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Grill Nights!

Citrus at The Leela Palace, Bangalore is one of the best fine-dine restaurants in the city. With a number of cuisines to choose from and a Romantic Ambiance, Citrus is perhaps one of the widely chosen restaurants for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Citrus – The Leela Palace, Bangalore

The outdoor seating of Citrus at The Leela Palace, Bangalore

Bright yellow and sunshine colours suit the jolly ambience at day and the colors sparkle the romantics at night. The restaurant lays down a huge buffet spread with live cooking stations, live wood fired pizza oven, Rotisserie grills and Bread oven stations. Citrus also has an outdoor seating with the backdrop of waterfalls and a well-designed garden. The setting allows you to breathe life amidst greenery and nature.

Citrus – The Leela Palace, Bangalore

Grills and steaks

The menu of Citrus varies from Indian, Chinese, Thai, Malaysian, Continental, Italian, Mexican and Lebanese. If you love grilled food, the Grill Nights at Citrus on Thursday and Friday nights is sure to delight your taste buds. During hot summer evenings, sitting with friends and family around grills evokes a certain ambience that is loved by all. Enjoy long conversations as the wafting aroma of marinated meat delights your senses.

Citrus – The Leela Palace, Bangalore

Grilled Salmon

Enjoy freshly grilled savoury meat from around the world. Soups, salads, grilled salmon and steaks are just a few of the delicacies from the menu. Finish off your dinner from a selection of absolutely divine desserts. Enjoy Grill Nights every Thursdays and Fridays from 7 pm to 10:30 pm. It is an absolutely delightful experience at Citrus.

Bookyourtable soon at Citrus – The Leela Palace, Bangalore and enjoy Grill Nights with your friends and family. You may also call 076767 76767 for reservations.


Hangover Cures From Around The World!

11 Curious Hangover Cures From Around The World! – but do they work?

1. Italy.


2. Hungary.


3. USA.


4. New Zealand.

New Zealand

5. Philippines.


6. Mongolia.


7. Scotland.


8. Ancient Greece.


9. Namibia.


10. Peru.


11. United Kingdom.


Red Wine? Maybe Not!

Red Wine? Maybe Not! We see now how it might not be as good for you as originally thought! The long-held belief that an ingredient in red wine can prolong your life and prevent heart disease has been dismissed by a team of scientists.

Red Wine? Maybe Not!

Professor Richard Semba and a team from the John Hopkins University School of Medicine said in a study published in JAMA Internal Medicine that there was no proof the antioxidant resveratrol found in red wine can improve your health.
Numerous studies have tried to work out why there is notably low incidence of heart disease in France, despite a generally high-fat diet, a phenomenon known as the “French paradox”.

It has been claimed it may have something to do with residents consuming products which contain resveratrol, such as dark chocolate, red wine, and berries.

Red wine

The team from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore examined almost 800 people from the Chianti region in Italy over nine years to see if drinking red wine had any impact on their general health.

And professor Semba now said there is no evidence to support the belief resveratrol can have a positive effect on your health.
“The story of resveratrol turns out to be another case where you get a lot of hype about health benefits that doesn’t stand the test of time,” he said.

Red Wine? Maybe Not! 1

“The thinking was that certain foods are good for you because they contain resveratrol. We didn’t find that at all.”
Semba said any health benefits from drinking red wine or eating dark chocolate and berries must come from another shared ingredient.

There have now been calls for more research, with the British Heart Foundation currently conducting its own study into resveratrol.

The World’s Most Expensive Doughnut

Presenting The World’s Most Expensive Doughnut. FYI It’s made of champagne, looks like a spaceship, and costs £1,000. Look at this glorious feat of overdone confectionery.

The World’s Most Expensive Doughnut
Colin Bridges / Krispy Kreme

It looks like a gilded lotus flower crossed with a spaceship – but it’s actually a Krispy Kreme doughnut worth £1,000.

The World’s Most Expensive Doughnut 1
Colin Bridges / Krispy Kreme

It was unveiled at Selfridges to mark National Doughnut Week, which we are delighted to learn is a thing.
The doughnut’s ingredients include a Dom Pérignon vintage 2002 champagne jelly, and a raspberry and Chateau d’Yquem crème.

The World’s Most Expensive Doughnut 2
Colin Bridges / Krispy Kreme

It was gilded with edible 24-carat gold leaf, and the white chocolate lotus flower was dusted with 23-carat gold dust and edible diamonds.

The World’s Most Expensive Doughnut 3
Colin Bridges / Krispy Kreme

Plus it came with this raspberry and passionfruit cocktail made with 500 year-old Courvoisier and 2002 Dom Pérignon.

The World’s Most Expensive Doughnut 4
Colin Bridges / Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme awarded the intimidating doughnut to prize-winner Claudine Taylor, from London.

The World’s Most Expensive Doughnut 5
Colin Bridges / Krispy Kreme

Well done, Claudine. We don’t know how you approached the doughnut to eat it, but we imagine you gave it a good go.

