Italian on Theatre Road

Are you hungry? Looking for delicious Italian on Theatre Road?? Well, BookyourTable, your food advisor, brings you a list of three great Italian restaurants, where you can enjoy and relax over your meal!

Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Edesia ( Italian on Theatre Road )

Located just opposite Birla High School, the Italian joint called Edesia is also well known for their American fare. But they are an all-rounder expert since their South Indian dishes and Snacks and Desserts also rank among the best! Coming to Italian, Eggs Benedict and Pasta Salad are a must try. However, Grilled Prawns with Spanish Rice, Spanish Omelette, French Fries with American Chilli, Waffles and Chocolate Scone are all very much worth your bucks. They have a great breakfast buffet available, in veg and non-veg variations on all days of the week, except the fact that they are closed on Tuesdays. The food is served in style and the restaurant is nice and comfortable. You’ll surely like it here. But you can only have breakfast and lunch here, since the pack up by 330pm.

Italian on Theatre Road

Chicken Arrabiata Pasta

Tangerine ( Italian on Theatre Road )

One of the most popular and old names in the minds of great food-lovers is Tangerine, locate near St. Xavier’s Collegiate School. It is specifically a European/Continental restaurant with mind-blowing Italian flavours. The Chicken Pasta Arrabiata, Craps with Cottage Cheese, Grilled Cheese, Tortino and Chicken Splugga are quite well-known here. They have buffets, alcohol and valet parking—so, all you need to worry about is what to order! The decor is simple and on one side, the big glass windows overlook the greens of a golf court and a lake. It has a class and a statement of its own!

Blueberry Cheese Cake P.C.

Blueberry Cheese Cake

Casa Kitchen ( Italian on Theatre Road )

The Casa Kitchen is one of the hubs in the Casa Fortuna Hotel with a wide fare of Italian, Chinese and South Indian cuisines! Their all-veg menu might be a bit expensive but it covers all and sundry of recipes in vegetarian versions, across the cuisines available. The lasagne and blueberry cheesecake are remarkable here. They serve alcohol and also have a potent buffet available for lunch. The restaurant is brightly lit and beautifully decorated but in an ordinary fashion. It is one of the best known vegetarian restaurants in town.

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