New York Cafe – Radisson Blu Plaza, Delhi-NCR

New York Cafe is a 24hrs coffee shop in all the Radisson Blu hotels and this blog is about the one in Radisson Blu Plaza at Mahipalpur, Delhi.

Capellini with Mushrooms and Caviar P.C. -

Capellini with Mushrooms and Caviar
P.C. –

The New York Cafe hosts wide spread buffets from Monday to Saturday for both lunch and dinner. It specialises in general cafe food and North Indian and American cuisines. The Sunday Brunch buffet has interesting combinations like with unlimited soft drinks, beer and wine, champagne and a special pricing slab for children below 12years. Over 8-10 different kinds of salads can be customised and made according to your choice here in the New York Cafe. When you step out of your house on a lazy Sunday, hoping for a filling and distinguished brunch, you must find yourself a seat here to make the most of your expectations.

Aloo Gosht P.C. -

Aloo Gosht
P.C. –

The chefs are well trained and exceptional with twists on taste. The most popular grubs include Murgh Makhani, Aloo Gosht, Lamb Chopsticks, Blue Tapas and Grilled Jumbo Prawns. The coffee and teas available also have quite a good following. The Cardamom and Coconut Creme Brulee, Mascarpone and Cappuccino Mousse, Dark and White Chocolate Brownie, Kesari Rasmalai and Gulab jamun are among the must have-s for those with a sweet tooth. These candid desserts are bound to redefine ‘delicious’ for you!

Grilled Jumbo Prawns P.C. -

Grilled Jumbo Prawns
P.C. –

The New York Cafe is an open plan restaurant that begins and ends in continuation to the lobby. The restaurant has close-knit tables and chairs, set at good intervals. The shades of brown and cream white, laden with well-placed spotlights and blue lines of light and the rust seat cushions break the monotony.

Gulab Jamun P.C. -

Gulab Jamun
P.C. –

The absolutely amazing food, soothing music, natural light, qualitative and quantitative food and the fact that Satin belongs to Radisson Blu Hotel, completes its identity and encourages vivacity! To enjoy your heart out and make your experience worth remembering, please visit and help us add to your comfort with our value added services, reservations, discount coupons and more!