chefs displaying culinary art at live teppanyaki, sushi, yakitori and noodle counters alongside a Korean barbecue grill and offers quite a spectacle apart from an exclusive experience for the guests.


Seafood Yakitori
P.C.- http://recipegreat.com/

And hey, here’s great news for you: Bookyourtable (BYT) has brought to you a fantastic offer!! If you make a reservation via Bookyourtable(.com) you can avail the offer of enjoying any one four course meal of two different enticing spreads—Thai and Chinese! The four courses included choices for starters (soups, salads/dim sums) followed by delicious desserts.

What are you waiting for? Call 076767 76767 and bookyourtable for a fine dining experience to remember!

Zen – The Leela Palace, Bangalore

There are many choices for fine dining in the garden city of Bangalore but out of all, Zen, a Pan-Asian restaurant in The Leela Palace, is one of the most unique ones.


Japanese Food
P.C -http://hqscreen.com/

Zen specializes in a variety of cuisines like Japanese, Thai, Korean and Chinese and takes pride in its Teppanyaki and Yakitori kitchen on the mezzanine floor to the sushi and dim sum counter and the Korean barbeque tables!! There are so many delectable dishes that are prepared by the skilled chefs on a daily basis and all have only received appreciation from the diners!


A Korean Seafood Dish
P.C. – http://img.1mobile.com/

The interior of Zen is exquisite and echoes the heritage of Indian architecture with huge chandeliers and mirrors hung high up on the ceiling and walls. The flowing mezzanine floor knits together a huge space into one identity. Zen also sports jalousie windows, thus the play of light and fresh air is uncompromised. There is also outdoor seating arrangement and you can suit your mood.


Thai Soup Bowl
P.C. – http://www.taste.com.au/

It can be proudly said that Zen paves a journey through the flavours of the Orient. It is as effective as the meditation process itself… You are bound to feel a blissful pleasure while eating here! Be it your choice of a Mushroom Soup with Coconut Milk and Galangal, followed by a Spicy Minced Chicken to begin with or endless refills from the live counters… There is no compromise of taste and quality.


Bookyourtable brings you from Zen,
The Leela Palace, Bangalore

Zen has come up with something even more attractive now… How would you imagine enjoying a fur course meal in this five star eatery at just a thousand bucks (plus taxes)?? Yes, you did not read it wrong! Bookyourtable(.com) has come up with this exceptional offer to brighten your smiles—Zen is serving a four course lunch at an amazing price, set for you in two different cuisines—Thai and Chinese! The Thai menu features Tom Yam Koong or Tom Kha with mushroom soups, Minced chicken or green papaya salad, Red/Green curry with rice. The Chinese menu brings to you choices of Hot and Sour Chicken or Lemon Coriander soups, options from over 8 Yum Dim Sums, followed by Chicken with vegetables, cashews in oyster sauce or Tofu and leek in Hunan sauce for main course. Both these sets culminate to an enticing dessert of healthy and light cut fruits with ice cream! Isn’t this inviting?

Call 076767 76767 or click here to make a reservation soon!

Zen – The Leela Palace, Bangalore

The Leela Palaces, Hotels and Resorts is one of the best known,  Indian hospitality group which has luxury palaces and hotels located in Mumbai, Goa, Bangalore, Trivandrum, Gurgaon, Udaipur and New Delhi, Chennai, Coimbatore, Jaipur, Agra, a couple of other cities and plans to expand more in the near future… Like other supremely quality conscious and ambitious hospitality groups, The Leela is revered for its sense of luxury, imperialism and exquisiteness.


The Classic Zen – The Leela Palace, Bangalore

One of Leela’s F&B endeavours is Zen, an Asian cuisine specialty restaurant which elevates fine dining to a different level with its specialized and trained chefs cooking up culinary wonders from age old traditional recipes and improvised twists of taste!! Housed in The Leela Palace, Bangalore, Zen is a magnificent eatery which is a compliment to any kind of meeting, be it romantic or just catching up with friends and family on some occasion! This is not said to discourage business meetings either because Zen is so perfectly designed and beautified, it is simply appropriate to all your causes!


