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5 Must-Try Restaurants Near Juhu Beach, Mumbai

When in the city of Mumbai, a walk by the Juhu beach is an ultimate bliss.

The city of Mumbai P.C.:

The city of Mumbai

It might be your first time, honeymoon or every weekend plan, but a walk along the Juhu beach in Mumbai is indeed one of the best feelings.

After the sultry noon soothes, how about being by the shore with your favorite set of people. In fact, many are found to sit or roam around the Juhu beach alone, for a walk or just to admire the gorgeous Arabian Sea.

Sunset at Juhu Beach P.C.:

Sunset at Juhu Beach

Some young couples with photographers, some kids with their balls and balloons, aunties with their gossip doses, the local vendor’s altogether weaves an engaging affair at all time of the year.

Added to this, if lucky you may greet a Bollywood celebrity here. Many of them are spotted here especially during late evenings and early mornings for their jogging session.

A snapshot of Juhu beach P.C.:

A snapshot of Juhu beach

Now, once in Juhu beach you cannot miss the food fair that exhibits right opposite to it. From tiny eateries to lavish hotels, the area has every kind of restaurant to serve your mood. The variety is sure to confuse you, but again a good guide can land you to a culinary paradise.

Thus BYT, your sincere culinary guide lists the best choices you can pick from among the eateries around Juhu Beach.


Inside Chaayos, Juhu P.C.:

Inside Chaayos, Juhu

Keeping it simple, it’s a café known for the tea and Indian snacks they serve. They open quite early and closes pretty late, and thus can be your choice for breakfast, quick grab or dinner. The main course many are varied which gives you vast varieties to pick from. Also, spacious place decked with all Indian goodies makes it an ideal choice when you are in a big group at the Juhu Beach.

The Spare Kitchen

Inside the Spare Kitchen P.C.:

Inside the Spare Kitchen

Recognized as a popular pub in town, this has earned fame for its late night servings. Also, their ladies night is a big hype. The place is located inside Hotel King’s International Compound and from outside, you might not feel the fun and frolic inside. But walk in, to explore their posh ambiance, colorful menu and loud music. The place is an apt pick for party poppers and nocturnal of Mumbai.

Fat Man’s Café and Grill

A Continental food spread P.C.:

A Continental food spread

If in mood for some Italian or Continental food, then this is the place to be. As the name says, the menu is equally fat. The ambiance is merry composed of people and music that you are sure to love at any point of the day. Pizza, pasta, pancakes, omelette – the menu is long and thus, you need to combine the right dishes to make a memorable meal.

Jantar Mantar

Meat preparation at Jantar Mantar P.C.:

Meat preparation at Jantar Mantar

Well, the Delhi monument has not shifted. This one is an exclusive North Indian and Awadhi restaurant very close to the Juhu Church where you can head to relish some Indian dishes. kebab, biriyani, rotis and rice are served sizzling hot with chilled deserts to end with. If you have less time in hand, you can always pick their rich roti rolls for a refreshing taste.

Facing East

A look of East P.C.:

A look of Facing East

Waiting for you with an Asian culinary spread, this place is meant for the fish lovers. They have Chinese, Asian and Sea food items – each very distinct in its own style. The place has two seating segments, yet it often remains over crowded especially in weekend. Prior table booking is recommended if you want to finger lick their delicious delights.

6 Food Habits for Better Yoga

Any kind of physical activity cannot alone compose a healthy living. An added wholesome diet is equally important to build a perfect body. Hence, if you are in plan or in progress to add yoga in your schedule, then that too needs a good diet plan to be clubbed with. Hours of yoga practice with lots of junk food served at every eating can never contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

aIt’s not about adding and subtracting a few food items in order to pursue the ideal yogic diet. You need to restructure your entire food habits and practices in order to benefit from yoga.

The BYT team summarizes some food practices along with your yoga schedule that is sure to enrich your body and soul.

Preferably Vegetarian

Go veggy P.C.:

Go veggy

You may worry that abstaining meat and fish from diet, will make you protein deficient. Well there are substitutes also. You should definitely try to reject non veg in menu when opting for yoga, as the same roots to high levels or uric acid and cholesterol.  Instead adding some more portions of nuts, legumes and green vegetables can ensure greater nourishment for the body.

Add Dairy Products in Diet

Make it a must P.C.:

Make it a must

Dairy product is not milk alone. Curd, cheese, butter, paneer and many are in the list of dairy products. Once you accept yoga as part of your life, do add more of dairy products in your diet as it’s the best source of calcium and Vitamin D. Probiotics in dairy products builds immunity power of the body and reduces chance of blood pressure and cardio vascular activities.

Learn When to Drink Water

Drinks lots of water P.C.:

Drinks lots of water

Drinking water is important and most of us tend to follow the detoxification factor in head. But wrong timing of drinking water can yield bad results as well. Like drinking water continuously while eating fills the tummy easily, and lessens scope for you to eat. Hence, plan your water drinking ahead or away from the dining hours for better results. Also make sure that you drink pure and clean water only, as its home to minerals in your body.

Strict Prohibition of Addiction

No more a part of your life P.C.:

No more a part of your life

You got to give away your smoking or drinking habit when opting for yoga. Even, tobacco and caffeine cannot be part of your life. As yoga experts explain, these obstruct concentration and focus required during yoga practice.  Instead, some healthy habit like knack for fruit juice or fresh veggies is considered better than these.

