Nawabganj Safari – BJN Group, Gurgaon

“Jungle Jungle baat chali hai pata chala hai …

Arre chaddi pehen ke phool khila hai phool khila hai …” -Rings a bell?

Yes, it is the famous song that we all used to sing as a child with Mowgli from Jungle Book. Confused why we are chiming this song?! Well, Nawabganj Safari – BJN Group, Gurgaon is one such restaurant.

Nawabganj Safari - BJN Group, Gurgaon

The elephant welcomes you!… see the alligator sneaking? Nawabganj Safari – Gurgaon

Nawabganj Safari - BJN Group, Gurgaon

See the python hissing right above your head? Nawabganj Safari – Gurgaon

Located in the 3rd Floor of Ambience Mall, Gurgaon, Nawabganj Safari  is a North Indian restaurant specializing in Lucknowi/Awadi food. The restaurant Nawabganj Safari is designed straight out of a jungle book. With a rainforest-like setting, the interiors are done with glazed trunk and green leaves made of plastic. That doesn’t give the vibe of a jungle, right? So some more props like a monkey, an elephant, an alligator, a turtle and a giant-size king cobra – all the jungle animals make a presence along with sound effects to match the environment. The feel of mist, the sound of cascading waterfalls, sultry python and chirping birds – the sound and visual effects is a safari for the senses. The staff is dressed as forest officials too and at the entrance you are welcomed royally by the roaring elephant.

Nawabganj Safari - BJN Group, Gurgaon

Patthar ka Gosht

The food interestingly takes you to the bygone era of the shahi khansamas. The menu has interesting names; each item is named such that it takes you to the thick of a forest. Caveman’s triumph patthar ka gosht, River wild (a prawn delicacy), Snow white forest (paneer tikka), Forest mushrooming (stuffed mushroom), Black forest moon (Chandni tikka – a chicken tikka variety), Silence of the lambs (Galouti Kebab), Meat ki Safari (mutton seekh).

Nawabganj Safari - BJN Group, Gurgaon

Methi Matar Malai
P.C. –

The other varieties include Paneer Dum Roll, Sabut Chuza, Dum Ke Parda Raan, Paneer Khurchan, Chakori Chicken tikka, Mirch Makai Hara Pyaj, Karela Gosht, Patiala Shahi Murgh, Jhinga Roda Masala, Methi matar malai, and Dal Makhni. The restaurant has a bar along one end. The bar stools are interestingly carved – animal bottoms. Bahamas Mama, Blue Horizon and Muddy Water, Frozen Ocean, Love Angels and Banana Berry are some interestingly shaken and twirled drinks available at the bar.

Nawabganj Safari - BJN Group, Gurgaon

The bar area at Nawabganj Safari, Gurgaon

Want to dine in some corner of the dense forest. Every element of Nawabganj Safari welcomes you. Visit Bookyourtable for reservations. It is one apt place to celebrate your child’s birthday.