The World’s Most Expensive Doughnut 6

The World’s Most Expensive Doughnut 7
Columbia Pictures /

Courtesy: buzzfeed

Top 20 Fruits For Any Season!

The Definitive Ranking Of Fruits By Coolness, Top 20 Fruits For Any Season! Yes, a cucumber is technically a fruit and no, it’s not being included because come on.

20. Dates


19. Watermelons


18. Peaches


17. Stawberries


16. Apples


15. Blueberries

Diana Taliun/Diana Taliun

14. Limes


13. Bananas


12. Apricots


11. Cherries


10. Guavas


9. Raspberries


8. Oranges

James Ross/James Ross

7. Mangos


6. Pomegranates


5. Papayas


4. Kiwis


3. Starfruit

Star Fruit

2. Pineapple


1. Grapefruit


With Love from Iran

For those who haven’t experienced the amazing flavors With Love from Iran, you’ve been missing out. And no, hummus is not Persian food.

1. Doogh

Ditch the water and start your meal off with a classic Iranian beverage. Mint, yogurt, and club soda all in one refreshing drink.

2. Ash Reshte
Ash Reshte

You don’t know soup ‘til you’ve tried it Persian style. Fried onions, noodles, beans, and a milky topping of kashk.

3. Salad Olivieh
Salad Olivieh

Chicken, eggs, potatoes, and pickles mixed with mayo for a Persian version of potato salad.

4. Dolmeh

Grape leaves stuffed with meat and rice for a sweet and savory appetizer.

5. Mast o Khiar
Mast O Khiar

Change out the spinach and artichoke dip for a Persian spinach and yogurt dip. Yogurt, cucumber, and spinach combined in the ultimate dip.

6. Kashke Bademjan
Kashke Bademjan

At an Iranian meal, you don’t look for the bread and butter. You look for the bread and eggplant. With fried onions, eggplant, and herbs, this creamy spread beats butter any day.

7. Tadig

Rice fried to a golden perfection, this is often served not only as part of an entree, but as an appetizer itself.

8. Adas Polo
Adas Polo

No Persian meal is complete without rice, or “polo”. Raisins, lentil, and rice, topped with tadig to add that extra crunch.

9. Chelo Kabab
Chelo Kabab

This is the most popular dish in every Persian restaurant. Beef kabob, roasted tomatoes, and rice — simple and delicious.

10. Zereshk Polo
Zereshk polo

If you’re a “dessert before dinner” kind of person, you’ll love this dish. A sweet mix of rose water, barberries, and rice, with savory chicken to balance everything out.

11. Albaloo Polo
Albaloo Polo

Sweet not your thing? This dish packs a punch with its sour cherries, pistachios, and cherry juice-soaked rice.

12. Fesenjan

This chicken stew has a unique flavor, with pomegranate syrup, chicken, and walnuts poured over and eaten with rice.

13. Ghormeh Sabzi
Ghormeh Sabzi

The ultimate Persian comfort food. A beef stew with kidney beans, turmeric, a mix of herbs, and a serving of rice.

14. Kotlet

Kotlet, cutlet — see what Iranians did there? This is basically an American beef cutlet with a Persian twist, adding potatoes and turmeric in the mix, and serving it in a lavosh bread sandwich with pickles and tomatoes.

15. Zoolbia and Bamieh
Zoolbia and Bamieh

The two most commonly paired and widely popular Persian desserts! Rosewater flavored, flour based, and deliciously sweet.

16. Nazook

A flaky pastry with a sweet walnut and vanilla filling. Great for an afternoon treat.

17. Gaz

A different kind of candy than lollipops, this chewy mixture of rose water, pistachios, and a special plant’s sap is a candy traditionally served with tea.

18. Shole Zard
Shole Zard

Almonds, pistachios, saffron, rosewater, and cinnamon — not what you normally expect in rice pudding. But you can’t have Persian rice pudding without a few extra ingredients!

19. Saffron Ice Cream
Saffron Ice Cream

Iranians give a whole new meaning to the term “ice cream sandwich”. Taking saffron to a new level, this common dessert is a creamy, custard-based saffron ice cream. Served between thin wafers and sprinkled with pistachios, it’s the perfect ice cream treat.

20. Chai

No Persian meal is complete without Iran’s golden tea and a few sugar cubes. Here’s With Love from Iran!

Bookyourtable finds you your Persian restaurant in your city – Delhi , Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata.

Top Ten 10 Food You Can Only Find In Mumbai

Top Ten 10 Food You Can Only Find In Mumbai -

1. Panipuri

pani puri
Ramakrishna Reddy Y / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: 69042390@N00

No article about Bombay-centric food can start without pani-puri.These fried spheres of goodness are stuffed with spiced potatoes and lentils, dipped in a sweet tamarind paste, and finished with a spicy green liquid concoction, before being served to you one at a time. It sounds complicated and messy, and you’re pretty likely to choke at some point of the other, but it’s all worth it when the first one breaks inside your mouth. The ultimate Bambaiyya bliss.