Bookyourtable brings you from Zen,
The Leela Palace, Bangalore

Bookyourtable(.com) has come up with this exceptional offer to brighten your smiles—Leela four course lunch at an amazing price, set for you in two different cuisines—Thai and Chinese. However you’d like to suit yourself. The Thai menu features Tom Yam Koong or Tom Kha with mushroom soups, Minced chicken or green papaya salad, Red/Green curry with rice. The Chinese menu brings to you choices of Hot and Sour Chicken or Lemon Coriander soups, options from over 8 Yum Dim Sums, followed by Chicken with vegetables, cashews in oyster sauce or Tofu and leek in Hunan sauce for main course. Both these sets culminate to an enticing dessert of healthy and light cut fruits with ice cream! Isn’t this inviting?


Tom Kha Goong Soup (Thai Prawn Soup)
P.C. – www.macleanfraser.com

For teenagers in love, the prices are such that if you save your pocket money, taking your girl to Zen for a starry-eyed lunch isn’t a hard thing to do and give her a grass ring, tell her you love her… The grass ring will turn brown and dry eventually but she can stick it in her diary forever… And you two will enjoy one of the most romantic moments of your lives!


Happy Easter 2014!
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So, how about availing this offer for your Easter break?

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Happy Easter!!

Blue Ginger – Taj West End, Bangalore

Blue Ginger Taj West End, Bangalore

Blue Ginger Taj West End, Bangalore

India’s tribute to Vietnamese food spells out the name, Blue Ginger, an in-house specialty restaurant of the Taj West End hotel, in Bangalore. Vietnamese cuisine has so much in it that is quite unknown to most of the world but Blue Ginger packs it all into your plates when you visit and take a look at the menu here and eat one of the most satisfying meals of your life!

Ha Long Bay, Vietnam P.C. - www.huonghaisealifecuise.com

Ha Long Bay, Vietnam
P.C. – www.huonghaisealifecuise.com

Each Vietnamese dish is unique in its flavour and ingredients and reflects one or more of its ingredients. The tastes are quite delicate and quite different from the usual Thai and Chinese flavours that Indians are mostly used to. However, this cuisine will never cease to surprise you with is delights and Blue Ginger is the perfect place to begin without having set your foot onto the Vietnamese soil. For those who have been to Hanoi, Ho Chi Min, or have toured across Ha Long Bay, Cu Chi tunnels, Hoan Kiem Lake, Nha Trang, Mekong River and other such delightful places, you must have tasted some of their casual food like Fo Ga and Fo Bo or have snacked with a Bahn Mi! Well, Blue Ginger has maestros of this culinary discipline, reproducing the delicacies of this historical country in the heart of Bangalore for you. The whole place is a posh version of a sub-urban Vietnamese village, completed with exclusive mood lighting, colour and life, complimenting the celebration that your presence brings to Blue Ginger’s threshold!

A part of the waterfall and gardens around Blue Ginger... P.C. - www.bangalorerestaurants.com

A part of the waterfall and gardens around Blue Ginger…
P.C. – www.bangalorerestaurants.com

The restaurant is set next to a hyacinth pool, natural stone waterfall and South-East Asian gardens and flourishes under a tiled pavilion that lets you enjoy the setting full on with your meal. It is truly amazing to be able to enjoy Sangrias, Beers, signature cocktails or single malts from the Blue Bar and the unique spread of Vietnamese food, on a sultry afternoon or a breezy evening with your family and friends.

Grilled prawns with lemon grass and chilli

Grilled prawns with lemon grass and chilli

Blue Ginger offers some set meals (apart from a la carte) which are no doubt the best combinations to go with. Some flavours, very particular to Vietnam like ‘Wok tossed Chicken with ginger and cashew nut’, ‘Stir fried greens and sprouts with garlic’, ‘Prawns in lemongrass an chilli lime soup’, ‘Asparagus soup with crab meat, Scallions and cilantro’, ‘Spicy Seafood salad’, ‘Butter garlic calamari’, ‘Wok tossed lobster chunck and cashew nut with crushed pepper’, ‘Fresh rice paper rolls with shrimp and chicken’, ‘Grilled Chicken with Basil and Five Spice’, ‘Wok tossed prawn with shitake mushrooms, dry shrimp and celery’ and the same is also served with tenderloin instead, Vietnamese style sauté tenderloin with garlic and sweet onion, ‘Wok tossed soft noodles with vegetables/seafood/mixed meat’ are all there in the menu, and some ‘Jelly and Fruits with Coconut Cream’ or some ice creams wouldn’t do much harm to your calorie count to end it with! Do not forget to ask after the ‘Chef’s Special’!!

