Mango Cider – 3 Monkeys, Bangalore

The 3 Monkeys has been bang-on successful right from day 1! They are one of the few pioneering brewpubs in India and they are doing a great job! People love their buffets, their grubs from different cuisines, their events and most importantly, their beers! The address to this foodie’s heaven reads as Gopalan Signature Mall, 4th Floor, Old Madras Road, Bangalore.

3 Monkeys, Bangalore

3 Monkeys is well known and celebrated for their superb beers. The Signature Wheat IPA (Alcohol volume: 6%), Red Ale (Alcohol volume: 5.3%), Pale Lager (Alcohol volume: 5%) and Wheat Beer (Alcohol volume: 4.75%) are the dominating magnets that keep 3 Monkeys amazingly filled up!

3 Monkeys, bangalore
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The Signature Wheat IPA is a blend of secret hops and caramel that has an incredible flavour of bitterness with a light hint of sweetness! Low in carbonation, this ale is high in aroma, has a medium body and a wholesome flavour. It goes very well with Indian food, fried grubs, grilled meat and chocolate desserts. The Red Ale is inspired by the malty rich ales popular in America. It balances a mixture of toasted malt flavours with light caramel sweetness and a soft, fruity aroma. All this is nicely balanced by a range of floral and honey hop notes complimented by a clean bitterness. Red Ale goes great with grilled meats from any cuisine!  Pale Lager is one of the most prominent orders! It is characteristically “smooth, elegant, crisp, fruity and clean” and deeply inspired by Mexican Lager. It has a low hop-profile and is dry, clear-tasting and crisp, infused with subtle flavours. It goes best with Lebanese platters and even Italian delicacies. Lastly, the Wheat Beer is a thirst-quenching, easy drinking, medium bodied beer that is spritzy and refreshing! It has a unique creamy texture and a slight grainy wheat taste. All of these marvels are worth trying! This is a very versatile option and to limit the choices possible for fantastic pairing, pizzas and Indian tandoor items are suggested. Thus you see, 3 Monkeys is all about variety and good food!

MANGO CIDER @ 3 Monkeys, Bangalore

However, this is not all! Do you know about ciders? A Mango Cider, for a change? It’s officially ‘mango unchained’ at 3 Monkeys… They have proudly introduced India’s first Mango Cider (ALCOHOL  VOLUME : 5.6%) in their exclusive Signature collection. Mango is described as the food of Gods in ‘Vedas’. Now 3 Monkeys says that this cider is the drink of Gods! Using 100% natural, export quality ‘Nuzvid’ mangos which are famous for their incredible flavour, 3 Monkeys brewers have developed an easy drinking cider with amazing mango aromas balanced out with creamy tangy dryness. This thirst quencher has just a hint of residual sugar sweetness backed up with a punch of tropical fruity tanginess bursting through the back palate. It goes best with Cheddar Stuffed Mushrooms, Grilled Sausage, Fish Fillet Florentine, Beer Battered Prawns and more!

Nachos Platter at 3 Monkeys, Bangalore

The owner, Phani Rama Krishna Reddy Kothwali reveals, the brewpub is all about the freshly-crafted beer. “We want people to experience beer as a complete sensory encounter. We want people to come here, share conversations, exchange stories and live life.” Inspired from his visits to Australia and keen to spread pub culture in India, Phani quit his IT job and started 3 Monkeys. (Quoted from:

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To try this newly made ecstasy, call 076767 76767 and make a reservation!!