2. Pav Bhaaji


Soft buttery bread, crisped to perfection with copious amounts of butter. Spicy potato-y goodness, with extra butter and cheese on top. Little pieces of onion. A lemon wedge. Fresh coriander on top…
Is that the nearest Shiv Sagar you’re speed-dialling? I thought so.

3. Sizzlers

Plonq / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: plonq

Created by Firoz Erani in 1963, this dish is essentially an intricate puzzle of food on a small, scorching hot wrought-iron plate. I’m sure that even Joey Tribbiani would have to share his food to actually finish one of these – it’s that much food. I mean, fries? Good. Veggies? Good. Meat? Good. Good. Gravy on top? Cheese on top? GOOD.

And not just this, someone managed to apply this idea to dessert too, which spread through Mumbai’s restaurants like a forest fire! Sizzling brownie anyone?

4. The Veg-Cheese-Grill

veg cheese grill / Via

Yes, it really is pronounced as one word. These sandwiches can be found outside every college in the city, and is probably tastier than the food at most international food-chains. Usually eaten with green chutney or ketchup, this delicious concoction is often shared between people because of it’s size.

5. Vada Pav

vada pav
Wikipedia Commons

Often called “The Indian Burger”, this delectable treat is the go-to food for any road trip, even if it is to Thane. It’s made of spicy potatoes fried in gram flour batter, and is eaten with spicy garlic chutney and a steaming cup of chai. And of course, it’s cheap as can be. How can one possibly top this?

6. Frankies

frankie / Via

Pioneered and perfected by Tibb’s, these rolls are heaven, paradise, and everything in between. A beautiful, thick roti/naan is buttered and grilled to a crisp, which is then slathered in Mumbai’s favourite spicy Schezwan sauce, and then piled up with any of spiced meat, curried potatoes or eggs. Before being rolled up and given to you in one of Tibb’s infamous striped paper envelopes, one adds onions, lemon juice, the magic brown spice nobody can identify, and in my case, a ton of cheese.
Imma give you a minute to process.

7. Dosas

Wikipedia Commons

Ever heard of a chowmein dosa with cheese? No? That’s probably because nobody but a true Mumbaikar will be able to tell you what it is, and where you can get the best one in the city. Mumbai’s dosawaalas are known for the crazy combinations of ingredients that they serve with a dosa, and there’s no boundaries to how far they can go. From spicy potatoes to mixed veggies to noodles, these things can probably be eaten with ANYTHING. And I’m not complaining at all. But, one thing remains unchanged through this madness – the giant spoon of butter the bhaiyya will put on your dosa before anything else.

8. Street Hawker’s Food

Street Hawker
Wikipedia Commons

The ultimate after school snack, these hawkers will provide you with the best eats for the bus ride home, with pocket money to spare. From chana jor garam (roasted black gram tossed in lemon juice and spices), to kairi (raw mango slices, with chilli powder and lemon juice) to roasted peanuts, these hawkers were the Gordon Ramsay’s of every Mumbaikar’s childhood; they knew the recipe for heaven on a plate.

9. Gola


Kala Khatta. Nimbu. Orange. Even chocolate, of late. Eating a gola of one of these classic flavours while meandering the city with your friends, is a memory I’m sure most Mumbaikars cherish deeply. Not so much for the sentiment, but more because they’re so damn good! So good, in fact, that every populated or tourist location in the city is consistently swamped with carts holding colourful bottles and giant blocks of ice, rain shine or (ha!) snow. AND – you can pick and choose how much of what flavoured/coloured syrup you want on yours.
Ultimate self expression? I think so.

10. Indian Chinese

Kirti Poddar / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: feastguru_kirti

And last, but by no means the least, is this unique cuisine that one can now find across the globe, but still want to come to Bombay for the best of. From midnight snacks, to order-in dinners to hangover cures, a plate of Shezwan fried rice and manchurian is the ultimate fix to life’s nuisances. Keep in mind that the shadier the location of an Indo-Chinese (Or as we call it – regular Chinese) restaurant, the better the food.

How To Make Tea – According to Science

How To Make Tea – According to Science Water should be at boiling point when you pour it over the tea bag.

Water Boiling

In his 1946 essay in the Evening Standard on tea, George Orwell said “one should take the teapot to the kettle and not the other way about. The water should be actually boiling at the moment of impact, which means that one should keep it on the flame while one pours.”
You need to do this to keep the temperature of the water as high as possible so the tea infuses properly. “Taking ‘the pot to the kettle’ will marginally help keep the temperature high,” says the Royal Society of Chemistry.

It might actually not be that bad to reboil water that’s already been boiled once.

Water Boiling

When you boil water, it loses oxygen. There’s some debate about whether using twice (or more) boiled water affects the taste (some claim it makes tea taste “flat”). But chances are if you’re making a proper British cup of tea with black tea and milk and maybe even sugar, you’re not going to notice. Even Orwell claimed he couldn’t tell the difference.
Then again, thanks to the placebo effect, if you think your tea will taste worse without freshly boiled water it might well do.

