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Luxury Dining at Hyatt, Ahmedabad

City of Ahmadabad P.C.:

City of Ahmedabad

If you count Ahmedabad from the long history it beholds, then you must also make a note of its fabulous night life it offers composed of colourful markets, crowded streets and of course, luxury eateries for a memorable dinner and also rejuvenation after a tiring day or before your night walk.

When it’s about luxury hospitality across India, Hyatt Regency is a sound name and so it resonates at Ahmedabad as well. Contemporary additions are attributed in the hotel’s services throughout the year to keep it an interesting affair for their clients. The city along the Sabarmati River might seem to be belonging to the historical era, but the Hyatt outlets has wrapped a robe of modern lifestyle that you can start exploring once in Ahmedabad.

Hyatt, Ahmadabad P.C.:

Hyatt, Ahmedabad

If a resident of the city and you still haven’t checked into Hyatt, then that is one of the first to-do in your priority list, for a memorable experience.


Noyna, Hyatt P.C.:

Nonya, Hyatt

Hyatt, the American International Company has captured the hospitality industry of all leading Indian cities and no far does it stand when it comes to Ahmedabad. Nonya, is their Asian food galore where from quick grab to food spreads they have it all in queue for you. You need to pick from their long menu or opt for the buffet to have an awesome food voyage. The place is ideal for dinner dates, business meets and even solo foodies can hangout here for a culinary delight.


Collage, Ahmadabad P.C.:

Collage, Ahmedabad

Another Hyatt initiative, Collage serves Mughlai, North Indian and Continental food. Their hall of fame are the buffets they spread for foodies, that allows one to relish sweet, sour or spice – all in a go. Check in for a Sunday brunch and this place is sure to be one of your best experience in the city of Ahmedabad.


Tinello, Hyatt P.C.:

Tinello, Hyatt

Since still bound amidst the archetypal Indian culture, you may worry if you get any foreign delicacies in the city of Ahmedabad. Well, of course you do get when in this restaurant of Hyatt regency who specialize in tantalizing your buds with intense Italian flavours. From pasta to pizza, you just name it and they get it for you on the table.

So what you do when hungry at 2am in the night? Be at home; watch a movie and your favourite DIY noodles!

Namma Bengaluru P.C.:

Namma Bengaluru

When part of a metropolitan city like Bengaluru, availability of cafes and pubs are 24/7.You need to know the right place and destination where you can check-in at any point of the day. Go alone or hooked by your bae or may be your favorite bunch of people, their food, drinks and services are sure to impress you.

JW Marriott

JW Mariott from outside, Bengaluru P.C.:

JW Mariott from outside, Bengaluru

Their café at Vittal Mallya Road is open 24/7. This not only leaves scope for a good cup of coffee but also, a drive down one of the posh areas of the city. The walk can definitely follow with a walk around Lavelle Road or an instant drop to your home for a good sleep. The place is a hot picks for nocturnal of the city, and thus, reserving your table might be a good option.


A snapshot of Khaugalli P.C.:

A snapshot of Khaugalli

This food street of Bengaluru remains open till 2am, just to serve your midnight hunger pangs. While the north Indian dishes are flooded with ghee and the Chinese ones are topped with sauces. Take a walk down the street to see all the available options before you take a plunge into the culinary relishes waiting for you here. Head a little late to avoid the crowd.

Raasta Café

Raasta Cafe

When it comes to midnight eating, this one is most popular especially among the youngsters of Bangalore. That’s mostly because the place is fun and is located little outskirt from the city. This leaves scope for a long drive followed by an awesome feast over their culinary spread. When here, take a seat under the sky in their open lawn and do relive the fresh air. If you are a smoker, then do mark this as a must-try during your stay in Namma Bengaluru. They offer the best of hookahs in town.


Inside 20 char P.C.:

Inside 20 char

When at the Old Airport Road, Matthan Hotel is one of the best choice you have. 20 char, is their café that is open 24/7. So whenever in mood for some hot coffee in the city of Bengaluru, you can surely be here. Even at late hours, they have side dishes and munchies to complement your coffee. The ambiance of this café has been appreciated by many foodies of the city.


Not all Barista in the city of Bengaluru is 24/7. If you head to the one located in the 5th block of Koramangala, south Bengaluru then you wont be deprived of their services at any point of the day. Start with a coffee and then you have a long menu to pick from.

5-Star Hotels in Ahmedabad for Your Luxury Stay

The city of Ahmadabad P.C.:

The city of Ahmedabad

It might be for your loved one, a business tour or for a trip- your reason to be in Ahmedabad can be any of these or more. But being here, you have simply too much to experience starting from the museums, fine dining restaurants and fabulous night markets. Featuring as one of the major city for the state of Gujarat, it is also a rapidly growing metropolitan at the heart of India.

So when you are here you should plan a luxury stay in order to witness the economic and cultural growth of Ahmedabad, presently at the peak of its rise under PM Modi’s Smart City Project. A comfortable stay will allow you rejuvenation at the end of the hectic tours and trips you make.

BYT lists three of the top notch hotels of Ahmedabad that is sure to add to your experience when you are in the city to explore.


Inside Novotel Ahmadabd P.C.:

Inside Novotel Ahmedabad

Opt for their rooms or for the suits, the high end luxury Novotel offers sets competition for other five star outlets in the city. While for food they serve you options, for special occasions you can also opt for their Crystal Ball Room. Their high end service will take care of your every requirement during your stay in Ahmedabad. Check in to experience the lavish affair.

Radisson Blu

Interiors of Radisson Blu, Ahmadabad P.C.:

Interiors of Radisson Blu, Ahmedabad

You might be a business traveler or a leisure explorer, your stay at Radisson will surely contribute to your experience in Ahmedabad. Located close to the Indian Institute of Management in Ahmedabad (IIM) and Gujarat University Exhibition & Convention Centre, they have sixteen rooms and suits where you got to make prior bookings in order to plan your stay. From local street food to global platters, you can get everything right on the table once you opt for the Radisson restaurants.