Fasting, Now a Part of Your Diet

Fasting is good P.C.:

Fasting is good

Yogis recommend a day of fast in the week in order to purify the body. Continuous exposure to food and drinks makes it excessive for the body to take. You can pick a particular day of fast in the week or distribute it on a regular basis across a month or year. Fasting does not mean absolute prohibition from any kind of consumption. Water, juices and any kind of fluid can be part of your fast diet.

Digestion Is Important

Vajrasana P.C.:


Eating and drinking is the physical function. Digestion of the same is indeed important for a healthy living. To digest your food better, do keep Vajrasana in routine after your every meal. The same also helps to control blood pressure of your lower abdomen.

7 Health Benefits of Daily Yoga Practice

It’s not due to a chronic disease like insomnia, arthritis or asthma that you need to start yoga. Yoga can be made a daily habit any time in life as it has a direct positive connect with your body.

Yoga classes P.C.:

Yoga classes

Regular yoga leads way to a joy filled life which is key to a healthy living. Hence, if you are still in a dilemma whether to hit the local classes and make yoga a daily habit, then here are the health benefits it offers and thus, it should be part of your schedule.

Depression and anxiety

A yoga stunt P.C.:

A stunt

Yoga can be natural remedy to depression and related disorders. It smoothens your nervous system especially during mediation thereby making abnormalities like fear or tension alleviate from your life. The hormonal reactions are controlled which helps your brain to learn the way to peace.

Improves Digestion

Yoga for digestion P.C.:

Yoga for digestion

You like eating or you don’t, maintaining a healthy food habit is of course subjected to discourse as restaurants and eateries are mushrooming around us. Everyone fails to resist and ends up hogging or over eating at times. In that case, yoga is believed to be the only physical activity that can increase your mindful eating habit. Certain stunts and practices are also directly related to your bowel movements.

Alters brain function

Yoga improves brain function P.C.:

Improves brain function

Simple yoga practices like deep breathing or supine postures have a long impact on your body. It helps your brain to generate positive strength and vibes that opens way to a favourable life. You can start for short span of twenty minutes or half an hour and gradually make this longer.

Boosts creativity

Yoga, a therapy P.C.:

It’s a therapy

Yoga gradually clears your mental blocks and allow you to be more creative in life. You can use the creativity in work or personal life, as your stress quotient reduces with daily practice. The more creative you are the better reception you will get from your co-workers, family or friends.

Strengthens Immunity

Gretaer Immunity P.C.:

Greater Immunity

As yoga has a positive connect with every part of your body, it’s sure to altogether pull the immunity factor of your body. You will be physically stronger and as Mitchel Bleier, a yoga practioner at Yogapata confirms, “As you breathe better, move better and circulate better, all the other organs function better.”

Better Sleep

Good Sleep is important P.C.:

Good Sleep is important

Its alone the pent up energy of our body that stand as barrier to your sleep. Yoga practices like uttanasana, halasana, or the savasana reduce the pent up energy and allows a comfort sleep than an insomniac night. Yoga is directly associated with the nervous system, the key to your sleep.

Lower weight

Solution to weight loss P.C.:

Solution to weight loss

Before you sacrifice eating anything and everything just to shed few kilos, do give yoga the first chance. Yoga helps the body to gain natural weight with rapid metabolism and digestion. The yoga based weight loss program leaves scope for some good food also.

5 Yog Gurus at International Yoga Festival, 2016

International Yoga Festival, 2016 P.C.:

International Yoga Festival, 2016

The International Yoga festival for the year 2016 is going to be held at Parmarth Niketan Ashram along the bank of river Ganges, at Rishikesh. It’s a one week program that dates from 1st – 7th March, 2016. Yoga enthusiasts from across the planet participate in this to caress their body with the best of Yoga practices and engage a harmonic blend. It’s a relax from the mundane modern life we lead, where yoga gurus and preachers will inspire and engage participants for a way to wellness.

A glimpse of the festival P.C.:

A glimpse of the festival

Amidst classes, workshops and kirtans scheduled, often participants miss the best of experience in these huge festivals due to lack of relevant information. To not let you miss and makes this International Yoga festival a memorable experience, here are 5 Indian yog gurus you cannot tend to miss. Mark their events in calendar and do be a part, to re-live their presence.

Swami Ramdev

Swami Ramdev P.C.:

Swami Ramdev

He reached the life of every Indian household through his TV programs. His contribution in the field of yoga, pranayama, Ayurveda, and agriculture is recognized internationally. Popularly known as Baba Ramdev’s session on Paranayam, an important Yoga stunt attracts maximum crowd. You will also be given brief idea about primitive Indian scriptures like Ashtadhyayee, Mahabhashya and Upanishads. His avid understanding of Vasudaiv Kutambakam will surely enlighten you about India’s existing caste and creed barriers.

Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa

Guru P.C.:

Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa

A maestro in pre-natal Yoga, Gurmukh made Yoga popular internationally. Other than conducting sessions at her institute, the Golden Bridge Yoga Center in Los Angeles, she also travels across the globe to popularize yoga among people. Her DVDs ‘Prenatal Kundalini Yoga and meditation for mothers-to-be’, ‘Postnatal Kundalini Yoga’ for new mothers or ‘Kundalini Yoga with Gurmukh’ are top selling in the internet. Experiencing her in real will surely be a pleasure this time at Rishikesh.

Shiva Rea

Sadhvi P.C.:

Shiva Rea

A living encyclopedia of yoga science, Rea’s yoga is based on Krishnamacharya’s teachings, Tantra, Ayurveda, and bhakti. She personally describes yoga as “Everyone has their yoga. It may be kayaking or running or painting. The invitation of yoga is to find your yoga. It’s not necessarily asana (or yoga moves). It’s what brings you to a unified state within yourself.” Her sessions happen at international destinations like Wanderlust yoga festival or Los Angeles. Thus here is your lucky scope to practice yoga at her vicinity this time at Rishikesh.

