C-Cube on Elgin Road?

The strange name of this write-up is nicely justified since this contains a peek inside of three great café-cum-restaurants, all of whose names begin with ‘C’! Want to find out more about C-Cube on Elgin Road? Read on.

C-Cube on Elgin Road?

Chaskaa Cafe

Chaskaa Café - C-Cube on Elgin Road?

Open from 7-1am, the Chaskaa Café, is also an awesome Hookah lounge apart from being a bar and restaurant, is a great place to hangout in when with friends. The psychedelic lights, blue, purple, red and the black seats, all together combine to bring out the perfect ambiance for relaxing. The musical taste is good and classy contemporary artists have their tracks running in the background. It is definitely tagged as the best hookah parlour in the city. Ambiance is decent and even improved upon with the additional touch of excellent service and polite staff. The restaurant has a stern focus on quality and Italian, along with other items from Continental and Chinese, and the Hookah, all, echo each other in this case. It is a welcome spot ‘o change for all.

C-Cube on Elgin Road?

Cold Tea Latte

Cream Centre - C-Cube on Elgin Road?

Strictly vegetarian, the Cream Centre is a wonderful Italian joint that also dishes out recipes from the North Indian, Fast food and American cuisines. It has a décor that sports shades of warm brown along with dark chocolate to add definition. The spot lights are rightly placed above head and one side the hanging lamps add elegance to the whole effect. The big plasma screen sometimes tunes into big games to provide the desired entertainment. The brocade wallpapers elaborate on the setting and the bright red Chinese vases afford the desired distraction. The Cream Centre serves top-class sizzlers, mac and cheese, nachos and cheese toast. These are highly recommended and especially the nachos will blow your head away with the perfect balance of tang and sweet, hot and mellow. Service and quality of food are good, since their hospitality is quite well-known.

C-Cube on Elgin Road?

Chai Break – 1


Chai Break 2

Chai Break - C-Cube on Elgin Road?

Chai Break is also a vegetarian joint where Fast food, Italian and European cuisines are served. Open from 10am-11pm, the restaurant is very popular for its quality of food and service. Their pizzas, risotto, Chai, Falafel with Pita Bread are the ‘must try’-s here. The décor is simple but the choice of dark peacock blue, moss green and magenta for the seat covers and little sofas have really brought out certain cheerfulness in the whole arrangement. It is a wonderful place to go spend some time catching up with old friends or family.

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