Nero – Le Meridian, Delhi NCR

Le Meridian is a Paris born five-star hotel brand that has branches all over the world and serves millions of guests year round. Le Meridian in Delhi is situated at Windsor Place, Janpath, Delhi NCR. The hotel has two world-class lounges serving cocktails and a selection of International liquors. One is Nero and the other is Henri’s Bar.

Nero - Le Meridian

Nero – Le Meridian … Look at the shiny leather armchairs… Don’t they look royal?

Nero - Le Meridian

The Bar area at Nero – Le Meridian

Nero , the lounge bar located at the lobby level of the hotel is a classy and elegant bar with a princely look. Black leather sofas, ornate chandeliers, lush walls, stone floor and a warm golden hue give Nero a royal and opulent look. There is seating at the bar too that boasts of the longest cocktail list in town. Nero gives a perfect setting for a fun party or an informal business meeting over drinks.

The bar has a selection of high end Blended Malts, rare fine spirits, prestigious single malts, wine selection from Italy, Chile, Austria, Germany, Argentina, Portugal, Spain and the U.S.A. They also stock Japanese Sake and concoct custom-made cocktails.

Nero - Le Meridian

Tom Collins – A classic cocktail!

Cocktails like Tom Collins, Whiskhus (a Whisky cocktail), Paan mojito, daiquiri, martini, LIIT, and other classics are perfectly stirred and shaken to create a perfect cocktail. Nero is a great place to sip on drinks while listening to music and having an endless conversation. The lounge serves appetizers like Shish Taouk and Crispy Mozzarella rolls that are a perfect match with the perfectly shaken cocktails.

Nero - Le Meridian

Sakerinha – A Caipirinha variation with Sake

The bartender suggests Sakerinha – a variation of Caipirinha where the base is changed to Sake for white rum. The staff is knowledgeable and pleasant enough to walk you through the menu and help you make the right choice.

You must visit Nero for the royal experience of drinking in an International status bar. Visit BookyourTable for reservations.