The Pride

A snapshot of Hotel Pride, Ahmadabad P.C.:

A snapshot of Hotel Pride, Ahmedabad

This luxury business hotel can be your choice when out for a trip, short stay or even if your honeymoon is in Ahmedabad. From rustic traditional experiences to modern urban offerings, they cater your every need. From spa to food to stay, the hotel is itself a tourist destination than a mere place to lodge in.

The city of Pune P.C.:

The city of Pune

Credits are to the rising number of pubs, bars and lounges that have made the night life of Pune an exciting one over the years. If you are also nocturnal by nature and new to the city of Pune, you may wonder where to start the midnight venture from?

BYT lists for you the best of restaurants, home deliveries and clubs that will make your nights joyful in the city of Pune.


Scream Bar

Inside Scream Bar P.C.:

Inside Scream Bar

As the name says, neither music nor your pitch needs any limit in this night club of Pune. Inside hotel Le-Meridian, this one offers a wide range of food and drinks as perks to your party. Also, their vast dance floor and loud music composes an ambiance that becomes happening with passing time. Walk in party people for the best of experience.

Hard Rock Café

HRC, Pune P.C.:

HRC, Pune

After Mumbai and Bengaluru, now even the city of Pune homes the third Hard Rock Café outlet of the country. Alike any other branch, this one too has a wide array of drinks and serves scrumptious menu. Added to this, the live performances and electrifying music makes this place a must visit for the party freaks of Pune.


Zk's Logo P.C.:

Zk’s Logo

DJ parties are the attraction in night clubs and this one hosts the best in town bringing the best of DJs of Bollywood. Added to it you get the best of branded drinks and huge range of lip smacking starters, altogether weaving an experience you will surely fall for. Its location near a popular college makes it a hub for young enthusiasts.


Our party mood is definitely not an everyday schedule and we may prefer staying at home, watching our favorite film or tuning the recent music album. How about a drink or food with it? Your pantry may not have it in stock but these late night home delivery services of Pune gets you the best of goodies at the wee of time.

Nite Foodie

Nite Foodie P.C.:

Nite Foodie

The menu is mostly Indian and Chinese that they will get to you at any time of the night. The quality is like any other road side eatery and is sure to impress you with you with their prompt delivery services. They also rent out games like UNO if you think that can add some more fun to your night life.

Justorder India

The menu limits to six food combos starting from munchies to full course meal. Burger to biriyani, you have a lot to pick from. Order the kind of food you want and they will get it fresh and wrapped to your door step. This one only accepts cash on delivery; hence, just check your wallet once before you order.

Food At Night

Serving till 4a.m. P.C.:

Serving till 4a.m.

This delivery service of Pune extends till 4am in the morning and has only three combos in service. All three are worth a drool and are served with cold drinks. So, just browse through their site or call them to place your order tonight or soon.


Why being at home all night? You can walk out and there are mid night eateries across Pune where you can walk or drive in for a good food experience at the middle of the night.

Mad Momos

A momo joint P.C.:

A momo joint

How about some warm and tasty dumpling amidst the night? This momo outlet remains open till 4am in the morning to serve your buds a finger licking experience. Their momo includes simple steamed ones to momo burgers, momo pizzas, Indianised momo and more. Each plate is indeed wholesome in quantity, so think before you order.

Rangla Punjab

A snapshot of rangla Punjab P.C.:

A snapshot of rangla Punjab

Located a little outskirts the city centre, this one is an open air highway dhaba where you get awesome Punjabi food till 2am in the night. A heavy meal or a glass of lassi the team waits to serve you the best of experience once here. The place remains quite jam packed and hence, you might have to wait till your turn.

Highlights of Goa Carnival 2016

If you still haven’t booked the tickets, then you may miss it. The much awaited Goa Carnival of this year is almost knocking the door and the official date ranges between 14th Feb to 17th Feb.

Goa Carnival P.C.:

A snapshot of the carnival

Goa reaches the peak of fun, frolic, color and charisma during the carnival with people across the globe attending it. Breaking all communal barriers, it’s time to step in the delight with drinks, dance, dress and more.

Children participate in the carnival P.C.:

Children participate in the carnival

This year, the carnival will officially commence with King Momo’s colossal procession flocked with men and women in colorful costumes, musicians, dancers and even tourists participating in it.

Parades at Panaji P.C.:

Parade at Panaji

In recent times, some use colorful masks to add to the cosmos of Goa Carnival. You can also participate in the competitions, contests, parades and performances that will happen in Goa around these three days.

A typical Goan dance P.C.:

A typical Goan dance

Though the entire state of Goa attains a joyful status yet to re-live Goa Carnival to the fullest, your destinations must be Panjim, Mapusa, Margoa and Vasco da Gama.

The city of Panaji P.C.:

The city of Panaji

An important note that many miss out before heading for the Goa Carnival is, consumption of meat in this span is an absolute no-no across Goa. This is because the Latin word for ‘Carnival’ is ‘to throw away meat’. Do not worry your hunger pangs have too much local Goan food to pick from, other than the meat.

A pure veg Goan thali P.C.:

A pure veg Goan thali

When you arrive in Goa, your booze consumption is sure to excel. In the re-treat do add a lot of Feni, counted as a top alcohol which homes in Goa. Feni is pocket friendly, organic, healthy and most important, leads to no hangover.

Feni, the drink P.C.:

Feni, the drink

Celebrations extend till midnight during Goa Carnival. At night, do not miss the brass bands, clowns, dancers, fire eaters, jesters performing in public areas to amuse you.

Performance P.C.:


Goa, during the carnival is like fairy tale where a kingdom wraps in the woo of joy and happiness. The Goan music, the Spanish guitar, the Portugese touch is indeed a break from the mundane life.

