Shaken or Stirred

It is no secret that everybody loves summer & spring, the longer days, warmer weather, sometimes too hot to bear, the smell of the rain during summer and the smell of flowers after that. Shaken or Stirred – Mango Martini seems to be the drink of this season, at least what we’d recommend for something fun!


Back to the drink – Shaken or Stirred – it is something which kicks every body’s senses – at least those falling past the legal age to consume alcohol. A Mango Martini is an alcoholic beverage typically made with Mango, Rum or Vodka. Play around with it in this combination and you should get a martini which goes down easily, refreshing and also lip smacking delicious!

There are many ways to make a martini the best which we recommend is to go one with vodka, this is quite simple to prepare and at the same time it’s quick ti make too. Also keep in mind to balance the bitterness of the alcohol & the sweetness of the mangoes.

What you would need is Mango Vodka, or Cucumber Vodka, 1/2 Lemon, Crushed Ice, and sliced mangoes which can be added to the beverage. Vermouth is usually used if you prefer a martini that is not too sweet and has a more subtle taste. You would also need the martini shaker, then you add all the ingredients – the vodka, crushed ice, lemon juice, and everything is shaken until its mixed very well. Then to top it pour the drink into a martini glass, you add the Mango slices too. Many prefer to chill the martini glass before serving. You can also garnish with a spring of mint.

Have Fun but drink responsibly!

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