Italian Restaurants – Madhapur, Hyderabad

Combination of some exotic ingredients and a simple way of cooking is what makes a unique Italian dish. Below we have given you a couple of Italian Restaurants – Madhapur, Hyderabad that follows these techniques and produces delicious food.

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Pizza Hut (Italian Restaurants – Madhapur, Hyderabad):

Pizza Hut, one of the best pizza chains in the country has innumerable outlets in each city pleasing customers of every locality with their menu.

Italian Restaurants - Madhapur, Hyderabad


The Madhapur outlet remains quite crowded throughout the day and the intoxication aroma of cheese fills the ambience. From their large menu, here are a few you may choose. Country Feast, Exotica, Veggie Supreme, Tandoori Paneer, Paneer Makhani, Chicken Supreme, Chicken Crunch, Chicken Tikka, Kadai Chichen, Pepperoni, Chicken Wings, Potato Wedges, Mango Banana Smoothie, and Mocha Cold Coffee.


Sweet Nirvana (Italian Restaurants – Madhapur, Hyderabad):

Sweet Nirvana, the name itself tells you that the restaurant is a paradise for sweet lovers. True, but not just desserts, they have a wide variety of pastas, pizza, lasagnes, soups, steaks and pies. Sweet Nirvana at Kavuri Hills, Madhapur has a very appealing ambience with an indoor and outdoor seating. The latter is preferred most of the times.

Italian Restaurants - Madhapur, Hyderabad

Penne pesto

Hot cheese soup, Penne Pesto, mushroom Lasagna, penne Arrabiata, Fussili with Chicken in Alfredo Sauce, garlic cheese bread, lamb meatballs, Spinach and pepper Pizza, Vegetable risotto are the popular orders.

Cheesecakes, brulees, tiramisu, pies, cupcakes and special designer cakes are the speciality of Sweet Nirvana.

Italian Restaurants - Madhapur, Hyderabad

Strawberry Cheesecake