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Must Visit Cafe’s in Ballygunge, Kolkata

Here are three wonderful cafes in the Ballygunge area in Kolkata where you can grab a tasty bite and spend some quality with your thoughts!
The Paris cafe is a stylish eatery that takes quite some pride in creating modeled cakes along with their regular produces. They have a limited menu but whatever is there on the menu, is good stuff… There are coffees/teas, crepes and pancakes and many other such yummy options. The prices are a little on the high side, but the whole affair is worth it!
An incredible cake from Paris cafe!
Revvv Up Cafe
Revvv Up Cafe will definitely energise you with their superb delights and surprisingly only vegetarian… It is not as if vegetarian food isn’t supposed to be tasty but they’ve just taken it to a different level! They serve Italian, Mexican and Continental food from 11-11. The huge Superman’s symbol is the ornament of the room, you energising ‘chakra’! They have hookah, a gaming section and great Mexican and Italian food. They might just seem a little overboard with the price, but that’s well within acceptable elasticity.
House-full at Revvv Up
Picture was clicked by: Samrat Mukherjee
Borrowed from
The renowned name, Haldiram Food City, needs no introduction! They have a huge building that functions as a cafe with a banquet hall on the top floor. They serve many types of food… Starting from pure vegetarian Bakery products, Desserts and North Indian to Street food and Fast food, they serve all here. The ambiance is lively and spacious. It is a nice place to visit for a tasty yet quick grub, when a movie or shopping is your main agenda!
For reservations and other value added services, please visit

Blue Ginger – Taj Palace, New Delhi

The Taj Palace Hotel at New Delhi is one of the most sought after five-star hubs where national and International business clients often meet for a dose of fine-dining experience. With a number of speciality cuisine restaurants and lounges to boast of, Taj Palace at New Delhi is sure liked by one and all, be it for a fine dine experience or a meeting, both business and casual. However, the restaurant in question today is The Blue Ginger – Taj Palace, New Delhi.

Being awarded as The Best Vietnamese restaurant (2014) by Times Food and Nightlife Awards, Blue Ginger stands out as the most exclusive Vietnamese restaurant in the city serving you authentic dishes from Vietnam. Located at the lobby level of the restaurant, The Blue Ginger has a lovely and well-thought out decor that speaks of French-Colonial Art-Deco glamour. There is also a private dining room with 12 covers that makes space for business lunches or a private family lunch party. There is a certain wow factor in the design of this world-class restaurant.

Now let us take a look at the menu. The menu is authentic Vietnamese cuisine that takes its inspiration from various cuisines like Thai, Burmese and French. Vietnamese soup Pho, Vietnamese spring roll, delicious appetizers and a number if main course dishes, the menu at Blue Ginger – Taj Palace, New Delhi is eclectic. You must try the Lemongrass scented braised lamb shanks. This dish is a reflection of the French culinary influence.

The menu also has some special Vietnamese desserts. You must try the Kem Dua (coconut ice cream) or the Banh Flan Dac Biet (ginger coconut caramel custard). They are lip-smacking good!

Welcome to the world of Vietnamese cuisine only at Blue Ginger – Taj Palace, New Delhi. Visit bookyourtable for reservations or call 076767 76767.



Chinese food at Aundh, Pune

Chinese restaurants are found at every street corners. Here are some Chinese speciality restaurants from Aundh, Pune.
Mainland China has an aura about its name and people swear by their Chinese food. The decor is just like the other outlets with dark wood and golden colours. One look at the interiors and you feel at ease; the service is prompt and courteous.
The menu is Chinese with a lot of vegetarian and non-vegetarian choices. Crackling Spinach, Corn Chilli Pepper, Wok-tossed greens with garlic and veg. dimsums are the best options for the vegetarians.
Non-vegetarians can opt for Tsing Hoi Chicken, Crab Pepper Garlic, Spinach-Wrapped Lobster Dumpling, Lemongrass-Flavoured Steamed Crab, Crispy Chicken, Beijing Duck Rolls, Crispy Fried Soft Shell Crab, Basil-Flavoured Dumpling and Cumin Lamb. If you are a sweet-lover, there are dessert options to try from.
Mythical East at Seasons-An Apartment Hotel is a slick sports bar with very stylish interiors. Cricket bats, basket balls, sports bikes and different sports memorabilia adorn the walls. There is a comforting factor about the ambience and service is always on the toes.
Spicy crab meat soup, Baby corn & water chestnut Salt & Pepper, Mongolian Kai, Chicken Kaukswe, Veg. Thai Red Curry & Kung Pao Lamb, Spicy Crab meat soup are some Oriental dishes you sould try here.
The bar is popular for Master Blaster Iced Tea, Caipiroska, Green Goblin, Planters Punch, Pavillion Punch, Funky Monkey, Night Out at Seasons, Whiskey sour, Screwdriver, Bloody Mary and Tequila Sunrise.
Kimling at Aundh is a small Chinese restaurant that is exceptionally tidy with minimal decor and beige interiors. It looks pleasant-looking family restaurant.
Steamed Chicken Dumplings, Kimling Special Noodles, Kimling Special Rice, Kimling Special Soup, Kung pao Chicken, Mongolian Chicken, garlic butter prawns, chicken Sichuan chopseuy, Chicken pad Thai and crispy wontons. A bar is also available.