Only boil the amount of water that you need for however many cups you’re making.

Tea Cups

This will save you money on electricity, help the planet and also stop you having to worry about whether to dump or just reboil the leftover water next time you make a cuppa.

Warm your mug or pot first if you want your tea to stay hot longer.

Pouring Water

Otherwise heat will transfer from your hot tea to the cold cup, and your tea will cool down quicker.

Never put the milk in first.

Milk Blending

OK, so if you’re pouring brewed tea from a teapot into a cup with milk already in it, go ahead – even the Royal Society of Chemistry would agree with you. Just be careful you haven’t added too much milk to the cup
But if you’re making your tea in a mug, never ever put the milk in with the tea bag before you pour on the boiling water. The milk will reduce the temperature of the liquid and the tea won’t brew properly.

If you really really want to you can put sugar in with the tea bag before you add water.


You’ll lose some of the sugar, but it shouldn’t stop the tea brewing properly. Unless you put in so much sugar that you’re basically brewing tea in syrup. Which you shouldn’t be doing anyway.

Brewing time should be somewhere between two and five minutes.


If you brew for less than two minutes you can barely even call it a cup of tea.
After two minutes you’ve got about a third of the caffeine from the tea bag, too. Somewhere between three and five minutes is ideal and will have around 70 or 80% of the caffeine.
Brew for too long and you’ll release too many of the molecules called tannins that make tea taste bitter.

Don’t reuse tea bags, even if they’re really nice and expensive.

tea bags

After three minutes of brewing, you’ve removed around half the caffeine in your tea bag. If you use it again, you’ll have less caffeine the second time round. You’ll also end up extracting more of the bitter-tasting tannins and get a worse cup of tea.

To cool your tea quicker, leave a teaspoon in it for a few seconds.

Tea Cooling
by Felix Schmidt/by Felix Schmidt

The Royal Society of Chemistry says so.



Watermelon Diaries!

Have you looked at our Watermelon Diaries? Here’s a tip to eat a slice right!

You know how when you eat a slice of watermelon, you end up covering half your face in the sweet, watery juice?

Water Eating
You look like the Joker, only fruitier.

If you hack off the corners of the rind, you leave the fruit exposed so you can eat it without face-to-fruit contact.

Hacked Watermelon Slice
And it looks purdy, like a diamond.

See? Clean cheeks, happy man.

perfect sliced watermelon

Before the season wears off, go pick yourself one!

Courtesy – Buzzfeed, youtube

8 Profound Truths About Wine!

How often do you actually here truths about what you drink? Here are 8 Profound Truths About Wine!

1. Time improves all wine.

Wine Time

2. There’s actually no difference between a wine expert and a wine idiot.

Wine Drinkers

3. Fill-level anxiety is inevitable.

Wine timeline

4. A wide selection doesn’t always mean you have a lot of options.

Wine Selection

5. You make do with the drinking vessels you have.

Wine Glasses

6. There’s only one thing that really determines how good wine will taste.

Wine Price

7. Times have changed.

Wine Times

8. But we’re still in the dark about some things.

Wine Benefits

Courtesy: Buzzfeed

Ice Cream Facts this Summer!

Some unknown Ice Cream Facts this Summer for a brain freeze!

1. The first known ice cream recipe was handwritten in the recipe book of Lady Anne Fanshawe in 1665, and it was flavored with orange flower water, mace, or ambergris – intestinal slurry puked up by sperm whales.

Ice Cream Letter

2. The waffle cone was created at the 1904 World’s Fair in St. Louis when Abe Doumar, a traveling salesman, encouraged an ice cream vendor to serve their ice cream on rolled waffles made by another nearby vendor when they ran out of paper dishes.

cone ice cream

3. Chocolate ice cream was invented long before vanilla, and the first documented recipe for it appeared in the book The Modern Steward, published in Italy in 1692.

Chocolate Ice Cream

The dish was based on hot chocolate, and was commonly mixed with spices like cinnamon and chili pepper, like what is known as “Mexican chocolate” today.

4. Vanilla ice cream may be the default flavor today, but it was quite exotic and rare in the late 1700s, as vanilla was difficult to acquire before the mid-19th century.

Vanilla Ice Cream

5. The Häagen-Dazs brand was established by two Americans – Reuben and Rose Mattus – and the name was made up to sound Danish and sophisticated. The Danish language does not actually use umlauts.

Haagen Dazs

6. Food photographers frequently use modified mashed potatoes as a stand-in for actual ice cream in photos.

mashed potatoes

7. An “ice cream headache” happens because the nerve endings on the roof of your mouth are not used to being cold, and they send a message to your brain signalling a loss of body heat.

Brain Freeze

As a result, blood vessels in your brain contract, and when they return to their normal size, the blood in your head rushes back. This is what causes the feeling of a headache.

