Chinese Romance – Ballygunge, Kolkata

Chinese Romance – Ballygunge, Kolkata may be one of most common ones available in almost every alley, every nook and corner of the area… A plate of hakka noodles (chowmein) or delicious little momos are quite random options for quick bites for almost any and every native here!

But climbing a little up the damage chain, where the setting around shall change from streets to inside of a nice restaurant, here are three Chinese eateries where food is enjoyable and satisfying.

Red Hot Chilli Pepper (Chinese Romance – Ballygunge, Kolkata)

The Red Hot Chilli Pepper Is a restaurant where food may seem slightly on the higher side but the ambiance will surely make up for it. There is warmth and grooming in the environment. You’ll feel nice about the whole experience. Seafood might not be a viable option but meats are good. Try the pork in chilli plum sauce… or five spiced chicken… and end it with your share of darsans and ice cream. Of course you cannot compare it with the top line of Chinese restaurants but you can definitely count on it as an agreeable option.

Goldbrick—Fine Dining Restaurant (

Goldbrick—Fine Dining Restaurant is the place for scrumptious Chinese or North Indian or Continental… They’re good at it—cooking! Located inside the Mukti World, you can head here right after you’re out from either London or Paris! Quantity and quality, both, are good. The restaurant offers a nice ambiance, so it is quite pleasant for celebrations as well. The comfortable seating and the delicious feeding will definitely leave you wanting for more!

The Wall

The Great Wall of China is one of the wonders of the world and perhaps named after it, dedicated to the Chinese cuisine, stands The Wall. It is a relatively simple and reasonable restaurant, set with deep red comfortable chairs around brown tables, in a gold-yellow lighted room. They serve Chinese, Japanese, Thai and Seafood cuisines. The buffet is also made available at a nominal pocket pinch from Monday-Saturday. On Sundays they have a wonderful brunch, available in two price slabs for adults and children. Do visit.

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