Cilantro – Trident, Gurgaon

Trident , Gurgaon

Trident Oberoi, Gurgaon

Fine-dining, when redefined, definitely spells ‘Cilantro’, in Trident, Gurgaon (Delhi NCR)! If you are among those who are yet to pay a visit to this phenomenal world cuisine restaurant, there is no doubt that you’re still missing out quite a chunk from the ‘best things in life’ section!

A glimpse of a Cilantro buffet...

A glimpse of a Cilantro buffet…


Cilantro (Coriander) herb

How does the name ring in your mind? Cilantro… Yes, it is one of the most commonly used aromatic herbs in almost all cuisines of the world. The herb is also known as Coriander… The aroma is beautiful and they generally add the final touch of excellence to any enticing dish, across countries, across the world.

Trident, Gurgaon

Trident, Gurgaon

Here, in the magniloquent city of Gurgaon, Trident flourishes over 7 acres of land, where every nook and corner has been taken care of to look beautiful and pleasing. Right from when Trident rises into view, what capture the mind are its esthetic influence and the fusion of historical architectural styles with modernity. There is a strong Middle Eastern inspiration about the whole hotel which reflects some from the Ottoman styles of architecture and the plain, single shade monotony is significant in buildings from this part of the world. However, when seen in contrast with the lush greenery around, the breathtaking azure expanse of the sky, animated by fluffs of clouds, and the perfect lighting, Trident surpasses many other comparisons by its sheer exhibition of difference!

A glimpse of Cilantro restaurant

A glimpse of Cilantro restaurant

This particular characteristic of the wonderful hotel is also reflected in the F&B sections… ’Difference’! And, Cilantro is one of the best examples. There is nothing amiss in the whole experience that Cilantro offers you, from the starters to your burp of delight!

Crab Curry...

Crab Curry…

Cilantro is known for its variety. It serves from the culinary wonders of Italy, Mediterranean, South-East Asia and India! Variety and diversity for the palate are best entertained here. You can enjoy a ‘themed’ night on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays. The Wednesdays feature ‘Italian Nights’, where the fare is all Italian, full of cheeses and herbs and pizzas and pastas! The Fridays are dedicated to Pan Asian Nights and the Sunday Brunch is an all-time favourite which is a collective display of all the fares.

A Cilantro signature...

A Cilantro signature…

The buffet spreads are really interesting. They have buffets for all meals right from Breakfast till Dinner on all days of the week except Sunday when they have Brunch buffet in two price slabs (w/o alcohol) and a special price slab for kids for the brunch.

Winner of The Times Food and Nightlife Award 2014 for Best European cuisine, Cilantro is outstanding in this sphere. The Chef’s recommendations like Fresh crab meat with homemade linguini, Mexican style baked nachos, Duck Confit with rucola and cherry tomato risotto and Tiramisu are must-try-s here!

You’ll quite love it in Cilantro, Trident, Gurgaon if you’re looking for a simple day out experimenting with Indian, Chinese and Continental food and beverages, accompanied by good music, great ambience and served by well-groomed staff. To enjoy your heart out and make your experience worth remembering, please visit and help us add to your comfort with our value added services, reservations, discount coupons and more!