Salad of Grilled Chicken

Salad of Grilled Chicken

Do visit and try the world of exotic Vietnamese specialities made with the expert hands at Blue Ginger, while sitting in one of the most beautiful restaurants in town, with soothing music and sounds of Nature, excellent service and ambience. Call 076767 76767 or visit our website by clicking here to make a reservation. Bookyoutable.com – Your Food Advisor will never let you regret a choice!!

Sunday Brunch at Citrus – The Leela Palace, Bangalore

Bangalore has many fine-dine restaurants to its credit, not to forget the five-star ones … some of them are even certified as the best in India! Citrus at The Leela Palace Bangalore is one of them. The Leela Palace, Bangalore located at Old Airport Road, Bangalore is a five-star hotel that can easily attain a spot in the list of the best five-star hotels of the world. From its decor to its service, it is par excellence. With regal settings in the midst of nature, The Leela Palace, Bangalore offers its guests service if International stature. Today we’ll be talking about its all-day fine dine restaurant cum cafe, Citrus. The Sunday Brunch at Citrus – The Leela Palace, Bangalore is one of the most popular brunches in the city.

Sunday Brunch at Citrus – The Leela Palace, Bangalore

The setting at Citrus … Bright and colourful!

True to its name, Citrus at The Leela Palace, Bangalore is a vibrant restaurant cum cafe of this acclaimed five-star property. Open 24/7, Citrus entertains guests thronging the restaurant all through the day. The ambience of Citrus is very refreshing and energetic. Natural light travels in through the huge glass windows and the restaurant dazzles during the day. Also an outdoor patio offers a pleasant seating to the guests in the lap of Nature. Such a bright atmosphere is just perfect for a lazy Sunday Brunch.

Sunday Brunch at Citrus – The Leela Palace, Bangalore

Outdoor seating at Citrus

The Sunday Brunch at Citrus – The Leela Palace, Bangalore is the talk of the town. Families and friends crowd Citrus on lazy Sunday afternoons. Why not? The ambience, the food and the service … everything is THE BEST! It is the seating on the outside that people mainly choose for Sunday Brunch provided the weather is pleasant. The chimes of the waterfall accompany you. From big families to couples to hip group of friends, you find everyone having fun at the Sunday Brunch at Citrus.

Sunday Brunch at Citrus – The Leela Palace, Bangalore

A platter of exotic cheese
PC: http://alaplancha.files.wordpress.com/

Speaking about food, you find the best dishes of every cuisine from around the globe.  As per the Senior Sous Chef Ranjith Thomas, the Sunday Brunch at Leela is multi cuisine … they offer something for everyone! Indian, Asian, Lebanese, European, Continental, Tex-Mex; there are cuisines available for all palates! They also offer many European cold-cuts and probably the best and exotic cheese platter in town.

Sunday Brunch at Citrus – The Leela Palace, Bangalore

Pork Shank

Sunday Brunch at Citrus – The Leela Palace, Bangalore

Fish Tandoori … a must try dish at Citrus!
PC: flickr.com

Some of the International dishes you could try here are roast beef with tartar sauce, chicken pate, tender-cooked pork shank, rabbit stew, and stuffed suckling pig with red wine sauce, German sausage, smoked ham and salami.  From the Indian section, do try the Mutton biryani and Tandoori fish.