Burmese Inroads

When one thinks of South East Asian cuisine, Malay, Chinese and Thai comes to mind; Burmese cuisine overshadowed by these giants, tends to slip through the cracks. Burmese cuisine is influenced by the cuisines of its neighbors Thailand and India, and still maintains a unique flavor of its own.

Burmese cuisine has been making inroads into the Indian food scene though, mostly due to intrepid Burmese immigrants who moved here during the second World War. They settled into the Eastern parts of India, especially Calcutta, where Burmese dishes are easily available.

Khow Suey is a dish of such succulence and simplicity with options for innumerable tweaks based on palette, taste and dietary restrictions, that it deserves a paean of its own, but that is a post for another day.

The basic idea behind Khow Suey is that its a one pot dish, with three main ingredients- spiced coconut milk, meat: chicken or beef, and either egg or rice noodles. You finish it off with an assortment of toppings ranging from cilantro to chopped boiled eggs to fried garlic, fried chopped onions and peanuts.

You start with cutting the meat(around a quarter kilo) into one inch sized pieces , and marinating for a half hour in lime juice, a pinch of turmeric and some salt.

Chop and fry one large onion, add chili powder, ginger garlic paste, cumin powder, coriander powder- all to taste, sauté until the “raw” smell goes away. Add the marinated meat to this and cook on a low flame until the meat is cooked and the oil separates to the corners of the pan.

Now for the coconut milk, pour a can of thick coconut milk into a flat bottomed pan, to thicken it you can either add, again based on your taste, besan, or mashed lentils, or nothing at all, if you think its thick enough. Once the milk looks warm enough to not break, add it to the chicken and onion mixture.

While you are working on the preparation, boil a pack of noodles – either egg or rice, thick or thin, all based on your preference in water with a little salt added. Take it off the heat when al dente.

Now starts the fun part. The dish is presented as is, with the noodles in one bowl, and the curry in another. Add various small bowls of lime slices, chopped boiled eggs, fried onion slices, fried garlic slices, chips, fried egg noodles, chopped spring onions, fried peanuts and chips too.

Each person can assemble the dish with various toppings based on personal preference. You like the noodles soggy- add more curry, want more crunch- add more peanuts and spring onions. The options are, as it were, endless.

Khow Suey at your hand’s reach! BookyourTable recommends:
In BangaloreThe Oriental Pavilion
In DelhiBurmese Kitchen
In PuneSalt


Do’s and Don’ts at the Dining Table

Do’s and Don’ts at the Dining Table!

Even though it may vary from country to country and culture to culture, knowing the basic rules behind good dining etiquette and table manners is a must. It is a must to know the general decencies, one must observe the Do’s and Don’ts of any cultural setting at the dining. Good mannerisms shown at a dining table not just helps to please your in-laws/colleagues/clients/girlfriend, but also helps create an aura of confidence around you.

Now as we always wish the very best for all our readers, we have distilled all the dining etiquette and manners of most cultures, some common factors and essentials on a need-to-know basis – so follow in practice so as not to shock/embarrass the hosts or other guests or possibly even the traditionalists on the dining table so as to let them see the best of you.

Go through these points and remember us when you are watching your client sign the deal on that dining table.

