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Get to know the best places to dine out with family and friends, specialities and other festival customs for Christmas

7 Dishes to Have an Elegant Christmas Dinner

When it comes to Christmas, food is a serious is affair. Everyone awaits the day and specially the food and the events more than anything else. Thus most of us keep looking for inspirations for the day’s menu and bring up something deliciously different to celebrate the festival.

Royal Feast on Christmas P.C.:

Royal Feast on Christmas

Food being an important part of the Christmas celebration, menu is crafted considering the preferences of each family member and includes all the rich dishes.

Here a list of some dishes BYT suggests for you to make the feast memorable this year.

Main Course:

Mughlai Biryani

Flavoursome Mughlai Biryani P.C.:

Flavoursome Mughlai Biryani

Chicken is prepared in Moghul style with addition of rich spices and flavor. The biryani always adds the royal touch to a feast. The exotic spices used in the dish let out a wonderful aroma which dominates over the other preparations for the feast.  For best taste marinate the chicken at least 6-7 hours prior to cooking.

Tandoori Roast Cockeral

Mouth-watering  Chicken Roast P.C.:

Mouth-watering Chicken Roast

Taking into account that most Indians struggle to cook the massive turkey, Roast Cockeral is one the best alternative for it on Christmas. Chicken Roast can easy if you prepare it following a series of steps. The marinating of the chicken for the roast is the most important part of this cooking and flavors take up to 8hours to build up in the chicken before cooking. The meat turns tender, soft and juicy once it is prepared.

Pork Vindaloo

Pork Vindaloo P.C.:

Pork Vindaloo

This dish is a mixed bag of spicy, sweet, hot and tangy taste. Usually consumed with both rice and salad, Pork Vindaloo is a Goan dish which includes vinegar and garlics as the main ingredients, hence the name. Pork steak is infused with the rich spices of India and requires slow cooking. People now-a-days tame the dish as per their requirements.

Stuffed Mushroom Caps with Cheese

Mushroom Stuffed with Delight P.C.:

Mushroom Stuffed with Delight

This is a simple dish to cook yet tastes amazing. Mushroom caps are sautéed and are filled with spicy creamy mixture which can have ingredients of your preference. The preparation of this dish requires baking offering a real treat to the taste buds.

Cakes and pies are an important part of Christmas celebration. The traditions include exchanging platter of sweets with relatives and neighbors, thus sweets are prepared in bulk and everyone their delicacies to stand out.

Christmas Fruit Cake

Cake with Fruit Candies and nuts P.C.:

Cake with Fruit Candies and nuts

This dense cake is filled with rich nuts and fruits in the candy form. This preparation is more popularly called the Plum cake. However not everyone can master this dish. Tip: let the cake sit longer it the tin to make it tastier.

Red Velvet Choco Chip cookies

Red Velvet Choco cookies P.C.:

Red Velvet Choco cookies

This dish is yet another very tasty preparation for Christmas. If you have ready to make red velvet cake mix the preparation of these cookies get easier. If you want this dish to be vegetarian you can replace the eggs with butter. Kids absolutely love this preparation.

Chocolate Walnut Fudge

Tempting Walnut Fudge P.C.:

Tempting Walnut Fudge

Often cooked on this festival, Chocolate Walnut Fudge is a rich preparation of a chocolate brownie with addition of walnuts. The walnuts can be replaced using any other nut of your preference. The cake is a sheer temptation and cannot be resisted by anyone.

Christmas Plum Cake: Soaking and Baking Tips

Christmas is synonymous with the word cakes. Cakes make an important part of the feast on this festival. The practice of baking cakes on this day can be traced back to ancient times and the tradition is still followed by most. Middle ages saw the introduction of fruit cakes as in those day dried fruits and nuts were not affordable by all.

Fluffy and Soft Christmas Plum cake P.C.:

Fluffy and Soft Christmas Plum cake

The unique thing about fruit cakes that set it apart from the other cakes is that its preparation starts long before it is actually baked. The fruits, generally dried ones, are soaked in alcohol that acts as both a preservative and adds flavor to the cake.