Sunday Brunch at Citrus – The Leela Palace, Bangalore

PC: whatsgabycooking.com

When you look at the dessert buffet, it is just so tempting! Cakes, pastries, mousse, brownies, ice-creams … there are as many as 20 desserts to choose from! Don’t resist your temptation, forget dieting and just dig into them. Cherry crumble; raspberry and white chocolate ganache; tiramisu; Citrus Grand Manier Parfait, served with orange marmalade and raspberry sorbet; and the Guayaqul Chocolate Ganache Tart, served with hazelnut biscuit and hazelnut ice cream are the best ones.

Don’t forget to pair your food from the many beverages available. They have sparkling wine too. Make your Sunday plans today. Reserve a table at Citrus– The Leela Palace, Bangalore for their Sunday Brunch. Call 076767 76767 or visit bookyourtable. And yes, do reserve a table outside. You’ll love it!

My Place, Movenpick Hotel and Spa – Bangalore

After a restless day, spending time in a calm and cosy restaurant with loved ones is really soothing to mind, heart and soul.  If get various cuisines on plate under one roof then nothing can be better than this. My Place, the flagship brand of Movenpick Hotel and Spa located in New BEL RoadBangalore is one of the finest place serving palatable Continental, Asian, Indian cuisines, buffet and Sunday Brunch.

My Place - All day dining restaurant.

My Place – All day dining restaurant.

The ambience of the restaurant is classy, cheerful, and luxurious. The contemporary interior design and amazing music playing in the background makes it a romantic place to enjoy your food with someone special.

Delicious pan-fried Calamari Fritti Su letto di Rucola

Delicious pan-fried Calamari Fritti Su letto di Rucola

From the long list of delicious dishes Smoked Norwegian Salmon which is a signature dish of the restaurant is a must-have dish.  Smoked Norwegian Salmon is a cuisine from the land of Norway. The delicious Salmon dish is served with pickled onion, cream cheese,  dilli and to add salty-tangy taste,  caper  a flower bud of Caper Bush also called “Flinder rose” is included in the dish.

Murgh Dum Briyani

Murgh Dum Briyani

My Place serves luscious Indian Cuisines from both North and South Indian region. From the long list of Briyani the Murgh Dum Briyani served at the restaurant is delicious dish. The flavoursome basmati rice and the soft delicious chicken simmered with the rich Indian spices in Dum make it a perfect dish for once plate.

Buffet at  Movenpick Hotel and Spa

Buffet at Movenpick Hotel and Spa

To give you a great relaxing experience after the tiring weekdays the Restaurant serve two kinds of brunches for Sunday Brunch- Regular and Champagne. In Regular Brunch the restaurant offers a variety of exquisite dishes served along with unlimited Fosters beer, Indian wines; red, white and sparkling, Havana rum and Smirnoff Vodka. And for the Champagne Brunch the menu is upgrade to high level and includes BBQ grill, a whole array of soups, starters and mains, chocolate fondue, 25 different desserts and unlimited fill of Australian Hardys Champagne.

Orange Semifredd

Orange Semifredd

For the sweet touch of dessert My Place offers best on the menu. Among its list of delish desserts Choice of Movenpicker ice-cream which is signature sweet dish of restaurant, is served in various flavours as per the taste and choice of the guest.

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The Square, Novotel – Marathahalli, Bangalore

The Square is a multi-cuisine restaurant located at Marathahalli in Bangalore. The restaurant has a very classy and calm ambience with the tables and chairs set spaciously about, allowing privacy which makes it a perfect place for romantic dinner, meeting or dinner with friends.

The Square, Novotel at Marathahalli,

The Square, Novotel at Marathahalli
P.C. – www.burp.in.com

The Square has both indoor and outdoor seating arrangements since by the pool it makes a perfect party venue. This place is weather proof which can withstand rains and peak summer times, where guests can hold their events.

The Restaurant offers a global buffet concept with an eclectic mix of live cooking. One can enjoy a theatrical cooking experience with the live cooking counters for handmade noodles, seasoned pastas, Tandoor grills & kebabs, stone-cold ice creams.

Smoked Salmon

Smoked Salmon
P.C. – www.marinmamacooks.com

In starters The Square serves the delicious dishes such as Parmesan Shavings, Croutons for veg and Grilled Prawn, Smoked Salmon , Herb grilled Chicken for non-veg.