  • If you are the host, make sure you have given a proper thought as to where you are planning to have the meal. The restaurant should have a certain kind of class and efficient service is a must. Always keep in mind the likes and preference of your guests in terms of cuisines and whether they’re vegetarian or non-vegetarian.
  • Once you have decided upon the place, always make reservations. (Visit as we always make reservations easy for you!) Reservations show how well prepared you are and how important this meeting is for you. Besides, it also saves you from any embarrassment of waiting.
  • Arrive at the appointed time. You may arrive a bit early but try not to be late. Does not matter if you are the host or the guest, the rule is the same – Be Punctual.
  • Dress accordingly. Wear an evening dress or formal suit for dinner. If the dress code has been specified, make sure you are in accordance.
  • If you have been invited for dinner at somebody’s home, you need to be cautious of the culture the host follows. Do a little research. Decision to remove the shoes at the entrance of the home will depend upon the cultural aspects. For example in India, it is culturally expected that you remove the shoes before going inside the house.
  • Take your seat at the table when the dinner is announced and if there is any particular seating arrangement planned by the host, follow the same.
  • At any dinner table, you may either be offered a cloth napkin or a paper tissue.
  • After you take your seat, if it is a cloth napkin, remove the napkin placed on the dining table in front of you, unfold it, and spread it in your lap. Do not shake it open. At formal restaurants, mostly the waiter may do this for you. You can either politely tell them that you will do it yourself, or allow them to do the same.
  • If there are paper tissues, keep them on the side of your table or let it be on the tissue holder. Pick only one at a time if you need to use it.
  • Do not clean the cutlery or wipe your face or nose with the napkin.
  • Never start the meal on your own. Wait until the host signals or announces the start of the meal or he/she themselves sit down and unfolds their napkin.
  • Always wait until everyone is served the dish.
  • Make sure you have learnt the art of using spoons, forks and knives. It’s a little tricky, but if you know how to use chopsticks, nothing like it!!
  • Now, typically in India, not everyone would be aware of using cutlery to have their meal. So if you are the host, make sure you have chosen your cutlery carefully. Avoid using Chopsticks and a variety of cutlery. Stick to the basic-soup spoon, fork and knife. Remember- the idea is not to show how much you know. It is also important that your guest is at ease.
  • In a typical Indian setting, mostly all the dishes are put at one time on the table for everyone to see, and then from there the food is served. It is a good idea to have a larger dining table keeping in mind the number of dishes and people.
  • Unlike in India, in the west the dishes are brought in course by course and plates are changed after each course.
  • Given such differences, most formal restaurants and homes almost all over the world follow similar table settings for plates and silverware for a sit down dinner. Bread or salad plates are placed on the left side of the main plate. Beverage and water glasses are placed to the right of the main plate. Salad fork is on your outermost left, followed by dinner fork. Soup spoon is on your outermost right, followed by beverage spoon, salad knife and dinner knife. Your dessert spoon and fork are above your plate or brought to you when dessert is served.
  • If you are confused where to start from, start using the silverware from the outer most silverware to the inner most. For example, soup is generally served at the beginning of the meal and soup spoon is the outer most silverware on the right side of the plate; so you should use the soup spoon being the outermost. But if you are still confused, wait until the others start.
  • If you are the host, it is always good to ask your guests whether they have any dietary restrictions. On the other hand if you are the guest, it will be preferable not to request other food at a private function. If you have any food allergies and if you must inform about it, do so politely and preferably when accepting the invitation.
  • While eating soup, you should hold your soup spoon in your right hand and dip your spoon into the soup, scooping the soup away from yourself. Make sure you do not make any noises while sipping your soup; ideally you must eat the soup from the side of the spoon. When there is a small amount left in the soup bowl, you may lift the front end of the dish slightly with your free hand to enable collection of the remaining small quantity of soup with your spoon.
  • Do not blow on food to cool it. If it is too hot to eat, wait till it cools down. You could probably start a tiny conversation or pass a polite remark just to spend time.
  • Once used, your silverware should not touch the table again. Always rest forks, knives and spoons on the side of your plate or in the bowl.
  • If you must leave the table or you are resting, your fork should be at eight o’clock and your knife at four o’clock positions (with the blade inwards).
  • If you need to leave the table temporarily, ask for permission from the host and excuse yourself. Please do not mention that you are going to the restroom or for any other reason. Also, while moving away from your seat temporarily, fold the napkin loosely and place it to the left or right of your plate. Do not place the napkin on your chair.
  • Avoid using your cell phone and talking too loud during the dinner.
  • Typically in India, where a dish is offered from a serving dish as per the traditional, the food may be passed around or served by a host or staff. If passed, you should pass on the serving dish to the next person in the same direction as the other dishes are being passed. Place the serving dish on your left, take some and pass to the person next to you. You should make a rough judgment of the quantity of food on the serving dish and take from it onto your plate only a proportional amount so that everyone may have some. If you do not want a particular dish, pass it to the next person without comment.
  • It is better to finish the serving on your plate first, before taking additional helping,.
  • Bring the food to your mouth by the fork while you sit straight and not lean towards your plate.
  • Cut and eat in small bites and slowly.
  • Chew with your mouth closed.
  • Do not slurp and do not talk with food in your mouth or make loud or unusual noises while eating.
  • Do not put your elbows on the table. You may rest forearms on the table.
  • Avoid constant clinking of the cutlery.
  • Always make note of the service staff’s name with the help of their name badge and make it a point that you address them with their name. Never whistle or use lingoes like “boss”, “hey”, etc. Remember, only gentlemen serve gentlemen. You need to respect every profession.
  • Do not wave or point silverware at others.
  • Avoid burping, coughing, yawning and sneezing at the table. If you do so, say, “Excuse me.”
  • Never pick food out of your teeth with your fingernails or even with toothpick in public.
  • When you have finished eating, place your knife and fork together at six o’clock with your fork on the left (tines facing up) and knife on the right with the knife blade facing in. This signals that you are finished. Some people signal by resting the fork, tines up and knife blade in, with the handles resting at five o’clock, and tips pointing to ten o’clock on your plate.
  • Once you have finished your dinner, leave the napkin neatly but loosely on the table. Do not make a ball of it or do not screw it even if it is a paper tissue that you had used.
  • Once dessert and after-dinner coffee have been served, do not be tempted to overstay but at the same time do not show you are in a hurry to leave. Wait for others to finish their meal.
  • If the dinner was at a restaurant and you were the host, give proper instructions to the restaurant staff to present the bill to you and no one else.
  • Do make an effort to acknowledge the chef and service staff if you have some time. Give them feedback or express your views regarding the food and the service.
  • At the end, do not forget to thank your host and hostess when leaving.