Sadhvi Abha Saraswati

Sadhvi Abha Saraswati P.C.:

Sadhvi Abha Saraswati

A resident Yoga preacher at Parmarth Ashram her usual yoga sessions long for couple of days. It’s only during this international festival that Sadhvi clubs her schedule in a day’s package making it easy for you to try luck. If you like her course, you can always get back to Rishikesh to further communicate with her. She began yoga practices at the age of twenty five and is believed to cure a terminal kidney ailment through yoga alone.

Sadhvi Bhagwati Saraswati

Sadhvi P.C.:

Sadhvi Bhagwati Saraswati

An American by origin, you really don’t need a knack for yoga to participate in her course. She mostly focuses on meditation which is a universal treatment for all human anarchy. Her counseling is an infusion of both science and spirituality. She is also a resident at the Parmarth Ashram and heads Divine Shakti Foundation, a foundation working for the poor and needy of the country. Her association is sure to sort your view about human civilization.

8 Trends Indian Foodies Will Embrace In 2016

2016 is here finally. The year 2015 saw a hell lot of openings of restaurants and without a shadow of doubt the year was remarkably great for the food industry. While we ate excellent food and sipped amazing drinks last year, we look forward to a brighter new year in the same perspective.

What's Trending in Food space P.C.:

What’s Trending in Food space

The year gave us plenty of memorable eating experiences and as the year wrapped up many made resolutions and follow the latest healthy trends in food and drinks. This also brings to our notice that 2015 had also been a personal-health conscious year where many healthy foods were in vogue and are likely to continue in 2016 as well.

Here take a look at what the New Year has in store for the Indian foodies.

Keeping up a Simple Menu

Simplicity in Food P.C.:

Simplicity in Food

Sophistication can be best defined in terms of simplicity as they say. The year 2015 saw cooking reverting to simple basics and the trend seems to continue this year too. As molecular gastronomy is increasingly becoming popular in India, foodies are also turning towards preparation with the simplest recipes and less of ingredients.

Food is Going Local

Hyer-local services trending P.C.:

Hyer-local services trending

The emergence of hyper-local food startups in India has changed the way people here order food and groceries. The local souring has become the new trend amongst the foodies where they prefer consuming locally produced vegetable and much more.

Wholesome Food is in

Wholesome food P.C.:

Wholesome food

Unprocessed for is no more the cup of tea for Indian foodies. There is also an increasing aversion for the sugar and people look forward to a healthier lifestyle. People are happy to pay more for wholesome food that is fresh and unprocessed.

Go Green

Turn Vegan P.C.:

Turn Vegan

Although there isn’t a significant change, many meat eaters turned vegetarian in the last year and the trend seems to see a new high in 2016. In the view to avoid diet-driven health crisis, people are following the west to accept herbivorism. Yet regardless, chicken, meat and fish is what drives most of the food culture in India. Match or the green tea powder is expected to the show stealer this year.

Going Global

Indian Street Food reaching Big Restaurants P.C.:

Indian Street Food reaching Big Restaurants

When a section of the population is turning to a healthy lifestyle, meanwhile the chaats and the irresistible street food of India is going global. These mouth-watering delights have made way to the fine dining restaurants considering that an Indian foodie possibly cannot resist the street food. Thus the New Year would see a lot of fusion food in the restaurants.

Pop-Up Party

Pop-Up Party Food Stall P.C.:

Pop-Up Party Food Stall

2015 didnt see enough of this and thus it would make way to the New Year. Food stalls set up in big hotels presenting the guests with specialized cuisines is what getting hotter in the food space. They are bringing up lesser known preparations from various parts of the nation taking them back to the roots.

Welcome More Global Food

2016 would see more from the world cuisine P.C.:

2016 would see more from the world cuisine

Food curious people are sure to experience an even better year as new trends and world cuisines would reflect everywhere in the food space. More specialized cuisines will enter the Indian food market. Along with home delivery trend reaching its peak in 2016, European and Japanese food will also uptrend. Presentations and international ingredients will also take the foodies by storm.

Theme Based Restaurants

Theme based restaurants is the next big thing P.C.:

Theme based restaurants is the next big thing

India would embrace more of concept based restaurant this year. Foodies will focus on getting access to concept-driven experiences. Theme based restaurants will bring in a better repertoire of international and national cuisine, thereby elevating the tastes and comforts.

Top 5 Spa From Across The Globe

When travelers decide their destinations, they usually have a reason for it. It might be the beauty of the place, or because it’s a shopping hub or their best friend suggests them to visit the same. Another new reason added to this list of places where tourists are clustering is the availability of spa facilities.

Spa is relaxation P.C.:

Spa is relaxation

Many do not like the tedious city tour or browsing around with a traveler guide. They necessarily want a bodily rejuvenation during the tour. Thus, while deciding the places they tend to have a knack for the ones with great spa choices.

Meditation,a part of spa treatments P.C.:

Meditation,a part of spa treatments

If that pops the idea to plan a spa tour soon, then here are the best choices you have from all over the globe. If you end up here, you will feel like never coming back.

Westin Riverfront Hotel, U.S.

Inside Westin P.C.:

Inside Westin Riverfront Hotel

Take the train Riverfront Express Gondola and you will reach this spa hotel at the foothills of Beaver Creek Mountains, composed of wide hot tubs, high ceilings, large windows and a panoramic enchanting view of the hills and lifts.

