Exploring Taj Bengal (Part 1)

Exploring Taj Bengal (Part 1) may be one of the most enjoyable and luxurious pleasures one might experience while visiting any of the seven eateries and a Deli to honor yet another exclusive cause like a birthday or an anniversary!

Exploring Taj Bengal (Part 1)

Lobby of Taj Bengal

BookyourTable brings you a peek inside—

Exploring Taj Bengal (Part 1)

The Hub

The Hub [Exploring Taj Bengal (Part 1)]

Set beside the pool, large and roomy, open 24Hrs, The Hub is actually a perfect hub for enjoying a delectable wide array of buffet, if you want to taste the whole world on your plate in a single meal! It serves Italian, European, Continental, North Indian and Seafood. Beautiful, bright yet elegant, The Hub is, perhaps, one of the best options to celebrate your special moments in. Since it is an integral part of a five star hotel, the ambiance needn’t be commented on! It is a synonym to ‘perfect’! The salads, the icy section set with cold meat delicacies, sushi, pizza, soups, breads, various tempting dishes for main course and some 8-10 varieties on the dessert fare may simply prove more than you desire! If not today, if not now, please do visit, make a vow!

Exploring Taj Bengal (Part 1)


Sonargaon [Exploring Taj Bengal (Part 1)]

Like the name subtly suggests, it is a North Indian cuisine restaurant. Translating the name to English, it says ‘golden village’ or beautiful village and the rustic setting is wonderfully completed with a mud-hut finish, kalash or earthen pitchers staged here and there, a well set inside, attuned music and dim lights which might echo the dark interior of a real rural hut! The food offers a wide range, even if it features only one cuisine. As expected in a five star hotel restaurant, everything here is made to perfection, including the taste of the food, the uniform of the staff, the courtesy and hospitality, the ambiance and, in short, everything!

Exploring Taj Bengal (Part 1)


Chinoiserie [Exploring Taj Bengal (Part 1)]

The name ‘Chinoiserie’ means a certain decorative style in Western art, furniture and architecture, especially in the 18th century, which is specifically characterized by the extensive use of Chinese motifs and techniques. The beautiful, cozy restaurant of Taj Bengal, Chinoiserie, is one of the best examples of the meaning. It serves Chinese cuisine, in a wonderful blend of the Western world and Mandarin. The chefs stick close to the authentic recipes and bring to your table, the best possible version of the original Chinese dish and yet, you sit in a western setting, in tables and chairs, and eat in the English style! It is set by the poolside and thus also offers a plate of bright green, nodding in the breeze under the strong sun or a sense of mystery developed in the chiaroscuro of light and shadow by the moonshine, for your eyes to feed on as well! You must spend some of your star bucks here because it’ll be worth the while!

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