The True Flavor of Italy

Flavors Restaurant in Delhi
When I was in Delhi I got an opportunity to visit this place which nestles right next to the Moolchand flyover. Flavors of Italy, this would be the place to visit if you are in Delhi and want to try something Italian. With an outdoor ambiance albeit a little noisy, the restaurant has a more fragile lighting and a secluded setting.

The restaurant is lovely and sleekly elegant, on the menu of the Flavors of Italy you would find various selection of pizzas, fresh pastas, salads etc.

We ordered for a veg Caesar salad with Feta cheese dressing, which is popular among those who visit here and was one of the best salads we’ve ever had in Delhi. The smoked Scamorza pizza is to something you want to die for; the Scamorza cheese which is added to this is the aged mozzarella, which alone tastes out of the world, let alone on the pizza. I’m a staunch believer that when it comes to pizza simple is the best with less or minimal toppings of tomato, mozzarella, basil and drops of olive oil. The pizzas here are perfection with a base that comes with the right thickness and crisp while still being malleable.

I have nothing but good things to say about this place: great food, great atmosphere, knowledgeable staff, which makes it a flawless place to try Italian when in Delhi. But it’s not just what happens in the oven at the Flavors of Italy, it’s what happens around it: the celebrations with great cuisine, the laughter you enjoy with friends and family, the energy and the aroma is what makes this place a must visit when in Delhi.

Shaken or Stirred?

It is no secret that everybody loves summer & spring, the longer days, warmer weather, sometimes too hot to bear, the smell of the rain during summer and the smell of flowers after that. Mango Martini seems to be the drink of this season, at least what we’d recommend for something fun!

Back to the drink, it is something which kicks every body’s senses – at least those falling past the legal age to consume alcohol. A Mango Martini is an alcoholic beverage typically made with Mango, Rum or Vodka. Play around with it in this combination and you should get a martini which goes down easily, refreshing and also lip smacking delicious!

There are many ways to make a martini the best which we recommend is to go one with vodka, this is quite simple to prepare and at the same time it’s quick ti make too. Also keep in mind to balance the bitterness of the alcohol & the sweetness of the mangoes.

What you would need is Mango Vodka, or Cucumber Vodka, 1/2 Lemon, Crushed Ice, and sliced mangoes which can be added to the beverage. Vermouth is usually used if you prefer a martini that is not too sweet and has a more subtle taste. You would also need the martini shaker, then you add all the ingredients – the vodka, crushed ice, lemon juice, and everything is shaken until its mixed very well. Then to top it pour the drink into a martini glass, you add the Mango slices too. Many prefer to chill the martini glass before serving. You can also garnish with a spring of mint.

Have Fun but drink responsibly!

We at BookyourTable try earnestly to give you all the best recipes and reviews on most restaurants. Do drop us a mail if you wish to have us write on any recipe you or just to share your thoughts on any restaurants you have visited.

At The Paul

Just a stone’s throw away from the Koramangala Inner Ring Road, you will find The Paul. What better way to experience Bangalore than by staying at this spectacular hotel. The Paul greets visitors into a grandiose classical building,  a place to unwind with all the luxuries, to relax, get refreshed and be pampered.

This beautiful hotel boasts of a beautiful pool with Jacuzzi, which typically is the favorite among the guests. Sometimes the restaurants that offers all kinds of cuisines makes the guests look for a reason more to stay. Typically you would find the business travelers more in this part of town, The Paul best suits for them too at many levels. The stay is a fascination by itself, with the location full of intrigue and pulse pounding excitement. The Business Center at The Paul offers comprehensive personal and business services with a well facilitated, plush Board room furbished with modern, state of the art communication systems and presentation facilities. High-speed Internet connectivity and effective secretarial services are just a few of the many services to ensure requirements are met.

The Paul offers three varieties of restaurants for different tastes:

There is a cafe which is nestled at the hotel’s atrium, The Sidewalk Cafe is open round the clock and serves a sumptuous international breakfast buffet spread. Cozy and cool, with a bar and a choice of a la carte delicacies of various popular cuisines including Italian, American and Indian.

