Cilantro – Trident, Gurgaon

Belonging to the majestic, world-class business hotel, Trident, Gurgaon, the alfresco restaurant of Cilantro has no time to breathe! This is because, everything is an example of the best and thus connoisseurs keep delving into the delicacies offered here at Cilantro!


Cilantro scans three of the major culinary divisions of the world to bring forth an assorted and exclusive menu. Pan-Asian, European/Continental and Mediterranean cuisines are available in plenty.

A Meaty Delight!

There are so many various types of sauces that add the prominent flavours to most European/Continental dishes. The perfect sauces bring out the best of flavours and Cilantro employs the perfect set of skills for this. Marinating is one of the key steps for most Mediterranean dishes and Cilantro’s chefs follow the original recipes very closely, thus maintaining authenticity and uniqueness. The right herbs, right temperature, right style…in short, the perfect fast cooking skills necessary to emphasise the flavours of Pan Asian food are taken care of by the best of the Chefs in the country! To conclude, it may be easily said that Cilantro actually lets you in to the recipes and taste of ancient and prevalent hearth and cauldron cooking!


BYT brings to you yet another irresistible offer to sample the culinary world of Cilantro… Enjoy a glass of exquisite wine with the multi-cuisine buffets on all weekdays at lunch! Buffets have lavish spreads including wood fired pizza/live salad counter/interactive dining experience and classical desserts and the ‘Themed Nights’ are worth exploring! This offer is available when a reservation is made via bookyourtable(.com).

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Bon Appetite!