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Only Fish – The LaLiT Ashok, Bangalore

The LaLiT Ashok Hotel, Bangalore is hosting a ten day food festival, titled ‘Only Fish’, in collaboration with Gourmet Express…

24x7 Coffee Shop Alfresco

24×7 Coffee Shop Alfresco Terrace

The festival features different kinds of fish and their preparation. Pomfret Maach Bhaja, Bangda Fry, Barbequed Skewered Fish Tikka and Kane Rava Fried Fish are a few prominent names for starters. The main course has preparatiions like Sarson Bata Maach, Fish Reacheado, Lucknowi Machilli Curry, Nellur Chappala Pulusu among others. Exotic and unique desserts like Tawe Ki Sev with Ghumta Jaa are also a part of this exclusive event!

Head Chef Dinakaran

Head Chef Dinakaran

Chef Dinakaran has really made wonders with his years of experience, expertise and knowledge. The recipes he has listed to be put to the palate are each quite exotic, solitary and particular. His specialties include:

Oven baked red snapper-herb crusted oven baked red snapper with maple glazed pear & plum

John Dory —pan seared John Dory fish with lemon caper artichoke sautéed spinach and mash potatoes

Meen Moilee [robol fish] —south Indian style fish preparation with coconut milk

Fish dum biryani [sear fish] —fish and rice cooked together on dum with a hint of saffron and Indian masala

Grilled salmon –olive oil marinated salmon fish cooked on griddle with citrus emulsion and garlic pokchoy

Kane rava fried fish

Amber jack –with hariyali masala

Rohu –Achari masala

Pomfret fish –with Ajwain masala

Thelepia –mirch Aur Masale ki machalli and

Mackerel –Indian style masaledar, just to begin with.

Prawns are not included in this fishy celebration but if you are an ardent lover of all seafood and cannot do without a little of the crustaceans, you can definitely request them which will be served!


Only Fish

‘Only Fish’, the denary festival is in full swing. Each dish served will be accompanied with a choice of steam rice, appam, sannas and paratha. You will find yourself getting comfortable in the 24×7 Coffee Shop Alfresco Terrace which has beautiful surroundings and looks into the poolside. Head Chef Dinakaran and his Executive Chef Subodh Goyal are on tenterhooks to make delight you with their recipes.

Kane Rawa Fried Fish

Kane Rawa Fried Fish

Pomfret Masala Tawa

Pomfret Masala Tawa

It is an unsettlingly fishy affair that Only Fish is all about! You need to experience it to enjoy or even fathom its diversity, excellence and supremacy. The absolutely amazing, qualitative and quantitative food, soothing music, natural light and the fact that it belongs to The LaLiT, completes the identity of Only Fish and tickles its verve! To enjoy your heart out with at the awesome ‘Only Fish’ festival and make your experience worth remembering, do visit the LaLiT Ashok Hotel by 10th of February, 2014.

Grilled Red Snapper

Grilled Red Snapper

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