Cilantro – Trident, Gurgaon

Inside-outside of Cilantro

Inside-outside of Cilantro

Brunching or lunching or dining at Cilantro, in Trident (Gurgaon), has to be in your to-do list for the weekend! Give in to your little sinful pleasures that Cilantro can beguile you with! And here’s why…

Imagine arrays of delicious food, a display of recipes from the slow hearths of Italy, the Mediterranean, the Continent, North India, the ancient remote provinces of China and Thailand, all waiting for you at not just attractive but amazing prices which need to be read twice at least to believe that they are true!

(whispers) There’s some really special stuff going on in the Trident kitchen… and you will enjoy the show of this magic right from the first plate you hold in your hands! It’s not to let go, but to grasp on and on and on to!

Fish and Chips - Cilantro

Fish and Chips – Cilantro

Cilantro has been awarded the Best European restaurant in Gurgaon, in the Casual Dine category by The Times Food and Nightlife Awards 2014 and the culinary magic of Executive Chef Sandeep Kalra is the prime of the tables here. The Chef heads the award winning, multi-cuisine all day-diner, Cilantro, the North India specialty restaurant, Saffron, and the Japanese cuisine based, Konomi. Winning awards for food and culinary innovation has never taken a break since Chef Sandeep Kalra has become a part of Trident’s hospitality group. His trust in the much that simple flavours, fresh ingredients and right amount of mixing can do have literally brought about a world of change in Trident’s culinary scene… His experiences from travelling the world over have really got a way of their expressions though the amazing spread of food that the F&B enterprises of Trident has for you.

Thai Marinated Steamed Sea Bass

Thai Marinated Steamed Sea Bass

The beginning must always start with Cilantro! The themed nights, especially on Wednesdays when the cuisine is Italian in the prime, on Fridays when Pan Asian steals the fame and the Sundays are dedicated to Cilantro Family Sunday Brunch with unlimited fills of Champagne, Wines, Mojitos, Martinis, Single Malts and Chilled Draught Beers! Also, the multi-cuisine midnight buffet that is only laid for weekday late nights, have a significant appeal in all that it offers…

a glimpse of Buffet - Cilantro

a glimpse of Buffet – Cilantro

Life is really tedious for everybody these days. A little indulgence is necessary to cheer things up. Cilantro is your answer for the evading stressful maladies! Come and enjoy your time-out!

Pineapple Jalousie with Vanilla Pod Ice Cream - Cilantro

Pineapple Jalousie with Vanilla Pod Ice Cream – Cilantro

Under the Chef’s powerful, focused and detailed supervision, Cilantro has become one of the favourite spots for the foodies and connoisseurs! Often voted as one of Delhi NCR’s best out of the crème de la crème, your presence is the highest appreciation that can be looked forward to, here.

Trident Oberoi, Gurgaon

Trident Oberoi, Gurgaon

Please call 076767 76767 and let us, at, reserve a table for your family and friends and you for the weekend while you let your folks and yourself enjoy one of the best meals and make one of the most exceptional memories in the coming 72hrs!

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