Exploring Taj Bengal (Part 2)

Exploring Taj Bengal (Part 2) may be one of the most enjoyable and luxurious pleasures one might experience while visiting any of the seven eateries and a Deli to honor yet another exclusive cause like a birthday or an anniversary!

EExploring Taj Bengal (Part 2)

Lobby of Taj Bengal

BookyourTable brings you a peek inside—

Exploring Taj Bengal (Part 2)

Grill by the Pool

Grill by the Pool - Exploring Taj Bengal (Part 2)

Continental and Lebanese are the two cuisines available. This eatery, however, is only open in the evenings from November and March. If you’re planning on a quiet, beautiful, special event to spend with your special person, this is one of the most perfect spots ever. The food is heavenly and with a sip from your favourite drink, your experience shall be a complete ecstasy! The mellow lights, great ambiance and well-groomed staff will make sure that you leave with a wider smile than the one you came in with!

Exploring Taj Bengal (Part 2)

Souk – Casablanca room – Taj Bengal

Souk - Exploring Taj Bengal (Part 2)

Souk is a wonderful restaurant, set in the colours and contours of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cultures and customs. The bright hanging lights atop each table reflect the nascent fieriness of the sun. The yellow chairs along the tables, set against the dark grey of thick curtains with spurts of vibrant green comes alive wonderfully before the eyes. Some parts of it echo the colours of a Siberian big cat’s charm while others have the magic of mirrors adding to their effects. The Sunday brunch is worth looking forward to since it features variety and makes possible the pleasure of tasting many different things on one plate!

Exploring Taj Bengal (Part 2)

The Junction pub, Taj Bengal

The Junction - Exploring Taj Bengal (Part 2)

Open from 4pm-midnight, The Junction is one of the most happening pubs in town. The wooden finish of the pub is stark immaculate, bringing about a feeling that you’re in some executive conference yet having fun! They don’t give you peanuts but instead you enjoy the complementary wasabi pea! It is the perfect place to pamper you with food and drinks! It is the stop for you if you prefer live performances to recorded masala music tracks! Also, The Junction is your museum for rare whisky labels, premium brands of liquor, coveted wines and many more such exclusive choices.

Exploring Taj Bengal (Part 2)

Greek Salad

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