A view of Beaver Creek Mountains P.C.:

A view of Beaver Creek Mountains

The station is just a step next to the property and thus the whistles of the train will continuously buzz in your ears. Of all the spa facilities, do not miss their full body wrap with sustainable towels and robes made of bamboo and muslin.

The Greenbrier, U.S.

Casino of The Greenbrier P.C.:

Casino of The Greenbrier

Since the 18th century, this has always been recognized as one of the top-notch spa properties on earth. To avail their four star spa facilities, you got to make earlier bookings in this luxury resort. The treatments that are most popular over the decades are mineral exfoliation scrub, antioxidant facial, aromatherapy and hot stone massages.

Hot Stone Spa Treatment P.C.:

Hot Stone Spa Treatment

In the 2000s, the addition of horse riding and casino as amusement to guests has added more charm to this age old establishment.

Sha Wellness Centre, Spain

The property of Sha Welness Centre P.C.:

The property of Sha Welness Centre

This wellness club is mostly visited by A-category celebrities like Naomi Campbell, Lylin Minogue or the Russian President Vladimir Putin. In the process of revitalizing your body, the address several loopholes like lethargy, irritability, headaches, migraines, depression, tiredness, muscle strength, physical endurance, eating habits and more. They aim to serve you with a holistic healing procedure that is sure to make this your favorite spa destination.

Rosewood Mayakoba, Phillipenes

Rosewood Mayakoba P.C.:

Rosewood Mayakoba

This contemporary modern ecological enclave along River Maya has a huge spa spread where in the treatment for physical rejuvenation they promise privacy with your loved ones. The property is very modern is decor and designs where the limestone treatment is considered the best.

Agave Azul Sushi Bar & Tequila Library P.C.:

Agave Azul Sushi Bar & Tequila Library

During your stay here, do not miss their super special treats and drinks in the Agave Azul Sushi Bar & Tequila Library. After all, no trip is complete without a satisfactory culinary retreat.

Fortina Spa Resort, Malta, Europe

Island Bar inside Fortina P.C.:

Island Bar inside Fortina Resort

This 5-star spa offers an outstanding view of the nearby country capital, Valetta that will keep you spell bound on the first go. Next, this largest spa of Malta has designed and designated spa treatments that are sure to keep you fascinated during the stay.

Malta, the city in Europe P.C.:

Malta, the city in Europe

Prior bookings in this hotel is important and do not miss to make a walk in the nearby Point Shopping Mall.

The History of Spa Across The World

You might think that salons and parlous brought out the big banners of different offers on spa, some few years ago.

A typical Spa offer P.C.:

A typical Spa offer

That might be the case in India, but the archaeological evidences shows the traces of spa dating back to 8000 years B.C.  Around AD 70, Roman soldiers enjoyed bath in hot water springs to heal their wounds and these were called ‘aquae’ and the process of treatment was ‘sanus per aquam’.

Roman Sacred Bath P.C.:

Roman Sacred Bath

Mesopotamian, Egyptian, Minoan and Greek civilizations also make mention of various kinds of bath like hot air bath or hot water tubs.

French soldiers enjoy Hot Air Bath P.C.:

French soldiers enjoy Hot Air Bath

Each succeeding emperor constructed longer public bath points and with the decline of these civilizations, the idea of bath was taken over by spa.

The word spa originates from the Walloon word “espa” meaning fountain. Another source considers Belgian town of Spa as the root of the term.

In the later era, these public springs transformed into spa destinations in cities like Belgium, Paeffers in Switzerland, Baden. Italian doctors recovered lost texts on medical treatment and the value of bath as a therapeutic modality was reconsidered. It exactly in this time when allopathy was making a havoc progress and attempts to analyze the waters for their mineral components were made.

A hot spring in Belgium P.C.:

A hot spring in Belgium

In 1553, a book called ‘De Balneis Omniae Qua’ extant was published that contained a detailed report on use of medicinal water.

The first page of De Balneis Omnia Quae P.C.:

The first page of De Balneis Omniae Qua

Paracelsians were making a huge progress of spa in the north Alps. France changed their focus to purging, drinking cures, eating well balanced diets, and bathing. In Europe and America, all natural springs were coming up with hotels and guest house facilities.  Grand hotels introduced casinos and dancing establishments along these spa spots in regions like Britain, Germany, Austria, and Belgium.

Spa setup of a 5-star hotel P.C.:

Spa setup of a 5-star hotel

Rheumatologists also confirmed the value of spa bath.

Spas thereby became vacationing centers and an expensive affair that mostly attracted to the rich and elites.

Spa is a treatment P.C.:

Spa is a treatment

Today’s modern spa treatments hold the same scene where modern ways of  cleaning, heating, treatment and rest has been equipped keeping the very traditional water therapy as the crux of the service.

Use of water in spa P.C.:

Use of water in spa

Spa therapies now also include meditation, yoga, Ayurveda flotation therapy, water dance, thalassotherapy, , liquid sound, Swedish massage, Japanese Shiatsu, Thai massage, European facials, acupuncture, Sea salt scrubs, mud wraps, aromatherapy, reflexology, microdermabrasion, endermologie, reiki, aura imaging, rasul, hypnotherapy, tai chi, dream therapy and  so on.

Spa Facial P.C.:

Spa Facial

With these additional, today spa is much more of a medical need to the body than mere recreation. After all, what is life other than the body we behold?

7 Benefits of Spa Massage

You go for a sauna or for a facial, every beauty treatment some little or lot of time in hand for a massage. Have you ever wondered why so?