Variety of Hangchow Style Pomfret

Variety of Hangchow Style Pomfret
P.C. – www.erecipe.com

Hangchow Style Pomfret is one of the best dishes from the Oriental menu which is also the Chef’s special dish. The Pomfrets which is a perciform fish belonging to the family Bramidae is marinated in rice, wine, vinegar, soya and red chillies and then shallow fried. The delicious dish is served with steamed rice.

Risotto with Sea food

Risotto with Sea food
P.C. – www.cutepigblog.com

 From its long list of appetizers Risotto which is an Italian cuisine is a treat for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Risotto is prepared by cooking Arborio rice (which is a Italian short-grain rice)  in vegetables stock and white wine with Parmesan cheese and can be taken with Grilled Chicken, Sea food or Mushroom and green peas.

Cheese cake P.C. www.tisboyle.blogspot.com

Cheese cake
P.C. www.tisboyle.blogspot.com

In desserts the restaurant serves the delicious Eireshecker which is a must-haves from its menu. Eireshecker is a delectable German Cheese cake served with passion fruit sorbet.

After your tiring weekdays you can enjoy your Sunday Brunch at The Square, where you get to enjoy the lavishly spread of cuisines from across the globe, sitting beside the calm view of the pool.

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Citrus – The Leela Palace, Bangalore

The Leela Palace, Bangalore is just a synonym for luxury and elegance redefined.  Spread over a good 9 acres of land, this epitome of sophistication mirrors the lushness of the green city.

Citrus – The Leela Palace, Bangalore

The beautiful porch at The Leela Palace, Bangalore

Typical of Leela Hotels, the restaurants are a feast to the eyes with all the beauty and magnificence. One of the fine-dine restaurants of The Leela Palace, Bangalore, citrus is our focus today. And moreover, the restaurant has planned so much for the upcoming Valentine’s Day. You guys have planned yet? No? Let us make some special plans for you with Citrus – The Leela Palace, Bangalore.

Citrus – The Leela Palace, Bangalore

Outdoor seating at Citrus … so romantic and beautiful setting!

Citrus  is this huge all-day dining restaurant at The Leela Palace, Bangalore that lives up to its name in every aspect. Every corner of Citrus seems to be smiling with its bright yellow shades and the sunlight streaming in. The outdoor patio seating of Citrus turns into a lovers’ paradise where you see couples seated in candle-lit tables and getting lost in each other. And this is just the place you should be on the evening Valentine’s Day. The chimes of the waterfall with romantic tunes playing, the lush greenery and the flickering candle light to lit up your face and bring a twinkle to your eyes is what Citrus plans this Valentine’s Day.

Citrus’ V-Day venture Tangy Flavours of Love gives you the opportunity to dine with your beloved in the romantic atmosphere with an array of cuisines that adorn the spread. Indian, Chinese, Thai, Malaysian, Continental, Italian, Mexican and Lebanese … you have everything here to suit your palate.  This special Valentine’s Day dinner is topped by premium drinks served. What can be more romantic than a glass of wine or champagne that will accompany you through the evening! Take small sips as you look into your beloved’s eye and pronounce the words “I Love You” in a unique way this Valentine’s day.

Citrus – The Leela Palace, Bangalore

Nothing can be more romantic than a glass of champagne and your beloved before you

Those in love can celebrate Valentine’s Day every day of the year, every hour of the day, every minute of the hours and every second; we know that! But 14th February is special as it has been pronounced worldwide as Valentine’s Day, so your beloved will expect a little something that will make them a little more special on this particular day. Citrus has it all set just for you; from music to food to wine to a romantic ambience. You just have to dial 076767 76767 or visit bookyourtable for reservations. Make your special one feel significant he/she is to you. Just a few expressions are needed, don’t shy! Surprise your beloved.