The fruits and nuts are soaked in rum weeks or months prior to baking so that they can imbibe in the moisture and turn soft. The goodness of rum enters into the fruits that taste heavenly. The mixture used for soaking is generally rum and caramel.

Traditional Plum cake P.C.:

Traditional Plum cake

Families follow traditional recipes for the preparation of this cakes that have been handed down over the generations. The sinfully yummy cake fills in your home with heavenly aroma while being baked.

So if it’s your first time trying out culinary skills at baking a fruit cake, we are here to help you out with  basic and easy tips.


  • This part of the recipe should be done a month before Christmas or by the end of November. For novice bakers, it is important that you soak the fruits in the right mixture.

    Fruit soaked in Rum P.C.:

    Fruit soaked in Rum

  • Soaking is generally done in either rum or brandy
  • Add the dry fruits of your choice. Usually raisins and dried grapes are added in abundance.
  • A week later dates are added to the mixture.

    Fruits bottled up in Jar P.C.:

    Fruits bottled up in Jar

  • After bottling the fruits, keep shaking them periodically to keep the fruits wet.
  • The bottle is kept in dark.


  • Most of us complain that the fruits sink down at the bottom of the cake. To meet this problem, coat the fruits with flour before adding them to the 13 533
  • To experience the best taste, make sure that the ingredients used are all fresh.
  • If you miss on soaking period or dislike alcohol, you can carry out soaking overnight before the baking day.
  • The batter should be thick and have the consistency to be scooped out.
  • The cake tastes much better if it is baked 2-3 days before having it. Meanwhile, do not let the cake dry after being baked. Keep brushing it with rum to keep it moist.
  • The caramel syrup added to the batter should be thick so as not to loosen the mixture.
  • Never bake in a cold oven. Preheating is always suggested.

    Enjoy Christmas with Tempting Cakes  P.C.:

    Enjoy Christmas with Tempting Cakes


5 Restaurants for Exotic Christmas Celebrations

Ho! Ho! Ho! Time of the year is close when Christmas festivities are about to begin. The weather has started sending chills already sending us the message that Christmas is just around the corner. People with full fervor are geared up to usher the festival and celebrations. Even the top notch hotels are decked up for merry making offering their guest a bunch of happiness on this Christmas.

Christmas Feast P.C.:

Christmas Feast

Let us have look at the 5 most happening places to enjoy a luxurious treatment at high end hotels this Christmas.

Goa Marriott Spa and Resort

Wan Hao, Goa P.C.:

Wan Hao, Goa


Indulge in the delightful Christmas buffet here to make your day a wee bit merrier. Dig into the extravagance of luxury dining with their lavish assortment of both veg and non-veg preparations. Wan Hao at Goa Marriott Spa and Resort is the best place to dine in on the special day if you are in Goa for the festival.

Threesixtydegree, The Oberoi, New Delhi

The Oberoi New Delhi P.C.:

The Oberoi New Delhi

This place resonates the royalty and luxury in true sense. The culinary masters brings you an exotic array of dishes that promise to deliver a taste that would linger in your mind. Christmas cannot be celebrated in a better way than indulging in their interestingly crafted menu which is as opulent as its ambiance. The Oberoi invites the guests for a sheer royal feast this year on Christmas.

Hyatt Regency, Kolkata

Hyatt Regency Kolkata P.C.:

Hyatt Regency Kolkata

Hyatt Regency is a graceful host that promises to offer lavish feast that can well satiate your hunger pangs. The season offer of exciting brunches, buffets and diners continue here for a month long till the New Year. The bakeries in the plush hotel can instantly turn you into small kid who could not resist the having sinfully delicious cakes, pastries, cookies, pies and much more.  So if you want to make you Christmas a memorable one, don’t forget to step in here.

The Lalit, Mumbai

The Lalit, Mumbai P.C.:

The Lalit, Mumbai


Christmas refers to fun and frolic at The Lalit. The esteem hotel offers the selective luxurious and royal feast to their guest along with a interesting array of Christmas packages to choose from. Guests can enjoys exclusive and attractive discount offers on food and spa treatments on the festival. The talented line of chefs present their mastered signature preparations of world cuisine to titillate the taste buds of the visitors.