It not for the few minutes of relaxation you feel. It’s because the massage has a long lasting impact on your body. It retreats, rejuvenates and makes you feel charged up and fresh.

Massage is relaxation P.C.:


What else can be the possible benefits of these salon massages?

Look at the list and your visit to the salon for a spa or massage will surely increase in count.

Reduce Stress

Massage has different types P.C.:

Massage has different types

The hustles and bustles of daily life cannot keep you absolutely tension free. You cannot remain happy or merry always, even if you try to thus. Thus, a massage at times relieves your body and makes it forget the daily hecatombs of life for some time. The accu pressure of the salon experts at certain body parts makes you feel fresh and rejuvenated.

Improve Circulation

Massage improves blood circulation P.C.:

A feel good factor

The strokes of massage have a direct connect to your blood flow. It makes the circulation faster & thus a glow comes on you literally. Do not expect the glow to come right after the massage. It takes almost a day or two for the body to reveal the benefits of the massage. Thus, would-be brides are salon treated a day before the wedding.

Reduce Pain

Massage is a treatment P.C.:

Pain relief

Of course, massage reduces pain. Thus for any body aches we end up requesting our near ones for some thorough massage sessions. But if you end up in a salon, then the impact is definitely more because professionals know how exactly to treat your body aches and pains. They know the techniques, twists and turns required to gift you a flexible body.

Eliminate Toxins

Keep a regular massage schedule P.C.:

Salon spa

Apply a thousand lotions and solutions, yet your body might not put up a good show. It’s the massage that has direct connected to your nervous & circulatory system, thus making the toxins gets out. You will get a better result in case toxification if you go for a scrub massage.

Improve Flexibility

Professional massage is impactful P.C.:

Professional massage

The immediate feeling of a massage is you feel fresh and charged. The body aches bids a bye and you are now rejuvenated and fit. This definitely impacts your body flexibility as you will feel more energetic and a feel good factor will follow you.

Improve Sleep

Massage. your sleeping pill P.C.:

Your sleeping pill

The massage is a treatment that smoothens your body both externally and internally. Its impact on your veins and blood make you calm and cool. This largely impacts your sleep. Next time, when you are back from the salon after some massage therapies just keep a note and you will see the difference.

Enhance Immunity

After effects of massage P.C.:


With every massage, you feel better and confident your immunity system also develops. The resistance to external pain and injury enhances and you will be able to cope up with them. This you cannot realize right after stepping out of your salon, but if you are continuous to massages by now, then you will feel the change.

5 Ayurveda Spa Centers In India

With passing time, as more spa salons are mushrooming across India, the variety in services and treatments is also at a rise.

Ayurvedic Spa Treatment P.C.:

Ayurvedic Spa Treatment

Some people tend to be excited to try a new kind of spa or massage every time while some find it safer to limit to the traditional Ayurvedic ones.

Now no spa treatment is devoid of Ayurveda products, ingredients and methods. But as modern cosmetics act as rapid catalyst, thus the dependence on Ayurveda is decreasing. It’s in fact hard to find the hand few of places where you are sure to get a genuine Ayurveda retreat.

Ayurveda Retreats P.C.:

Ayurveda Retreats

But if you are skeptical and believe in these Ayurvedic services, then here are top five choices you have in India, with no doubts and glitches.

Keraleeyam Ayurvedic Resort, Alleppey, Kerala

Entrance of Keraleeyam P.C.:

Entrance of Keraleeyam

Located at Alapuzzha(Allepey), this one is an Ayurvedic centre along the backwaters of Kerala where you are sure to be bestowed by the best of masseur(salon expert). The services here promise a lasting relief to your chronic pains, aches or rheumatic pains.

Abhyangam Treatment P.C.:

Abhyangam Treatment

The popular services of this spa place are ‘Thirummal’ (General body massage), ‘Aavisnanam’ (Medicated Steam Bath) and ‘Abhyangam’ (Applying selected medicated oil by special process on the body). Kerala style heritage cottages and delicious food is available in the premises for your better stay.

Kairali Ayurvedic Health Village, Kerala

Inside Kariyali Spa P.C.:

Inside Kariyali Spa

Kerala is one of the spa hubs of the country and thus when it comes to Ayurveda you also have options to browse through. Kariali Spa of Palakkad is a vast spa business with 20 centres abroad and 25 outlets within the country. This 50 acre spread with 30 exquisite villas for your stay is designed upon Vastu Shastra, the Indian version of feng sui.

Kariyali Spa P.C.:

Kariyali Spa

Other attributes of being here are in house astrologer, amphitheater, swimming pool, tennis courts, library, cyber centre & many other recreation facilities. ‘Panchakarma’ or purgation therapy is the most transformative and appealing service in their jungle set up.

The Leela, Udaipur

The Leela, Udaipur P.C.:

The Leela, Udaipur

The availability of spa especially in five stars or top notch hotels is not new. Often foreigners opt for it especially to get rejuvenated from their jetlag or tiredness. The same is equipped at the Leela of Udaipur where Ayurvedic resorts available for spa travellers. This in fact stands as an example to the growth of Ayurveda treatment in India.

Ayurvedic Spa at The Leela P.C.:

Ayurvedic Spa at The Leela

Group Spa Manager of the Leela, Tricia Bannister, expressed in an interview with TOI, “Our clientele has grown from in-house guests to both in-house and local guests requesting for a wellness experience set amidst the cultural heritage of Rajasthan.”

