Japanese Dinner Options (Part– 1)

Are you eager to try some Japanese Dinner Options? Are you looking forward to a nice dinner with your special one on Japanese notes?

Here’s where you can go:

Japanese Dinner Options (Part– 1)

Japanese Sushi Palate

The Sushi Oke ( Japanese Dinner Options )

Very popular for their exclusive Japanese tastes, The Sushi Oke is a wonderful place to visit for a scrumptious Japanese meal. Located near the St. Xavier’s College, this beautiful joint is well known for their Teriyaki, Sticky Fried Rice with Tofu, Sushi and California Rolls. They have a wide range of food with a good section dedicated to Thai but prepared for their upcoming Thai restaurant. The decor is really well done with cherry blossoms on the main walls and all artworks and furniture have heavy traditional characteristics. The hanging lights invoke a meditative ambiance of calm and serenity which is well complimented with their quality Japanese meal.

Japanese Dinner Options (Part– 1)

A slice of Japanese Cheesecake

Pan Asian – ITC Sonar Hotel ( Japanese Dinner Options )

An in-house restaurant of the I T C Sonar Bangla Sheraton & Tower Hotel, the Pan Asian is quite an expensive affair but well worth it if you wish for a romantic evening with your loved one, celebrating your togetherness or any event or simply, each other! This signature eating house redefines elegance, aristocracy and luxury. The wine collection is one to see, learn and experience, comprising of world’s finest vintage labels. The restaurant has almost parallel varieties for both, vegetarians and non-vegetarians. But, like most star hotels’ exclusive restaurants, you pay for the whole experience and not just the food!

Japanese Dinner Options (Part– 1)

Japanese Noodle Soup and Miso rice with Prawn

The Wall ( Japanese Dinner Options )

The Wall is very near the Mysore Association Hall and has parking, wi-fi and alcohol! It is best known for its wonderful Japanese menu. The Yakitori, Nigiri Sushi, California Temaki, Sakana Teri Yaki, Steam Boat, Sui Mai, Crab Claws, Crab Rangoon, Chicken Soong are among the many popular dishes served here. The Bento Boxes have made quite a hit. They also have Indonesian, Thai, Chinese and other Pan Asian cuisines available. So, they have a lot of choices and while you get cosy in the deep of their red velvet chairs, set in deep golden light.

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