Syn, Hyderabad

Syn, Hyderabad P.C.:

Syn, Hyderabad

Syn Asian Grill Bar in Hotel Taj Deccan can be well defined as a fusion of fine service and luxury rendezvous. Enthralling the guests  with delightful culinary choices and exotic brunch, Syn promises to offer a cherishing Christmas experience. From Roast turkey to salmon with saffron risotto, the dishes can entice your taste buds for sure.


7 Surprising Myths about Christmas

We’ve been fed with many fairy tales and facts about the auspicious festival of Christmas all through our childhood and some of us continue to live them. However, some of these stories are not even minutely close to reality and are myths fabricated over the years which are believed by masses.

Amidst the traditions being followed on this most awaited festival of the year, there are things we are unaware about.

Dump the myths and Celebrate Christmas P.C.:

Dump the myths and Celebrate Christmas

Here are 7 myths about Christmas that might surprise you.

Santa Claus is American

Santa Claus P.C.:

Santa Claus

Santa Clause is the amalgamation of cultures who is believed to have lived in the third century. St. Nicholas was Bishop of a place which is now situated in Turkey. However he was morphed into a pious figure by America which is how he is indentified across globe now.

Jesus was born of a virgin

Mother Mary And Jesus P.C.:

Mother Mary And Jesus

It is hard to believe that something as such could take place in those days. However, this myth is followed globally.  Many renowned characters of the history like Mithras, Horus, Zoroaster, Krishna and Perseus, were also believed to have given birth by a virgin.  This was considered as a symbol of purity.

The Birth of Jesus Was on Christmas

Christmas being on December 25 P.C.:

Christmas being on December 25

The first three centuries of Christianity, no such festival was observed in December or any other calendar. After the declaration of Christianity as the prime religion by Emperor Constantine, Western Christians started to observe this festival on this very day. On the other hand, Eastern Churches in Russia and Eastern Europe celebrate birth of Jesus on January 7.

Christmas Celebrations Are Incomplete without Trees

Christmas Tree P.C:

Christmas Tree

The discovery of Christmas Trees was brought to America by immigrants from Germany. Cutting of trees is nothing but a waste of fine timber. There are many other scary stories behind these trees saying that they burst into flames which are untrue.

Baby Christ was Visited by Three Kings

Three Wise men- Magi P.C.:

Three Wise men- Magi

The common story known by everyone says that three kings Melchior, Gaspar and Balthasar, had followed he shining star in the sky to reach Jesus. However, the Bible mentions these men were Magi (wise men) and not kings.

Xmas – A Disrespectful Abbreviation

X-Mas or Christmas? P.C.:

X-Mas or Christmas?

Most of the Christians feel annoyed and consider it disrespectful to refer Christmas as X-Mas unaware of the fact that in languages Greece and Rome the word Christ and Christmas starts with X.

Christmas is the Main Christian Holiday

Rise of The Christ P.C.:

Rise of The Christ

Although this day memorializes the birth of Jesus, Easter is still a bigger festival for Christians. The latter celebrates the rise of Jesus from death that establishes the global belief of eternal life.

6 Uses of Leftover Christmas Chocolate

Christmas is synonymous to cake and chocolate. One just can’t celebrate Christmas without either of them. Be it making at home or receiving it as gifts, chocolates are everyone’s favourite. Sugar addicts and chocoholics always find a way to escape in the world of chocolates. However, we all receive these choco gifts in bulk every Christmas where at end of the festival we have no clue how to use these chocolate leftovers.

No wonder chocolates never get wasted but we can also get creative and alter their form into something more interesting and savouring.

Get Creative with leftover Christmas Chocolate P.C.:

Get Creative with leftover Christmas Chocolate

Here take a quick look at how you can utilize your leftover Christmas chocolates.

Chocolate Cookies

Sinfully Delicious Choco cookies P.C.:

Sinfully Delicious Choco cookies

The first thought that comes to our mind is cookies. You can chop down the leftover chocolates into small chips and add in to the dough before baking. Luscious cookies are ready to eat!