Ashok Country Resort, Delhi

A look of the Ashok Country Resort P.C.:

A look of the Ashok Country Resort

A part of an eco-friendly property neat the Delhi airport where their spa salon is named ‘Mimasa’. The must try services at this unique salon are Shirodhara, Kizhi (hot compress with linen bun), Pizhichil (warm oil bath), Abhyangam (full body rejuvenation).

Sandalwood Wrap Spa P.C.:

Sandalwood Wrap Spa

There are also elaborate skin wraps and scrubs based on ancient Indian skin recipes like the Sandalwood scrub, Sesame and orange body buff, Ancient Indian honey and sandalwood wrap. Apart from spa, therapies, massages, yoga and meditation trainings are also conducted for a thorough rejuvenation of human body.

Devaaya, The Ayurveda and Nature Cure Centre, Goa

A glimpse of Devaaya Ayurveda Spa Centre P.C.:

A glimpse of Devaaya Ayurveda Spa Centre

Along the Mandovi River, this wellness center affirms all its services based on Naturopathy.

Meditation, a part of Ayurvedic Spa P.C.:

Meditation, a part of Ayurvedic Spa

Through this focus is laid on yoga, meditation, music, lifestyle correction & diet planning other than usual body treatments. They have packages for respective disorders or ailments that is sure to make you feel energetic towards life.

6 Luxury Spa in India

Though Indians are yet not so adapted with the idea of spa vacations, tourists are pretty accustomed to it keeping the perks of spa in count.

Spa in India P.C.:

Spa in India

In fact, India is considered their top choice when it comes to a spa vacation. The country being home to Ayurveda treatments and now the advanced versions of it being offered along with salon facilities makes India, a top destination for luxury spa.

Luxury spa P.C.:

Luxury spa

So that your hectic web search becomes easy to know more about the luxurious spa services in the country, here is a BYT report on the top six:

Wildflower Hall Spa, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh

Jacuzzi at Windflower Hall Spa P.C.:

Jacuzzi at Windflower Hall Spa

If you think a drink or your favorite food and the sight of the Himalayas is possibly the most romantic scene you can have with the mountain range, then here there is more to the experience. You gaze the ecstasy of the snow capped mountains while professionals offer private spa services like body scrubs, head massage, and Himalayan cedar baths.

Windflower Hall, a part of Oberoi P.C.:

Windflower Hall, a part of Oberoi

To pamper your body, they also have swimming pool, outdoor jacuzzi or cedar forests as choices to natural retreat.  The spa is located 8250ft high in the lap of the Himalayas. It’s an experience to remember and redo as you plan your vacations.

Amatrra Spa, New Delhi

Inside Amatrra Spa P.C.:

Inside Amatrra Spa

When luxury spa zones are mushrooming across India, the country capital cannot be devoid of one. Away from the metropolitan culture of Delhi, this is a peach retreat where treatments are offered on the base of ‘Astroveda’ – a combination between astrology and Ayurveda, offered only in this spa centre of the country. The combination of both balances negative and positive energies within your body.

Ananda Spa, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand

Ananda Spa from a distance P.C.:

Ananda Spa from a distance

If your next trip is in Rishikesh or Haridwar, you can also include this Indian luxury spa in your schedule. The natural catalyst here is the gurgling water of the Ganges as you set your body to the epitome of relaxation in their warm and cozy set up. To enchant your spa experience they have luscious Sal forests within the premises of Maharaja’s palace estate adding to your leisure. Here, the spa treatments are intertwined with Ayurvedic packages and international wellness programs to give you a holistic pleasure. Their 5-day package of stress management program has earned fame among spa lovers.

Kaya Kalp, the Royal Spa, Agra, Uttar Pradesh

Interiors of Kaya Kalp Spa P.C.:

Interiors of Kaya Kalp Spa

This is not only a luxury spa. It’s is also the largest spa service in the country spreading over a total of 99,000sq feet. At the very first, the entire rupturing set up is sure to touch you.

A glimpse of the architectural set up  P.C.:

A glimpse of the architectural set up

Coming next, is the influence of Moghal architecture in their spread giving it a stronger connects to history. The aroma therapeutic massages amidst their man made fountains, springs and lake is surely going to make you fall in love with this enchanting spa spot

Maya Spa, Kumarakom, Kerala

The highlight of this spa service is the sneak peek of the Kerala backwaters along the shores of Vembanad Lake. Noted as one of the most holistic spa centres in the country, here the most classic experience is if you opt for their Spa by Zuri service.

Sabai Stone Treatment P.C.:

Sabai Stone Treatment

Other services here include their Ayurveda, Hydrotherapy, Thai Massages and Sabai stone therapy to balance the glitches of your body with freshness and novelty. Along with these beauty treatments, they also have gym and fitness equipments, yoga pavilions, sauna and plunge pools to add options to your health care choices.

Sereno Spa, Goa

One of the best spa in Goa P.C.:

One of the best spa in Goa

As refreshments to your body and soul, they have weaved therapies based on Ayurvedic and Yogic traditions that are sure to detoxify your body. A part of Park Hyatt Goa Resort and Spa in South Goa, this has panoramic view of the nearest Arossim Beach and grand outdoor spa pavilions.

A view of Arossim Beach, Goa P.C.:

A view of Arossim Beach, Goa

One of the recommendations if you make it to this luxury spa zone of India is their ‘four hands or ‘Synchronised Abhyanga’.

7 Health Benefits of Spa Treatment

Modern urban Indian women have accepted salon time as a part of their schedule, so should they make out time for regular spa. As the latter involves a big hole in the pocket, thus the necessity of it is often ignored.
The time and money one invests in spa reciprocates with health benefits and mental rejuvenation.

