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Chinese / North Indian – Ballygunge, Kolkata

Chinese / North Indian – Ballygunge, Kolkata is the menu in almost every second shop on the streets!  Here are three restaurants that may come in handy when you’re looking for options:

Chinese / North Indian - Ballygunge, Kolkata

Chinese Starters…

Chinese / North Indian - Ballygunge, Kolkata

Mirch Masala restaurant

Mirch Masala Restaurant & Bar ( Chinese / North Indian – Ballygunge, Kolkata )

Mirch Masala Restaurant & Bar is a fairly old name and has enjoyed a steady rush over many years. They’re among the pioneers in Kolkata’s themed restaurants. They serve North Indian and Chinese, a classic combination of cuisines in most of Kolkata’s restaurants! There’s a nice bar and an ambassador-taxi hauled up as a part of the interiors! Their menu offers variety and kitchen provides fresh food. They’ll not give you a reason to regret! They have many options and are quite affordable at all points of time!!

Chinese / North Indian - Ballygunge, Kolkata

The Basement, Hotel Samilton

The Basement ( Chinese / North Indian – Ballygunge, Kolkata )

The Basement is literally at the basement of the Hotel Samilton. They serve North Indian and Chinese food. They provide you with a good deal of appetizer options to accompany your beer. The ambiance is nice and appreciable. The psychedelic effect of blue and purple lights against the white setting with muzzling drops of black, is really wonderful. You’ll enjoy your evening in this basement, definitely!

Chinese / North Indian - Ballygunge, Kolkata


Harvey’s ( Chinese / North Indian – Ballygunge, Kolkata )

Harvey’s is a regular, spacious and nice restaurant that serves an extensive buffet from the North Indian, Chinese and Italian fares. The decor is that of a standard, medium priced restaurant, in a brown and off-white combination.  Their quantities are quite sufficient and quality is well maintained. The ambiance is classy. Their kebabs really have a name. You’ll enjoy your bites with your favourite drink. The place is also nice for a celebration and has valet parking.

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North Indian restaurants – Bund Garden Road, Pune

North Indian food has acclaimed a worldwide recognition for its rich colour, texture and all the aromas and flavours infused in each of the dishes. In today’s blog, we give you some North Indian restaurants – Bund Garden Road, Pune. Hope you like the picks and the North Indian fare served.

Nawab Asia (North Indian restaurants – Bund Garden Road, Pune):

North Indian restaurants - Bund Garden Road, Pune

Nawab Asia- Restaurant interior

Nawab Asia is a North Indian restaurant located in the 1st Floor of San Mahu Complex, Bund Garden Road, Pune. Tastefully done up, the restaurant gets illuminated by dim lights and has some low-seating. Authentic North Indian and Mughlai delicacies along with tempting Biryanis are the specialities of the menu.

North Indian restaurants - Bund Garden Road, Pune


Nawab Asia serves a range of veg. and non-veg North Indian dishes like Kakori Kebab, Galouti Kebab, Nehari Gosht, Raan Sikandari, Jhinga Shan-e-Zarda, Burrah Chop, Murgh Mussallam, Nussrat Tikka Masala and Dum ka Murgh. The vegetarian North Indian specialities include Vegetable Seekh, Paneer Reshmi, Bharwan Mirch Masala, Zanat-e-Numa, Begum ki Khwaish and Tawa de Tikke.

Kebab Hut (North Indian restaurants – Bund Garden Road, Pune):

North Indian restaurants - Bund Garden Road, Pune

Kebab Hut interior

Kabab Hut at Sun N Sand Hotel, 262, Bund Garden Road, Pune is a North Indian restaurant that specializes in Lucknowi and Awadhi cuisine. The decor of this North Indian restaurant is very contemporary and soothing to the eyes.

North Indian restaurants - Bund Garden Road, Pune

Bhatiyar Ke Jhinge, Dhuanar Mahi Tikka, Seekh kebab, Jaitooni Murgh Sia Mirch, Lal Burrah, Najuk Gosht Ki Seekh, Paneer Chilgoze Ki Nazakat, Gucchi Aur Draksh Ki Gilavat, Chenne Se Bhare Kumbh, Murgh Elaichi Korma, Multani Paneer and many more North Indian flavours are dished out. Do try the Lychee ke Tehari and Khoobani ka meetha.