To book your accommodation, dining experiences for Goa Carnival 2016, do browse through


5 Must-Try Restaurants of Mangalore

A glimpse of Mangalore P.C.:

A glimpse of Mangalore

Mangalore, the chief port city of India is more of a tourist spot now, with cluster of visitors landing up mostly in weekends. Known for its industrial establishments, Mangalore is home to some of the popular beaches of the country including Someshwara beach, Ullal beach and many more.

A snapshot of Someshwara beach P.C.:

A snapshot of Someshwara beach

Thus, when you are in Mangalore- how long or short you plan a trip, you will always be engaged in some tour activities. Bathing under the scorching sun or sightseeing along the port city makes Mangalore a wonderful experience at any time of the year.

The magnificent Mangalore P.C.:

The magnificent Mangalore

When the place promises such good visionary treats, where exactly it stands in terms of food? Of course, the affinity to the sea makes Mangalorean cuisine have a dominance of coconuts and fishes. Other common Konkani ingredients that you will get in the Mangalorean palates are rice, dried red chillies, garlic, ginger, curry leaves and tamarind.

Most used Konkani ingredients P.C.:

Most used Konkani ingredients

Do not worry, if these don’t tempt you. The city also has abundant eateries serving Chinese, American, and other popular cuisines.

So, where do you head for a delicious delightful meal in Mangalore?

Janatha Deluxe

Inside Hotel janatha Deluxe P.C.:

Inside Hotel janatha Deluxe

Vegetarians often tend to remain unhappy with the food menu of most Mangalorean eateries. Simply because, of them have a meat or fish based menu. Do not worry! There are ample veg restaurants as well. This one has an appealing vegetarian food fare with both North Indian & South Indian varieties. Land up for lunch, dinner or snacks and you are sure to be served some flavorsome food.

Liquid Lounge

Party at the Liquid Lounge P.C.:

Party at the Liquid Lounge

Once you step into the holiday shoes, some drinking spree is very usual. Than driving around in search of some good drinks around Mangalore, just end up in this alcohol joint. They have lots on drinks along with luscious food.

The array of drinks P.C.:

The array of drinks

Added to these, the cheerful mood, the swooshing sound of the waves and your near ones will surely make it an unforgettable affair. If not into alcohols, they also have an array of mocktails, cocktails, juices and more.

Gajalee Seafood Restaurant

Entrance of Gajalee P.C.:

Entrance of Gajalee

Along with the sea, Mangalore also has some hills and plateaus around. If you feel like dining on these hill tops, then Gajalee is the place to be. The name is very synonymous to Mumbai, as its one of the best sea food joint. Located at the heart of Kadri hills, this beautiful place is decked with white walls, French windows, terracotta furniture adding a feel good factor every moment.

A plate of Crab Tandoori Masala P.C.:

A plate of Crab Tandoori Masala

Crab Tandoori Masala and Prawn Ghee Roast are food recommendations from this place.

Giri Manja’s

Giri manjas P.C.:

Giri Manja’s

The restaurant is not easy to locate. But don’t give up. Do use your road track apps and reach this colorful eatery. It has two long tables and bench and thus, you got to share the space with others. Though that alarms your privacy, but the communal eating is an experience worth a shot. You don’t get a menu card and the waiter will recite it to you in their own style. Order the best of veg and non veg platters with no hesitation. After all each of the dish will make you fall in love with the place.

Lighthouse Chaat

A plate of Charmuri P.C.:

A plate of Charmuri

If after all the heavy huge meals, you are in mood for some quick grabs and tucks to gulp in. Then do check-in this chaat corner of Mangalore. From college students to family men and tourists, crowds jostle to get some of their yummy plates. Ice-cold sugarcane juice & charmuri seems to be the best combo here.

5 Best Vegetarian Dhabas in Amritsar

Mumbai might be the Bollywood city, Delhi is called the nation’s capital, Kolkata is known as the City of Joy, what is the other name of Amritsar?

A panoramic view of Amritsar P.C.:

A panoramic view of Amritsar

Well, if you are linking it to the Golden Temple, then wrong thoughts. Amritsar, is also the culinary capital of India.

Golden Temple, Amritsar P.C.:

Golden Temple, Amritsar

In fact, tourists who visit the city invariably devote in two rituals – visit the Golden temple and hog the best of food to their utmost capacities.

A typical veg Punjabi thali P.C.:

A typical veg Punjabi thali

However, in this trend vegetarians often fall short in exploration as they spend a lot of time to fetch veg food hubs of Amritsar. So that veggy tourists can spend more time finger licking food than searching for restaurants, BYT lists top eight vegetarian dhabas in Amritsar.

They are not only popular for the food, but also as places to be when you are in a travel mode in the city of Amritsar.

New Kundan Dhaba

Entrance of New Kundan Dhaba P.C.:

Entrance of New Kundan Dhaba

Serving the people Amritsar for years now, this dhaba underwent a renovation recently. That not only gave a new look to the place but also added glamour to the food plates served. Their menu is crisp and short, which makes it easy to decide. You also have options for half plate food, which leaves scope for lost of food to try.

Famous Kulcha Corner


Hot kulchas with butter P.C.:

Hot kulchas with butter

It’s not alone the Golden temple. When you are in Amritsar, you have too many temples to visit. In the list, an important one is Mata Temple at Rani Ka Bagh. If that’s your destination today, then do hit by this near-by dhaba. A pure vegetarian food hub here you get too much of paranthas and puris to try. Desserts are also worth a try in this dhaba.

Krishna Madhur Mishthan Bhandar Vaishno Dhaba

The entrance of the dhaba P.C.:

The entrance of the dhaba

The place has ample amount of food and equal amount of dessert. So when you start eating, do leave space so that you can tuck their delicious desserts at the end. Combining food and desserts, their list is too long. Thus, keep ample time in hand when you visit the place. The place is meant for wholesome meals over snacks or tucks.