BYT gives you ten solid reasons for you to do a spa at the earliest.

Spa is self pampering P.C.:

Spa is self pampering

Detox and clean

Spa cleanses your body P.C.:


Your regular bath or facial cannot detox you from the roots. After a spa, the detoxification happens not only from the core of your body but also helps in mind refreshment. Spa sessions actually have a direct impact on your blood formation which regenerates new cells for your internal organs. So, you are actually purified from top to toe, in and out.


Spa Ingredients P.C.:


In this busy life, stress is an important component of our life which we do not take care of. A single spa will de-stress you absolutely. The hydro therapies, full body massages or therapeutic massages are holistic activities remove tension from your muscles.   A de-stressed body is important to adopt or give a new start to our hectic lives.

Health Impact

Spa involves meditation P.C.:

Spa involves meditation

Spa involves much longer massage sessions than usual beauty treatments.These prolong massages excite the lymphatic system of our body and acts as catalyst in removing waste products of the body through different excretory methods.  Blood circulation improves, and thus oxygen or nutrients reach all necessary parts.

Healthy Ageing

Mud facial, very common in spa packages P.C.:

Mud facial, a treatment of anti-ageing

Wrinkles or hyper-pigmentation, no human being can get rid off the process of ageing. Yet spa can make your ageing go slow via non surgical methods. Peels, exfoliation and facials can put a stop your daily issues like acne, pimples, clogged pores or dark circles. Definitely, a single session cannot make so many changes. You got to continue the process.


Relax during your spa P.C.:

Relax during your spa

Many spa packages include extensive sleep enhancement programs. This is mainly because the more you sleep the more calm your body is and thus, a positive impact on your physical experience. Those who suffer from insomnia too can be a part of this as acupuncture, therapeutic massages, shiatsu, reiki or reflexology included in the packages create a serious impact on your body.


Spa, a source of energy P.C.:

A source of energy

Spa is definitely a good source of positive energy. The Ayurveda massages, osteopathy, Reiki, Shiatsu and full body massages creates parallel vibes on your body that generate energy. Thus, the treatment you thought was amusement and relaxation actually revert good impact on the body.

Aches and Pain

Spa is a beautiful beauty treat P.C.:

Spa is a beautiful beauty treat

The prolong massages of spa all treats your body aches and pain. If you have a particular pain bothering your knee or shoulder or any part of the body, consult the salon expert before hand. Physiotherapy, reflexology, sport massages and targeting specific problem comes along luxury packages.

7 Weird Spa From Across the Globe

The unusual factor of any spa lies in the kind and sort of ingredients used to do it.

In the beautification and cosmetics industry, the use of mud, seeds or flowers were not a part until the advent of spa.

Usual spa products P.C.:

Usual spa products

Now that the business of spa is growing, innovations are leading to the use of new kinds of products and ingredients in spa. While some of these invents are having a positive impact on the business perspective, some are indeed difficult to believe.

If you are wondering what so difficult to believe in the simple process of spa, then here’s a BYT report from all across the world.

Snake Spa

Use of snakes during spa P.C.:

Use of snakes during spa

Oh yes, snake all across your body and a calm feeling assured. If you think that’s a joke, then here are places where you can get this done. Cebu City Zoo has the service where Burmese Pythons crawl over you for a massage session. Also, An Israeli health and beauty spa offers the same using florida king snakes, corn snakes and milk snakes. Larger snakes are believed to be more impactful over the smaller ones.

Cactus Massage

Use of processed cactus in spa P.C.:

Use of processed cactus in spa

Four Seasons Resort in Punta Mita, Mexico has this service. Do not roll out your eyes wondering how you would deal the thorns. In this, a mixture of local cactus extracts is applied after mixing with lukewarm water. The same combination contains vanilla, honey, volcanic ash and chocolate. It’s a 50-minute treatment believed to bestow you with maximum relaxation and rejuvenation.

Placenta Facial

Application of placenta mask P.C.:

Application of placenta mask

The business started with the use of a live sheep’s placenta used to make you feel restful. Now, Beverly Hills skin center uses human placenta obtained from Russian maternity hospitals. The idea is many artificial cosmetics like soaps and lotions use extracts of placenta and thus they directly equip it on the human body in the form of a facial mask. Before use, the placenta is dried and processed for direct human use.

Bird Poop Facial

Bird poop acts as fertilizer for human skin P.C.:

Bird poop acts as fertilizer for human skin

How tacky that might sound but the idea is a new hype. It’s expensive and available in one of the salons of New York. Well, they definitely do not apply this directly. The poop is collected, dried, powdered and mixed with rice and water. Then the final paste is applied on human body as an ingredient of spa treatment.

Hay Bath

Hay bath is refreshing P.C.:

Hay bath is refreshing

A detoxification treatment offered at the Hotel Heubad makes you lie down under a bed of hay, claimed to be 100 years old. The method is you need to lie in a bed of hay with 100 degrees temperature than 20-minutes at the very beginning of your spa session. This ferments and prepares the body for further process.

Leech Spa

Use of leeches in foot spa P.C.:

Use of leeches in foot spa

Years back researchers had discovered leeches having a benefit on human body. Now the same is clubbed in the process of spa and is in fact, one of the most expensive forms of spa costing $500 approx for each session. Bucks or leeches are spread across your body to alleviate some of the toxins near the skin’s layers. If you are scared of the pain, well, clients consider this very refreshing.