La Brasserie (North Indian restaurants – Bund Garden Road, Pune):

North Indian restaurants - Bund Garden Road, Pune

La Brasserie restaurant-Le Meridian hotel

La Brasserie at Le Meridian, Raja Bahadur Mill Road, Sassoon Road, Pune is just a few kilometres away from Bund Garden Road. This star restaurant specializes in serving North Indian delicacies.

North Indian restaurants - Bund Garden Road, Pune

Chicken tandoori

The decor is quite unique and has a touch of sophistication and royalty keeping in theme with their North Indian servings. With a variety of kebabs and curries, you get to relish the best of North Indian delicacies here.

Submerge in North Indian flavours this weekend and use BYT for reservations in advance.

Bengali Cuisine – Ballygunge, Kolkata

This little extract below gives you information about the restaurants that can serve you with Bengali Cuisine – Ballygunge, Kolkata

Bengali Cuisine - Ballygunge, Kolkata

Sorshe Iilish

Bhojohori Manna, Fish Fish and Tero Parbon are quite well known restaurants for fish items and fresh, simple and tasty Bengali cuisine. They are low-medium range restaurants—i.e. light on the damage but filling on the impact!

Bengali Cuisine - Ballygunge, Kolkata


Bhojohori Manna ( Bengali Cuisine – Ballygunge, Kolkata )

The Bhojohori Manna is a dinky little eatery that dishes out authentic Bengali cuisine. Their food is very tasty, refreshing and unusually delicious… They seem to redefine the legacy of Bengali cuisine on your plate! They are a very reasonable restaurant; therefore, decor is not something that can be commented upon at length. The burst of flavours right from the moment you begin eating is phenomenal… It’ll make you fall in love! The thalis are great value for money and tempting! Try!

Bengali Cuisine - Ballygunge, Kolkata

Chingri-r Malaikari

Fish Fish ( Bengali Cuisine – Ballygunge, Kolkata )

A Bengali meal seems quite incomplete without an item of fish by the plate! In Fish Fish, which is otherwise quite a plain restaurant, the seafood is supreme. ‘Fish’ in English obviously means seafood, rather refers to a seafood restaurant in this case… But when fish is repeated like this, ‘Fish Fish’ it means whispering, in Bengali! Since the restaurant is quite plain, perhaps the whisper is the essence of their delicious food that remains long after you’ve left and then stores itself as a wonderful memory, waiting to be reinforced soon! Fish Fish offers no meat items but a wide variety of seafood is on the menu. Their culinary sea-world comprises of dishes from across the world… It is surprising but true… Try!

Bengali Cuisine - Ballygunge, Kolkata


Tero Parbon ( Bengali Cuisine – Ballygunge, Kolkata )

The restaurant in Hindustan Park, called Tero Parbon or 13 Seasons is a sophisticated version of a coffee house! They serve North Indian and Bengali food. The pocket pinch is not much but the belly-package is good! The seafood here, an integral part of the Bengali cuisine, is nice and uncompromising. You’ll quite enjoy your bites! Do, try!

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Lounges/Pubs – Bund garden Road, Pune

Lounges and pubs are the most crowded places during weekends and after-work. People flock along with their acquaintances to chat and drink and puff away stress while nibbling on some delicious munchies. BYT has chosen some Lounges/Pubs – Bund garden Road, Pune for you to visit this weekend.

Chequered Flag (Lounges/Pubs – Bund garden Road, Pune):

Lounges/Pubs – Bund garden Road, Pune

Chequered Flag, Hotel Sagar Plaza

Chequered Flag at Hotel Sagar Plaza is a sports bar at Bund garden Road, Pune. Chequered Flag covers huge area and is a racy place that has an old world charm about it and relaxing that takes your spirits high and satisfies your soul.

Lounges/Pubs – Bund garden Road, Pune

rum cocoktail

The bar counter at one corner of the pub is well-stacked up with a number of desi and international spirits and alcohol. The food menu is a-la-carte with Indian, Continental and Chinese cuisines. With innumerable offers and happy hours, Chequered Flag is a relaxing pub.