Baked Doughnuts

Irresistible Crispy Doughnuts P.C.:

Irresistible Crispy Doughnuts

Heat the leftover chocolate in saucepan and add cream to it. Let it melt and smoothen. Turn the heat off and let the mixture thicken. Dip the previously prepared doughnuts in this mixture and serve when dry. Could serve a great morning treat!

Fudge Brownie Pops

Delightful Fudge  Brownie Pops P.C.:

Delightful Fudge Brownie Pops

Easy to make these pops are rich and moist and are incredibly tasty. All you need to do is prepare brownies, crumble them and prepare soft balls out of it using corn syrup. This is followed by dipping the balls in molten chocolate and then dredging them in nuts. Serve the dish once the chocolate is dry.

Choco Almond Tart

Almond Choco Tart P.C.:

Almond Choco Tart

Roast almonds and add them to a batter of flour eggs, sugar, vanilla, cane syrup, butter and lots of chocolate. Baked the mixture in tart pan and cool it. Rich and chocolaty tart is ready to eat!

Chocolate Pudding

Smooth and rich pudding P.C.:

Smooth and rich pudding

Dark chocolates are usually leftover at the end of Christmas. This year you can put that leftover chocolates to use with this recipe. Add milk to a mixture of granulated sugar, unsweetened cocoa, corn starch and salt and bring to boil. Let it thicken and then add dark chocolates to it followed by vanilla. Serve it in small bowls and wrap it up with plastic cover and refrigerate for 4 hours. Serve chilled.

Baked Chocolate Mousse

Chocolate Mousse P.C.:

Chocolate Mousse

The sinfully delicious mousse can be prepared just like any other mousse followed by addition of lots of chocolate to it. The best way to taste leftover chocolates in a more relishing way.

So, this year get creative with Christmas Chocolate leftovers and transform them into anything you like.

Easy recipes for kids

With a lot of holidays coming up there is not a lot for kids to do with all that free time. We have a few easy recipes for kids to try this time. Encourage them to experiment and cooking things they enjoy eating and who knows, soon they could be the next big chef!

Nutella Banana Sushi

This is a fairly fun and yummy treat that you can teach the kids to make at home. All you need is a large banana, chapathi and Nutella or any other chocolate spread. Once you have these just follow the instructions-

  • Spread the chocolate all over the chapathi
  • Peel the Banana and place it on the chapathi
  • Roll the chapathi so that the banana is encased inside it
  • Cut the roll into bite size bits and serve.
Banana Sushi Picture Courtesy-

Banana Sushi
Picture Courtesy-

No-Bake Chewy Cookies and Cream Bars

These bars are simple to make and yummy! All you need is 3 simple ingredients and it does not involve any baking. Get a big pack of Oreo Cookies, marshmallow and butter, thats all you need, then just follow the instructions-

The ingredients Picture Courtesy-

The ingredients
Picture Courtesy-

  • Take all the Oreo cookies and put it in a blender or food processor, run it till it is a fine powder.
  • Melt the butter and marshmallows till it is puffed
  • Now mix in the cookie crumble with the marshmallow till it is well blended
  • Put the gooey mixture in a baking pan to rest for about 10 minutes
  • Cut and serve

Chewy Oreo Bars ready to eat Picture Courtesy -

Healthy Christmas Tree Snack

This is a simple treat for anyone, it is really easy to make and looks great to display at christmas and not to forget it is really healthy too! All you need is a few raisins, bread sticks or pretzel sticks, cheese slices and an apple (green). Then to put them together just follow these steps-

  • Slice the apple into 8 portions and place them like branches
  • Slice the cheese into 2 triangles to make a star and place it on the top of the tree
  • Arrange the bread sticks/pretzels to form the trunk of the tree
  • Place the raisins on the branches like decorations
Christmas Tree snack Picture Courtesy-

Christmas Tree snack
Picture Courtesy-

These recipes  are easy to follow and will not take more than 10-15 minutes to make, they are fun for kids and you. I have gone through many many sites and picked these up from - (Christmas tree), (Banana Sushi) and (Chewy cookies). If you would like to see more fun stuff follow our blog.