Snail Spa

Snail spa treatment P.C.:

Snail spa treatment

Exactly how leeches are used during spa, now snails are considered as well. The treatment started in Japan as African snails were applied on customer’s body. Now the list has extended and more kinds of snails are used. Before application, the snails are given an organic feed for almost a week for better results.

5 Easy Steps for Hair Spa at Home

It might be because of your little toddler, or you are the new bride in the family that is not allowing you to schedule a salon time. Prolong meetings in office or a family get together – the reason might be whatsoever but you should always pamper your hair and skin.


Salon time is important

If we look at a human body, then the first part of it from the top is the hair. It’s also the hair that becomes dirty and dreary very fast. Your delay for a thorough wash or a trip to a sultry region makes it an impossible trauma right on the top of your head.

Happy hair is a myth P.C.:

Happy hair is a myth

So that the boring hair does not spoil your mood or intervene in your lovely life, here is how you can have a spa right at home. You only need the ingredients that you can order online or simply request a friend to get them home.

Hair spa at home P.C.:

Spa at home

Massage your hair

Applying hair oil P.C.:

Apply oil

Oil is the first basic ingredient of your spa. You can use any hair oil that nourishes it from the roots. Applying abundant oil does not create an effect. Your massage time should be long and you should do it absolutely relaxed when doing this. Other than coconut oil, you can use almond or olive oil to nourish your hair. If you can make the oil hot before applying, then the effects are better.

Steam warm hair

Hot towel treatment P.C.:

Hot towel treatment

Your fingertips alone cannot make the oil completely go inside your scalp. Thus, in this step dip a long towel in hot water and squeeze off the extra water. Then wrap your head with this warm towel for around 20 minutes. This also has a feel good factor. Do not plan your laundry or cooking in the same time. During this span, being with your best friend on text or watching your favorite song will make the process favorable.

Wash your hair

Hair wash P.C.:


Simply wash  with a mild shampoo and luke warm water. If you can do this the next day after your oil session, then the results will be better. Do not use hot water on scalp as that ends in dandruff and rough scalp. Make sure the shampoo you use is nourishing in nature.

Conditioning your hair

Condition your hair P.C.:

Condition your hair

You must be using any cosmetic conditioner suggested by experts or you saw in a television ad. Put a pause and prepare your hair conditioner right at home. You need a lime and some tea leaves for this. Boil the tea leave and stain the liquor. Add lime juice to this and use this preparation.

Hair masks

Egg nourishes your hair P.C.:

Egg nourishes your hair

You have choices to prepare your own hair mask. Your option one is a blend of banana, olive oil, egg, honey and milk. In the second option, you can add coconut oil to two egg whites and use it as a hair conditioner.

At the end of the hair mask session, do wash your hair using the same shampoo as previous.

Wash your hair P.C.:

Wash your hair

Its done. Now do not miss to style your gorgeous hair before you woo others.

5 Benefits of Spa on Your Skin

Lotions, sunscreen, moisturizer, face packs or scrubbers – we apply it all and yet crave for a skin that glows and is refreshing always.

Skin problems bother women P.C.:

Skin problems bother women

Consider natural therapies or cosmetics of any kind, it’s not easy to get the sort of skin you wish. Do not blame your skin texture but it’s due to the rising pollution and continuously changing weather that hampers our skin to this extent. Exposing clothes, working outside, less hours of sleep, irregular diets can be included in the considerable list too.

Getting the right cosmetics is not easy P.C.:

Getting the right cosmetics is not easy

So on top of all your tried strategies, the new one is spa. Try out spa in your nearest salon or get a kit at home, the result to spa on your skin is much more than any other ordinary beauty product. It’s the ingredients and process of spa that has a greater and faster impact on your skin than any other way.

Benefits of Skin Spa P.C.:

Benefits of Skin Spa

Check the ways in which spa is the best way to pamper your skin for faster and long lasting end results:

Stimulate Collagen

During a spa session P.C.:

During a spa session

Collagen is the structural protein of your skin and an important connective tissue. As the span of massage is longer in spa, thus the effect is directly on your collagen. In fact, spa stores and beauty outlets have collagen masks meant to rejuvenate your skin. The same is available with several online retailers also. It helps in tightening the skin and prevents from wrinkles or anti ageing symptoms.


Mud is an important ingredient in spa P.C.:

Mud is an important ingredient in spa

Acne, rashes, roseacea, cystic acne, eczema, or psoriasis are very common skin syndromes that keep us bothered and bugged. The most important way to get rid of these is to detox the body. The channels of toxication in a human body are hair, nails or skin. Of these skin can be easily detoxified by spa. The spa ingredients that act as catalyst in detoxing your skin are seaweed, mud or charcoal.

Relax and Rejuvenate

A Spa bath session P.C.:

A Spa bath session

It’s important to remain tension free so that high stresses do not affect your skin. But daily life issues do not allow us to remain tension free. In that case, a hot tub bath or steamy sauna that you get in the spa salon is surely to better your mood and set you happy. If not immediate gradually this will have a positive impact on your skin.

Metabolize Fat Cells

Ingredients of Spa Scrub P.C.:

Ingredients of Spa Scrub

You might scrub your face every day before bath. But that cannot beautify your entire body. A vigorous scrub session comes along with spa packages like body wraps or facial spa. This decreases the cellulite and aids in metabolizing the fat cells. The outcome is immediate and you will be feeling a skin that you thought of.

Favorable For Your Mental Health

Spa is happiness P.C.:

Spa is happiness

Spa is a form of self pampering that makes one feel better both physically and emotionally. It stimulates a self happiness that is interconnected with your mind. Thus, spa ensures a healthy brain and mind.