All India Famous Amritsari Kulcha

The making of Kulcha P.C.:

The making of Kulcha

Your trip to Amritsar will be really incomplete without a visit to this dhaba. While the food on plate is going to touch your bud, the making of it wills surely grab your attention. Skilled craftsmen are continuously preparing kulchas and the sight of which will keep you drooling. Once here, you don’t need a menu. Select your stuffing for the kulcha while the chana, chutney and onions are fixed for all plates.

Brother’s Dhaba

A look of Brother's Dhaba P.C.:

A look of Brother’s Dhaba

Calling this dhaba will be wrong. The menu and the ambiance have much more than a mere dhaba. They even have south Indian and Chinese platters all set to sevre you. Order anything, the taste and texture of the food will surely make this one of your favorite place in Amritsar. The dhaba usually remains crowded and thus keep little time in hand, when you head here.

Bharawan Da Dhaba

Menu card at Bharwan Da Dhaba P.C.:

Menu card at Bharwan Da Dhaba

This one is always crowded. If you are ready to fight for good food among many people, then only be here. It’s not a place with sober or calm ambiance. Yet, keeping the scrumptious menu in mind, it’s worth to jostle in the crowd for your plate of dal makhni, lachcha paratha or anything else. They have a typical Punjabi dhaba menu where the parathas are claimed to be the best in the city.


10 Must Try Food Of Durga Puja

Not even a month left for Durga Puja, but the spree is on. Those who believe Bengal as the only state to celebrate this Goddess of Power are mistaking.

Durga Puja Celebration P.C.:

Durga Puja Celebration

Durga Puja is now a worldwide affair where communities of Bengalis or Hindus cluster to re-live the five days of happiness and joy. Though Bengal in India is known to be the best, others are also stepping forward to make their pujas grandeur and grace.

What are the attractions in a Durga Puja?

The goddess, the dhak(drum), the styling crowd, the dhunuchi(incense stick) – yes, these are severe attractions in this much awaited festival of the year.

A glimpse Of Dhunuchi Naach P.C.:

A glimpse Of Dhunuchi Naach

But above everything stands the attraction of food.

Communities or families celebrating Durga Puja generally limit to vegetarian food choice during these five days. But the food they relish are symbols of luxury and ecstasy. They are scrumptious and superb. Non Bengalis or distant people take part in the puja considering food as a major appeal.

Durga Puja Prasad P.C.:

Durga Puja Prasad

So, if you are also in plan to participate in this religious conglomerate then do not miss the following culinary delights for an extensive gastronomic plunge. They are completely vegetarian and thus, any foodie can take the trial.


Hot Luchi  P.C.:

Hot Luchi

Luchi, is a deep fried Indian bread known that can be consumed in breakfast, lunch or dinner that is, at any point of the day. Usually after fast for anjali or worshipping the Goddess, people break their fast with Luchi. A curry spicy or sweet is usually served with this to tantalize your buds. The same is offered to the Goddess as ‘prasad’.

Cholar Dal

A bowl of Cholar Dal P.C.:

A bowl of Cholar Dal

As told earlier, Luchi needs a curry with it. A yellow based curry is preferred and Cholar dal is the most common serving with it. It’s a kind of pulse that tastes sweet and dry fruits or coconuts are added to enhance its taste. Served hot, you can have bowls of it without any side dishes.


Yumm LAbra Curry P.C.:

Yumm LAbra Curry

Labra is a vegetarian dry curry composed of different vegetables that is served in main course. Labra tastes spicy and necessarily needs a rice dish to accompany it. Culinary professionals or experts can only prepare this dish as it needs slow cooking and advanced culinary skills.


A Plate OF Khichudi P.C.:

A Plate OF Khichudi

This is a rice combination completely yellow in color made of veggies and spices. It’s healthy and can be gulped by children and senior citizens too. It’s soft and delectable which is offered to almost all deities worshipped in the span of Durga Puja. Community puja or associations distribute this as prasad among large crowds.

Aam’er Chutney

Aam'er Chutney P.C.:

Aam’er Chutney

Chutney is a kind of sauce served right before dessert in the course of an Indian meal. The specialty here is the use of ‘aam’ or mango. Green mangoes are used to make this giving it a tangy taste. It rejuvenates the tongue and sets it for the delicious desserts in queue.


Different kinds of Sandesh P.C.:

Different kinds of Sandesh

nolengur-sondeshNo celebration in India is complete without sweets. Similarly, no Durga Puja can be over without ‘sandesh’. It’s a dry sweet that has a long history and originated from confectionaries of Bengal. The sweet has variety and is a popular choice on the last day of celebration, right after immersion of the idol.


Payesh, The Dessert P.C.:

Payesh, The Dessert

The meals of Durga Puja usually end with ‘payesh’ on each of the five days. This milk based preparation is made varied by adding rice, carrots, gourd and different ingredients to it. Its sweet and soft and is directly offered as Prasad to the deity.


Polao P.C.:


A sweet rice that is served usually in lunch. Cashews, raisins and more are added to the rice in order to make you crave for more. Lots of ghee and less of spices makes this everyone’s favorite. Addition of kesar makes this more out of the box from regular food.

Phulkopir Torkari

Phoolkopir Torkari P.C.:

Phoolkopir Torkari

A simple cauliflower curry that will keep you drooling once you taste. You can have this with rice or any sort of Indian bread. It’s indeed spicy and at times potatoes are included to raise the taste of it. Its oily and rich, thus be careful about the portion.

Potoler Dorma

Potoler Dorma P.C.:

Potoler Dorma

Potol is a green vegetable that is called ‘parval’ in hindi and pointed gourd in English. On a daily basis when this veggie is prepared its dull and boring. When it’s in the ‘dorma’ form, with a filling inside it tastes flavorsome. Fillings of paneer or vegetables are added to the simple green gourd to make it an extra ordinary affair.

Hope that adds lots to your list and Happy Puja, in advance.

