Connie’s Restaurant & Café, Bangalore

Connie’s Restaurant & Café at 17, Kammanahalli Main Road, Venkateshappa Layout, Bangalore, is fit to be tagged as ‘Simplicity, redefined!’. There is nothing catchy in the moderately decorated, humble cafeteria and there is nothing exclusive to really vouch for either. But what is worth everything is the fantastic food! They specialize in European/Continental cuisine. Connie’s Restaurant & Café is one of the best in the locality!

Connie’s Restaurant & Cafe
Kammanahalli, Bangalore

The inside is clean, decent and unpretentious. The chairs and tables are properly kept, the restaurant is well maintained. There is nothing spectacular about Connie’s other than what follows…



Bangalore is a very vast expanse of busy metropolitan life but people from far away axes do find time to enjoy some heavenly food here in the dinky abode of Connie’s! Apart from an appreciable variety of soothing mocktails and other beverages, Connie’s menu begins amazing you right from their insalata/salads category… Grilled Chicken with Gazpacho dressing, Chicken with lemon, thyme and roasted carrot salad are among the top favourites.

Veg Pasta

Following this, Garlic Bread, Grilled Shrimp in Garlic Sauce, Fish in Garlic Sauce and any starter platter one or two are really great choices. If you are a pasta lover, Penne Alfredo, which is pasta cooked in the classic cheesy sauce; Spaghetti Parmesan, pasta tossed with fresh vegetables, Basil, Oregano and Cheese; Spaghetti Aglio Olio, pasta tossed with minced pressed Garlic, Chili flakes, Parsley and Cheese and Lasgna, Gnocchi and Arrabbiata are among the best options for non-vegetarians. For vegetarians or vegan eaters, they have some impressive options too, like Crepe Florentine and Melanzane Parmigiana!

Spaghetti Bolognese

The Chicken Steaks and Sizzlers form an interesting section full of options like Roulades, Paprika, Oriental Spice, Pepper Couli and more. Then comes the Tenderloin Steaks & Sizzlers which features ecstatic dishes liked Griller Tenderloin, Devil Steak, Pepper Roast and a smashing Jack Daniel Steak! There are also equally scrumptious options for Seafood lovers like Spicy Grilled Prawns, Grilled Fish and the best of all being their Mixed Seafood Sizzler!! There are many more sections and pages in their menu-book that follows hence but some should be left untold for you to discover!


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