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Top 5 Spa From Across The Globe

When travelers decide their destinations, they usually have a reason for it. It might be the beauty of the place, or because it’s a shopping hub or their best friend suggests them to visit the same. Another new reason added to this list of places where tourists are clustering is the availability of spa facilities.

Spa is relaxation P.C.:

Spa is relaxation

Many do not like the tedious city tour or browsing around with a traveler guide. They necessarily want a bodily rejuvenation during the tour. Thus, while deciding the places they tend to have a knack for the ones with great spa choices.

Meditation,a part of spa treatments P.C.:

Meditation,a part of spa treatments

If that pops the idea to plan a spa tour soon, then here are the best choices you have from all over the globe. If you end up here, you will feel like never coming back.

Westin Riverfront Hotel, U.S.

Inside Westin P.C.:

Inside Westin Riverfront Hotel

Take the train Riverfront Express Gondola and you will reach this spa hotel at the foothills of Beaver Creek Mountains, composed of wide hot tubs, high ceilings, large windows and a panoramic enchanting view of the hills and lifts.

A view of Beaver Creek Mountains P.C.:

A view of Beaver Creek Mountains

The station is just a step next to the property and thus the whistles of the train will continuously buzz in your ears. Of all the spa facilities, do not miss their full body wrap with sustainable towels and robes made of bamboo and muslin.

The Greenbrier, U.S.

Casino of The Greenbrier P.C.:

Casino of The Greenbrier

Since the 18th century, this has always been recognized as one of the top-notch spa properties on earth. To avail their four star spa facilities, you got to make earlier bookings in this luxury resort. The treatments that are most popular over the decades are mineral exfoliation scrub, antioxidant facial, aromatherapy and hot stone massages.

Hot Stone Spa Treatment P.C.:

Hot Stone Spa Treatment

In the 2000s, the addition of horse riding and casino as amusement to guests has added more charm to this age old establishment.

Sha Wellness Centre, Spain

The property of Sha Welness Centre P.C.:

The property of Sha Welness Centre

This wellness club is mostly visited by A-category celebrities like Naomi Campbell, Lylin Minogue or the Russian President Vladimir Putin. In the process of revitalizing your body, the address several loopholes like lethargy, irritability, headaches, migraines, depression, tiredness, muscle strength, physical endurance, eating habits and more. They aim to serve you with a holistic healing procedure that is sure to make this your favorite spa destination.

Rosewood Mayakoba, Phillipenes

Rosewood Mayakoba P.C.:

Rosewood Mayakoba

This contemporary modern ecological enclave along River Maya has a huge spa spread where in the treatment for physical rejuvenation they promise privacy with your loved ones. The property is very modern is decor and designs where the limestone treatment is considered the best.

Agave Azul Sushi Bar & Tequila Library P.C.:

Agave Azul Sushi Bar & Tequila Library

During your stay here, do not miss their super special treats and drinks in the Agave Azul Sushi Bar & Tequila Library. After all, no trip is complete without a satisfactory culinary retreat.

Fortina Spa Resort, Malta, Europe

Island Bar inside Fortina P.C.:

Island Bar inside Fortina Resort

This 5-star spa offers an outstanding view of the nearby country capital, Valetta that will keep you spell bound on the first go. Next, this largest spa of Malta has designed and designated spa treatments that are sure to keep you fascinated during the stay.

Malta, the city in Europe P.C.:

Malta, the city in Europe

Prior bookings in this hotel is important and do not miss to make a walk in the nearby Point Shopping Mall.

The History of Spa Across The World

You might think that salons and parlous brought out the big banners of different offers on spa, some few years ago.

A typical Spa offer P.C.:

A typical Spa offer

That might be the case in India, but the archaeological evidences shows the traces of spa dating back to 8000 years B.C.  Around AD 70, Roman soldiers enjoyed bath in hot water springs to heal their wounds and these were called ‘aquae’ and the process of treatment was ‘sanus per aquam’.

Roman Sacred Bath P.C.:

Roman Sacred Bath

Mesopotamian, Egyptian, Minoan and Greek civilizations also make mention of various kinds of bath like hot air bath or hot water tubs.

French soldiers enjoy Hot Air Bath P.C.:

French soldiers enjoy Hot Air Bath

Each succeeding emperor constructed longer public bath points and with the decline of these civilizations, the idea of bath was taken over by spa.

The word spa originates from the Walloon word “espa” meaning fountain. Another source considers Belgian town of Spa as the root of the term.

In the later era, these public springs transformed into spa destinations in cities like Belgium, Paeffers in Switzerland, Baden. Italian doctors recovered lost texts on medical treatment and the value of bath as a therapeutic modality was reconsidered. It exactly in this time when allopathy was making a havoc progress and attempts to analyze the waters for their mineral components were made.

A hot spring in Belgium P.C.:

A hot spring in Belgium

In 1553, a book called ‘De Balneis Omniae Qua’ extant was published that contained a detailed report on use of medicinal water.

The first page of De Balneis Omnia Quae P.C.:

The first page of De Balneis Omniae Qua

Paracelsians were making a huge progress of spa in the north Alps. France changed their focus to purging, drinking cures, eating well balanced diets, and bathing. In Europe and America, all natural springs were coming up with hotels and guest house facilities.  Grand hotels introduced casinos and dancing establishments along these spa spots in regions like Britain, Germany, Austria, and Belgium.

Spa setup of a 5-star hotel P.C.:

Spa setup of a 5-star hotel

Rheumatologists also confirmed the value of spa bath.

Spas thereby became vacationing centers and an expensive affair that mostly attracted to the rich and elites.

Spa is a treatment P.C.:

Spa is a treatment

Today’s modern spa treatments hold the same scene where modern ways of  cleaning, heating, treatment and rest has been equipped keeping the very traditional water therapy as the crux of the service.

Use of water in spa P.C.:

Use of water in spa

Spa therapies now also include meditation, yoga, Ayurveda flotation therapy, water dance, thalassotherapy, , liquid sound, Swedish massage, Japanese Shiatsu, Thai massage, European facials, acupuncture, Sea salt scrubs, mud wraps, aromatherapy, reflexology, microdermabrasion, endermologie, reiki, aura imaging, rasul, hypnotherapy, tai chi, dream therapy and  so on.

Spa Facial P.C.:

Spa Facial

With these additional, today spa is much more of a medical need to the body than mere recreation. After all, what is life other than the body we behold?