Top 5 Romantic Restaurants In Pune

The restaurant and hotel industry is indeed growing big in Pune. The once district of Chatrapati Shivaji is now a booming metropolitan city of the country. Hence, population is rising and so are their needs and choices in different aspects of life. Options to serve their necessities are also coming up.

One such basic need for all Pune people is food and hence, by now many eateries have come into existence to serve the people.

City Of Pune P.C.:

City Of Pune

Web surveys are now categorizing the restaurants of Pune in lists like high class, barbecue, cultural, Chinese and more.

The BYT web survey today brings to you a fresh list of romantic restaurants in the city of Pune. If you are trying your luck on this person for a long time, or it’s the first date, anniversary or either of your birthday – irrespective of occasion, simply come in to these food hubs.

They promise good food and a time so precious.

When it’s a make of the JW Mariott group, who needs to redefine its elegance and excellence? This restaurant is currently among the top three open air restaurants of the city. But when it comes to romance under the blue sky, your hunt for peace is natural. Hence during your visit to this 24-th floor restaurant, make sure it’s not a holiday or occasion. Then Paasha jostles with a crowd that may hamper your expectations. From food to accommodation the restaurant offers variety in all. Make the right choices as you have your right one with you.

Paasha P.C.:


Open air truly arouses your love and so another option you have within the city of Pune is – Sen5es. The magic here is not alone by the stars and sky. The restaurant remains open with buffet facility till almost four in the morning. Midnight talks or whispers with a hand in hand, eye to eye contact with the company you dreamt till yesterday will, make your experience memorable.

Sen5es  P.C.:


Atmosphere 6
Another option for your sundown date is here. Located in the 6th floor, they have accumulated almost half of world cuisine for you. Food options here you include North Indian, Chinese, Italian, Thai, Asian and Greek. The restaurant definitely gathers a lot of crowd. But don’t worry the wide space and two storey big space won’t let your privacy get cramped. However, check the weather once before you go in here. A sudden rain may completely spoil your lovely encounter or might raise it too.

Atmosphere 6 P.C.:

Atmosphere 6

Addah is a rooftop restaurant but allows a completely different sight than the others. In Pune rooftops generally show the lights and lows of the city life. Being poolside this restaurant offers a calm gurgling view of the water very unusual to the usual setting of Pune. Be here only when your desi tide is over you as they only serve authentic Indian food.

Addah P.C.:


Olive Bistro
By now you might wonder if there is at all any for walled restaurant in Pune? Oh yes, your last date might be under the sky and now the need can be utter comfort and cozy ambiance. The solution is here where the warmth and snug of the place will fetch love between the two of you. As attached to ‘Poona Club’, the restaurant has a lot of space. If you by-chance feel over done inside, then a walk in their open area. That can seek more time for both of you.

Olive Bistro P.C.:

Olive Bistro

To know more about these restaurants and to reserve – please click on link below:

Romantic Restaurants In Bangalore

Romance, is always on air in the city of Bangalore.

Romace in Namma Bengaluru P.C.:

Romace in Namma Bengaluru

The reason being the greater population is young passionate lovely people.

They come here with certain goals in career and ultimately, many find the match of their life.

Some don’t get the lifetime companion, but yes, flings cannot be under estimated.


Time for love

No beach, no hill tops – how long can the greenery of Lal Bagh and Bangalore Palace booms their love?

They need more. They wish more.

To let the city rise or fall but keep abided in the world of romance, restuarnt owners are picking up love as their cup of tea.

With lots of love, they are building these romantic joints that are winning over the love birds.

In the business, the top five are:

13th floor
The location at the 13th floor of Barton Center in MG road stands as the only point of making this a romantic resto bar. Having wide range of multi cuisine delicacies in menu, here the under the sky effect breeze and the panoramic city view weaves a beautiful memory. You visit to this lovely dining destination can be with your love, your family or any person of close knit. To rejuvenate in the refreshing ambiance of the restaurant your company and combination of food always plays an important role.

13th Floor P.C.:

13th Floor

Om Made Cafe
The simple interiors of this Kormangala based café neither stands for the past nor for present. It symbolizes a fusion effect that charms many food lovers. If for lunch, the warm sun will make you feel comfortable. If at night, the dimly lights of this peaceful café creates a calm in the rushing passion among the love birds. Food is of quite a big range mostly composed of picks from the local markets. The jazz or the soft music also blends perfectly with the open spaces in the café.

Om Made Cafe P.C.:

Om Made Cafe

By The Blue
Another romantic destination among the clustered restaurants of Kormanagala is By The Blue. As the name signifies, ‘blue’ refers to a pool along the restaurant that pampers your love time with the person of your choice. The water effect wills surely remind you a little about Goa. In this modern set up, they offer authentic Indian food. This fusion of a westernized restaurant serving ethnic cuisine shoots this to the top try restaurants in coming weekends.

Upper Deck Of By The Blue P.C.:

Upper Deck Of By The Blue

The Fatty Bao
Another restaurant hub in the city is Indiranagar and definitely you have choices here as well. The open air and well decorated ambiance will simply make the romantic date an elegant affair. The colors, the components, the furniture – together allows you to fall for your partner all over again. The food type is Pan Asian here.Chicken Katsu Bao and Sugarcane Chicken Skewer should definitely be a part of your order.

The Fatty Bao P.C.:

The Fatty Bao


Inside Grasshopper, Bengaluru P.C.:

Inside Grasshopper, Bengaluru

In the gastro pub district, Bannerghata, another hall of fame is being earned by Grasshopper for its romantic indulgences. The owners Sonali Sattar and Himanshu Dimri has made this venture in one of the posh places of the IT hub filled with serenity and soulfulness. Here, the  open air and the mini pool in the middle hold hands  to let the lovebirds continue their journey. Food at Grasshopper is known for its personalized touch and warmth from the hosts.