The Masala Dani, brings you the celebrated cuisine of an age-old world of refinement and fine taste of The Great Mughal Empire. Mughlai food is known for its richness it is famous for the exotic use of spices, dried fruit and nuts. This cuisine is also strongly influenced by the Persian cuisine of Iran, and has in turn strongly influenced the regional cuisines of Kashmir and the Punjab region.

Vembanad, brings you a cuisine which is as exclusive as its ethnicity and loved irrespective of boundaries. At Vembanad Restaurant they bring ashore delicacies from Kerala, Goa and Mangalore, presented by the award winning chefs of Kumarakom Lake Resort in Kerala. This restaurant pledges to treat yourself to an exotic culinary voyage amidst a glorious ambiance of luxurious heritage at its finest.

Not to miss the desserts offers at The Paul, chocolate and earl grey mousse, with grapefruit cream and sorbet, comes with a tray of strawberry and chocolate macaroons that are so delectable, we recommend to ask for a half-dozen more.


For reservations:

Vembanad – click here.

Masala Dani – click here.

Side Walk – click here.

Best Italian Pizzas and Pastas

Italian food has gained a lot of popularity worldwide for its subtle taste and the use of cheese in profusion that lends a unique flavor of Italian dishes.
Here are some Italian restaurants from Faridabad.
As simple as delicious Italian food is, similarly is the
decor of Café Parmesan-simple and cosy. It is a pleasant restaurant snug warmly
in the busy Sector 15 market of Faridabad. Very prompt service executed with a
bright smile makes you dining experience even better at Café Parmesan.
The menu offered here is true Italian without any mix and match
of Indian spices and condiments. With fine quality Italian cheese and herbs,
the chefs dish out just the perfect pastas, paninis, and pizzas. The other
dishes include chicken Florentine, fish in lemon butter garlic sauce, risotto,
soups, Irish and hazelnut coffee, tiramisu cheese cake and Belgium shake.
Wood-fire pizzas are the best found here.
Let’s now walk into a neighbourhood Italian Eatery that is
more like a pizza cafe than an Italian restaurant. Pizza Passion is located at
Sector 43, Faridabad.
It has a cafe setting with simple cafe furniture, bright
walls and menu displayed on boards just like MacDonald’s or KFC.
Pizzas are what you mainly find here. Veg.
exotic pizza, cheese pizza, barbeque chicken pizza, chicken tikka pizza, keema
pizza, country special and paneer masala pizza. Other than the different
varieties of pizza, you also get nuggets, garlic bread, burgers, French fries
and a few pastas varieties.
Pizza Hut is one of the most popular pizza restaurants in
India. There are innumerable Pizza Huts in India and the popularity is
increasing by the day.
In Faridabad, Pizza Hut is located at Sector-15, Crowne
Plaza Mall. The interiors n all the outlets are almost the same, stylish and
elegant that is topped by diligent service.
Starting from pizzas to the recently added pastas varieties, mousse, chicken wings, potato wedges, combo meals, Pizza Hut remains to be a favourite place to gorge on pizzas at reasonable rate.

Fine-dine restaurants – Film Nagar, Hyderabad

Film Nagar – this is the tinsel town of Andhra Pradesh with a residential hub of many Telugu celebrities and the headquarters of the Telugu Film Industry. Many premium and upmarket restaurants have mushroomed in this area. Take a look at some Fine-dine restaurants – Film Nagar. Hyderabad.

Visit BookyourTable for reservations.

Thea Kitchen & Bar (Fine-dine restaurants – Film Nagar, Hyderabad):

Fine-dine restaurants - Film Nagar, Hyderabad

Thea Kitchen & Bar

Thea Kitchen & Bar is a beautifully designed restaurant located at Road No. 82, Film Nagar. A cobbled path with a carpet of green grass on both sides leads you to the entrance of Thea Kitchen & Bar. The interior is beautifully done with warm shades, dark wood furniture and wooden flooring.

Thea Kitchen & Bar

Stuff Chicken Broccoli Asparagi

The menu of the restaurant is a great mix of Mediterranean, European, American and Asian specialities. If you want some light bites, then the salads are a must-try. Garden Fresh Apple Salad, Greek Salad, Chicken Caesar salad are great choices. Cream of Broccoli soup and Roasted Pumpkin Shrimp Soup are the perfect starts to an appetizing meal. Stuff Roasted Mushroom and Beer Batter Shrimp Basket have the perfect crunchiness. For the main course, try grilled salmon steak, lamb chops, Grilled chicken, Stuff Chicken Broccoli Asparagi and Cottage Cheese shashlik. Choco Banana Charlotte is the best dessert you might try out.


So. Food & More (Fine-dine restaurants – Film Nagar, Hyderabad):

Fine-dine restaurants - Film Nagar, Hyderabad

So. Food & More

So. Food & More is an award-winning European restaurant. A green terrace ambience, the restaurant has an earthy feel with their wooden furniture, earthy coloured cushions and Portugese tiled table tops.

