Speciality Group of restaurants – Oh! Calcutta restaurant

Oh! Calcutta restaurant

Oh! Calcutta food

The mastermind behind the Speciality Group of Restaurants Anjan Chatterjee had taken the initiative to bring forth Bengali cuisine in an ambience that is reminiscent to a sophisticated club of Calcutta in the form of Oh! Calcutta. Let’s not get wrong here. ‘Club of Calcutta’ doesn’t refer to the clubs we associate to now-a-days. ‘A club of Calcutta’ refers to a place where litterateurs used to gather for a knowledgeable yet friendly banter and spend hours discussing works of literature, politics (another hot topic among Bengalis) and food. Anjan Chatterjee decided to amalgamate these and form a huge room called Oh! Calcutta; that shapes up like a Calcutta club and with chefs who present the best of Bengali dishes.

Oh! Calcutta restaurant

Oh! Calcutta restaurant ambience

Sophistication was once the spirit of the natives of Calcutta during and after the British Raj. Keeping that in mind, Oh! Calcutta has been designed stylishly and elegantly with wooden furniture, book shelves loaded with literary works, walls that tell the tale of the history of old Calcutta and … windows that were commonly and still found in old rajbaris of Calcutta.

Oh! Calcutta restaurant

Shorshey Ilish with steamed rice – Oh! Calcutta Speciality dish

Oh! Calcutta restaurant

Golda Chingri malai curry – Oh! Calcutta speciality dish

Oh! Calcutta manages to lure in Bengalis with their collection of the much-forgotten authentic dishes of Bengal. Bhapa Ilish, Smoked Bhetki, Mutton Rezzala, Shorshey Ilish, Mochar Ghonto, Golda Chingri, kakra chingri bhapa, lonka bhapa murg, Raj style smoked hilsa, luchhi (maida puris), cholar dal, kosha mangsho or railway mutton curry, doi maach, rui maachher dom jhol, Gondhoraj Bhetki, Pabda Jhaal with bori, chenna masala, and the regular Bengali home-made dishes like alu/potol/begun bhaja with steamed Basmati rice or Gobindobhoger Bhaat.

Oh! Calcutta restaurant

Rosomalai – Oh! Calcutta dessert

When at Oh! Calcutta it is a sin to miss the wondrous Bengali desserts. Mishti doi, baked rosogolla, rosomalai, Oh! Calcutta version of crème brulee with nolen gur (date palm jaggery), payesh, malpua, and nolen gurer ice-cream.

Let us take a look at the store locators.

In Mumbai, Oh! Calcutta outlets are located at Andheri (w) and Tardeo.

In Delhi NCR, Oh! Calcutta outlet is located at Nehru Place.

In Bangalore, Oh! Calcutta outlet is located at St. Marks Road.

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