If cooking is not what you love,  but food is! Then just visit us on or call us on 07676776767 and we will tell you the best places to grab a meal at.

Christmas & New Year Celebrations in Ahmedabad

Merry Christmas and New Year... :) P.C>:

Merry Christmas and New Year… :)

The year end is always a time of happiness and celebrations! Generally, the whole world has many consecutives holidays during this time, educational institutes remain close and parents can afford to spend some quality time with their kids, friends get some free time to catch up with each other and it proposes time to go out for dinners and have gettogethers!!

This BYT blog lists out three top notch restaurants where you can go for fine dining and enjoy fantastic bakery products / desserts… Afterall, it is a ‘sweet’ (pun intended) time!

The Eatery - Four Points By Sheraton, Ahmedabad P.C:

The Eatery – Four Points By Sheraton, Ahmedabad

The Eatery – Four Points by Sheraton comes first because of the amazing prices of the multi-cuisine buffets, the amazing menu selection and the five star experience this restaurant guarantees. It is very beautiful, undoubtedly. The Eatery serves Asian, Italian, Chinese, South Indian, North Indian cuisines and Desserts and there are live counters. There is quite some variety and loads of choices. It is a great choice for all – business meets, family time, friends gettogether and a date! Prior reservation recommended.

Ice Cream Pudding P.C.:

Ice Cream Pudding

Havmor Restaurant asks you to have more even when you pronunce the name! The restaurant is rather interesting and dishes out yummies from North Indian, Chinese, Continental and Fast Food cuisines. Ice Creams and Desserts are also available in plenty! How about a khatta meetha aam dolly or a bazinga or havmor’s ras mataz or pudding ice cream?? Hot fudge nut sundae is a must have… Toasties and jumbo sandwiches, ice cream cakes, multicuisine full fare, tummy filling choices await you! The ambiance is rather casual but full of happy customers!

Thai Chicken Pizza P.C.:

Thai Chicken Pizza

Dangee Dums restaurant has people to dance and beat drums in praise of the food and fantastic options they dish out…  Mexican, Italian, North Indian, and Desserts are featured with other regular cafe menu and lots of bakery products. You can’t miss either Chocolate Fondue or Tiramisu… Ohh, they’re so good. TexMex Nachos, Burger combo and Thai Pizza are also pretty unique items that you should try.

Call 076767 76767 and make reservations via BYT and enhance your experience!!

Christmas Cakes & Pune

Christmas is all about cakes, pastries, sweets, candies, chocolates and love… The whole world celebrates the birth anniversary of Jesus Christ this way, along with prayers, Mass and goodwill. This time is usually the year end and is blessed with lots of holidays, vacations and happiness all around.

Le Plaisir Patisserie & Bistro is one of the most popular bakeries in town. The restaurant has nothing great to show off really that will speak volumes abut decor and ambiance but the one thing a restaurant is usually noted for, the food, is what matters the most here… It is simply heavenly. Le Plaisir Patisserie & Bistro serves European food alongside amazing bakes. The people who visit actually boost the ambiance into being a cheerful one because all are happy customers, spending time over some great food!Christmas cakes are bound to be awesome here. Don’t miss it!

The Flour Works welcomes you to begin your day with them. They are an enterprise known for European, American cuisines and Desserts. These ‘Desserts’ pack in all sorts of wonderful sweet-tooth pampers that you may be looking for! The ‘warm chicken salad’ and ‘mushroom cappuccino’ are quite popular. Chocolate fondant, Chocolate terrine, Custard quartet and more from the ‘Desserts’ section are ather tempting!

Cafe PeterDonuts is a dinky, beautiful, petite restaurant that welcomes you with colours of love! Yes, much of it is red, the sofa, the chairs and the cushions are all red and creates a romantic ambiance. It is also celebrated and frequented for the food. Amazing smoothies, cold coffees, dessert coffees, teas, sandwich and premium ramen are pretty popular here. And the booty is wi-fi is free!

Call 076767 76767 for reservation via BYT and enjoy your Christmas sweet poisons in any of these, in Pune.