The restaurant specializes in global cuisine namely European, French, Mediterranean, Thai and Goan cuisines.  A wide variety of Soups, salads, grills, barbecues, burgers, sandwiches, pizzas, pastas, risottos, rice and curries fill their menu.

Fine-dine restaurants - Film Nagar, Hyderabad

Tomato-Mozza Platter

Tomato-Mozza platter, Spicy Fish Satay, Seafood Platter and Crispy chicken wings, veggie-topped pizzas, Cajun Chicken, Grilled Chicken Breast with lemon, Garlic and Herbs and Vegetable Ravioli in Lemongrass, Spicy Crabs Ravioli with lemongrass sauce and Papillote, fish and vegetables steamed in foil and cooked in white wine and fish stock are both superb, Ratatouille is one of the best one that is also a chef’s speciality. For desserts at So. Food & More, try Warm Apple Crumble in Cinnamon Whipped Cream, Muffins Delight and Creme Brulee.

MOB (Fine-dine restaurants – Film Nagar, Hyderabad):

MOB is the first Belgian beer pub in India. Stone, wood, steel and glass are the four elements used for the decor of this pub. This is one perfect place where you can visit with your friends and urture a glass of craft beer with some delicious appetizers and unlimited conversation.

Fine-dine restaurants - Film Nagar, Hyderabad

Craft beer and tikka

Malai Paneer, Hari Mahi Tikka, Mirchi Bhajji, Murgh tandoori, Chilled Bay prawns, Tandoori Murgh burger and grilled veg. sandwich are the best pairing with your beer.

Have a wonderful dinner experience at Film Nagar.

Chinese Restaurants – Gachibowli, Hyderabad

A major IT hub of Hyderabad, Gachibowli has a lot of software companies that have developed here in the last few years. Along with the rapid IT growth, restaurants have also set up here to suit everyone’s palate and convenience. Take a look at some Chinese Restaurants – Gachibowli, Hyderabad. Reservations are recommended. Visit BookyourTable.

Shanghai Chef 2 (Chinese Restaurants – Gachibowli, Hyderabad):

Chinese Restaurants – Gachibowli, Hyderabad

Shanghai Chef 2

Shanghai Chef 2 at Gachibowli is a fine-dine Chinese restaurant. The ambience is fine with wooden floors, leather upholstered comfy sofas, Oriental wall hangings and Chinese in scripted mural.

Chinese Restaurants – Gachibowli, Hyderabad

Nasi Goreng

The menu focuses mainly on Chinese with a few Thai, Indonesian and Malaysian dishes. Soups, Veg. Manchow, Lung Fung, Shanghai Vegetables, Honey Chilly Cauliflower, Dragon Chilly Mushrooms, Tei Pei Chicken, Black Pepper Lamb, Phuket Fish, Volcano Prawns, Eight Treasure Hot Pot, Stir Fry Veg. Hot Basil, Kung Pao Chicken, Sliced Fish with Broccoli & Mushrooms with Shanghai Rice, Bamboo Rice, Pan Fried Noodles or Chilly Garlic Noodles. Nasi Goreng must be tried out. If you are a dessert lover, try Fried ice-cream.


The Oriental Blossom (Chinese Restaurants – Gachibowli, Hyderabad):

Chinese Restaurants – Gachibowli, Hyderabad

The Oriental Blossom

The Oriental Blossom at Aditya Sarovar Premier Hotel is a Chinese restaurant with a bright and jolly setting. The bright orange hued Chinese lanterns hanging from the ceiling like chandeliers, and Chinese calligraphies on the walls give it an Oriental look.

Chinese Restaurants – Gachibowli, Hyderabad

A Chinese dish at The Oriental Blossom

Peking Duck, Steamed Tofu with Fresh Mushroom, Red Cooked Chicken, Lobster in Hot Yellow Bean Sauce, Prawns tossed with Peppers, Water Chestnuts in Honey chilli sauce, shredded chicken and some noodles and rice are some good options to choose from. Buddha’s Delight and Date pancake with ice cream are the specialities of The Oriental Blossom.

North Indian Restaurants – Gachibowli, Hyderabad

Hyderabad has many North Indian restaurants strewn all over and the food served is really good and authentic. Gachibowli has quite a few good restaurants serving North Indian and regional specialities. BYT has picked some North Indian Restaurants – Gachibowli, Hyderabad. Get reservations done through BookyourTable and enjoy a great North Indian meal.


Deori  (North Indian Restaurants – Gachibowli, Hyderabad):

North Indian Restaurants – Gachibowli, Hyderabad

Deori restaurant

Deori at Hyatt Hyderabad is a North Indian restaurant that focuses on delicacies from the North West frontier and the spicy flavours of the Nizami kitchen. The restaurant has a very soothing ambience with wooden floors, and ceilings with works of silver leaf. The kalamkari ‘tree of life’ panels at the entrance add to the subtlety.