8. Apple pie a la mode was invented at the Cambridge Hotel in New York when a customer named Professor Charles Watson Townshend regularly ordered ice cream with his apple pie. Another diner, Berry Hall, coined the dish’s name.

Apple PIe & Ice Cream
Via Flickr: dinnerseries

9. The sundae was invented when soda jerks in the late 1890s bowed to criticism from religious leaders for serving “sinfully” rich ice cream sodas on Sundays. They started serving the ice cream and syrups without soda water and called it a “sundae.”


10. Professional ice cream taste-testers use special gold spoons which allow the tester to taste the product with virtually no trace of flavor left over from what was last on the spoon.

Golden Ice Cream Spoon

11. The earliest versions of Neapolitan ice cream were made of green pistachio, white vanilla, and red cherry ice cream and was made to resemble the Italian flag.

Neapolitan Ice Cream

That’s called spumoni now. “Neapolitan” ice cream shifted to vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry in the United States because those were the three most popular flavors in the market.

FIFA World Cup special offerings

Bengalis love their food as much as they love football, so when the soccer carnival is on in Rio, Kolkata too wants to kick it on the platter! With football fever gripping the city, restaurants and eateries are coming up with FIFA World Cup special offerings.

FIFA World Cup special offerings in Kolkata

FIFA World Cup special offerings in Kolkata

The Taj has introduced 32 cocktails for 32 days and pizzas flavoured according to the Latin American nations. The Park has focussed on a variety of beer offerings along with props across its different pubs and discotheques that include the “Roxy”, “Someplace Else”, “Aqua”, “Tantra” among others. It also has special promotions such as scratch cards and gifts.

Taj Bengal

Taj Bengal

The Park

The Park

Cashing in on the fact that matches run into wee hours, The Gateway (a Taj Group hotel) has begun late night home deliveries. “With late night and early hour football matches, garnering footfalls at the restaurant was a challenge. Even the late night crowds thin out at such hours. We thought of the home delivery model to create an opportunity,” Manu Sharma, General Manager, The Gateway Hotel, Kolkata, told BusinessLine.

Buzz - The Gateway Hotel

Buzz – The Gateway Hotel

Koshe Kosha has decided to blend the city’s twin passions together by unveiling a brand new menu – fully inspired by football. Rendezvous with Rooney, Rio Rocker, Nimble as Neymar are just some of the mouth-watering dishes lined up to pamper your taste buds in the soccer season!

Koshe Kosha

Koshe Kosha

“Food and football goes together really well for Bengalis, so we came up with an idea to actually represent each country which is participating in the World Cup and recreate their favourite dishes, giving it a Bengali twist,” says Manager Chiraag Paul, explaining the reason behind the launch of such a menu.

FIFA Mania in Pune!

FIFA Mania in Pune! Right from the live screenings, official merchandise to tempting drinks, the city has a lot to offer for excited football fans across the city.



Action for all
Catering to the football fans spread across the city, the lounges in Pune have come up with a variety of offers. For the collegians operating on tight budgets to the affluent population of the city, who can spend on extravagant ‘screenings’ in five stars, the city lounges have something to offer everybody.

Curly Sports Bar

Curly Sports Bar

The Curly’s Sports Cafe in the Camp area is offering the screenings from a nominal rate of Rs. 200 for its visitors. “Apart from the screenings, we have a FIFA tournament gaming on PS3 and PS4 for our customers. We don’t serve drinks but for Rs. 200, the customers will get a chance to watch the match and enjoy the food here,” said one of the partners of the Cafe, Prashant Thakkar.

Howzat Sports Lounge

Howzat Sports Lounge

With a 25 per cent discount to its customers, the Le Royale makes sure that even college-goers get to enjoy the match lavishly. Vishwajeet Das, a senior captain at the Le Royale, hopes to cater the youth for Rs 400. He said, “We have big projectors and will be screening at least one game live everyday. We also have special 25 per cent discounts so that the young crowd can enjoy the screenings.”

Howzzat Sports Lounge-Le Royale needs a special mention, as it is one of the most prominent hotspots for football lovers.

Exciting offers for Football fans are in for some treat in restaurants like Mundhwa’s Pesto Pesto, which during the happy hours between 1pm-8pm, has a one-on-one offer on beers and drinks all through the World Cup season. Some restaurants will reward the supporters of the team that scores a goal. So if you want to get lucky, make sure you are wearing your team’s jersey while watching at these restaurants. At the Toss Sports Lounge, the supporters will be given exciting goodies if their team wins.

Pest Pesto

Pest Pesto

Special drinks, food and decor at The Toss Sports Lounge and Pesto Pesto will also serve one popular dish of each country playing in the World Cup this year. They have come up with several new World Cup special drinks.

“As the World Cup is being held in Brazil, we wanted to come up with some drink that defines this country. The drink consists rum, sugar sticks, mint, lemon and takasa,” informed Mandar Desphande, operational director of Pesto Pesto. To make the live screenings more exciting, some of the restaurants waiters will don the jersey’s of teams playing the WC.