Citrus – The Leela Palace, Bangalore

The Leela Palace at Bangalore houses a galore of speciality restaurants that offers world class dining. This is just one feature of the hotel; the rest includes palatial decor with ornate gardens and cascading waterfalls. The Leela palace is a feeling of grandeur and opulence that is a sharp cut from the busy streets Bangalore. For those who have visited The Leela Palace, it has surely been a memorable journey, but those who haven’t experienced The Leela Palace yet, we’ll talk you on a stroll down the iconic lanes of this lavish hotel. Let’s first start with Citrus – The Leela Palace, Bangalore.

Citrus – The Leela Palace, Bangalore

Citrus at The Leela Palace, Bangalore

Citrus is true to its name. The ambience is bright and peppy with citrus and sunshine hues. The restaurant located at the lobby level of the hotel is an all-day dining restaurant. Live grills, wood-fire pizza oven and bread oven stations make Citrus  stand out from its contemporaries.

Citrus – The Leela Palace, Bangalore

Sunday Brunch spread at Citrus – The Leela Palace, Bangalore
P.C.: gourmetindia.com

Citrus showcases the finest cuisines of the world namely Asian, Indian, Italian, Thai, Malaysian, Continental, Mexican, Lebanese and more. Citrus also takes care of those who are health conscious. They have a special Citrus spa salad with organic lettuce, roasted squash, pumpkin seeds, honey chestnut, preserved lemon oil, lightly smoked grilled salmon fillet, green pea puree and basil. Every ingredient used in this special salad is fresh and healthy in some way or the other. The other speciality dishes of Citrus include Lump Crab Cake, Black Angus Steak, Karuvepillai Yera and Sarsonwalli Machhli Tikka.

Citrus – The Leela Palace, Bangalore

Chocolate tart with hazelnuts

Sunday Brunch is very special at Citrus . It is revelry with a number of food displayed, live cooking stations where chefs are ready to cook anything you wish to have and a spread of sinful desserts. Citrus Grand Marnier Parfait served with orange marmalade and raspberry sorbet and the Guayaqul Chocolate Ganache Tart served with hazelnut biscuit and hazelnut ice cream are difficult to resist. Sparkling wine accompanies your Sunday Brunch.

Citrus – The Leela Palace, Bangalore

Sparkling wine accompanies Sunday Brunch at Citrus

Get your table reservations done at the earliest. Visit bookyourtable.

Machan – Taj Mahal Hotel, New Delhi

The Machan is an in-house restaurant of the Taj Mahal Hotel, located on the Mansingh Road, New Delhi. It is a multi-cuisine restaurant that dishes out anything from the Asian, North Indian and European cuisines 24hours! They have a well-founded bar with a vast variety, complete with rare collections as well!



To break up the menu card even more, apart from the broad spectrums of Asian, North Indian and European cuisines, they also plate up South Indian, Coffees, Desserts and Barbeque/Tandoori/Grilled items. The most popular dishes can be carefully reshuffled and re-filtered to be left with Thai Curries, Lobsters, Caviar, Oysters and Phirni. They have both, breakfast and lunch buffets where it is universally acclaimed by the customers till date that the breakfast buffet is really grand and lavish.


Lobster Salad



Machan has a piano and a pianist along with a singer! It has everything necessary to make your experience be worth its while.



The decor of Machan is surprisingly simple yet very elegant and well-knit in terms of colours. The big, sturdy and brown Jalousie windows allow the right amount of luminous opulence and the rest is beautifully complimented by the warm lighting. The picture windows on one side let in the outside inside and one wall has big spaces arranged with shades of green that highlights the walls wonderfully. The line of potted verdant plants that draw a margin round the buffet tables bring in spurts of life it seems. Otherwise, the tables and chairs are set spaciously apart from each other and it is a very good place for almost everything—business meetings, official lunch, party, familial afternoon and all other possible modes of social interaction!


Paneer Rawalpindi

To put it in a short sentence, Machan is huge and beautiful. The buffet spreads are bountiful and you’ll always see a start but the ends are quite lost in the abyss of extravaganza! You’ll quite love it in here if you’re looking for a simple day out experimenting with food. The ambiance is definitely ticked on!


Almond Tofu with Cherries

To enjoy your heart out and make your experience worth remembering, please visit BookyourTable.com and help us add to your comfort with our value added services, reservations, discount coupons and more!