Exploring Taj Bengal (Part 3)

Exploring Taj Bengal (Part 3) may be one of the most enjoyable and luxurious pleasures one might experience while visiting any of the seven eateries and a Deli to honor yet another exclusive cause like a birthday or an anniversary!

Exploring Taj Bengal (Part 3)

Lobby of Taj Bengal

BookyourTable brings you a peek inside—

Exploring Taj Bengal (Part 3)

The Promenade Lounge

The Promenade Lounge - Exploring Taj Bengal (Part 3)

The Promenade Lounge is a Continental cuisine based café with lush sofas and candles on each table, set aside the lobby. Often, grand art masterpieces are set around it for the elite clientele who delight in buying a piece or two while eating in the sober and beautiful area. The potted trees, the small pools of water with lotuses and lights, the five men of wisdom in the center, this place is very appealing to aristocratic tastes. The Taj even puts up live classical western music shows here and if you happen to catch one, you’ll have one of the best days of your life!

Exploring Taj Bengal (Part 3)

Slice of a delicious Fruit Cake!

La Patisserie and Deli - Exploring Taj Bengal (Part 3)

The Bakery and Desserts section of the Taj Bengal’s grand kitchen is called La Patisserie and Deli! There is an accommodation for about 30-40 guests on another end of the lobby where this exquisite dessert bar parlour flourishes. The cakes and pastries are truly most Divine in their taste and the variety is overwhelming. Open from 8am-830pm, it offers light breakfast options as well. For the customer with a sweet tooth and an appetite of desserts, this Deli is the place to be! They have a number of sandwiches and other savouries, cookies and brownies, a wide variety of breads and wonderful non-alcoholic beverage options. You’ll find the tastes from your dreams right here, beyond the glass covers on display!

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