FIFA in Pune

“We have come up with the idea where waiters serving in our bar will be dressed like Brazilian footballers,” said Ramesh Khole, Proprietor, Toons, Camp. Pesto Pesto will put up the flags and jerseys of the teams on their walls.

So what are you waiting for? FIFA Mania in Pune! The city restaurants are as excited as you, so bookyourtables now!!!

FIFA World Cup is upon us! – Mumbai

Rising voices, falling hopes, racing hearts, unparalleled anticipation and unwavering passion. Undoubtedly, the most momentous tourney in four years for football fans all over the world, the FIFA World Cup is upon us! – Mumbai.

mumbai football

Cup season is here and Mumbaikars are getting ready to go football crazy. Places in Mumbai are gearing up for the biggest event of the year; from clubs to bars and pubs. United Sports Bar & Grill would be at the heart of the action. Located in Lower Parel and Malad, it houses football fans from all across the city at both ends.

united sports bar

The Irish House, with its 3 outlets in Fort, Lower Parel and Kurla, is one popular hotspot for football junkies. You want cheap, fun and ease of access? Pop Tate’s fits the bill perfectly. The Blue Frog in Lower Parel, is one other good place for watching a live match.

The Irish House

It would be unfair, if we did not mention Hard Rock Café located in Andheri and Worli. There’s always plenty of place at the HRC. The Zouk Sports Bar in Andheri east is again a good bet with the Mumbai metro now at your disposal.

hard rock cafe mumbai


So, you would definitely want to be at one of these places in Mumbai.

Where’s Bangalore watching FIFA?

Where’s Bangalore watching FIFA? This World Cup, watching the games at home just won’t do, Bangalore’s pubs have you covered. Though early morning matches have come as a dampener for football enthusiasts, you can still catch the 9.30pm matches with large screen projectors. World Cup-themed food & beverages and football contests at some of the city’s popular restos.

monkey bar

monkey bar

Monkey Bar has some cool drinks lined up for its fans – Banana Kick (White Rum, Pineapple Juice, Banana and Orange Juice), World Cup (White Rum, Cranberry Juice, Pineapple Juice, Orange Juice, Cucumber, Cinnamon, Amaretto with an upturned pint of Kingfisher). Penalty Bombs: Yellow Card (shot of house whiskey dropped into Beer); Red Card (Shot of Jack Daniels dropped into Ginger Ale) and a Shoot-out (3 consecutive shots of secret concoction with Absinthe)
Signature food: Carne-Val Burger, Waffle Pizza (PiggyBack, Chikita, RHCP, Popeye), Tequila & Lime Wings.

arbor brewing company

arbor brewing company

We have some specials at Arbor Brewing Company the Home pub of I-League champions Bengaluru FC, football quizzes and contests, Giant hi-def screens, live matches, craft beer, foosball table. Along with their signature drinks and snacks!

Xtreme Sports Bar

Xtreme Sports Bar

The city’s popular Xtreme Sports Bar has Sports decor, live screening, foosball & pool tables creating the perfect atmosphere to watch the match. They have special drinks like the Player’s Arena (pitchers of mojito, cosmopolitan, sangreal & long island ice tea), Fire on the Road & Volvo Rally.

Sports Lounge – EZone, located in Marathahalli, is great chilling place for football lovers. Movenpick Hotel in New Bel Road is again another cool place for the live World Cup matches. Enjoy every bit of the football extravaganza at these hotspots.

To catch all the action book your tables ahead with us!


Experience all day long FIFA World Cup Celebrations in Chennai at Hyatt Regency
A red carpet rolled out for all guests this football season with FIFA World Cup celebrations all day long, exciting theme based promotions, contests and special food and beverage offers.

Celebrate the FIFA World Cup Celebration in Chennai with football fever 24×7 with enthralling offers and experiences round the clock. Since the game timings as per IST are mostly late at night, at Hyatt Regency Chennai the football frenzy shall be 24×7 with virtual games, gaming zone, foosball , football playing field in the lobby and much more all through the day. The live game shall be screened at “The Dug Out” – our dedicated Football screening zone at 365 A.S. with a big screen and special bucket packages offering the best of brews and global culinary delights on all game days.

365 AS

365 AS

FIFA World cup celebrations are all day long, enjoy the football experience during the day with the unique “personalised selfie corner” to capture and share your football moments, football playing field at the lobby lounge, virtual gaming arena, foosball and play station games, special theme menu for food and cocktails at the lobby lounge and bar from participating countries and a host of interactive activations across the hotel.

Experience the football frenzy in true stadium style during the game hours (which will broadly range from 2130 hours to 0500 hours) at the “The Dug Out” including special unlimited bucket food and beverage/ brews packages, stadium style seating and dug outs for the authentic experience. “The Dug Out” shall be the focal point of the football action with special whistles, masks, red yellow and green cards, flags, healthy competition and lots of cheer for your favourite teams. There will also be exciting prizes to be won to ensure this football season is rewarding on and off the field.

dug out

They have special contests and fun games to keep the excitement on during the game each day. Guests have a choice of choosing 2 favourite teams and can enjoy a special discount at the bar each time their favourite teams are playing; there will also be a host of special prediction and interactive contests where guests can win delightful Hyatt experiences. Special prizes to be won for the virtual gaming arena as well.