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Versatility of Chocolate

Chocolate, since long, as been a thing of love and fancy for us. It is widely consumed across the world by people of all ages, ethnicity and culture. Chocolate has been one of the most successful discoveries till date. The below image briefly shows the discovery, spread and commercialisation of chocolate, from the ancient era to modern-day.

Chocolate timeline... P.C.:

Chocolate timeline…

The history of Chocolate begins in the over 7000 BC old civilizations of Mesoamerica which refers a broad area, roughly from Central Mexico to El Salvador, Nicaragua and northern parts of Costa Rica. In here, the Mayan civilization is the most dominant. Cocoa extracts were infused with spices and other ingredients and taken as a drink. It was believed to be a great aphrodisiac. Spain mixed sugar into it and the sweetened form gained popularity among the Europeans.

Melted Chocolate P.C.:

Melted Chocolate

The term ‘chocolate’ originates from the word ‘chocolātl‘ its roots in the Aztec acculturation that spoke ‘Classical Nahuatl’. Then the gradual mix of cultures developed it into cho-co-late!

Chocolat-yyy Romance! P.C.:

Chocolat-yyy Romance!

Chocolate has been an energy booster, an aphrodisiac and a breakfast preference for centuries. It has been a favourite morning drink, a ‘fighting food’ for US-armed forces on the front line for its energy boosting properties, an essential part of the royal and elite parties and more.

Dark Chocolates!! P.C.:

Dark Chocolates!!

Modern science has discovered many benefits of chocolate, but hey, it revolves around ‘dark chocolate’. The other forms, like, milk or white chocolate and the like do not share the same beneficial properties of dark chocolate. It is brimming with antioxidants, very nutritious (replete with fiber, magnesium, potassium and other important elements), improves blood flow and controls blood pressure, increases HDL (good cholesterol), lowers the risk of cardio vascular diseases, improves brain functions and also protects the skin against the sun!

Tuxedo Cake with loads and loads of Chocolate!! P.C.:

Tuxedo Cake with loads and loads of Chocolate!!

Chocolate comes in all shapes and forms these days. Hot or cold drinks, cakes, shakes, icing, ice creams, bars, with added flavours and much more. It has become an integral part of our celebrations and precious moments.

Enjoy your bit of chocolate-y pleasures in the cafe or delicatessen in your city!! Call 076767 76767 for reservation via BYT.

Just some Pasta! (Italian Cuisine)

‘Pasta’ is a very common word these days. It is eaten in almost every household. Children and adults love it alike! There are big food manufaturing giants who keep replenishing the markets with ready-to-eat, easy-to-cook pasta products and yummilicious Italian sauces to go with the dish. But how far do we know about Pasta?

Classic Italian Pasta P.C.:

Classic Italian Pasta

Nascent to the Italian cuisine, pasta is one of the most regularly used staples and the first of its references in history dates back to the early 12th century, in the manuscripts of Sicily. In general, pasta is a kind of noodle that is made into various shapes and forms and prepared in a wide array of dishes.

Pasta Shapes P.C.:

Pasta Shapes

There are many different types of pasta. Some of th commong names and shapes that show up on our plates are Penne Rigate (medium length hollow tubes with ridges on the exterior and are cut diagonally at both ends), Fusili (medium length and twisted, spiral shaped), Lasagna (very wide, sheet pasta), Macaroni (C-shaped, hollow tubes), Tripolini (bow-tie pasta), Spaghetti (thick, round noodles), Ravioli (sqaurish shaped with filling inside), Pipe Rigate & Pipette Rigate (hollow, curved and ridged on the outside that resembles a snail & pipette is a smaller version of the same), Conchiglie (like conch shells) and Orecchiette (looks like little ears)!! But there are almost a hundred or more varieties of pasta that are used in various ways to cook up awesome dishes!

Italian Lasagna P.C.:

Italian Lasagna

Pasta is a pure Italian innovation and is a symbol of expertise and dedication of the Italians to developing their culinary art. Pasta is served with a variety of Italian sauces, like Bechamel sauce, Mushroom sauce, Pesto, Buffalo sauce, Hollandaise sauce, Meuniere sauce, Wine sauce, Salsa and many more. Pasta is a relatively easy ingredient to cook with and not just Italians but people all around the world enjoy its rich taste!

Mushroom Sauce P.C.:

Mushroom Sauce

Visit and find out best Italian cuisine restaurants in your city to dine in. Call 076767 76767 for reservation!

Vizag and Sea-Restaurants

Vishakhapattnam, or the-much-easier-to-pronounce Vizag is a port city on the south-east coast of bay of Bengal blessed with natural beauty. Why “blessed”? Because, where else are you going to find such a tranquil harmony of the sea, the hills and the valleys? The natural landscapes, the people and the food, all contribute towards the city being perfect for a different kind of travel.

Glimpse of Vizag P.C. :

Glimpse of Vizag
P.C. :

Vizag has something to offer for everyone, with its white sandy beaches, the luscious hilltops and the sacred monuments and delightful cuisines. This port city has many culinary attractions that should definitely be exciting, enriching and refreshing for every food-lover. So, the next time you’re there, you should definitely check out these popular food-spots.

Vizag Beach P.C. :

Vizag Beach
P.C. :

Ambica Sea Green is seaside hotel with a beautiful view and is a well-liked one. The hotel has two restaurants. One with a panoramic viewing glass wall, aptly named Panorama, and the other, a rooftop restaurant called Crazy Sky. Both serve a variety of dishes praised by almost everyone who visit the place.

Ambica Sea Green Logo P.C. :

Ambica Sea Green Logo
P.C. :

Palm Beach Hotel is located away from the humdrum of the city and although a bit expensive it makes up for the cost with its quality. One side of the restaurant is open towards the sea and makes a great venue for lunch and dinners. This 3-star hotel and more suited for families than couples on a romantic getaway.