North Indian Restaurants – Gachibowli, Hyderabad

Kebab platter at Deori

The kitchen is handled by a panel of expert chefs who plate out dishes like Multani Tikki (paneer tikka type), Sohan De kebab, Moti Phool ke Seekh, Karivepakku Royallu, Tandoori Mahi Sarson Tikka, Murgh Resham Patti , Royalla Iguru, Murgh Khaas-E-Deori, Singhada Mutter, Gutti Vankaya Koora, Kofteh Kebab Khatai, Haleem Tarkari; the menu has many such dishes to please your taste buds. You may accompany onion and chilli kulchas, Missi rotis or Laccha Parathas with these curries. For desserts, have Gulab Jamuns.

Gosht Haleem Kebab is a dish you must try out at Deori . You’ll want more!


Cascade (North Indian Restaurants – Gachibowli, Hyderabad):

North Indian Restaurants – Gachibowli, Hyderabad

Cascade restaurant

Cascade at Aditya Sarovar Premier is an all-day restaurant with a bright and informal setting. Bright green and red furniture have been used against the pristine white background. Spacious and well=lit Cascade has a relaxed ambience.

North Indian Restaurants – Gachibowli, Hyderabad

Hyderabadi Lamb Biryani
Pic courtesy: Manuela Zangara

The menu is multi-cuisine with a mix of Asian, North Indian, Regional and Continental specialities. The North Indian dishes are their house specialities like Dal makhani, Bhindi Bhurji, Paneer shahi korma, Veg./Non-veg. kebab platter, chicken tikka masala, Nalli Korma, and their special Hyderabadi Lamb Biryani. Finish off with Double ka meetha and baked Gulab Jamun with rabdi.

Cascade also hosts a daily Lunch and Dinner buffet spread.

Fine-dine restaurants – Begumpet, Hyderabad

Begumpet has a lot of fine-dine restaurants to choose from. Be it their ambience, food or the service, the restaurants excel in all criteria of fine-dine. BookyourTable has picked out a few Fine-dine restaurants – Begumpet, Hyderabad. Table reservations are recommended in all these restaurants. Visit Bookyourtable for easy reservations.


Viva (Fine-dine restaurants – Begumpet, Hyderabad):

Viva at Vivanta by Taj is an all-day coffee shop that takes you on a culinary journey to far Italy and back to Hyderabad serving you the best of delicacies from both the regions.  The restaurant has casual feel to it with lounge sofas and long tables. The staff is courteous and disciplined.

Fine-dine restaurants – Begumpet, Hyderabad

Bocconcini salad

The menu served is primarily Italian and also has some Hyderabadi specialities added to suit the local palate. The popular Italian dishes include Mushroom cappuccino, Minestrone soup, Bocconcini, Confit Tomato Salad, Caesar Salad, Spinach and Ricotta Tortelloni and a number of gourmet pizzas and home-made pastas.

The dishes that are a favourite of the local palate include Lagan Ka Murgh, Kacchi Gosht ki Biryani, Nalli ka Korma, Safed Pyaaz ke Dulme, Zafraani Khoobani ka Meetha and baked Double ka meetha. Come to Viva  and experience a blend of local and International food at its best!


Mekong (Fine-dine restaurants – Begumpet, Hyderabad):

Mekong, the Pan-Asian restaurant at Marigold by Greenpark Hotel is a lovely fine-dine restaurant serving food from Thailand, China, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, and Japan. Mekong has a subtle decor with bird-cage lampshades, private dining rooms and island live stations for teppanyaki, sushi and dimsums.

Fine-dine restaurants – Begumpet, Hyderabad

Sushi at Mekong restaurant

Hanoi Garlic Prawn, Panang Garlic Fish, Thai yellow and red curry, Burmese Khowsuey Soup, Laos Rice Bowl with Seafood, Pho Ga, Khanom Jin, Gulare Udang, Coconut Jaggery Ice Cream are the chef specialities. Mekong also offers complimentary Chinese Tea.


Dakshin (Fine-dine restaurants – Begumpet, Hyderabad):

Dakshin at ITC Kakatiya is an award-winning fine-dine restaurant serving South Indian cuisine. Don’t get it wrong. It is not the usual idly-dosa fare that you can easily get in any tiffin-centres around. But the dishes served here are authentic specialities from Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh.

Fine-dine restaurants – Begumpet, Hyderabad

Thali at Dakshin restaurant

Gongura Mamsam from Andhra Pradesh, Meen Moilee from Kerala, Chicken Chettinad from Tamil nadu and Masa Stew from Karnataka that are a favourite of the Bunts – all such specialities are on offer at Dakshin. The food served in banana leaves covered brass plates maintain the benchmark standards that represent the culinary traditions from the four South Indian sister states. The other specialities include the South Indian special Thali, Royyala Masala, Chapa Vepudu, Uragai Mamsam, Kothmiri Kodi, Tomato Pappu, Bangaladumpa, Chapa Vepudu, Royyala Masala, Uragai Mamsam and Elaneer Payasam.



