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Spice Art – Crowne Plaza, New Delhi Rohini

Spice Art – Crowne Plaza, New Delhi Rohini is a North Indian restaurant specializing in cuisines from the delectable Northern part of the country. It is the 2011 Time’s Award winner for the best Noteworthy Newcomer (Hotel). The restaurant has a classy interior. A warm welcome leads you to the restaurant. You are awe-struck by the setting. The interiors are warm and cozy with dim lighting that creates a warm ambience. The colours used are warm golden brown and ebony with ivory damask table linens.

Spice Art - Crowne Plaza

Spice Art interiors – Crowne Plaza

Spice Art is divided into two parts – one part is used exclusively for lunch while during dinner the whole restaurant is operational. There are also some private dining areas that are secluded by metal jalis. The service is courteous and diligent.

Spice Art - Crowne Plaza

Kebab platter (vegetarian)

Spice Art menu has sections that offer specialities form Amritsar, Lucknow and Kashmir. Also some nouvelle collections adorn the food menu. Special focus has been made on vegetarian delicacies keeping in mind the vegetarian locals. The mixes and blends in the dishes are very interesting and exciting. Delhi is always known for their chaats, so, chatpati chaat platter which consists of kurkuri palak chaat, karari tikki, dahi puchka and dahi gujiya is the most ordered appetizer of Spice Art. Tandoori bhari hui dhingri is a stuffed mushroom dish and another very popular vegetarian dish of the restaurant.

Spice Art - Crowne Plaza

Amritsari Chole Kulche … five-star or roadside … always taste yummy!

Spice Art - Crowne Plaza

Chukandar Gosht rogan josh … A Kashmiri delicacy!

Raan Khada Masala, Do Din ki Dal (no, the dal is not two days stale but has been simmered and cooked for a longer time to give it a silky texture), Kebab platter, Salmon Tikka, Achari Paneer Pasanda, Chapli kebab, Rogni Murgh, kesar aur khajoor ke malai koftey (very rich and creamy), Chukandar gosht rogan josh (a Kashmiri delicacy), Aloo Amritsari wadi and Amritsari Kulche chole are some other specialities of Spice Art. Gulab Jamun is a delectable dessert available.

Spice Art - Crowne Plaza

Gulab Jamuns topped with pistacio, chocolate chips, chocolate syrup and condensed milk

For reservations at Spice Art, visit Bookyourtable. Relish the best of North Indian delicacies!