Palm Beach Resort, Vizag P.C. :

Palm Beach Hotel, Vizag
P.C. :

This five star Park group hotel overlooks the Bay of Bengal with its huge 6-acres of beach. Dining in the various restaurants here is an absolutely exquisite experience, with the setting sun in the backdrop and the candlelit ambiance being magical. The Park is perfect to make you feel romantic and passionate.

The Park, Vizag P.C. :

The Park, Vizag
P.C. :

The Senora Beach Resorts is in Rushi Konda, 6 km north of Vizag is actually built on a hilltop with a complete ocean view. This resort offers a getaway from the fast life of the city and the breath-taking view adds to its novelty. The Italian Buffet at Sky Beth is highly recommended for visitors with a different palate.

I do understand, it’s not possible to decide within such a limited list. So browse through Bookyourtable and you have many beach restaurant choices, not only at Vizag but all over the nation.


Mysore food and more

The cultural capital of Karnataka, the palace city of India, Mysore is a famous tourist spot of India. Located at the base of Chamunda hills Mysore was once ruled by the Wodeyars. The Wodeyars contributed to the cultural growth of the city.

Mysore Palace P.C.:

Mysore Palace

The constituents of Mysore culture includes the Mysore palace, the Jaganmohana Palace, the Sand Sculpture Museum, the Jayalakshmi Vilas, the Mysore Zoo, the Lalitha Mahal,  Mysore silk, Mysore painting, Mysore pak, Mysore peda and more.

Mysore P.C. :

P.C. :

Among these the Mysore food is an interesting topic of discussion.

It’s location in south India makes Mysore food style like  Udipi cuisine. Mysore offers a variety of dosas like set-dosa, rava dosa or semolina dosa.

Dosa P.C. :

P.C. :

A type of idli that is commonly eaten in breakfast is  ‘thatte idlis’ (flat idlis). Breakfast in Mysore starts with ‘uppittu’ or ‘upma’ – a thick porridge cooked from roasted semolina laced with chillies, coriander leaves, mustard and cumin seeds. A type of upma is Shavige bath, more popular as ‘chowmein of South India’. It is spicy and tangy in taste.

Upma P.C. :

P.C. :

Other breakfast dishes are puri palya, uthapam, vada sambar and kesari bath.

Kesari Bath P.C. :

Kesari Bath
P.C. :

A traditional meal of Mysore includes a number of essential delicacies.These includes a palyas (vegetable salads made of parboiled vegetable chopped finely and tossed with grated fresh coconut, green chillies, curry leaves and mustard seasoning), gojju(a vegetable cooked in tamarind juice with chilli powder), tovve (cooked dal without much seasoning), huli or saaru (a thick broth of lentils and vegetables cooked together with ground coconut, spices, tamarind and chilli powder) and pappad.

Mysore Thali P.C. :

Mysore Thali
P.C. :

They also eat a variety of rice like are Bisi bele bath (a spicy rice preparation with vegetables), vangi baath (rice mixed with brinjal curry), chitranna (rice mixed with seasoning, turmeric and lemon juice or raw mango scrapes) and Puliyogare(steamed or boiled rice mixed with tamarind paste, groundnuts or, coriander, coconut, curry leaves, jaggery, urad dal, and cumin. Puliyogare is generally served in temples as prasadam.

Vangi Bath P.C. :

Vangi Bath
P.C. :

Mysorians also have an option while selecting their snacks. While coffee forms the beverage mostly, side plates are filled with  Kosambari(a salad made from pulses), chakkuli,khara mandakki, churmuri and kodubale in Mysore food.

Chakkuli, a type of snacks P.C. :

Chakkuli, a type of snacks
P.C. :

Mysorians have a strong sense of choice towards sweets or deserts. Popular sweets of their choice include chiroti (a pastry sprinkled with powdered sugar and soaked in almond milk), Mysore Pak (gram flour fudge), obbattu or holige (a wafer chappati filled with a mixture of jaggery, dried coconut and fried gently on a skillet) and shavige payasa (made of milk, vermicelli, sugar, dried fruits and cardamom pods).

Shaviga payasa P.C. :

Shaviga payasa
P.C. :

Alike entire South India, Mysorians traditionally ate their food on plantain leaf. The trend is now followed in feasts and festivals.

Exploring Bhopal

Bhopal - the City of Lakes P.C.:

Bhopal – the City of Lakes

Bhopal, the capital city of Madhya Pradesh, is also a ‘City of Lakes’. It is known for its historical past and the well-knit influx of history and mordernity that can be felt at any nook or corner of the city. Bhopal is a place where the ancient and the contemporary and multiple religious groups co-exist peacefully. There are parts of the city that are the proofs of the rich history of Bhopal while the newer metropolitan developments display a great feat in the fields of commerce and trade. The dedicated efforts to keep Bhopal beautiful with well planned gardens and parks. The natural scenic beauty of Bhopal is quite capturing since it flourishes over seven hills and two fascinating lakes.

Sultan Shah Jahan - Begum of Bhopal who commissioned the Taj-Ul-Masjid P.C.:

Sultan Shah Jahan – Begum of Bhopal who commissioned the Taj-Ul-Masjid

Bhopal’s history has a unique turn in it when for four successive generations, 1819-1926, the city was ruled by only Begums (Queens). The city saw much infrastructural chrysalis during this time like improvement of postal system, drainage and sewage systems and railways. The Begums also invested in building artistic monuments that stand with pride even today.

Bhimbetka Caves P.C.:

Bhimbetka Caves

The city has many tourist attractions. The Taj-Ul-Masjid is one of Asia’s largest mosques and is simply amazing in terms of architecture and magnanimity. The lakshmi Narayan temple, built on the Arera Hill, is a beautiful place that deeply resonates peace and tranquility. The Bhimbetka Caves depict the pre-historic, notably Neolithic age of man, through the cave paintings which were made circa 10000B.C. Sanchi Stupa is one of the most common names that you came across in the early chapters of history in school. This place boasts of the remnants of Buddhist culture through monasteries, tombs, temples and pillars. Th Great Stupa, which is said to have been built over the relics of the Buddha was commissioned by Ashoka the Great in the 3rd Century B.C. There are over 30-45 amazing spots you should visit when in Bhopal.