Lounges/Pubs – Begumpet, Hyderabad

It is the first Monday of the New Year and files have started piling up in the hard drives of your PC. Take a break this evening visit some Lounges/Pubs – Begumpet, Hyderabad. Visit BookyourTable for reservations.

10 Downing Street (Lounges/Pubs – Begumpet, Hyderabad):

Lounges/Pubs – Begumpet, Hyderabad

10 Downing Sreet

10 Downing Street popularly called 10D is one of the oldest pubs in Hyderabad. Wood, leather and glass – the three elements have well complimented each other to give 10 Downing Street the English pub look. Theme Nights happen on each day of the week with interesting events and offers.

Lounges/Pubs – Begumpet, Hyderabad

Drink at 10D

The bar is well-stocked with a large variety of liquors and spirits while the bar man uses the right ingredients to shake or stir up a perfect cocktail for you. Baby Corn Tempura and Stuffed Mushrooms are the great appetizer choices to go with your drinks.


Dublin (Lounges/Pubs – Begumpet, Hyderabad):

Lounges/Pubs – Begumpet, Hyderabad

Dublin – ITC Kakatiya

Dublin at ITC Kakatiya has the look of a trendy Irish bar with the very casual cheer and bustle that is reminiscent of any bars in Ireland. Warm green interiors, plush leather sofas and stained glass panels with a well-stocked bar make Dublin one of the most visited pubs in Hyderabad.

Lounges/Pubs – Begumpet, Hyderabad

Manhattan cocktail

It’s not just the ambience and the friendly staff but hearty servings of gourmet snacks, rare selection of the finest malts, ales and cigars that make Dublin one of the best spots in Hyderabad to let your hair down after a hard day. Some other popular drinks at Dublin include Margarita, Long Island Iced Tea, Manhattan, SSS and Mauryan Shour.


Mystique (Lounges/Pubs – Begumpet, Hyderabad):

Lounges/Pubs – Begumpet, Hyderabad

Bartender at Mystique

Mystique at marigold by GreenPark Hotel is a lounge that exudes innovation in every nook and corner. The seating, ambience and drinks – Mystique has been set up quite artistically. Cocktails, Mocktails, Whisky, Wine, Vodka, accompanied by Chicken kebab, Mutton Kebab, French Fries and many more appetizers will set your mood. Also try out their in-house Flambe collection.

Pan Asian – ITC Maratha, Mumbai

Pan Asian – ITC Maratha, Mumbai is a Pan-Asian restaurant specializing in the mysterious cuisine of Asia. The restaurant takes you on a culinary voyage to the Chinese provinces Sichuan and Beijing, followed by an extensive tour to Thailand, then fly to Japan, your next stop being Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Burma, Vietnam, let’s not forget the rustic land of Mongolia and then we sail to Korea. Calm and beautifully set, the restaurant has an Oriental decor with Chinese lamps, urns, bamboo shoots and pillars.


The highlights of Pan Asian restaurant are the interactive kitchen islands – Yakitori, Teppanyaki grills, Sushi and Sashimi bar. For the first time in India, the tables at this restaurant are embedded with Korean bar-be-cue grills and Hot pots. This is a first time concept in India for Oriental restaurants where the grills come in accompaniment with sticky rice, dips, sauces and kimchi. The hot pot options are good when you visit for a family lunch or dinner.

Pan Asian – ITC Maratha, Mumbai

A platter of sushi and sashimi

Other than these, try the sushi and sashimi varieties. There is a live bar where you can sit around and watch the chefs at work. Their skilled hands work like magic and create one of the most beautiful sushis you have seen. Maki, Futomaki, Hosomaki, Californian rolls, Nigiri, Temaki and Gunkanmaki are some varieties you can choose from.

Pan Asian – ITC Maratha, Mumbai

Tofu in Black bean sauce
P.C.: 2011

There are a lot more things to try from. Grilled chicken, Kobe steaks, Prawn Kung Pao, Peking Duck, Tofu in Black bean sauce, Crispy Chicken Cantonese Style, Salmon Cubes, Crispy Flambéed Sea Bass, Crackling Rice, Basa Peppercorn, Teriyaki Chicken with Glazed Onions are some options. The chefs at each counter with their deft hands, sprinkling sauces and spices make you some very delicious dishes just the way you would like it.

Pan Asian – ITC Maratha, Mumbai

Toffee Apple

If you have a sweet tooth and cannot do without a dessert on our last palate, try Toffee apples. Perfect crunch, just soft to bite at a go and the right amount of stickiness. The restaurant has a bar serving Asian beer brands for the beer lovers. You also get cocktails and mocktails to quench your thirst.nece

For a unique experience of culinary art and a voyage across the culinary lands of Asia, come to Pan Asian. Visit BookyourTable for reservations.