There shall be a delightful midnight buffet at Focaccia comprising of a selection of cuisines from the football world cup participating countries alongwith signature Hyatt specials. The bar shall also have on the menu special signature cocktails from across the Hyatt hotels in the participating countries for a global Hyatt flavour right in Chennai.

Enjoy Happy Hours till 0500 hours as you enjoy the late night/ early morning football action live from Brazil at Hyatt Regency Chennai in the heart of Chennai.

Brazil Signature

From larger than life football in the lobby to the referee uniforms for the associates; the vibrant sight of the flags and jerseys that shall welcome you as you admire our atrium lobby with the gaming arena and football field all day long and enter “The Dug Out”; the red yellow and green cards that shall assist you to communicate your food and beverage order and the fun selfie arena; the football whistles and bucketfuls of food and beverages in authentic stadium style seating; it all adds to creating the perfect football destination in the heart of Chennai. We also have special stay packages on offer to ensure you rest well and enjoy a hearty breakfast before you head out to another delightful day.

dug out1

Beer Buckets of 3/5/7 starting INR 899 inclusive of tax onwards. International beer packages also available
Midnight Buffet INR 499 plus taxes
Special Team Cocktails INR 599 inclusive of tax
Extended Happy Hours from 11pm to 5am
For Reservations call 076767 76767 or visit BookyourTable

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Courtesy: Hyatt Chennai

Ek Cup Chai

There is nothing sweeter than someone actually bringing a hot cup of tea to your bed first thing in the morning.The first sip of the morning tea is almost like a routine requirement for the rest of the day.

Years ago consumption was encouraged because of its ability to ward off diseases, help in concentration, cleanse the body and help in digestion. However, what began as medicine, now has become a beverage that is enjoyed throughout the world.

Today you have tea when you need to refresh yourself, to socialize and only sometimes when you have nothing else to do. Having a sip of tea beckons us to enjoy quality time with friends and loved ones, and to rediscover the art of relaxed conversation.Tea is truly a rare treasures and drinking tea actually punctuates our day.

Making a cup of tea though a quick job, is still an art. There is no end to the diversity of recipes for making your own cup of tea. Tea recipes are always good but everyone got one of their own to suit their personal taste. You can have tea with milk, without milk (black tea) or with herbs and spices. There is no end to how much you can experiment with the taste.

We have picked few of the best tasting tea recipes just in case you would like to fiddle with your taste buds for a day.

BASIC TEA (2 cups) – Pour 1 cup milk and 1 cup water in your tea pan and bring to boil. While boiling add 1 and 1/2 tea spoon of your favorite Tea leaves or Tea powder. Add sugar, ideally 2 and 1/2 to 3 tea spoons (depends upon your taste). Boil the solution for just about 2-3 minutes in simmering flame. Take it off the flame and strain it into two cups and sip sip sip!! Enjoy

ROMANTIC TEA (2 cups) – its just a simple ginger cardamom flavored tea you enjoy the best when it is raining. Umm.. did someone mention hot pakoras?
Put 2 ilaichis and one thin slice of ginger in 1 cup of water and bring it to boil.Add 1 and 1/2 tea spoon of your favorite Tea Leaves or Powder. Pour 1 cup of milk and boil the solution for 2-3 minutes in simmering flame. Pour it and enjoy the aroma and the taste with hot pakoras on a rainy day.

MASALA CHAI with a twist (2cups) – Boil 2 cups of water with one cup of milk. Add 2 table spoons of the tea leaves
Add the ginger, the black pepper, a small cinnamon stick and 2 cardamom. Boil & Stir for 10 minutes (the tea should turn to a shade of rusty brown). Pour the tea into a vessel using a strainer
Put the remaining tea leaves in a vessel, add a little water and boil again. Go ahead and strain this as well and add it to the original mix. It is weird, yet you will find the effect is actually nice.

And before we wrap up, we have few special places that we think you must visit to have some of the finest Tea. Of course apart from the local tea shops and the tea served hot every day at home.

BookyourTable suggests:
Tea Centre, Mumbai
Infinitea, Bangalore
Teapot Café, Kochi
Dolly’s Tea Shop, Kolkata
Cha Bar, inside Oxford Bookstore, in Kolkata, Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi and Chennai

FIFA Fever In Delhi!

FIFA Fever In Delhi! How are you celebrating the world cup? You need not fly down to Brazil to absorb the excitement of the FIFA World Cup – giant screens at Delhi pubs and restaurants will capture it for you with awesome food and drinks to go with the thrills and spills of the game.