262-The Lounge (Lounges and Pubs/Bund garden Road, Pune):

Lounges/Pubs – Bund garden Road, Pune

262-The Lounge, Sun N Sand Hotel

262-The Lounge is located at Sun N Sand Hotel, 262, Bund Garden Road, Pune. This is an exclusive lounge bar that offers you a world-class ambience where you can unwind with your colleagues and friends after work or during weekends.

Lounges/Pubs – Bund garden Road, Pune

Dry Martini

The bar is stocked up with a wide range of International wines and spirits while the bartenders shake up classic martini cocktails like cosmopolitan, dirty martini, and Gibson. Frozen daiquiris and non-alcoholic cocktails like home-made ginger ale are available. The food on offer is a mix of Indian, Continental and Chinese delicacies.

Have unlimited fun this weekend with happy hours and don’t forget to get table reservations done through BookyourTable.

Chinese Restaurants – Bund Garden Road, Pune

Chinese cuisine has found an important place in India and is quite popular in every metro cities of the country. Here are some popular Chinese Restaurants – Bund Garden Road, Pune. In the content below, a few Chinese restaurants have been picked by BookyourTable from in and around Bund garden Road, Pune. These restaurants not only specialize in Chinese cuisines, but popular Thai and Japanese dishes are also found.


Soy is a Chinese restaurant at Le Royce Hotel, 261, Bund Garden Road, Pune. The decor is contemporary yet cozy that lets you enjoy Chinese food in a classy ambience.

Burnt Garlic rice with butterfly prawns


The menu of Soy is predominantly Chinese with some Thai and Japanese specialities. The special dishes include Gin Chicken Ball, Pomfret in Black Bean Sauce, Oyster Chilli, Stewed Rice, Green Chicken, Burnt Garlic Pot Rice, Mill fried rice and Chinese Vegetables. Sushi, that is a Japanese delicacy and is gradually entering the Oriental restaurants of Pune, Soy being one.

Flag’s Restaurant

Flag’s Restaurant at G 2, Metropole, Near Inox Multiplex, Bund Garden Road, Pune is a World cuisine restaurant that also serves Chinese and Asian cuisine. With a cool and classy ambience, Flag’s Restaurant is quite a crowd-puller for the delicious food that they offer.

claypot chicken

Shanghai crab

Vegetable Thai Green Curry, Manchow soup, Tsing Hoi Chicken, Claypot Chicken, Shanghai Crab, Khuswe, Burnt garlic spinach fried rice, dumplings, crackling spinach, and a variety of desserts are available. Fresh seafood like crabs and lobsters are also available. They also have a bar churning out the best cocktails and mocktails along with many imported liquors.




Kolkata Night Out!

The Park Plaza Hotel is home to seven wonders from the world of food and dance! Three are deeply dedicated to music, alcohol and FFF (Friends, Food and Fun)!


Park Plaza hotel Kolkata

Park Plaza hotel Kolkata






Nirvana, the lounge, is dedicated to finding the sense of relaxation and calm even when you’d like some cool stuff around to beguile you! The huge white statue of Buddha that sits facing the lounge evokes a deep sense of trance. Yet you will enjoy your mental elasticity quite a lot here. The bar is nicely packed and the food available is super tasty. But only pub food is available, so a post drink light lunch or dinner is suggested. The ambiance is classy and soothing.





The Park Plaza has this electronica called Klink… It looks like some world set inside an alien habitation or a pub in some fantastically advanced civilization! It offers, obviously, one of the most unique lounge experiences because of the mystic atmosphere it creates. It is open only from late afternoon till a little before midnight. The black, blue, deep teal and white along with some golden is simply mesmeric. It is also a poolside party room!!





Bartini’s is a lounge-cum-restaurant. It is beautifully designed with lines of mellow lights along the walls and candles atop the tables, encouraging romanticism. Pub food is available and the bar and the kitchen have the same stock as the other two… Only the decor and ambiance marks the difference. They are new on the block, so why don’t you be one of their first guests?


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