Night Life

The Park Plaza Hotel is home to seven wonders from the world of food and dance! Three are deeply dedicated to music, alcohol and FFF (Friends, Food and Fun)!




Nirvana, the lounge, is dedicated to finding the sense of relaxation and calm even when you’d like some cool stuff around to beguile you! The huge white statue of Buddha that sits facing the lounge evokes a deep sense of trance. Yet you will enjoy your mental elasticity quite a lot here. The bar is nicely packed and the food available is super tasty. But only pub food is available, so a post drink light lunch or dinner is suggested. The ambiance is classy and soothing.



The Park Plaza has this electronica called Klink… It looks like some world set inside an alien habitation or a pub in some fantastically advanced civilization! It offers, obviously, one of the most unique lounge experiences because of the mystic atmosphere it creates. It is open only from late afternoon till a little before midnight. The black, blue, deep teal and white along with some golden is simply mesmeric. It is also a poolside party room!!



Bartini’s is a lounge-cum-restaurant. It is beautifully designed with lines of mellow lights along the walls and candles atop the tables, encouraging romanticism. Pub food is available and the bar and the kitchen have the same stock as the other two… Only the decor and ambiance marks the difference. They are new on the block, so why don’t you be one of their first guests?


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