My Humble House – ITC Maurya, Delhi!

My Humble House at the prestigious ITC Maurya is a roof-top restaurant that gives you a sense of freedom. How very romantic it is to sit under a roof of stars and sip on a glass of champagne! The restaurant is named My Humble House but no, it is neither humble in decor nor in food; on the contrary the restaurant looks stunningly beautiful and grand.

My Humble House

My Humble House interiors – ITC Maurya

My Humble House

Outside lounge of My Humble House – ITC Maurya

The moment you enter the glass door, you might just be awe-struck by the ambience, hats off to Myu Planning from Japan! Drawn along neat straight lines inspired from Zen approach, My Humble House looks magnificent and spell-bounding. The restaurant is not made too busy that distracts you at every sight; instead it calms you with the majestically-lit features and simple Zen surfaces.  Live music plays for a soothing ambience. The seating stretches to the outside with a few lounge sofas. The feeling is almost like you have reached the sky. It’s spectacular!

My Humble House

Baked Lobster

The kitchen at My Humble House is led by a stellar team of chefs who presents a delectable spread of Neo Classical Chinese cuisine – traditional Chinese with global touches. The dishes that arrive on your plate are sublime in every form – taste, texture, presentation and its poetic names. Lamb Shank, Foie Gras, Miso, Cheese, Fried Prawns, Baked Lobster, Potted Chicken, Tomyam Minced Chicken Fried Rice, Shitake Mushroom, Monkey Head Mushroom and many more dishes are stupendously delicious. An extensive selection of some of the premium wines might accompany your food. You just need to pick the right one. Fried Rice with Bacon and Cheese on a Lotus Leaf is one dish you must try out. It is unique and delectable beyond words! Once you have relishes your meal, give your thanks to Master Chef Stanley Lum; he is the head behind these great innovative dishes.

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