“We will be showing the 9.30 p.m. matches live on our television sets and with some authentic Italian food. We have an offer for beer guzzlers – buy three and get two free,” Virender Singh Vohra, manager of Baci Restaurant, Sunder Nagar Market, New Delhi

Enjoy the flavours of Brazil at Johnny Rockets, Select Citywalk, with their special combo meal for football lovers. The meal comprises of Coco Caramel Shake, Rocket Wings or Veggie Fingers, Chimichurri Burger (Chicken, Tenderloin or grilled Paneer) and American Fries.

FIFA Fever in Delhi!

FIFA Fever in Delhi!

Oro-The Bar, Radisson Blu Hotel, Paschim Vihar, is offering five pints of beer for Rs. 1,000 and imported brands at Rs. 2,000.

At Fat Lulu’s, Gurgaon, FIFA Fever has taken over. They have deals tied to the top teams and these will be offered on the days the teams play. So the ‘Italy’ food deal – One Chicken Wings, any two 14-inch pizzas and a veg Pasta for Rs.1499 – will be offered on the days Italy play. Other combos include ‘England’ – eight beers and Fish n Chips and Argentina – Pitcher of Long Island Iced Tea and Minute Steaks – both for Rs.1,499.

Shots at Soy

Shots at Soy

Soy, Khan Market, has a deal where guests predicting the correct match result will get a set of five vodkas or five of any Indian liquor (standard servings). Also, all registered users will get a free round of drinks whenever a goal is scored.

Nachos at Ricks

Nachos at Ricks

Ricks at The Taj Mahal Hotel is offering two beers for the price of one during the live telecast of the match and appetizers such as Traditional nachos with charred tomato salsa and ranch dressing, Jalapeno poppers, Wasabi cod fish fingers, Crispy firecracker calamari, Monte cristo amongst others to choose from. From 13th July onwards, they’ll be screening the 9:30 pm match every day.

Caffe 9

Caffe 9

Caffe 9, Connaught Place, has come up with a concept called ‘Get Set Goal’. Patrons can catch the action of Football World Cup 2014 live on big screens. It will also be running an offer wherein the patrons can predict the winner before the first goal and get a round of beer* free.

Don’t forget to book your table with BookyourTable!!! :)

Cilantro Brunch – Trident Gurgaon

If Sunday’s are about lazy mornings and lavish brunches, Cilantro Brunch – Trident Gurgaon welcomes you.
The Sunday brunch buffet is packed with the best flavours from around the world- be it from sun kissed Mediterranean, regional Indian and Indian street food to the Far East. All presented in a dramatic display of live food counters, ensuring fresh, hot food as you like it.

Cilantro TRident GUrgaon

Freshly cut, thin crust pizzas are served straight from the wood fired oven in the restaurant to your table, Live charcoal grills offer the best of Indian kebabs and western meats as well as Japanese yakitori. Live appams are made in your presence and served with hot stew. Live dosa counter offers a range of vegetarian and meat fillings. Special live counters also offer Indian street food like dahi bhalla chaat, fruit chaat and bhel puri.

pani puri

The gol-gappa trolley offers vodka pani, or the more authentic sweet tamarind or mirchiwala pani. You can enjoy various shavarmas with freshly baked pita bread or savour the fresh catch of the day cooked in tandoori style on the carving station. Authentic biryanis, Indian curries and breads complement the Indian section, while freshly prepared sushi platters add the oriental touch. The highlights of the cold buffet include freshly shucked oysters, scallops with truffle cream, Norwegian smoked salmon, the best of Italian and French chacuterie, cold chilled shooters and a selection of fresh, crisp salads drizzled with homemade dressings and dips.

Cilantro Sunday

Ten ‘New World’ wines are on offer to complement your dining experience along with Moet et Chandon champagne. A moving trolley brings these to your table while you eat for unlimited pours. Cocktails include martinis and mojitos as well as a range of beverages.

Desserts include classics like Tiramisu, Crème caramel, Apple pie and Cheese cake. Enough to ensure your culinary journey ends on a sweet note. A selection of fine teas and gourmet coffees are on offer to round off your meal.
The restaurant overlooks a large verandah which leads to the central courtyard and down to the reflecting pool. Floor to ceiling windows ensure a naturally-lit, serene ambience while the large central dome in red with a sun motif adds a touch of grandeur to the interiors. But experience the resort-like exteriors in the winter months when seating in the verandah and courtyard ensures you enjoy the crisp winter sunshine along with the delicious food.


Kids Zone : The special entertainment arena for our young guests ensures they are well supervised and enjoy big flavours in small portions just for them. Kids area includes indoor games , art and craft , balloon art and lots more!

Live food counters- Pizzas, Indian kebabs, Indian chaat counters, Western grills, Japanese Yakitori, Appams & Dosas
Live dessert counters- Waffles and Ice creams
Drinks & Beverages- Ten ‘New World’ wines, amongst the largest selection in the city. the buffet also include Moet et Chandon champagne. In addition Grey goose Martinis, mojitos and Sangria.

alcohol cilantro