Achari Gosht P.C.:

Achari Gosht

It is a well known fact that the most prominent flavours of any city can be best tasted at the street shops and local food centres instead of polished restaurants. But some restaurants do take pride in serving the authentic flavours of the city. The prolonged Muslim rule in Bhopal has blessed the cuisine with an impressive line of spicy meat dishes, curries and kebabs alongside some very tasty vegetarian options. Dishes like Rogan Josh, Biryani, Pulav and Achari Gosht are few of the very popular culinary wonders available. A glass of refreshing sugarcane juice, a seasonal fruit dessert and then a Bhopali Paan is all you’d need to complete your meal!

To make dining more enjoyable and your memory of Bhopal even more enriched, indulge in our services. For reservations in your desired restaurant, please call 076767 76767 or visit

Amazing Srinagar, Kashmir

Srinagar in Kashmir, is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities in the world, replete with the magnificence of Himalayas and natural beauty. Srinagar has a long historical legacy. The modern city flourished over the ruins of quite a few dynasties, reigns of rulers like King Pravarasena who founded the city in the 3rd Century B.C. and the Great Ashoka of Maurya who re-established Srinagar in the 1st Century B.C. and it became one of the most important places of Buddhism. Then Mughal Emperor Akbar took over and brought in Islamic influences. Maharaja Ranajit Singh introduced Sikhism under his rule… Thus Srinagar underwent a lot of religious and cultural influxes over a considerable amount of time, that has given it a rich historical past along with the amazing natural exuberance.

Dal Lake, Srinagar P.C.:

Dal Lake, Srinagar

Srinagar is located on the banks of the river Jhelum, called Vyath by the locals. The river flows through the Kashmir valley, passes the city and into the Dal Lake. There are nine old bridges that connect both parts of Srinagar.

Red-Crested Pochard, one of the birds found in Hokersar P.C.:

Red-Crested Pochard, one of the birds found in Hokersar

Amazing and majestic migratory birds are found flocking at Hokersar – a marshy land with a lake, about 14km from Srinagar. Apart from Dal Lake (noted for its size, surrounding beauty and house boats) and Nigeen Lake, the Wular Lake is one of the largest fresh water lakes in the whole of Asia.

Yousmarg, little away from Srinagar, Kashmir P.C.:

Yousmarg, little away from Srinagar, Kashmir

The Shankaracharya Hill is one of the most visited places for the serene environment that invokes the senses of clam and peace in one. There is an old Shiva temple, the bells of which resonate the poise. About a little over 55km from Srinagar is the beautiful Yousmarg that boasts of aplomb meadows and water bodies amidst the mountains. Ride a horse and enjoy Nature, here. Enroute Yousmarg, you come across lush apple orchards, almond and walnut plantations.

Mughal Gardens P. C.:

Mughal Gardens
P. C.:

There are a number of very well kept gardens in and Srinagar and the Jawaharlal Nehru Memorial Botanical GardensChashme Shahi Gardens and Mughal or Nishat Gardens are the most popular. The Jama Masjid, which is a mosque built in Buddhist architectural influence, a classic example of cultural mixing, is yet another of the star attractions here.

Goshtaba, Kashmiri Cuisine P.C.:

Goshtaba, Kashmiri Cuisine

But during your stay here, Kashmiri cuisine is also another wonder you need to explore. The most common ingredient of the Kashmiri diet is mutton and there are over 30 different, prominent preparations of mutton found here. Some notable dishes are yakhni, goshtaba, rogan josh. Visit and find out your choice of a restaurant in the city and call in at 076767 76767 for reservation to enhance your overall experience!

Beauty of Srinagar

Popularly referred to as ‘The Venice of the East’, Srinagar, in Kashmir of Jammu & Kashmir is one of the most beautiful cities in the world! The natural scenic beauty of the place is unparalleled. The mighty mountains of Himalayas, the lush greenery, the clear blue dome of the sky above and the wonderful lakes that mirror these scenes create a heaven that people dream of experiencing! It is the summer capital of the Indian states of Jammu & Kashmir and the largest city in that region.

Srinagar - Dal Lake P.C.:

Srinagar – Dal Lake

Since 2003, the city is much safer for tourists and people visit mostly during the summer months. There are quite a few wonderful places in and arund Srinagar to visit. As a result of becoming a tourist spot, the hospitality industry has had quite a boost.

Here are some of the top places you should visit when you are in Srinagar:

The Dal Lake (picture above) – The Jewel of Kashmir

The Dal Lake is one of the most beautiful tourist spots in Srinagar. There are awesome houseboats or shikaras available in which you can take a ride or stay for a day or two and have one of the most romantic / different experiences. The lake is massive and offers one of the best picturesque views of the Himalayas!

A Portion of Arched Terraces of Pari Mahal, Srinagar P.C.:

A Portion of Arched Terraces of Pari Mahal, Srinagar

Pari Mahal – The Palace of Fairies

The gardens woo your senses and you can see the Dal lake from there; you can see the Himalayas; the greenery and the well kept gardens are a total feast for the senses! It is a place of historic importance. The seven levels garden was established by Dara, the son of Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan, for his teacher, on the ruins of an ancient Buddhist monastery.

Tulip Garden, Srinagar P.C.:

Tulip Garden, Srinagar

Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip Garden

This is Asia’s largest tulip garden, flourishing across more than 12 hectares of land and is situated near the Dal Lake, at the foothills of Zabarwan Range of Himalayas.

Srinagar is full of beautiful things to see and Kashmiri wazwan cuisine is a must-try, no doubt! Check out your preferred restaurants to eat at in the city and call 076767 76767 for reservation!!